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The foundation of any recruiting effort is a clearly defined and communicated strategy that illustrates the brand messages, targeted candidates, the primary sources (Sullivan, 2008). In the human resources department, recruitment is very essential to the organization. In order to hire the best talent for their organization and to exploit their resources optimally, the organization has to develop a recruitment strategy. The level of performance depends of the efficiency of the recruitment team. For the recruitment strategy to be a success, it should be organized well, practical and straight forward to attract more talent which can be useful to the organization. (Naukrihub, 2007)

Recruitment strategy is mainly developed to recruit candidates for the area in an organization that needs to be strengthened. The areas could require quality, specialized skills as well as talents. Recruiting the best talent has an influence on the performance of the organization which will affect the business. (Naukrihub, 2007)

The author has been assigned to create a recruitment strategy for recruiting the right talent for Air Asia Sdn. Bhd.

Identify & Prioritize Jobs

Determining Targeted Candidates

Recruitment Method

Selecting Recruiters


Evaluating the Candidates

The flowchart below shows several elements that are required in developing a recruitment strategy for Air Asia Sdn. Bhd.

1.0. Recruitment Strategy Flowchart

Identifying and Prioritizing Jobs

In the initial phase of the recruitment strategy, Identifying and Prioritizing jobs is very important as it is outcome will determine the area that needs to be strengthened. In terms of identifying, the operations department will have to identify the area that is weak which could influence to the drop in business. The areas that are weak will be monitored carefully just to analyze the area that needs to be strengthened. (Naukrihub, 2007)

Once identified, the job that is required to strengthen will be vacant. The recruitment team will identify the number of jobs that are vacant thus prepare for recruiting. Recruiting employees to fill up these vacant jobs immediately is almost impossible. Therefore, there is a need to prioritize the jobs which needs to be filled immediately. (Richardson, n.d)

There could be a level of importance that might be put on each job, which is, Low, Moderate, High, and Very High. Very High indicates that the job needs immediate attention. Prioritizing jobs by focusing on the key job first can help maintain the quality of the recruitment team. (Naukrihub, 2007)

The author has therefore, developed a recruitment strategy for two job positions in Air Asia Development part of the IT Department that are vacant and one of them is required to be filled urgently. These job positions are an Assistant Programmer which is required immediately and a Database Analyst.

Determining Targeted Candidates

In the second phase, it will be important to identify your candidates. The type candidate that is required for this, such as graduates with a certain amount of experience in terms of number of years or fresh graduates. For instance the candidates to target should fulfill a minimum requirement. (Shah, 2009)

Experience Level

The strategy of declaring the experience level required from the organization. The experience of a candidate can be within the range from a fresher to experiences of a senior professional.

If it is an important job and requires immediate attention, then the experience level required could be high else even a fresh graduate could be hired.

(Naukrihub, 2007)

Performance Level

A certain level of performance is required d (High Performers, Moderate Performers, and Low Performers).This can be determined by conducting a certain test that can evaluate the candidate. (Naukrihub, 2007)

Qualification Level

First of all, the organization should target the industry in which the candidate should come from. For example, the candidate could be from the IT Industry, Engineering Industry, Accounting Industry, and Business Industry (Shah, 2009). It depends on the nature of the job from which industry the candidate should come would suit the job.

The recruitment team should set the minimum qualification level for candidates. These requirements should depend on the nature of the job.

If the candidate has additional certificates of qualifications would be an added advantage to the candidate as it will prove that the candidate has an extra knowledge which would be useful.

Types of Certifications in the IT Industry


Cisco Certificate Network Associate (CCNA)

Cisco Certificate Network Professional (CCNP)

Cisco Certificate Internetwork Expert (CCIE)

Information Technology Infrastructure Library


Recruitment Method

This is the third phase whereby, the strategy defines several sources that are divided into two categories which is internal & external. Internal sources are where candidates are obtained through an employee working in the company itself (Sullivan, 2005). Internal sources are the easiest method to recruit is by getting an employee referral which is probably the most effective source of recruitment (Shah, 2009). Employee Referral falls in the category of internal source. Employee Referral functions as the candidate is referred by a current employee or by an influential employee to the company for consideration. This type of approaches would normally be a success most of the time.

