Healthy And Safe Working Environment Commerce Essay

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Productivity is usually at an expense of the worker's health and safety. Business typically strive to become more productive and in doing so are driving their workers to work longer, harder and more efficiently, often in extremely hazardous conditions and only implement OHS measures to keep compensation costs down (Mayhew & Quinlan, 1999., Dorman, 2000., Quinlan, 2001). An example is the case of New Zealanders. They spend more time at work than many other industrialised countries (Rassmussen, E & Lamm, F, 2002) and as a result work-related stress and fatigue have become major issues. In short, implementing measures, including OHS, to increase productivity may create the opposite effect. Increasing OHS in a working environment have economic benefits. Some of the employers would not want to implement due to the costs it comes. Also, it is difficult to convince employers because the benefits are hard to predict. In the case of countries, an evaluation is first prepared before introducing legislation (ex ante). Measures can also be conducted afterwards. This is known as an ex-post and is used to test efficiency and measures. This legislation differs from country to country and is implemented based on the current country's political background and policies concerning governance (Beck, U, 1992).

In an ex-ante or an ex-post evaluation, the benefits can either be realised either after a long time or a short time. The governments also insist in the development of instruments used evaluate cost of specific investment in OHS. These are usually provided by national administration or with the help of insurance funds. The only problem with this is that the government can use this chance to their benefit and implement or advise the best evaluation or proposal that best suits them rather than the workers of the firms. Also medium and small enterprises are not assisted by the government because they lack financial and personnel resources enough to apply these methods appropriately (Starke, L, 2004). The governments fail to see that the SME are equally crucial to the economy and with the right investment in OHS, it can lead to increase in productivity and rapid growth in the businesses (economic impacts of occupational safety and health in the member states of European Union, pg 14-32).

Recently, the Health and Safety employment act 1992 underwent some transformations in Australia. What were formed were a Model Workplace Health and Safety Act.  The Health and Safety employment act 1992 had major flaws such as, it did not cover volunteers whose work is regular or ongoing or other members of the public. It was designed for commercial purposes only and excluded injuries obtained outside the work environment or injuries that are psychological. Though the Model Workplace Health and safety Act is a forward step, it brings a lot of complications as compared the House and Safety act. The main objective of any health and safety act is to maximize productivity and efficiency.  The model workplace health and safety act requires constant involvement of both the management and the workers through meetings and discussions. In most cases, the workers issues are addressed directly but these constant meetings may prove to be time consuming and takes away vital time that would be used for productivity purposes. This is because the meetings can be as frequent as the changes that occur around the organization such as government policies or technological changes (Winn, 2000).

The model workplace health and safety act involves the employees or works in decision making majorly. This may prove to interfere with the goals or objective of the managerial level and may prove to hinder certain important decisions that can be made. This is because some of the workers may resolve to act to their own interest so as manipulate the decision made and changes made within the organization. Again this is another case of too many decision makers which can be time consuming.

The model health and safety act is complicated as some of its sections (such as section 16) is misguiding. The section 16 for example, requires that the managerial position to have complete control of the environment and indicates that any injuries should not occur if there is complete control of the environment. This is quite impossible because the environment itself is unpredictable and injuries can occur any time. In summary, the model worker health and safety act creates a lot of uncertainties due to the wide duties it imposes. The liabilities of the duty holders are also much wider as compared to the health and safety employment act (New Zealand and the Proposed Australian model workplace health and safety act, pg 2-5, 10).

Technology is a major change of the business aspect today. If used efficiently, it can increase a company's profits and also productivity. The health and safety act although does not cover the companies well in terms of technology. The health and safety occupation can sometimes limit the full potential of information technology. This is because it can increase cost due to increase in telecommunication cost and also makes it difficult in upgrading the skills of the staff.

