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GEO informs and entertains while celebrating the cultures and creates a conversation in the strength of "live and let live". GEO would be freedom voice from subcontinent of Asia. It will draw attention to the wealth and culture issues of its people through information, entertainment and debate. GEO would propagate transparency of responsibility that ensures its position as the leading source of credible and meaningful, through quality programming based. GEO offer public entertainment issues involved, thereby creating viewer loyalty and response GEO forge an alliance between the three parties - viewers, advertisers and shareholders to maximize viewer property GEO invest in human resources, recognizing that is the foundation upon which the future of GEO constructed. This is the foundation that would allow GEO to maintain and attain a leading position, thus rewarding the promise related with its foundation.

Aims and Objective

Since Geo is going global so its major objectives are to provide great entertainment for the viewers of all types. It's working all around the world channel as a team and improves the quality, performance and generates revenues. In addition, Geo News wishes to convey more truth and realism to its viewers and also the organization said:

We value each other.

We support self-development.

We embrace high prospects.

We hold variation.

We value our spectators.

We give extraordinary service that will leave an impression.

We support our community.

Production excellence and constant entertainment service.


GEO is an international electronic media that provides entertainment and news. The short-range objectives of the GEO to continue to change, however, the goal of current short-term is to launch a string of youth and sports within six months. It is possible to take the path of youth, but sports are still acquiring the license. It will be acquired shortly. Either they will come together or one after the other. GEO's intermediary objective is to increase its channels within 3 years. When asked about the long-standing goals, it was told by GEO that its extremely classified and only the senior management knows about it such as CEO.

Strategic Operational

GEO has a network that manages all business units in each sector. It is similar to an octopus, its head is like the network and each tentacle can be known as a business unit. Evaluate the objectives set by management to determine if they are close to reaching their goals, and how much they have accomplished. While GEO has not achieved its objectives is necessary, take the information and modify their operational plans accordingly. BOD or senior management is responsible for those decisions.

Growth Strategy

GEO strategy is to serve as a strong and competent HR department of HRM is the foundation of the organization. They do this by giving training to employees who are hired newly. It would be beneficial for GEO and stimulate growth in the channel.

Crisis management

GEO does not face any such crisis, but, nevertheless, have set a whole team of crisis management. On this team, the experts from all fields are available in the GEO. When a department to address any problems, notify the Director of the Department of the team and the team have to find a solution to the problem and stop it. Unfortunately, it is impossible to predict the future accurately, no organization can ever be fully prepared for any eventuality.

Target Market

GEO is headquartered in Dubai and is transmitted to viewers in South Asia, ME, Europe, Canada, North America and the United Kingdom. In addition, live contents are fed regularly by a strong network from Los Angeles, London and New York,. This is a limited liability company and has 100% of internal actions (part of the one family). This is the part of the Jang Group of Companies, the largest group and higher in the media sector.

Revenues, Market share & Financial Resources

It's basically a family company, not outside parties. Its revenue is only generated from the sale of commercial airtime. (Channel advertising). So far, the GEO has not reached the break-even and not yet received any money. It stands second to see the satellite channels in Pakistan and the second national channel in Pakistan. i.e ATV, STN, PTV and etc.

Products or Services

This is not really the business of doing business rather that produces cable TV offers infotainment, news, and the entertainment.

1) GEO News

2) GEO TV (entertainment)

3) GEO UK (infotainment)


Competitors and Capacity

Th ARY Channel comes into the list of main competitors in Geo report to the viewer the beginning, because the reason that Geo is a satellite channel and will be available in certain areas, while the PTV and ARY channel is the national dish, which is readily available. GEO has been trying for competing with the PTV and trying hard to become the No. 1 station in Pakistan. Other satellite channels such as Sony, Star Plus etc are also among the main competitors with GEO satellite channel.

External Environment

GEO is one of the independent and liberal channels which has the unique honor of always breaking news. GEO is a liberal channel, which has no restriction on the Government of Pakistan because its broadcasts are broadcasted in Dubai, that is a free zone. GEO News programs that air can be influenced by the the government of Pakistan, but GEO is not required to report to the government. However, you cannot ignore and go against the government because they operate in Pakistan. Government has the right to endanger the operations of the GEO. Despite the freedom granted GEO couldn't ignore the cultural, ethical society, so that the quality control department in GEO working particularly on the censorship of all news programs and broadcast before television. They have to abide by the censor board rules. The environment of technology includes all the means by which value is created for constituents. Is a positive influence on the public to give them depends GEO News live coverage in the same situation, which is negatively affected at a time when demand entertainment channels decrease, because people are affected by chaos. Thus GEO boat loses entertainment display.

