Government Role In Local Business Business Essay


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In the emerging global economy and e-commerce and e-business have increasingly be-come a necessary component of business strategy and a strong catalyst for economic development. So In local business of Bangladesh is developing day by day. In addition of some market based reforms factors like urbanization poverty and unemployment have also contributed to their quickly growth.

Bangladesh businesses rules & Government:

Some rule in here to which is very important to our local business. Now description to this site--------


Execution of the policy decisions of the Government;


Maintenance of political/diplomatic relations and dealings with other countries;


Coordination with the international organizations and world bodies;


Arrangement of agreements and treaties including boundary and territorial treaties with other countries and international organizations and treatment, custody and preservation of state documents connected therewith;


Diplomatic and consular representations abroad;


Facilitation of making peace with other countries;

Bangladesh Civil Service Recruitment Rules 1981

A person should be a Bangladeshi national and a permanent resident in Bangladesh to be appointed to the Cadre Service. Any national married or promised to be married to a foreign national will not be eligible for such an appointment. There are presently twenty nine Cadre Services and the Bangladesh Civil Service (Roads & Highways) is one of them.

The Public Employees Discipline (Punctual Attendance) Ordinance, 1982

The ordinance was promulgated by the Chief Marshal Law Administrator to ensure punctual attendance in offices and to eradicate incidences of unauthorized absence and late attendance by the officers and staff.

Under this ordinance the authority (appointing authority or designated person) has been given the power to impose penalty (deduction in pay) on any employee coming to the office late or remaining absent from the office without authorization or leaving the office without permission.

The Government Servants (Conduct) Rule, 1979

The conduct and behavior of a Government employee, during the performance of his duties and in his private life are regulated by these rules. The staff and the officers of the Government (with the exception of some departments/agencies mentioned in Rule 2, who have their own establishment rule) are to abide by these rules either working inside or outside of Bangladesh, whilst on leave or on deputation to any other institution, authority or agency.

The violation of any of the Government Servants (Conduct) Rules is considered as misconduct. For such violation, an employee is accused of breach of discipline and subjected to being punishable under "The Government Servants (Discipline and Appeal) Rules 1985".

The Government Servants (Discipline & Appeal) Rule, 1985

A Government servant under this rule, may appeal against any order:

1. Imposing upon him any penalty.

2. Altering, varying or denying to his disadvantages his pay, allowances, pension or other condition.

3. Interpreting to his advantage, the provision of any rule or contract of service whereby his pay, allowance, pensions etc. are regulated.

The incumbent may apply to the President for review of the order.


Bangladesh has replaced the sales and expurgate tax by the more modern value added tax (VAT). The VAT is imposed at a flat rate of 15 per cent. Excise duties do exist on at a few items and a turnover tax may be imposed on small-scale activities which cannot be taxed through the VAT.

When are subsidies appropriate?

Consider the market for rape seed oil - this scenario is used as an example and all figures are for illustration purposes only. The total output is currently 300 million liters but there is a shortage of vegetable oils and the EU decide to attempt to increase output of rape seed oil. It is decided to offer a subsidy to farmers of €10 per liter. Use a demand and supply diagram to show the amount and impact of the subsidy.

Now draw another diagram to show the impact of the subsidy on rape seed oil on other agricultural products that are substitutes in production.

From your diagram in 1 above, estimate the size of the value of the subsidy. Where would the EU get the money from to pay farmers the subsidy?

What factors might affect the number of farmers who choose to take up the subsidy and switch production to this product?

What groups of people would benefit from the subsidy and what groups might lose out?


Bangladesh is a emergent country. So all local and international business companies must be follows the government roles. Government local business companies are the main indigenous markets of Bangladesh. Government give some many role in this country and government helps all the business people to doing their local business. so people are very excited to doing their local business. At the last topic that Bangladesh is a very friendly to doing their local business in every site.

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