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Lens Crafters have a opinion that glasses are the ultimate fashion object that can change the way of one's exposure with commonly famous brands such as Ray-Ban, Adrienne Vittadini, Prada, Versace, Chanel, Brooks Brothers and more, Lens Crafters being the symbol of style for every generation , having with more over 880 stores in 48 states, of Unites States of America including the countries of North America as well including Puerto Rico and Canada, Lens Crafters is renowned as worldwide leader for prescribed glasses and sunglasses. The revenue for the year 2006 for Luxottica Retail was currently estimated to be €5.094 billion with a dedicated staff of 60,000 employees. Luxottica retail was unionized under the Australia Optical Enterprise Agreement 2006-2009. ( )

Human Resource Department in Lens Crafters:

The Human Resource Department in LensCrafters or for Luxottica Retail as a whole consists of various departments such as:

Training and Development


Associate Relations- Associate issues, Manager Support.

Occupational Health/ Worker Compensation - Leaves

Payroll - Pay


Diversity and Inclusion


In these various sections, there are designations in the Associate Relations Department of:

Human Resource Director

Human Resource Manager

Human Resource Representative

Moreover, there is a separate department for representatives who are;

Used for outsourcing i.e. advertising agencies.

French Translators

Furthermore, there is a separate position for a professional translator who also acts as a payroll trouble shooter for the various parts of Canada and US known as a Payroll Specialist who is used for communicating associate payroll issues

The most prestigious and the highly authoritative positions in HR departments for Luxottica Retail can be categorized below as:

Senior Vice President

Vice President

Senior HR Manager

HR Manager

HR Representative

HR Consultants

Description of the Interviewee's Designation:

Designated HR Representative in the Associate Relation Department for Luxottica Retail is responsible for a variety of tasks and her job mainly consists of activities that involve:

Being Responsible for all Canada Sunglass Hut and LensCrafters.

Being partners with the Vice President, Regional Director of Operation, General Manager to help with associate performance management.

Helping in clarifying company's policy and procedures.

Participating in HR training.

Taking care of open door issues such as harassment at workplace issues from associates.

Updating HR manual

Partnering with Regional Director of Operation and Regional Manager on resetting of the policies.

Job as an HR Representative requires being very active every day. Job involves visiting stores that may have problems following policies and procedures.HR representatives has to meet with the various General Managers from different stores and discuss various tasks and responsibilities. However, still being very busy their normal job timings begins from 8:00 a.m. in the morning till 6:00 p.m. in the evening. As from this designation they intend to work their way up as a Senior HR Manager for Luxottica Retail in the future.

Job Specification

The term Job specification is derived from the job analysis it's the statement that demands the characteristics and qualification of the employee, to fulfill the requirement of the specific job.


Through verbal discussion with HR representative I gained an ample amount of knowledge about the various skills, human characteristics and about the demand of the job that is required in order to apply for this designation. By having an idea about the various courses, skills and abilities that are available, I have started thinking about managing my time and utilizing it in making me active in order to work my way up in the Human Resources Field of Management for a decent company some of the skills and prerequisites are listed as follows:

Business experience

University Degree

HR Certificate

Management Experience

Critical Thinking Skills

Issue Resolution Skills

Working towards Designation

Public Speaking/ Presentation skills

Conflict Resolution Skill

Beneficial Practical Information:

In order to become an active part of a Human Resource Management department, it is important that I make myself a part of many things and make myself familiar with all the practical seminars that take place as HR mainly involves interacting with people and gaining skills and abilities in order to utilize them and make your organization that you work for profitable. Some of the things I have surely kept myself familiar with are listed as follows:

Join HRPAO Association

Accomplish constant knowledge about developmental courses

Focus on networking

Work in the field to get the experience, even if it is not what you would have specialized in. This will help me dealing with conflict resolutions.

Attend Conferences.

Attend Seminars.

Volunteer to help with events.

Learn about the kind of business/organization I would like to get into.


Recruitment is the process of attempting to locate and encourage potential applicants to apply for existing or anticipated job openings (R.L. Alan R. Nankervis)

It relates to the theory and concept for hiring the qualified people for any specific task in any company or corporation. Generally the recruitment pool revolves around many types of agencies as follows:

Employment Agencies


Recruitment websites and job search engines



Internet recruitment

Reliability of Internet Recruitment

Reliability of internet is formulated as the catalyst in recruitment process which gives the impression of the perceived advantages.

Secondly, the importance of effectiveness can be determined by the numbers of application received through the database

As high volume of applicants not only give the high probability of choosing the right candidate but also makes it easier to find the compatible and desirable applicant.

Thirdly relating to possible advantages that candidate can attain has been formulated with the statement that due to the excessive use of internet process for recruiting has become far easier. (

Emerging Trends in Recruitment Methods

By asking this question, I found out how there are so many different things that are happening in Canada that are revolutionizing business management and more specifically Human Resource Management. By discussion it has been found that there is a sharp labour shortage in certain labour areas of Canada such as Alberta. Moreover, I also found that every province has its own legal system and that it changes constantly and the changing trends need us to be updated in all that is happening around the world. ( )

Canada's population is aging and the more aging population is causing labour shortages in Canada. In order to succeed in Human Resources I have to be very specialized i.e. choose a field that I really find interesting i.e. recruitment and specialize in it and if I have not specialized in something it would be hard for me to prove myself. Moreover, experience is always required to work somewhere and nowadays without experience nothing is possible. Furthermore, she also added that mandatory retirement has been removed which creates an aging labour force.

