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It is the process of structured planning and active management of investing resources to achieve your career goal. It is a continuous process which helps in demand changing. Personal fulfilment, balance in work and life, achievement of goals and financial status should all be included in the career management outcome. According to the 21st century there is always a need to change the demands. Career management is that which is we are bot been told off. The term career means including the employees from semi-skilled to skilled and from one profession to another. Developed strategies, development of goals and overall objectives, developed ways so that all the strategies can be carried out in a proper way are all steps which are to be carried out in the career management.

Our day to day work is now been based on technology. The invention of new technologies has reduced the work load of many human beings. There are been many change in the work of human beings because of involvement of computers and scientific advancements. And there will be many other changes and more advanced technologies in future. This is our lifelong learning in career management that how are we going to tackle things in are future as these on-going innovations will be directly related to our level of knowledge and skills.

Goals or Objectives Development:

Goals setting and its formulation is the first step towards the career management. Before setting up this an individual must have all the possible knowledge about the career opportunities otherwise it is difficult for the individual to carry out further as he will have no information about the career management. Goals whether specific or particular in general in nature are been based on the establishment on the type of goals and objectives that are been set by the individual. There are various assessments for the career which are needed to be evaluated and they can range from informal and quick to deep. But in today's world there is not much of the deep evaluation involved. For the objectives and goals set there are three types of goals- short term, intermediate, long term.

Short Term Goals (one or two years):

These types of goals are specific and are very limited. These are very short type of goals for the individual and they can easily evaluate the short term goals. But during carrying out and working out of their goals they look upon to future and work in a manner that they convert their short term goals into long term.

Intermediate Goals (3 to 20 years):

These types of goals are les specific than that of the short term goals. These are more of the ended type of goals. These type of goals are often very difficult to formulate or evaluate an individuals are unaware of their future.

Long Term Goals (20 years and above):

Most difficult to evaluate than that of other two type of goals. These goals are difficult as an individual don have work experience and there is a lack of knowledge for the individual about the career opportunities. As these goals and objectives are been very easy to set according to our view but are the most difficult to carry out the same.

Career Development: (Wikipedia and alumnus.caltech.edu)

Career development in an organization focuses on many points of an individual. It focuses that how the individual does manages his own career along with other responsibility on him. In today's world there is an increasing need for the individuals so that they are able to take decision on their career opportunities. It is the factor that has a combination of constellation of psychological, sociological, educational, physical and economic and the nature of the significant work to the lifespan of an individual is been influenced by this terms. An individual learns to take his own decision in the development and also he gets his vision about his role in his life and expression of values.

To perform a job there is a change in the knowledge and skill that an individual must be aware of. The change in the organization has taken place in a massive increasing rate and there is a change in each step of the knowledge and skills used. As flatter structures are been led by the reorganizations the career ladders are shrinking rapidly. To keep up with the rapid growth of the knowledge our needs help us to keep the pace along with us so that we keep on learning in our day to day life and gain more and more knowledge.

Learning is Now Our Responsibility:

The primary responsibility in the organizations is the Career development. But it is been considered as the least important function in a survey of human resource development. Career corporate paths and jobs are now being disappeared as it is related with the recent trends. An individual are not been prepared adequately for the personal learning and the management project which is a new skill in the career development for the individual. But this has helped the individual to motivate themselves towards the work life as it is been controlled over the learning of the career development.

The certain plans for the career management of the individual is been now developed and also for the other people in the organizations. Management by objective, individual development plans, and a self-learning is now all been included in the list of the individuals so that he can balance his work accordingly including the other work in his life. With the help of these terms individual can prepare his own plan for his own career development. He can identify his own goals including new skills and knowledge and gain experience. For each objective there are strategies to learn so as to how we plan it and how do we carry out the process to evaluate the planned thing etc.

Career Planning: Wikipedia, humanresourcecesiq.com, w3schools.com

Career planning is a career management subset. For one's professional future strategic planning and marketing are the two concepts to which career planning takes charge of. Career planning defines the strategy, and also to allocate the resources to pursue the strategy to make decisions. Current position and the avenues possible are very necessary to understand as it can pursue the particular course of action and it is also important to determine the direction of the organization. Planning is very important so as the stages through which people move on to more challenging positions.

