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The Human-beings are the most important asset of the industry & as a result of it Human resource management (HRM) has became an important field in the management sector. Also along with the development of the technology & it being integrated in the business lead to development of the Human Resource Information System (HRIS).

With economic uncertainty prevalent in today's markets, it's increasingly important to have a look into your workforce and a plan a clear succession to ensure that your company never misses an opportunity.

There are many human resource information system (HRIS) developed by many companies for the better human resource development. Some of the widely used are HRIS:-

Apex business solution

HRMS Solutions

Compare HRIS

Central HR


KCS Management Solutions

Simply HR



HRease etc

are some of the major HR programs used by the industries.

We can automate HR processes to pay more attention to strategic tasks, cost reduction, and improved efficiency and productivity. No matter the industry or size of the business, one can implement the software needed to solve its unique business challenges in its own time and without investing in expensive upgrades.

The HRIS are mainly used by the companies in organizing the payrolls, managing the salaries, in recruiting the new employees, in doing various other processes related to the management of the employees

The HRIS has thus helped the HR managers to reduce their burden and discovering the talent in the employees and see to it that none of the employees are over-rated or under rated considering their performances

Thus HRIS is providing the solutions to the companies to attract new talents & retain the new talents, provide perks remuneration, pay hikes and promotions to the deserving candidates without any bias based on the employee skill and performance according to the company polices

HRIS and its use in media industry

Media industry is the industry related to the people and thus Human resource management is an important field. Thus HRIS is a very important & necessary in the media industry. The media industry mainly recruits reporters, correspondents, photographers, cameraman, technicians, editors, specialists and analysts who are stalwarts in their fields.

Now as a result of it the media industry has certain people that are not having fix timings in their jobs and are constantly at move for the coverage of the news while some others are just associated with the media firms on contract basis like political analysts are requires during election timings only & as a result of it there is a constant need to maintain the record of how much the person has worked and thus as a result of it there is an utmost need to maintain the records of how much hours they have worked in a month, deciding their pays depending on it etc.

Also being in direct relation with the people at large the media firm needs to be highly creative and innovative thus requiring new ideas constantly, resulting in the retaining the employees with good innovative ideas.

The Times Of India Group

The Times of India group also known as Bennett, Coleman & Co. Ltd is a media group publishing newspapers like THE TIMES OF INDIA, ECONOMIC TIMES, Mirror, Navbharat Times, Vijay Bharat & Maharashtra times along with the news channel TIMES NOW & ET NOW along with radio stations named Radio mirchi showing its presence in India. Its TIMES OF INDIA is the largest selling newspaper daily in the world. The group has about 11 publishing centres, 15 printing centres, 55 sales-offices throughout India employing about 7000 employees.

Thus for a high level managers handling the firm it is difficult for them to look into each & every reporter and technician individually thus needing Human resource management. So in order to take care of its Human capital the firm in 1999 has contacted the SAP (a German Software giant) for its programming in the HR sector with an objective of better management of the employees of the company. The company uses the SAP ERP HCM (Human Capital Management) system for its HR management as its HRIS.

The situation in the Times OF India was that its arch-rival the Hindustan Times was aggressively marketing and also was attracting young budding news reporters on its side as a part of its strategy to increase its market share especially in North India. So to retain the talented employee pool which times had developed it started modernising its HR department introducing HRIS and to see to it that it doesn't suffer from the employees switching over to the other media firms.

Also the other objective being that there is a great reduction in the paper work and all the details of the employee working in any corner of the world is stored in the database and can be retrieved from any of the branch offices of the companies connected through the intranet


SAP ERP HCM is a a comprehensive human resources management solution delivering unmatched global capacity. It is helpful in all industries to manage the most important asset the people. It helps the executives, HR professionals, and line of business leaders to plan, hire the best talent to cultivate the skills of & train the workforce.

Using the ERP HCM suite for all the talent management processes one can understand where the talent is lying on TOI's workforce. How the goals of the employees can be accomplished along with organization's business strategy.

The SAP ERP HCM is helpful in following fields which includes

Talent Management

Work force process management

Work force deployment

Talent Management

Talent management are the process through which by the analysis of the people can be done. Thus able to identify talent gaps and also predict shortfalls based on business changes which are anticipated. Following things are taken into account for development of the firm and the SAP ERP HCM takes following steps in helping in Talent management

Competency management

Identification and optimizing of the competencies & skills needed to successfully use TOI's workforce with its business strategy

Define key competencies along its job architecture and cultivate talent pools.

Recruitment enabled by SAP E-Recruiting

Acceleration and streamline of the recruitment process and building source from a qualified pool of talent.

Helps in comprehensive tracking of candidates

Minimising recruiting and advertising costs and reduce employee churning rate.

Employee performance management

Merging individual goals with corporate goals and strategies.

Standardization of employee reviews and appraisals.

Performance oriented increments

Talent Assessment and Review

Facilitating effective talent-review meetings and support its management team to calibrate the performance and potential of TOI's talent

Effectively review and calibrate TOI's highest-potential employees and to groom them for key roles.

Development of employee

Create short- and long-term development plans to monitor the employees progress.

Matching up profiles against positions which determines skill and knowledge which helps in the individual development need.

Succession management

Make decisions fast & excellent about talent pipeline and successor rankings with the help of SAP Talent Visualization application by Nakisa.

Identification and tracking of high-potential employees and implementing development plans so that that they are prepared to assume leadership roles in future.

Identification of specific positions and deciding specific employees by grooming them as potential successors.

Compensation management

Implementation of innovative reward strategies, like performance- and competency-based pay and variable pay plans, along with long-term incentives reward programs.

Analyzing and comparing incremental packages using salary and perks data to ensure competitiveness in the marketplace.

Work Force Management Processes

The functions of SAP ERP HCM helps TOI to support workforce process management in the following fields:

Administration of employees

Automating processes related to employee information.

Using centralized database enabling employees and management to be up-to-date about decisions related to business & HR.

Organizational management

Managing organizational structure and policy information.

Benefits management

Individual offers benefit for each employee.

Time and attendance

Time-management strategies can be facilitated

Providing convenient monitoring, tracking, record keeping.

Payroll and legal reporting

Complex payroll processes are handled

Address considerations such as multiple languages, collective agreements.

Human Capital Management (HCM) processes and forms

Automate highly paper-intensive & time-consuming employee-related processes like hiring, firing, reassignment of the organization and maternity leave.

Accelerate data entry with interactive forms like Adobe.

Handling routine workforce processes quickly making use of flexible workflow templates.

Define processes with flexible support of business roles, such as affected employee or affected managers and HR professionals.

Work force deployment

The functions of SAP ERP HCM that help TOI to manage workforce deployment include:

Project resource planning

Project resource planning is supported

Assign employees appropriate jobs, projects using a workforce-scheduling application which is designed catering organizations need.

Uniting project management, financial data and time-tracking and employee skills information with respect to portfolio management.


The ICT i.e. Information Communication & Technology are most important in today's world and using it the group has excelled in all the fields making it the largest media group in India which not only beated its competitors on the national level like the Hindustan Times, The Hindu but even the great newspaper in the world like New York Times, Washington Post, The Sun, Daily Mail. Thus the challenge thrown by the Hindustan times to take over as the leading newspaper was taken by the management as a positive perspective and thus as a result of it leading to the modernisation of the Times group which also lead to its rebirth and improved the standards of the Indian English Newspaper.

Thus SAP ERP HCM had a very good effect on the TIMES group.