However, the aging labour force can still help with labour shortages. In conclusion, Human Resource is becoming more recognized as a great business partner which, is why it is great to get involved in HR as it is one of the main important areas now to start any new business and help make any organization profitable.

Concept of E- revolution

Concept of e - revolution gives the impression of integration of online assessment and the procedure of carrying internet recruitment and assessments for the upcoming positions.

E-revolution: Step towards the web - assessment

• Platform for online recruiting

• Platform for online assessments

• Merges recruiting and selection into a unified process

• Allows for data basing and retrieval of information

• Offers a platform for matching people to jobs

• Opportunity for Human Resources

E- Recruitment for Strategy

E-recruitment strategy is the act of combining and using practically the internet technologies to bring an effective beneficial addition in recruitment process. (Piturro 2000).

Since the use of internet is accepted widely, e-recruitment strategy has been successful for recruiting the employee of the choice

Benefits of E-recruitment strategy

By knowing about e-recruitment strategy it has been beneficiary to Lens Crafter by various ways as follows

Centralizing data into standard form

Exchange of information between the candidate and hiring team

Electronic files has reduce the paper usage

Easy way to recruit

Saves cost and time

These benefits have brought the positive change and competiveness in Lens Crafter though maintaining the standard of qualified employees.

E-Recruiting: Advantages

E-recruiting is now one of the methods being used by every HR around the globe, which has a quick, relatively cheap (Van den Broek et al.1999, Burke 1998) and has an easy method of recruiting and has several advantages as well over other ways.

Applying this method, would give the prospective candidates the opportunity to look for the position or designations in which they are looking for. As because of common use of internet and coordination through email has taken an effective change in this modern era so companies usually accept the applications through emails.

E -Selection Issue

E- Selection issue relates to the quality jobs by using an integrated online system. A system composed of a system that provides the real time access to applicant data covering from relative job experience to contact information and creating an opportunity for match the compatibility for the particular job.

Benefits of E-Selection Issue

• Better Assessment

• Relevancy of Job

• Quality Employees to hire

The main theme is the use of assessment tools to maintain the quality which can be measured with respect to the compatibility, validity and reliability.

Quality of assessment has other means well which relates to the job relatedness on the other hand in the light of job analysis knowledge , attitude and skills should be successful in order to accomplish the fulfilment of job relatedness.. The target is to select the candidates with the chance of high job success and usually it has been seen that And high quality assessments takes to high quality of applicants (Bartram 2000)

Moreover one of the advantages of online assessing system is the use of computer based testing system which has a just a legal bounding as to comply with EEO regulations. as the online assessment creates the easy access and reasonable accommodation for the applicants. ( )

Internet Customer Service Solution - Method of Assessments

• Candidates questions

• Assessing the candidate dependability

• Assessing the applicant information.

• Assessment of applicant sales potential

Effectiveness and Efficiency

Effectiveness and efficiency has been another important issue covering the web-recruitment, used for finding a compatible applicant for the particular task within the limits of resources available.

One of the facts that came into existence, is the cost of carrying internet recruitment is comparatively lower with traditional recruitment sources.

Web based recruitment has proven to be a lowest recruitment technique in comparison with paper base or traditional based recruitment. One the basis of low and cheap cost , time saving advantages , it can be taken into consideration that why so many companies have adopted this method of recruitment and has produce the opportunity to work on the techniques to be more effective and efficient.

According to new research by (, Internet has gained a lot of importance with respect to recruitment process. And according to it, 72% of HR commentators in this era have the impression that web-based recruitment method is an effective medium in comparison to 42 % of HR commentators who had this opinion that it's an effective medium by the year 2000. (

The response from moreover 100 corporations in Canada, took the opportunity to analyze the research for the change in process of recruitment thus a change from tradition into web- base recruitment.


After doing the whole analysis of Lens Crafter, the best recommendation would be to realize the potential use of the Internet to recruit the job seekers. With the passage of time the intensity of internet power of Internet to successfully combine recruiting with selection into 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

Lens Crafter should emphasize on this sector more closely as the benefits of internet based recruitment and selection are more and it would give good quality assessments at the monitoring stage.

To elaborate it more, the trend has been change and for the recruitment, using internet benefits is one of the best techniques.

I truly believe that this is an excellent way to find out if the person is capable of working independently and can work at his/her highest potential. I believe that everyone has potential to do well at the work they do. If the recruiters are provided with all the necessary resources, they can work very well and effectively working over it they would be able to choose the best of employees for the company. For example, I work as a sales representative at Lens Crafters, where I have to sell frames and lenses with my own capability with the same information and training provided as my other coworkers. Therefore, in order to please my manager and increase my incentives, I put in the best effort at work which clearly defines that I believe that I am responsible for the work that I do.


Generally the results gave the clear proof that maximally the advantages of e- recruitment identified has proven to be the successful factor in today's world.

Research in future should more analyze on using empirical tools , as time studies could be use to determine the establishment of it ,conditionally based on the effect of quick web recruitment over older tradition of recruitment and as per current research it shows the real time saving for it..

By critically analyzing over Lens Crafter, I have gained knowledge about the most important things in Human Resource Management that should be taken into consideration if I want to see myself successful in the upcoming 3-4 years. It was a great experience and because I had interviewed the Human Resource Representative for Luxottica Retail, I gained valuable information that could later on help me being a part of the Human Resource Department for LensCrafters. I was very impressed with the amount of information that I was able to get from a professional. Through this informative session of questions and answers, I was able to accumulate beneficial practical information that could help me jump ahead and familiarize myself with the various realistic and ongoing seminars and interactive activities that take place in Human Resource Management.