Gaining International Experience In Young Professionals Commerce Essay

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The global economy is now growing very strongly, and countries in the world join the trend of economic globalization inevitably. Great changes have taken place in the business compared with even a generation ago (Fry,1984). Multinational Corporation is no longer strange for business people, and some young professionals go to abroad to seek a good job. More and more young professionals realize the importance to obtain international experience in their chosen careers. On the one hand, it is easy for them to improve their comprehensive ability if they have an abundant international experience, especially when they are working in a foreign company. On the other hand, it is helpful for their career development if they gain an international experience. Why is it increasingly important for young professional to obtain international experience in their chosen career? In my opinion, there are several reasons responsible for this question. Firstly, intercultural communication appears more and more in the business, and if they have a good international experience, they can achieve success at last in the business. ¹™Kay¼Œ2003¹šSecondly, young professional can improve their comprehensive ability easily with a good international experience. Thirdly, it is favorable for young professionals 'career development if they have an international experience. Fourthly, some big enterprises require that a new employee must possess an international experience. Fifthly, more and more young professionals want to take part in an enterprise which has an excellent corporate culture and image.¹™Gray, 1998¹š This article mainly includes five parts: the first section is primarily about the importance of intercultural communication; the second part focuses on improvement of comprehensive ability; the third section is on young professionals 'career development; the Fourth part is about the requirement of some companies; and the last section is on corporate culture and image.

2. Importance for Young Professionals to Gain International Experience

In the opinion of the author, there are several reasons for the importance to gain international experience for young professionals.

First, the importance of intercultural communication

The world has undergone a dramatic change with the development of science and technology, and communication is also included in this process. Internet has been used widely in the world, which makes it possible that people who never have communicated previously have a chance to interact with each other. This provides an opportunity for the business, but it also presents a challenge of communicating in different languages and with people of different culture (Kluver, 1999). How to make success in the business is present, and it is important to obtain the skills of intercultural communication. What is intercultural communication? Briefly speaking, intercultural communication is that people of different culture communicate with each other. On the one hand, if you want to communicate with a foreigner, both of you must know a common language; on the other hand, you must know the foreign culture, and only in this way can you exchange with the foreigner successfully. Young professionals want to gain the international experience, because they know that if they want to do the job well, they must know how to conduct an intercultural communication, and international experience has a lot to do with the intercultural communication. If you have stayed in foreign countries for a period of time, you must have an understanding of foreign culture. Multinational companies establish subsidiaries in other countries, which supplies an opportunity for the young professionals. They want to qualify the job, and they have to gain the international experience, because intercultural communication can not be separated with international experience.

Second, improvement of comprehensive ability

International experience means a lot for the young professionals, such as ability, character, and faith. Learning the international experience well is one of the most challenge and reward tasks for the young professionals. ¹™Molz, 2007¹šAs a young professional, you must improve your comprehensive ability in order to meet competition in the business. Comprehensive ability concludes a lot, such as commitment, creative innovation and interpersonal communication skill. These skills are important for young professionals. You can address the issues and accomplish the mission for which the company is formed if you have these abilities. How do young professionals improve their comprehensive ability? A good international experience can help them. If you have an international experience, you can improve your comprehensive ability easily. It is much significance to gain the international experience in young professionals ' chosen careers, if they want to improve their comprehensive ability. Firstly, young professionals want to choose the career which has a great challenge, and they hope to prove the ability of doing the job. Meanwhile, the career they choose requires high skills. If they want to be fit for the job, they must possess a comprehensive ability, and only they obtain international experience can they improve their comprehensive ability.

Third, young professionals 'career development

It is helpful for young professionals 'career development if they obtain international experience. Some Young professionals do not prefer to stay with the same company for their whole life long, and they want a more flexible career model. ¹™Wright, 1987¹šThey can choose a better job if they gain international experience in their chosen careers. Career development is also called professional career, which concludes a whole process of their whole work time and work experience. Career development has a lot to do with the young professionals. It is easy to make a success for the young professionals who have a correct understanding about career development. If they gain international experience in their chosen careers, they can make it more clear that which corporate they want to take part in. Young professionals who gain international experience in their chosen careers can make a correct self-evaluation for a successfully career development. If they obtain international experience, they can develop multi-skills and become more competitive, and they can get more opportunities to achieve a development and make an achievement in their career development ( Kaiser, 2006). Career development is important, and a correct career development can lead Young professionals to a successful and rewarding lifestyle. Young professionals should gain international experience in their chosen careers so that they can make an achievement in their career development.

Forth, the requirement of some companies

Most of companies require that new employees must gain international experience if they want to apply for the position in the company, especially some Multinational Corporations. If the new employees do not have experience, the enterprise has to spend money and time in training them in order to make them have the working skills. But some companies do not want to train the new employees. On the one hand, it takes a lot of time and money to train the new employees who have no work experience, and they prefer to employ the employees with work skills. On the other hand, the enterprises are afraid that the new employees whom the companies train may not stay a long time in the enterprise and seek other jobs after a short time, which is a loss for the companies (Lauring, 2007). The requirement of some Multinational Corporations for the new employees is higher, and new employees must obtain international experience and have the skills of working independently and working as a team. A number of countries with different language and culture are involved in the business of Multinational Corporations. If young professionals choose the company which is like the company above, they must gain the international experience in order to get a job.

Last, corporate culture and image

Corporate culture and image is important to a company, and it is same to young professionals. More and more young professionals think highly of corporate culture and image when they apply for a new job. If the company has a good corporate culture and image, it is for staff to produce a sense of belongings, which can encourage the staff to work hard. A good corporate culture and image is a reputation which is the wealth of the company. If the company has a good corporate culture and image, the staffs are all proud of the enterprise and will work harder. For example, the values embodied in the "HP Way"are familiar to the staff of Hewlett Packard. ¹™The HP Way¹šMultinational Corporations have a good corporate culture and image, and the companies develop well. Young professionals who gain the international experience can choose the company with a good corporate culture and image, and the company also needs the employees that obtain the international experience.

3. Conclusion

Economic globalization is an irresistible trend, and young professionals should choose the career which is helpful for their career development. Young professionals should realize the importance to obtain the international experience in their chosen career. On the one hand, it is favorable to improve their comprehensive ability, and intercultural communication is important for them if they are in Multinational Corporations. On the other hand, some companies require that the new employees must gain the international experience if they want to apply for the job successfully (Arthur,2004) and international experience has a lot to do with their career development. For the above reasons, young professionals should know the significance to gain international experience, and they must gain the international experience in their chosen career.