How Self Managed Learning Can Enhance Lifelong Development Commerce Essay

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Leadership is known as the method of social power where one individual can join the serve and maintain others in achieving the common task of the business. Leadership is eventually about building a way to the individuals to contribute and to make something happen unexpected. Leadership remains as the most suitable physiognomies of the company viewpoint. Defining leadership had become challenging and the definitions about leadership may vary based upon the situation. Leadership is all about competence, the leaders should have the competence to observe and listen and should use their knowledge as the initial point in inspiring the discourses across all the levels of the decision making.

Task 1

Demonstrate how self managed learning can enhance lifelong development:

Evaluate approaches to self-managed learning

Leadership is the process where the leader influences the staffs to achieve the objectives and direct the business in the way that makes profits and to the standard in the industry. Good quality leaders are not born by themselves they are made. If the individual person has the will power and wish then they can become a good and effective leader. Leaders improve through a certainly not ending the practice of education, self study, experience and training. To motivate your staffs with high levels of group work there are few things individual should know, do and to. They do not come naturally to any person but they are obtained through continuous study and work.

Good leaders will continuously study and also work to develop their skills of leadership. There are important factors in the leadership they are:






Be familiar with yourself and search for self development

Should be technically capable

Look for responsibilities and should be accountable for various activities

Make perfect decisions and should be timely when needed

Be an example

Understand your employees and search for their good

He need to his workers on a timely basis about the changes and

Developments in the organization

Improve an intellect responsibility in the workers

Make sure that the tasks are supervised, understood and achieved as

Predetermined according to the standards of the organization

Train the employees as a group

Make use of the total capabilities for your company


Leaders play a vital role in the success of the business as leaders will motivate the staffs of the business to contribute and to work with their competences in order to be successful as an individual as well as the business. We receive it for fixed the good leaders have high-quality communication skills. Leaders should have few professional skills so as to reach success personally and also professionally which in turn leads to the success of the company.


Inspiring followership



Decision making




Begin untimely in life so as to take accountability to get the things done

Scamper for a board or managerial position in the organization

Join the political organizations

Community volunteer at work

Take initiation to accept new challenges at the workplace

Run for determination

Read broadly about individuals who became leaders

Meet the leaders

Study, observe and imitate leaders

Take courses to learn about leadership

Identify own development needs and the activities required to meet them:


Leadership skills and style are based upon the leadership behavior. A skill only does not make the leaders it also requires style and also behavior. The increasing concentration and demand for the uncompromising values of leadership are growing the importance of corporate accountability, business ethics, personal integrity, emotional maturity. A person is not a leader if he is not at the highest or top level in the organization the title required is president, CEO, manager, managing director, supervisor to become the leader. Anyone can certainly become the leader without having the title. The important thing one should do before leading others is to lead by him. To be a great leader one should be first a good person. To catch the attention of others you should be first attractive.

Leadership development is very stimulating. Few methods to be followed to develop the leadership skills:

Learning continuously

Book journal

Positive confirmations

Goal setting




One should continually read books to get inspired, strengthen the character and to understand the great leader’s life story. With the help of goals one can move forward. By setting the goals it creates positive energy and hope.


An efficient and practical approach in completing the personal skill audit after that meeting any precise necessities identified and will deliver a wide diversity of benefits for the business which includes:

An executive team with having the required skills will execute better and

provide increased results for the organization

Knowledgeable managers are good at managing, recruiting, developing and maintaining good employees and they will deliver high returns on the individual investment within the organization

Staff return at the level of management is probably be decreased as companies which improve their employee skills and are much more striking to work

Decisions are much probably should made at the suitable level across the business which enables business to develop as error is very little and the time is flowing up towards the senior levels intended for business improvement.

The audit can also be utilized for group of individuals or managers. These may also used by those who are aspiring to become supervisors as the foundation to set of the training objectives can be achieved. There are five important steps to personal skills audit they are:

Recognize the people rightly

Simplify the objective

Complete audit or data collection

Analyze the data

Organize learning as well as development plan


Many individuals identify that every person wish to alter learning styles as well as techniques. The learning style collection has a common method that every people learn. Every individual has the learning styles mix. Few think that they do have a prevailing learning style and others assume that they make use of different styles based upon the situation and the circumstances. One can improve the ability with fewer dominant styles. Using several styles of learning and also multiple intelligences to learn is quite a new approach. This approach has started recently to identify. By identifying and knowing the learning styles one can make use of the techniques which suits them better. This will enhance the quality and speed of learning. There are different learning styles









When the person puts himself under extra pressure than what he can handle, then he is making himself weak and to assemble of illness that may be getting worse to diseases which are life threatening. Very often we ourselves become aware of our problems at the time they appear and not prior to them do. Have some time off from the agenda, check if any symbols of physical or mental breakdown.