Leadership Style

GEO followed by a leadership style highly democratic and clean.

The democratic leadership style is also known as the participative style because it encourages workers to take part in decision-making. The democratic manager keeps its employees informed of everything that affects their work and decision-making actions and responsibilities of the solution of problems. This style requires the leader is a coach who has the last word, but collects personal information before making a decision. GEO encourages employees to share their opinions to make decisions. Democratic leadership can produce the quantity and quality of working high for the extended time periods. Many workers, such as trust that receive and respond to a spirit of cooperation and team morale. Normally, the Democratic leaders - build up plans for helping workers assess their own performance - Allows employees to set goals. - Encourage employees to develop and promote the work - encourages and recognizes accomplishment.

Internal Environment


The GEO believes that the use and impact of internal communication for creating a environment of work which is based on the form of abilities and the theory of 'service above self'. The inspiration is for creating a connection between the people and organizations, in order to promote excellence and inculcate the spirit of progress. As an organization that places great emphasis on human resources, training and development will inevitably realize the important contribution of his team who worked hard for achieving extraordinary outcomes and growing the channel.

HR department of GEO works hard to design and implement a coherent and integrated communications designed specifically for people to share the joy and pride of Brand Stewardship. This course is besides numerous occasions and events, which should enable social, cultural and sports activities are a great team. Leaders interact with employees and communicate with everyone in an open forum for culture. Leaders communicate via telephone and Internet based in Karachi.

Level of Informality

The organization of GEO is informal and semi formal. They follow an "open door". Formal interviews are fewer because GEO believes in working in a friendly environment and as the teamwork. Despite the friendly atmosphere, has no such incident taken place, even if various types of rumours are spreaded. Everyone in each department has a right to express ideas and opinions of development for instance innovation, new technologies, etc.

Internal Culture

All employees have to strictly follow a code of conduct. For instance:

GEO has No-Smoking environment, however zones have been specified for the purpose of smoking.

All the employees have to display Identity Badge of GEO.

Because of a lot of interaction with other departments all theemployees must conduct the display of Discipline strictly.

At the certain levels like the Heads of the Departments, there are no formal dress codes for employees.

It is not allow to eat everywhere in the office areas apart from the Cafe.

All the employees mush follow the office timings according to their shifts.


When asked what they used to apply theories, we were told that they spend almost all theories of motivation, with the exception of Theory X. When asked by employees about expected theory and equity theory, they stated that absolute GEO applied these theories on workers.

In GEO for the employees welfare, some of the tools of Motivation are:

Incentives based on Performanc.

The yearly evaluation of the performance is examined and disscussed with the employees.

In the reception room a suggestion box in available for all visitors and employees. All the applicable ideas and suggestions are bring into practice and the originator of that suggestion is rewarded with a reward. The CEO is leading the campaign itself.

Delegation Process

Regardless of how an organization is structured. The tops of the organization are responsible for the actions and decisions of those who are subsidiary to them. When a subordinate gets fail, all who are responsible for the shoulder that failure and the authority is warning (for example, lower level and higher.) To solve the problem, GEO is the chain of command and delegate tasks to other employees so that if a department head should go for some reason, may delegate his duties for a period of transition after the most major available. He can get everything under the auspices of a limited, but can not take any financial decision on their own, they need to be ordered by the first Board of Directors and Chief Executive Officer of the company in order to avoid the complexity of decision making.

Technical Department

Creativity should be released. This is where technicians, light transmission, maintenance engineers, sound engineers, engineers and other staff comes into action. They are the people who keep the business of study and translate its striking images on screens of the largely difficult field.

Finance Department

This is the department where technicians, light transmission, maintenance engineers, sound engineers, engineers and other staff comes into play. They people perform different tasks and keep the business of study. They translate the stunning images on screens of the very hard field of the business.

Marketing Department

Each cycle, time interval and the viewer an opportunity to test the market, promoted and enhanced. Marketing is the service that not only maximizes the value of the programs of GEO, but also contributes to the development by soliciting feedback form and creating specific Geotry solutions for the brands and clients.

Sales Department

Sales or $ale, is when the money! This department brings quick rupees, which will allow us to produce content that viewers are addicted. GEO believers, armed by the content of hand and the philosophy of mind, come out every day, rapidly changing and unpredictable markets and maximize the value of the channel. On the front line soldiers GEO sell around the state programs and meet the needs of the advertising channel. These are the dream merchants.

Creative Department

GEO is always looking for men and women that tell visual stories, which you paint palette, blue and orange, to understand the feelings and emotions. We need people with strong aesthetics, trying to break the rules of visual grammar, which may Saga 30-second ad telescope, graphics and animation. They also illuminate displays, stage design and promote programs, wielding all the creative tools for the command. They have a magic wand.