Employee Referral works in the manner that the current employee of the organization will suggest a known candidate for the organization to consider recruiting (Naukrihub, 2007). The employee that is suggesting a known candidate would suggest someone that they know well and is well aware of their talent and behavior. This method could be a fast recruiting technique for those vacant posts that needs to be filled urgently. Implementing the employee referral approach is a good method to draw the best talent at minimum cost (Sullivan 2008). Employees would also refer a candidate in order to obtain some benefits as a reward from the organization. Therefore, it would be easier to obtain candidates through the employee referral. In the case of vacancy in Air Asia, the author would like to suggest that this approach should be used in recruiting a candidate for the position of an Assistant Programmer.

Another approach that could prove useful is through the internet. Global recruiting has become a reality as now applicants can communicate with international organizations as from any part of the world they are. This is due to the frequent growth of the internet as well as the changing of technology at a fast pace. (Sullivan 2008).

The technology used in most organizations is cloud computing where the recruitment team can work on the official website promoting their vacancy. The recruitment team has to be comfortable working on the web as they are required to find qualified candidates (Recruiter, 2012). The official website can offer a real time chat service where applicants can ask the recruitment team regarding the positions available. In this way, the recruitment team can use this opportunity of chatting with applicants where they can analyze and assess their behavior. Applying through the Air Asia Official Website will indicate that the applicants are interested to work in the organization.

As for the position of Database Analyst, the author suggests that application through the organizations official website would prove handful. If the applicants go through the official website, they would learn more of our organization as they would get a clearer picture of the business of the organization.

Another method could be through advertisements. The vacant job can be advertised in several ways such as, through social websites, newspapers, job fairs, and job recruiting agencies (Richardson, n.d). Whereas, in promoting a job, stating the benefits of working in this organization will help in the motive of attracting candidates. Sometimes the benefits could prove too hard to resist.

Jobs that are advertised on websites can be on the organizations official website or as an advertisement on other websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google, Yahoo and MSN. Job fairs are an event which is organized where organizations open up a booth and promote their organizations as well as promoting their vacant jobs (Richardson, n.d). There will be great competition from many other competitors to recruit candidates. Therefore, Air Asia would need to promote in a way that it would attract candidates. One way to attract is by displaying the rewarding benefits that the candidate would get if they joined the organization (Sullivan, 2008).

Selection of Recruiters

The aim is of this phase it to ensure that the selected recruiters are well trained and experienced for conduction the interviews and other recruitment activities. Air Asia selects their employees who are experts in handling interviews as well as recruitment activities. Recruiters must be aware of the skills of the candidate, for example, the behavioral skills and their technical skills. This step is important as to ensure that the recruiters are capable of selecting the right candidate to suit the job (Naukrihub, 2007).

Interview & Activities

The recruitment team will have to assess the candidates who have sent in their applications and identify the potential candidates. After selecting the potential candidates, these candidates will be called in for an interview. The most common method to conduct an interview is through face to face interview, phone interview and video call interview. A candidate will be call up not only for one interview but several rounds (Naukrihub, 2007).

Normally it would be up to 3 to 7 rounds of interview depending on the job position and the urgency of the position to be filled. If the position needs to be filled immediately, most probably the candidate would need to go for 2 to 3 rounds of interview. If the vacant position is in no hurry to be filled, the interviewer will have more time to study the candidate and analyze them.

The candidate will be having a one on one session whereby the interviewer will ask a series of questions. Another session could be one candidate being interviewed by several members of the organization. Most common cases will be the HR, Managers and peers. This is known as panel interviews. Having a group interview can help the interviewers to identify characteristics of the candidates. Using this method, the team work ability can be identified.

In a phone interview, the candidate should be required to be in a quiet environment. The candidate will be speaking to either one or two interviewers. The phone interview will enable the interviewer to assess the candidate's communications skills. Whereas, the video call is not very common in small organizations. This video call interview normally conducted in big organizations. The video call is for those candidates or CEO's or CIO's who are based overseas.

