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There was a long time in the history of the hospitality industry; there were many development and evolution for that industry. These changing made that industry become more professional and comfortable than before. Nowadays, hospitality industry becomes more competitive because there were many kinds of competitors such as budget hotel, luxury hotel and resort hotel etc.

Objective of our research paper

As hospitality is a service industry, employees can as a tool to get costumer's attraction if they have high quality and standard for their performance. It is necessary to analyze and distinguish the purpose and the different of the personnel management and human resource management in order to understand and apply the theory into the workplace correctly. The objective of this research project is to find the differences and similarities between personnel management and human resource management in order to prove that human resource management is better than personnel management in managing employees.

We use the internet as our tool to gather the information, and then we read it and rewrite it into our research paper by using our own words. First, the research paper will define the term human resource management clearly, after that, it will analyze that the differences and similarities of human resources management and personnel management, finally, we will choose one of them that we think better to managing employees.

Explanation of Human resource management

Human resource management (HRM) is a management using the strategic and coherent to maximize employee's performance and standard to achieve the objectives of the business without break the national law, and human resources in hospitality are terminology, which is using in referring to the staff to manage the organization or the personal responsible function. This is traditional one of the strategic for executive functions. That allegedly recognizes the link between talented and engaged people and organizational success. Nowadays people calling the concept is Labor management and personal management.

Human Resources have broken of the previous narrow meaning, for example personnel management emphasis on calculation and wages payment and employee records management. A basic principle of HRM is to make sure the manager apply the theory to the right people in the right position at the right time. The most basic aspects of human resources, is including physical and mental. If the application from realistic point of view, that will include the physical, intellectual, knowledge and skills in four areas.

There are two different approaches of HRM; those approaches are gained by the idea of soft and hard HRM. In soft part, it approaches to HRM by adopting a humanistic and developmental. As a result, the people management approach in organization is based on a high level of managerial commitment and consensual to employees. It can lead to mutual high commitment from employees, high trust, high productivity, etc. Employees are become proactive, capable of being developed and collaboration. On the other hand, the hard part can view as an instrumental and economically rational approach to HRM. In this part, the strategies of people management are used to gain competitive advantage, maximizing control while achieving the lowest labor cost. This approach is quantitative and calculative and labor is a commodity.

The different of personnel management and human resource management

Human resource management has shifted from the personnel management in the last twenty years of the twentieth century. There are something new and quiet different theories in earlier years. A particular change is that personnel management is focus on workforce centered, but HRM is resource centered. PM only focus their efforts mainly at the organization's employees; selecting and training them, giving the payment to the employee, explaining the expectation of the organization, organizing management's action, satisfying work-related need of employee, but it is unwelcome for any employee response. Nowadays, HRM is welling to have feedback from their employee in order to establish a new receptive strategy or adaptive goal to motivate every employee to achieve the objective of the company, and it talk more about the save in workplace. HRM not only satisfy the work-related need of employee, but more external need and extra need such as offer the apartment for the employee.

Personnel management doesn't identify with management interests completely; it is the defect of Personnel management. Just like a sale persons need to understand the desires of the customers, personnel managers attempt to understand and articulate the desires and views of the workforce. Human resource management is focus on management needs for human resources to be provided and deployed. It is different for personnel management because HRM greater emphasis on planning, monitoring and controlling but not only for understand the desires of the customers. Problem solving is undertaken with other staffs on human resource department rather than directly with employees or their sale person. It is completely identify with management interests, become a general activity of management, and it is relative to the whole workforce.

There are more differences between HRM and PM; PM is often considered an independent function of an organization. Oppositely, HRM tends to be an integral part of overall company function. Personnel management is typically the sole responsibility of an organization's personnel department. In human resources, all of an organization's managers are often involved in some manner, and a chief goal may be to have managers of various departments develop the skills necessary to handle personnel related tasks. Human resource management focus more on what is done to managers rather than on what is done by managers to other employees. In addition, there is a more proactive role for line managers. All of these are the differences of personnel management and human resource management.

Similarities of personnel management and human resource management

Some of the specialist asserts that is no different between human resource management and personal management. But human resources are described as much extensive in scope than the personnel management. Human resource is said to include and develop personnel management tasks or job.

