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Every event of a Theatre system become successful when they can sell ticket to raise revenue, so when ticket sellers process orders, getting the details right really matters. And even though every salesperson can potentially handle hundreds of transactions daily, each client must be treated as a valued customer. That's why the most successful Theatre companies are turning to complete ticketing solution so that the customer can get the ticket according to their requirements. And to protect the system they are using the data protection law.

There are many box office theatre system which sell tickets in many ways for the events. Multiple points of entry can be accommodated with all necessary hardware provided. This Theatre system will take advanced ticket booking on telephone or in person at the theatre's Box Office. For telephone bookings the ticket and address level is printed and mailed to the customer. On the other hand, at the box office tickets are printed and handed to the customer in person.

Tickets that cannot copy or forge

There are many procedures by which we can produce tickets that are not easy to forge or copy by others. Such as:

Using copy protected ticket with barcodes:

The system can protect against copied or forged tickets and losses in revenues immediately by using copy protected tickets with barcodes, which are then checked at the entrance with a simple barcode scanner or a webcam and the software Barcode Checker.

The advantages of using Barcodes as protection:

Barcode tickets cannot be forged because each ticket has a unique barcode

Barcode tickets cannot be copied because each barcode can only be used once to enter

Tickets are checked with the software BarcodeChecker

Scan the barcode tickets with a simple barcode scanner

Barcode tickets can be checked at multiple entrances at the same time with or without a network

Ticket number can also be entered by hand if the barcode is damaged

Scan tickets at the entrance as access control to and to log presence/participation

Using Watermarks:

We can use watermarks in the paper of the ticket for data protection. Because an electronic watermark system invisibly embeds watermark information into original image data and the watermarked image data is transferred to a first medium. At the same time the embedded watermark information is transferred to a second medium. When a medium questioned is found, its watermark information can be easily identified by searching the second medium. Alternatively, the watermarked image data and the embedded watermark information are transferred to different storage areas of the same medium, respectively. So it can be used to protect the ticket from forge.

Using Holograms:

Security holograms are rapidly used to protection against forged. All holograms belong to a class of images known as Diffractive Optical Variable Image Device (DOVID) which is expensive, specialized and technologically advanced equipment. Security holograms products cannot be copied by standard printing techniques or replicated by color copiers or computer scanning equipment. By using the hologram in ticket system we can stop copy or forge of the theatre tickets. In most of the time, counterfeiters select the path of least resistance, but security hologram will frequently cause them to give up their efforts to copy theatre tickets and move on to easier targets. As a result, the use of security holograms virtually guarantees ticket authenticity.

The advantages of using Security Holograms

Combats Counterfeiting

Cannot be optically scanned by computer

Cannot be reproduced with a photocopier

Deterrent to Counterfeiting

Provides Product Authentication

Quick and Easy Optical Validation

Embedded and Hidden Images in the Hologram

Using UV Ink

UV Ink - printed on reverse of ticket only visible under UV light. It is specifically formulated for high-quality security desktop printing of tickets. Add security UV authentication marks to all of tickets with mysteriously hidden information. So using the UV ink we can protect the theatre tickets.

However, we can print secure barcode tickets using special paper with watermarks, holograms, fluorescent fibers, UV inks and so on to print a ticket.


Allowing customers to select the seats location:

Recommended Hardware, Software and Print media and their Quote Prices:

There are some hardware and print media available for printing labels and tickets for the theatre system all over the world. In our country, we can use some of these to maintain our Theatre ticket system to avoid forge or copy of tickets. These are given below:

First of all to check tickets with barcodes at the entrance there should be some PCs for clerical assistants and manager, the software for Barcode Checker, barcode scanner, watermarks and holograms for the ticket protection.