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This means that individuals separate from the administration and management company targets. In managing people most of the time spent in the work procedures and the exception in business studies and consultations. Managing people based on personal opinions often is measurable .Most bonus given without a clear distinction

Human resource management:

Manage the development of individuals through:

Work to help the worker to give his best

Work to provide services before you can ask and more

Where that businesses neither planned nor likely not offered her strategy, but it is working on the application of the company's strategy.

It also works on the application and achieve goals also factor

This means that the company's goals and objectives of human resource management and targets all working him into practice through human resource management.

In the management of human resources interested in consulting and business studies most of the work procedures. Human resources management based on a merit system is measurable and development given bonus and benefits on the basis of achieving a level of performance and achievement especially at the level of competencies.

Describe the historical development of the discipline

The historical development:

The history of the human resources function is due to the almost two centuries, to the era of Industrial Revolution or Renaissance, he began thinking about the importance of the human element, started companies and industrial organizations establish special departments staff, looking in their affairs and take care of everything related to them .. And named these departments different names; including: personnel management, With different perception of the human element depending on the evolution of management theories and schools over the decades, but this difference did not prevent parallel development in attention to the human element.. Until noon term human resources management at the beginning of the sixties of the twentieth century, and the emergence of the term, such as the starting point for the emergence of the School of Human Resources..! However settled on naming management personnel concerned with "people management"... "... Later called" Personnel Management "to" human resources management, despite the fact that until 1980 almost as well, and the role of the management of this change was not only named, and Kankan in individuals secured was limited to the implementation of human resources policies set by senior management of the organization, the role of the Department Human Resources has spread to the planning and execution together simultaneously.

Assess the role, tasks and activities of the human resource department in an organization with which you are familiar.

The human resource department provides important role, tasks and activities in my work place in ADFCA (Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority). The following are the role, tasks and activities provide:-

Planning: planning function interested in planning needs of the ADFCA of the workforce quality and quantity, which guarantee the achievement of the objectives of the ADFCA, planning is meant specifically in advance of the program workforce, Human Resources Manager try to avoid the difficulties and problems that may forecasting needs of the ADFCA of the workforce needed to achieve its objectives in future periods.

Regulation: The intended function of the Regulation in the management of human resources is a division and the establishment of duties, responsibilities and authorities between individuals, and determine the relationships between these responsibilities, The director of human resources management determines the form of ADFCA structure to manage it through the design of the structure of relationships between work, individuals, physical factors in the organization.

Guidance: intended to guide the efforts of individuals towards achieving the goals of the ADFCA have included this function under several names such as Command, Motivation and under any name of Titles, the aim of this function is to urge individuals to work complacently and effectiveness.

Censorship: That the monitoring operation is considered an administrative function relating to the organization and coordination of activities according to the specific employment plan, based on the analysis of the goals or the core activities of the organization, so as to ensure the implementation of the general plan of the organization efficiently.

Attract human resource: The first executive functions for the management of human resources and identifying the needs of the ADFCA is concerned of the workforce both in quality and quantity, to ensure the achievement of the goals of the ADFCA, and is determined by the scope of this function as follows:

Assess the needs of the ADFCA from the Human Resources.

Identify sources for obtaining the necessary human resources for the ADFCA.

Selection of human resources and conduct the necessary tests for the selection of competencies that are commensurate with the needs of the ADFCA and through psychological tests, interviews, and others.

The appointment of individuals.

Development employees: After the ADFCA obtained the necessary manpower and quantity in accordance with the requirements of the objectives of the ADFCA must develop their skills on an ongoing basis to raise the level of efficiency and performance improvement, and this is done through continuous training, so as to ensure the proper execution of the work.

The job training is one of the basic functions, which ensure the continuation of the ADFCA to face with technological developments in working methods and tools of production resulting in the need to obtain competencies and specialized skills, and this is not available for the ADFCA only through training and manpower development of current ADFCA at all administrative levels.

Compensation or reward: The function compensation or reward of important functions for human resources management, and specializes in this function by selecting a fair wage structure or bonuses in line with the effort of the ADFCA human resources. The sense that the director of human resources management focuses on the economic side and to ensure a sound system of wages has to be:

Job evaluation

Determine payment systems

Determine the incentive system

Determining sanctions regulations

Care and maintain the human resources: Interested in this function under the auspices of manpower and maintenance through the provision of health care, cultural, recreational and social, as well as care when leaving the service.

Health & Safety:

Design and implementation of security programs and occupational safety for workers in their jobs.

Identification of occupational safety requirements for each job to ensure adequate performance.

Identify areas of assistance to workers when there is nothing to prevent or hinder their performance.

Labor relations:

Build an atmosphere appropriate action so as to enhance the morale of the workers.

Design and construction of open channels of communication within the enterprise.

Build a flexible relationship with ADFCA organizations working inside and outside the facility.

The role and responsibilities of line managers in human resource practices

Line managers are the ones who have the authority to instruct subordinates who are partly responsible for completion of the basic objectives of the organization.

Line managers have the authority to help and advice to executives in order to accomplish the fundamental goals of the organization.

Human Resources responsibilities performed by Line managers:

Putting the right person in the right job,

Directing new workers organization,

Training workers to perform job tasks entrusted to them,

Improve the functionality of the workers,

Interpreting policies and procedures of the Organization for workers,

Labor cost control,

Work to raise the morale of workers,

Protect workers' health and safety professional.