For some, particularly those whose focus of interest is on the management of collective relationships at work, while find the method to created and develop strong teams of workers for the benefit of the organization. The purpose of this management is to make the employee or staff to working into a maximum level of efficiency.

Therefore, the as Armstrong mentioned in his book "The key to improved business performance" It can be display more evident the similarities between Personnel Management and Human Resource Management are:

Personnel Management strategies like Human Resource Management re strategies through from the business strategy.

Personnel Management and Human Resource Management acknowledge that one of their most important processes compete employee or staff to ever changing organization requirement, developing and preparing the right people in and for the right job

The same situation of selection, performance management, competence analysis, training, management development and management technique is used in Human Resource Management and Personnel Management.

Although Human Resource Management and Personnel Management is not exactly same in many aspects, but there also are similarities between them and same purpose in the managing employees.

The same wine, only different bottles

We agreed that PM & HRM are "the same wine, only different bottles" .Wine is a main spirit in a whole bottle of wine, if the taste of the wine is bad or doesn't achieve the standard, this bottle of wine is hard to have a high sales volume; it is important to make a high quality and tasty wine. Wine as the objective in those two managements, which is maximize the productivity and performance standard of employees in order to achieve the company's objective by using people management and strategy without break the national law. Obviously, the objective didn't change even thought the people management was changed from personnel management to human resource management. It is why people call 'the same wine' because the objective didn't change.

The bottles are different!! There is lots of information on the bottle, such as volume, standard, alcohol volume, the place of production, the person who produced the wine, brand name, company name etc. The company changes the bottle because they want to change the image of the wine so that it can attract the customers. It like personnel management became to human resource management, it hasn't changed the objective of these two managements. The things that already changed are the elements that can influence and improve the management; it can make the people management become more receptive and effective for managers and employees. Time and planning perspective, psychological contract, control systems, employee relations perspective, preferred structures, roles and evaluation criteria are the elements that can influence the management success or fail, these elements like the information of the bottle, if you change the information of the bottle, the wine will become different than before even though it is the same wine.

Although personnel management was re-title to human resource management, the objective still the same, the taste of wine didn't changed.

Our favor management: Human resource management

People are the main source in hospitality industry, it is necessary for all the managers to consider about their employees when they want to make any decisions. Managers have to plan the strategy depend on the morale of their employees. People management become a common topic in this 21 century, everyone try to understand how to motivate their employees to maximize their productivity and performance standard. It is important for an organization to find a way to satisfy the needs of their employees in order to gain the competitive advantage.

We believe that human resource management and personnel management are two different managements. For our opinion, HRM is the favor, which must contain for every bottle of wine. We think that HRM is better than PM because the theories are more relate to employee's feeling, which is important in the hospitality that every managers need to respect and know more about their employees. Why PM isn't the favor, because it only concentrates on single function of an organization, it is impossible for a company to survey in a competitive environment without think about overall organization.


Before terminate our Personnel Management and Human Resource Management research paper, from all the way, we feel the Human Resource Management can be more effectively and solution the issue of employee than Personnel Management. In our opinion, if in the hospitality all the management practice and are using Homan Resource Management as rules or guideline into the organization. When you are confronted with problems as long as the uses approach from Human Resource Management, which immediacy will be to solve the problem? Human Resource Management who is also part of the company's employees, they will understand the feelings of employees as human resources management approach to be more professional, they will care about and understand the feeling of employees, so that employees probably will feel valued and in the company. Therefore all these conditions, we can clearly see that Human Resource Management is more extensive level than the Personnel Management, especially management of employee throughout the organization and communication of our employees. Moreover Human Resource Management model is just among variety of form of personnel management; they also still have a lot of changes and improve. But at the end Human Resource Management and Personnel Management have also same purpose. Simply are used different methods to achieve their purpose, or we can describe as "The same wine, only different bottles".

Finally, we would like through our research paper point out in the future, we are strongly believe Human Resource will gradually replace the Personnel Management. Because have many clear examples and argument, they both in our research papers that nowadays the social will development of Human Resource Management. However we really understand irrespective of Human Resource Management or Personnel Management organization are designed to help manage the employees in the company and make sure right people in the right position at the right time.