Career planning deals with the questions like "What do we do?" "For whom do we do it?" and "How do we excel?" an individual has to answer all these three question as in future while setting his goals and objectives he has to deal with these three questions in his career planning. Where will this organization go over the next few years or for the long term or according to the organizations vision that they want to achieve in a particular year. In much other organization is been determined as a process.

Career planning teaches an individual not to stop learning throughout his life. The keyword for the individual is the lifelong learning that he gets while he is been evaluation the objects and goals he has set. And if the individual has the ability of listening than he has the potential to learn a lot. A good listener can learn a lot. By listening you can gain as much experience u want to get. An individual has to fulfil all his current jobs and all his dream of achieving and it might be the perfect place to start the career as planned. An individual while working also have to maintain his own contacts. No work is done nowadays without contacts. The stronger the network the faster the work will be done for an individual. Your contact network will be the next step for career.

Individual must also be able to identify his current job, his current place where he is standing. Nothing can be done with an assumption and all work must be properly identified and a conversation must be held with the superior about the priorities while starting a new work. Before planning your own career first identify your dream job. After all is been planned don wait for anything, an individual must get prepare to work on the objectives set.

Air India (Wikipedia, airindia.com)

Founded in 1932 as Tata airlines. It is the hand of government owned Air India Limited. Air India Building at Nariman Point in south Mumbai is the main office of this company located. It got a major success in its recent times as it became the biggest operator in the subcontinent of India. It lost its top position as it was been left behind by the other three Indian airlines like the Jet airways spice jet and indigo. Problems started arising for the organization as the tie up of the company with the Indian Airlines was been broken. Chhatrapati Shivaji International airport and the Indira Gandhi International airport are the two pillars of the organization. The market was totally down off the company that it was affected on the workers of the company. During those time there was a tough battle going on for the Indian Careers.

Linked with the imperial British airways the aviator had an idea to launch flights postal from Bombay, Colombo to United Kingdom. He got a support for his project JRD Tata of Tata Iron and Steel company. Tata airlines were originally composed of a puss moth, a leopard moth and a shed of palm Tata Airlines continued to rely for its revenue on the contract electronically with the government of India for transportation of mail surcharged including a considerable amount of international mail brought to Karachi by Imperial airways. That same year, Tata launched its longest domestic flights airlines.

After the Second World War regular customer service was restored in India and Tata airlines became a public limited company under the name Air India. 49 per cent airlines was been acquired by the government of India. In 1954, it took delivery of its first L-1049 super constellation and inaugurated services to Bangkok, Hong Kong, Tokyo and Singapore.


As it is been mentioned by the company that they will distribute the salary according to the qualification of the workers and the place at which they have been placed. The salary range by the job in the organization. There were many vacancies for the job in the organization. As it started the jobs also started taking place in the company. Company is 23.4 million to employees of salary in the month of March. While entering a job the company offers full assurance to the workers that their future will be bright in the company. The pay scale for the administrative or the office manager is been around the total of Rs 2, 35,210 including the bonus for the worker. The IT department including all the technicians in the organization gets a pay of around Rs 1,70,770 inclusive with all the medical assurance and other facilities.

The organization decided to authorize the payment of salaries of all the employees for the months of September and October 2012. The salary that the company provide to the workers in a selection was Rs. 15,000/- per month inclusive of all the other facilities for the first year.

Career of workers in Air India:

The workers career in the Air India is bright as per the facilities and the jobs opportunities that they provide. The employees are been provided with many benefits for their job. They all are been provided with welfare responsibility. Many workers join with full hopes of their future being bright. The company offers them many benefits and many other facilities for the workers so that there is a smooth functioning of the career of the workers in the organization.

By entering into this organization the prospectus of the career of the workers is been cleared and they are also been provided with many of the more than one career options. As the organization provides facilities like LTC leisure and travel compassion. The workers in an organization are been provided with the LTC that means they get a chance in a year to travel anywhere in India. All the expenses is been paid by the company itself. Generally all the employees join the government job as there is a less time of work and there is a higher expectations in the future depending upon the time factor.