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Many companies have good record of human resources management. For example, in a book, The 100 best companies to work for in America recorded excellent human resources management skills, and has been formed to adapt to the company's planning and business strategies. Electric appliance maker company, Hewlett-Packard Company is one of them.

Founded in 1939, Hewlett-Packard is now operating billions of dollars of electrical products manufacturers. Its products include computer, calculator, measuring instrument. The company clearly specified in 7 company goals:

Profit: Earn enough profit for development of the company.

Customer: Always satisfy customers' needs.

Interest scope: Prevent other company plagiarize own company's unique products' ideal.

Development: Improve products' quality.

Employee: Share achievements with employees, provide job security, admit individual achievements, satisfy employees' needs.

Management: Promote the initiative and creativity.

Citizenship: Ensure company's community establishment get better than before.

These goals become "human resources way" in HP Company, it is a set of ideas and strategies, including the following aspects:

Trust employees, provide fully freedom.

Respect and dignity.

Identity, a sense of accomplishment, participation.

Safeguard, persistent/sustainability, staff development.

Insurance, remove personal troubles.

Profit and responsibility share, mutual assistance.

Decentralized system.

Informal change, call name, open communication.

A mistake is an opportunity for learning.

Training and education, consultation.

Performance and enthusiasm.

Workforce Planning in HP

Director of Operations & Workforce Planning (Sheila Couchdid) did a presentation. She mentioned about HP's strategic objective, crucial place to start when tying HR and Workforce Planning to the business goals and objectives.

HP and Workforce Planning is focus on Capital strategy alignment, that includes financial capital and workforce capital. She mentioned company have to start with business model, then can build workforce planning. The plans involving:

The change agent to workforce planning.

Elimination of jobs.

Eliminating costs.

Investment and De-Investment.

Aligning cost structure.

Moving to low cost locations.

Right skilling the workforce.

Aligning all Human Capital Programs.

Hand off Workforce Plan to all other functions within HR.

Governance - one of the key points that Knowledge Infusion helps put in place within organizations.

First place to start - "Build the plane before organizer take off"

Start strategically if possible, not operationally

Had to start operationally; not optimal but working

Amazing financial knowledge from a HR role, proof that Workforce Planning is not typically HR stuff

4 parts to plan

Strategic Modeling

Strategic Planning

Operational Planning


HP Company Recruitment

Recruitment is a process of locating, identifying and attracting capable applicants. It is a program to solve company understaff problem. HP Company often launch recruitment program to maintain it company staffing level. "Jobs at HP" and "Hewlett-Packard Company Jobs" are formal webpages designed by HP Company to attract applicants.

Downsizing Options of HP Company

In July 2004, HP Company dropped four research groups in downsizing due to organization restructuring. HP Company announced that of a restructuring plan that will eliminate about 10 percent of its global workforce of 151,000. About 700 workforces at HP Labs had been terminated.

In May 2012, HP Company largest payroll purge in its 73 years history. The company cut 27,000 workforces to save up 3.5 Billion Dollars annually. About 8 percent of HP Company estimated 350,000 workforces had been terminated by the time the overhaul is completed in October 2014. This layoff option is planned to reduce company's consumption and increase company's profit.

Training and development in HP Company

While economic downturn, the strength of HP's business emphasize about the talent, expertise and experience of their over 300,000 global workforces. They have a longstanding commitment to recruit talented people and to provide them opportunities to build their capabilities and excel in their roles. Organizational leaders are accountable for developing employees, and high performers have the potential for unlimited career growth at HP Company.

Leadership development at HP Company is tightly aligned with their business priorities. As a result, the leadership program is regularly revised to adapt to dynamic business conditions and provide realistic training situation. For example, HP Financial Acumen development program is updated with current HP financial data that allow participants to explore and learn to manage the financial levers of their respective HP business.

Workforce Diversity in HP Company

HP Company promote gender and ethnic diversity throughout global organization, it organized into four regions: the Middle East and Africa (EMEA), Europe, Asia Pacific and Japan (APJ) and the Americas. HP Company measure the representation of women at HP globally and the ethnic diversity of U.S. workforce.

Efforts to develop diversity at HP Company include:

Recruiting a diverse range of people and training them as leaders in HP Company.

Promoting a wide working environment where the contributions of each individual are valued.

Assisting employees navigate their work and personal commitments while facing the business needs of HP.

Moreover, HP Company develop and drive diversity at their company in several ways. Some activities organized by HP Company in 2009 to attract a wide range of recruits by working with strategic external partners. They make efforts to widen their workforce diversity by proactively recruiting first class diverse talent, embedding diversity into all core people development processes and by sponsoring key development programs to prepare diverse top talent for career advancement and professional growth. They also strive to build a wide working environment by leveraging leadership across regions and business groups to promote diversity, as well as engage employees through local employee resource groups.