Information and communication is a constantly evolving field. Employees need to be trained on how to use new technology or incorporation of new features. With the involvement of the safety and health occupation, every training need to emphasize on safety and health first. This leads to the training taking longer than it should have been. Also, if the management wants to maximize productivity through modern methods such as creation of a virtual team where employees can work anywhere apart from offices, it is difficult to implement health and safety occupation as in some cases it does not cover environments such as home. This can also lead to degradation of team spirit. The health and safety occupation in terms of technology is a liability because it leads to constant exposure of personal information. This itself is a risk as other competitors can easily gain this information. In summary, health and safety occupation is a liability in some industries and does not in some cases lead to increase in productivity or profits of the company.

For the individual level, organizational behaviour research offers insights into how the social perception and enactment of environmental management issues occurs (i. e. Cordano, 2000) and, as a result, highlights the fundamental mechanisms through which change can be performed. Behavioural research posits that men and women attempt to act rationally, but are bounded into their ability to achieve rationality (Simon, 1957; Drive and Simon, 1958). Television using some ages of attitudinal choice studies, researchers right now are able to anticipate, any priori, the way persons is likely to make decisions which are inconsistent, unproductive, as well as according to normatively immaterial details. Folks depend on simplifying tactics, or even cognitive heuristics. Though these kinds of heuristics are usually practical cutting corners, in addition, they cause many choice biases (Kahneman, Tversky, 1973, 1979; Bazerman, 1998). For the organizational levels, attitudinal exploration opinions folks in greater systems of corporations as well as establishments (Hoffman, A., H. Riley, J, 2002). 

It examines the politics as well as financial underlying causes of environmental disruption as well as develops any step-by-step method in which displays the way corporations, establishments, as well as folks can both force regarding as well as withstand environmental safeguard reforms (Schnaiberg, Gould, 1994) . It tends towards the climb towards environmental consciousness as well as cultural movements, handling the way change occurs inside of cultural systems as well as the reason. Core to the supply is often a thought of environmental risks since they depend on the macro-sociology of cultural change (Beck, 1992). Your research has a cultural constructionist method in the direction of these kinds of key themes or templates, focusing on the "social, politics as well as cultural processes" through which environmental issues, issues, as well as alternatives pick up awareness as well as identified (Hannigan, J, 1995).

The ownership of prudent innovation is limited not merely by cognitive limitations, but through the ways corporations include developed according to current market stresses as well as adaptive organizational tendencies. In this area, we all focus on the type of organizational constraint, the over-reliance about regulatory expectations. Most of us determine the area by having a summary of the way different organizational attributes preserve people by using prudent inventions. Environment safeguard expectations would be the almost all clear supply of pressure regarding organizational actions in us as well as elsewhere (including the ineffective as well as counter-productive action). Though latest regulatory inventions include searched for co-operation among federal as well as business, corporations continue to see regulatory pressure typically since coercive in nature, requiring conformity by threat of charges. However expectations will also be representational, unsure, fought for, as well as constitutive. The subject of environmental management provides made great advances in past times (quarter century), creating a body of exploration as well as materials which can help people realize as well as increase environmental effectiveness inside of firms. Yet a lot can be achieved to create that exploration into your region of practice as well as change business environmental habits for that much better. Great possibilities to create prudent environmental modifications lay ahead of people; the low-hanging berry remains.

To create regarding prudent modifications, we have to confront the hindrances to help business execution. As a problem of business worry, environmental safeguard has grown to be much more complex as well as uses a more sophisticated view to be handled correctly. That is a location to help which often organizational exploration can lead. Organizational exploration attends towards psychological as well as organizational causes of environment damaging habits as well as aids people distinguish alternatives by means of alternations in systemic handle structures as well as personal pursuits as well as biases (Winn, M & Angell, L, 2000). The International Labour Organisation estimates that worldwide, over two million people die from work related causes each year (Macky, 2008), in general many organisations in New Zealand aren't quite absolute concern in prioritizing to provide Health and Safety working environment workplaces, which includes agriculture and/or farming, hospitality, and offices work.