Hiring And Keeping Employees Commerce Essay

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Hiring and keeping employees is one of the most urgent concerns for todays organizations. Employees give a company its primary source of competitive advantage, so talent management is a top priority for smart managers. The term Human Resource Management (HRM) refers to the design and application of formal systems in an organization to ensure effective and efficient use of human talent to accomplish organization goals.

Over the past decade, human resource management has shed its old "personnel" image and gained recognition as a vital player in corporate strategy. All managers need to be skilled in the basics human resource management. HR manager's role is recruiting and selecting the right employees, developing effective training programs, or creating appropriate performance appraisal system.

HRM professionals act to guide and assist line managers in managing human resources to achieve the organization's strategic goals. The strategic role of HRM is to drive organizational performance. Research found that, effective human resource management has a positive impact on strategic performance, including higher employee productivity and stronger financial results.

There are three broad goals of HRM; finding, developing, and maintaining and effective workforce. The first step in finding the right people is human resource planning, in which managers or HRM professionals predict the need for new employees based on the types of vacancies. The second step is to use recruiting procedures to communicate with potential applicants. The third step is to select from the applicants those persons believed to be the best potential contributors to the organization. Finally, the new employee is welcomed into the organization.

Overall, we can observe that, HRM is an important part in organization. Simply to say, HRM is the backbone for every organization. However, there are many challenges that a HR manager faces in his workforce. This report is solely based on the interviews done with a HR Director, two HR Managers and two HR Executives from different industries. The findings of the interviews were put in Q&A format for easier understanding and lastly comparisons were made between small and large organizations' feedback on the challenges.


By conducting these interviews and preparing the report, our group definitely had a better understanding about the current practices and strategies of companies regarding personnel selection and evaluation such as recruitment planning, and recruitment strategy regarding human resource department. We also had a deeper understanding about the key functions of human resource management. Teamwork is another issue that we gained through this assignment. Through this outdoor assignment, we learn more about the flow of how different organizations work in the business world. The  outcome  of  this  report  will  be  attaining  the  problems, challenges  and  obstacles  faced  by  a human  resource  managers  and  how  they  managed  it.  Lastly, we  also gained knowledge  of  handling  issues in  an  office  using  the  right  tactics.

Research Methodology

The methods that we used to accomplish this assignment are interviewing and online research. We had the chance to interview a HR Director (), two HR Managers (Mr. and Mr. Muhammed Mustapha Bin Mohd Ariffin) and two HR Executives (Miss Raja Atikah and Miss Michele Morris).

Moreover, we also observed  the  environment  inside  the  office  and  observed  relationship  within  staffs  and  the  human  resource  executive. We also observed the employees performing their daily tasks in the management office.

2nd Interviewee's Profile

Mr. Mohammed Mustapha Bin Mohd Ariffin is the second interviewee for this assignment. We were very lucky to have a chance to interview Mr. Mustapha, who has been in the HR field for the past 20 years.

Mr. Mustapha is currently working in Hume Cemboard Sendirian Berhad, in the basic and operational level. As the Human Resource Manager, Mr. Mustapha has the responsibility to plan as much as three years ahead for the company's perspective, such as coming out with fresh ideas and expanding capacity. He had been working in different companies before in different areas, such as Entertainment field (Genting Malaysia Sdn Bhd), Music field (Yamaha Corporation), and automobile industry (Proton Holdings Berhad). Our interviewee had stayed in Yamaha Corporation for 10 years, with another 5 years at Genting Malaysia Sdn Bhd and experience of 5 to 6 years at Proton Holdings Berhad. It was not until then he decided to join Hume Cemboard Industries Sdn Bhd.

Mr. Mustapha has a Bachelor in Psychology and Sociology from the University of Hull and then later Master of Business Administration in Human Resource. Mr. Mustapha had also stated that he did not do very well for his SPM examination which is equivalent to an O level exam. However, he states that as long as you have a strong interest in anything you do, you will succeed in life which he did, where his focus and strong points in the areas of Industrial Relation (IR), manpower and labor relationships. From here, we can see that Mr. Mustapha has a strong will and ambition.

Company Background

The company that our second interviewee is from is Hume Cemboard Sdn. Bhd. Hume Cemboard is in the manufacturing production field, as a private limited company local based company. Their main office is located in No.12, Jalan Tandang, Petaling Jaya 46050, with above 100,000 square meters.

Hume Cemboard is a member of one of the largest conglomerates in Asia, Hong Leong Group. Hume Cemboard Malaysia as a leading manufacturer of building materials in Malaysia which also an ISO 9001 2000 accredited company who manufacture PRIMA board for ceiling application, wall partitioning, external siding and flooring application (backer board). PRIMA products are asbestos-free and made from top quality cellulose fiber, quality cement and refined silica sand. It is ideal for both internal and external applications for housing, commercial offices and industrial buildings due to its resistance to fire and water, as well as excellent heat and sound insulation. The product or service that provided is fiber cement product, fiber cement siding, underlayment, internal lining, external CI adding, under Prima band. The number of employees is at the number range of 501 to 1000 people. (Hume Cemboard Industries , 2011)

Hume Cemboard is established in the year of 1958, with the registered capital of US$50 Million to US$100 Million. Ownership type is corporation or Limited Liability Company. The main trade markets are North America, Southeast Asia, Africa, Oceania, Middle East and Eastern Asia. Total annual sales and annual purchase volume is US$10 million to US$50 million with the export percentage of 51% to 60%.