It is concluded in this research that the GEO is one of the best self-determining and liberal channels with the exceptional honor of always show the news at the first time. GEO is an pioneering concept that seeks new markets and growth. "We presume that the marketplace would respond and grow rapidly over the next 5 years" says CEO, "Our objective is to create a reputation for quality, consistency and security that make us the leader al-channel new style.

GEO is a growing network of channels that are quick awareness among people. GEO biggest problem is the growing number of private channels, which results in greater competition. For this reason, GEO should develop their strategy and position.

Personal and Organizational SWOT ANALYSIS


Working for the IT department does me good to have excellent problem solving, planning, management of the organizing committee, technology and key skills. The fact that these skills can be very good manager of IT or society based on diffusion. On the other hand, the concept of timeliness and the new ideas has become a trademark for an organization and as a news channel that it is very important to bring the latest news at first. More teamwork more competitive and geo largest media group goodwill is an important part of the organization.


Geo is growing very rapidly and become a major competitor in some channels, but still it is a new company, and is still learning. More than half the country does not have an official provider of educational institution, where employees can learn and training in this area, so they are forced to move to other countries on a formal and regular training. Theres also a great lack of innovation and tools which provide entertainment that the public expects.

From my point of view, technical departments have always been known as "introverted". Its my personal belief that one of the few weaknesses is expected outside of my creativity, department and innovation.


Being a professional I have always felt that we could reach all IT organizations is the backbone of almost all of them. But because of my experience, I always prefer to work for companies related to media i.e. broadcasters, producers and Creative houses.

On the other hand, if we speak of society there are many new opportunities are available in the market for Geo, and the growing awareness among people about GEO is a great opportunity to give the opportunity to GEO to attract more people through its entertainment and services, that would boost its viewer ship. More on whether Pakistan to improve affairs with different countries where the culture is almost same that generated the largest number of viewers, such as India, Bangladesh act.


One of the biggest setbacks in the present time is the recession, all of the world has suffered, and there is a big job cut worldwide, regardless of whether the unit. Because time is passing in the race.

Particularly in entertainment due to new channels.

Turnover of Employees.

Turnover of GEO's employees is under 5%

The trained and qualified employees of GEO are attracted by new channels who offer them three times higher salaries thab they get at GEO.

The employees are also offered jobs in various fields. This sort of demands become hard to meet for GEO by things are getting better for the opportunities of jobs.


This is not simple enough to recognize weaknesses, strengths, threats of a person and society and the opportunities. In applying the SWOT analysis is necessary to minimize or avoid the weaknesses and threats. Any deficiency should be considered to transform them into strengths, Similarly the threats into opportunities. Finally, the strengths and opportunities should be tailored to maximize the potential of an individual and applying SWOT in this way the possibility of influence of an individual.

Accommodating (Feeling and Doing)

In this process of learning they are always based on practical experience rather than logic. Because in this way would provide an analysis and prefer to adopt a practical approach. This is for those who feel attraction towards the new challenges and who often act instinctively than by having the logical analysis.

In this style of learning they tend to rely over other experiences and information necessary to carry out their own analysis. In this learning style is still preferred to work together to accomplish tasks. Set goals and work actively in the field trying different ways to achieve a goal.

Management Style

Management is the process for achieving collective and individual objectives by working with the resources of humans or Non-human for improving the value added in the world.

Democratic Leadership or management Style

This style of leadership, decisions are made democratically. All persons are involved in decision-making, and therefore may be the reason for this. I would prefer this style of leadership, because it is not only a good deal, but people who have put their all efforts in.

Personal Development Plan

When to prepare Development Plan

In the improvement of DP the timing is a very important factor. Because the processes mentioned below work out together for establishing same objectives:

The appraisal of performance.

The needs of training analysis.

Development Plan and the Planning of Career development.

What's in a Development Plan

All of the developmental assignments, training courses and activities should be included in a Develoment Plan which are indicated for all the employees. It includes:

The training requires core or obligatory competencies, career counselling and analysis.

The activities that are intended for improving performance at the worker's current or a target position.

The required time-frame for training completion.

Team Leaders or First-Line Supervisors

Team leaders ot the First-line supervisors are liable to assist all the employees in the progress of their DP and maintaining activities of development that are outlined in the DP.

It contains:

To perform the needs of assessment of the development with the cooperation of all workers for helping the individuals in designing and planning activities for achieving the defined career goals.

Counselling of the workers concerning the development of career and encouraging workers for setting the goals for improving their performances by methodical and constant self-development.

To make sure that the developmental conducts maintain the DP objectives.

To evaluate the training, progress and all activities that are accomplished by each worker.