Work-life programs in HP Company

Many of HP Company employees take advantage of work-life options offered by their own company. In their annual "Voice of the Workforce" survey, their work-life programs have been consistently identified as very popular among employees. HP Company offer:

Flexible time. Eight-hour workday, but adjusting start and departure times to accommodate personal schedules and needs. Estimate 80 percent of their workforce takes advantage of this option.

Part time. Working reduced hours on an ongoing or temporary basis. Almost 2 percent of employees work part-time in the company. This program helps them meet the needs of an aging workforce.

Telework. Working full-time from home rather than at an HP office. About 28 percent of employees are teleworkers.

Flexible workplace. Occasionally working from home but primarily based on HP premises.

HP Company has other programs that vary by country to help employees achieve work-life balance, including:

Adoption resources and assistance

Dependent care resources

Education resources

Family and medical leave

New parent leave

HP Company Benefits in United States

'Winning With Wellness' is one of Hewlett-Packard in United State (HP U.S.) benefits program for its employees. HP company focus on people underlies everything they do. Being known as a great place to work makes it easier to attract top talent. HP, helping its employees improve and win with HP is good business. HP Company has long been well known for inventing, engineering, and delivering technology solutions that drive business profit, create social advantage, and improve the lives of their customers. They also famous for the energy they put into developing their organization. After all, a better way to work was the first thing they ever invented. Their benefits program invests in employees' personal well-being, with programs to support employees physical and financial wellness and resources to help them manage life outside of HP company. HP Company's regular full-time and part-time employees are eligible for most benefits immediately from their own company. 

The objectives to hold this program are :

Start Winning with Wellness in HP

At HP Company, they think wellness encompasses more than just physical health. It also includes financial well-being and ability to manage workers needs outside of company. The Company invest in tools, programs, and incentives to help employees improve or maintain their overall personal wellness.

Stay secure and healthy with flexible benefits program

HP Company provided dollars for employees in order to use toward the cost of the medical, dental, vision, and life insurance benefits that work best for them. Their flexible program recognizes employees individual needs, giving the power to build employees own personalized benefits program that meets employees needs, fits their budget, and rewards employees for a job well done.

Accomplish employee retirement and financial goals

HP employees qualify for a valuable 401(k) savings program (a type of retirement savings account in the U.S), with HP providing a match of 100% of employees contributions, up to the first 4% of pay employees contribute. HP's Employee Stock Purchase Plan also gives employees the opportunity to purchase HP stock at discounted prices, allowing employees to share in the financial success they help create.

Enjoy time away from work

HP Company provides competitive vacation, holiday, and other time off programs that give employees the time to enjoy life outside the workplace. Vacation time increases each calendar year for the first ten years of service, with the first calendar year prorated to employees hire date. HP provides 11 paid holidays each year. HP also offers innovative resources to help emplyees achieve work/life balance and use time to greatest advantage.

Take advantage of other HP benefits

HP Company offers many additional benefits that can help employees accomplish their individual goals. Programs like adoption assistance and discounts on HP products are designed to help you grow and win outside of work as well.

Other than that, HP also offers many other rewards-like pay programs, equity, and

recognition awards-that add up to a highly competitive total rewards package. This benefit program leading the organization to success with high efficient due to employees needs are satisfied.

Health, Safety and Wellness in HP Company

Human Resource Department in HP company take seriously their responsibility to provide a safe working environment and recognize that employees are most productive when they are safety and healthy. They emphasis is on preventing work-related injuries and illnesses. Health issues and healthy lifestyles are encouraged to employees in their wellness programs, and they improve their safety programs to minimize hazards in specific work environments.They manage their health, safety and wellness (HSW) programs as part of a comprehensive environmental, health and safety (EHS) management system that meets or exceeds applicable regulatory requirements globally.

Furthermore, they promote health and wellness through online educational materials, travel health advice and health-awareness activities. They also provide access to health benefit programs and promote healthy lifestyles. To increase participation in the programs, U.S. employees and their covered domestic partners who complete a health risk questionnaire, participate in self-guided health education and enroll in a lifestyle improvement program may receive funding from HP Company to purchase additional health and wellness benefits. In 2009, 82 percent of HP Company employees took part in this program, and 78 percent of former EDS employees participated.

Managing human resources is a part of organizing of company and organization. It is an important component to manage a company to become a successful business entity. Responsibilities of Human Resources Department involve employment planning, recruitment and downsizing, select capable applicants, employee training and development, managing employee performance, compensation, benefit, safety and health of employees. Well management of human resources leading company to achieve goals more effectively and efficienctly.