In big organizations such as Air Asia, Test & Activities will be conducted to be able to evaluate the candidate better. Test & Activities such as:

Psychometric Test

Personality Test

Personality test measures the way the candidate behaves and does things and especially the way they interact with other people. (Barrett, 2011) Personality is important to be a success at work. The main idea of this test is to measure the candidate's personality. The questions here will be simple but the answers will portray their self. (Psychometric, 2009)

Aptitude Test

Aptitude test basically covers the ability of the candidate. It's the ability of the candidate to perform in certain areas such as technical, numerical and verbal. (Psychometric, 2009)

Group Activities

Group activities are given to a group of applicants for them to perform a certain task. The recruiters will therefore analyze their performance and give them points. (Barrett, 2011) This will indicate if the applicant is able to work in a group or the applicant prefers to work alone. Certain positions require group work. As for Database Analyst and Assistant Programmer, group work is highly required. (Barrett, 2011)

Evaluating the Candidates

After conducting the interview, the interviewer will evaluate the candidate based on the prepared marking scheme. The body language, facial expressions, speech, attitude and habits of candidates while the interview is being conducted will definitely affect the decision of recruiters to see if they qualify for the job. The candidate is assessed based on the requirement of the job (Naukrihub, 2007).

Finally the candidate will be selected after a series of evaluation and assessment on the interviewed candidates. The selected candidates will therefore be informed by phone and email.

Person Specification

Assistant Programmer




Grade 'B' in O'Level English or equivalent

Grade 'A' in O'Level English or above with fluent English writing and speaking

Degree In Information Technology (Software Engineering) with a 2nd Upper class

Degree In Information Technology (Software Engineering) with a 1st class


Have a good health background

Have a good health background and able to attend work with minimal absence

Must be clean and have good personal hygiene

Must be clean and able to keep the own workplace organised and have good personal hygiene

Good Discipline

Excellent Discipline with no police report

Be able to work in groups

Enjoy working in groups and leading a group

Be able to work under stress

Manage high stress level


3 month experience in software development.

1 year experience in software development


Typing speed at least 30 wpm

C & C++ Programming Language

Typing speed at least 90+ wpm

Java & C # Knowledge

Database Analyst




Grade 'A' in O'Level English or equivalent

Grade 'A' in O'Level English or above with fluent English writing and speaking

Degree In Information Technology (Software Engineering) with a 2nd Upper class

Degree In Information Technology (Software Engineering) with a 1st class


Have a good health background

Have a good health background and able to attend work with minimal absence

Must be clean and have good personal hygiene

Must be clean and able to keep the own workplace organised and have good personal hygiene

Good Discipline

Excellent Discipline with no police report

Be able to work in groups

Enjoy working in groups and leading a group

Be able to work under stress

Manage high stress level


2 years' experience of MS SQL Reporting service

3 years' experience of Oracle database management


MS SQL Database

Operating DBMS and Reporting Service

Oracle Database

Database Tuning

Job Description

Organization Chart

We are looking for self-starters, proactive, curious and quick, adaptable and outgoing individuals to join our fast paced and dynamic airline at our head office.

Title: Assistant Programmer - Development

Location: (LCC Terminal, Sepang)


Have done extensive program development in dotnet (C#vS2005 and above)

Able to design, develop and test programs

Have done extensive table design on both MS SQL

Experience to identify bottlenecks in table designs

Extensive application design including documentation of External Design, Flow Chart, Table Design

Able to breakdown functional requirements into programming modules

Extensive hands on experience in structured programming and believe in proper programming standards

Ability to work effectively on multiple simultaneous tasks within a fast paced, high tech customer service oriented environments

Salary negotiable

Extensive experience in application development

Able to manage application implementation project as project manager

Title: Database Analyst

Location: (Selangor - LCC Terminal, Sepang)


Study and understand the current database structure and analyze further for finding improvements and problems.

To manage database access and provide host data to external system.

Analyze user requirement and prepare business and management reports.

Analyze database for expansion.

Improve database performance by making possible tweaks to the structure.

Provide recommendations for system upgrades (both hardware and software).

Improve system security of the database by self analysis, standard penetration testing tools and by professional expert reference.

Salary RM5000 (negotiable).

Liaise with vendors to ensure smooth project delivery and support.

Document all work in accordance with internal procedures.

Update the database related software from the software vendors.

Must be very informative about latest database related software, techniques on implementation and security issues and improvements.

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