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Nowadays, vision and mission statement plays vital role in formularise business. According to 'Joel barker', without vision and mission statement business is a dream. Business without vision and mission is simply passing the time. Business with mission and vision statement is making a positive difference. Moreover, vision and mission statement have their essential strategy. In addition, mission statement is essential to the success of an industry as entirely. It can boost them to new heights. With the help of vision and mission statement such companies can realised their ability to faces and judge, tackled conditional accessibility of capital and corporate market. This assignment will illustrates the truth behind why companies follow such study and will explain how they can use them effectual .this assignment will explain the role of mission and vision statements are germinate and describing the support such study.

1) What is vision statement?

According to 'peter senge'. 'The fifth discipline' 1990.

A successful vision statement evaluates a sense of share purpose for the future. A vision statement helps to unite employee and employer towards a primarily goal. It should direct the long term decision making process as well as human resources and strategic planning channel within the industry or an organization.

A vision statement influence and attached to the firms rife values. An organizations vision statement is a statement regarding the upcoming period. And what they want to became.

For the purpose of progressive planning, vision statement dealt with the priorities and companies top management. The vision statement must be clear and understood by the employee and employers within the organization.

For example:

Pets at home, UK retail company

1991, founder: Anthony Preston.

Pets at homes vision statement about their work place and employee. Their primary vision is about workplace to make safer and cleaner because its pets shop. Each and every employee takes pride what they did as a team.

To focus on their vision .this company organise a mini test on the monthly basis. For their over five thousand employees to remain, reach to progressive path. This will helps them to what they want to become.

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How organizations can progress on vision statement?

According to 'Mr.douglas brooks', Miami University.

- The first and the most important are to avoid traditional policy, and obelised new strategy and planning with the help of organizations planning process.

- Each and every employee of the organisation must shares individual visions which focus companies' vision statement. However, organization can ask in person or any other alternative way to get rational vision from their employees.

On the other hand, if employee doesn't have their have own vision, organization can use other components to take response from their employee.

For example,

Online survey and questioned paper. With personal log in and log out. This process will give some positive aspect of organisations vision statement.

= organised a meeting as a planning committee to discuss what it is organization want to accomplish in the future. Discuss about organisations ideal situation. Moreover, have conversations that soured emotion and passion regarding how technology can improve cash inflow and outflow within the organisation.

2) What is mission statement?

According to "Jeffery Abrahams" in 'the mission statement book'.

"Ultimately, whenever and wherever men and women have pursued to achieve something intestinally, mission statement or purpose is pronounced. It precedes the first step in a long march".

Any company or organization that wants to succeed has to have a mission statement and purpose that can make difference from the other organizations.

Mission statement helps organizations vision. It highlights what organization take to realize the vision.

According to "senge" "The fifth discipline".

"The mission statement should be clear, specific and simple. Each and every employee of the organization should be able to speak it, feel it, act on it and integrate it."

2.2) how organization can develop mission statement?

Mission statement illustrates the overall purpose of the organisation.

Developing a mission statement must be includes the firms product, its cost, services, markets and first priority of public image. By carefully working of the mission statement is to extent that management and employee of the organization can infer some content of the authority in how product and other services are delivered.

According to "CCH business owners ", to developed mission statement it must be rooted in to competitive environment. Nowadays, every organization facing competitive market. Moreover, organizations with command in monopolies have to maintain value in their product and services to remain in market.

Company's top management needs to deal with their key staff and shareholders in order to develop a mission statement that evaluate key question.

According to "scientific research", mission statement can be difficult to write. Organizations consume months and more to clearly define the best mission statement for current situation.

3) The role of vision and mission statement in organization.

Vision and mission statement are influential, selected from top management to clarify the path of organization.

From clarifying vision and mission statement people from the organization can communicate rationally and easy to motivate. It also helps to peers as a team. Furthermore, it also helps to boost common vision of the future.

= management expert, "Michael porter".

3.1) distinctive role:

When people of the organisation want to make their mission statement, they must have to know their organization goal.

This will helps to compete competitive market and other competitors. Hence, and this is the only reason which helps to attract customers.

Therefore, identify the key employee and task of organizations success, and try to make list least as possible.

For example,

Mc Cain (oven chips) 1957, Canada.

This company produce large amount of potato chips worldwide, especially in UK from long time. This organization whose winning idea is "farm freshness". Organizations top management clarify two major factors of their success.


Customer satisfaction

Companies top management state their mission statement with the help of this two key factor, as a result, this action will join the excellent idea of measures of success.

Once people of the organization define their mission statement, they needs to define their mission and unsealed the real and employee value in that mission.

Therefore, identify what people of the organization and customers and other stakeholders will take efforts about how their organization will get this mission.

Compare the mission and vision statement values and redefine until organization have a vision statement encouraging enough to motivate and energize employees and customers from internal and external side of the organisation.

For example,

Parle-G biscuits making company, 1929

Mumbai, India.

This company was set up in India in 1929. That time was parle-G goal about positioning and brand without tweaking the look and sense of the product.

Now, due to competitive market the main vision of parle-G is to more aware on customers taste, choice and preferences. However, this brand is grown from power to power ever since its establishment.

Although, changing vision statement to stabilized and faced competitive market parle-G concentrate on every batch and brand of biscuits and other confectioneries. it's also regularly check from qualified staff, using the most recent equipment and ensuring excellent quality across the nation and


4) Vision and mission statement in organizations strategic management.

When nations economically boomed and businesses are doing well, it is in favour for organizations top management to set contrast and does not pay attention for the long term decisions.

On the other hand, when market declined, organisations environment become a more competitive. Those organisations which follows traditional way of long term mission in traffic of limited planning , this type of business discovered that, the increased completions' for essential resources. Consumers and capital market share could not compete poor and ever less planning.

The role of mission statement in organization is vital; the mission takes on the matter of what organisation is today. And what will be in upcoming period. In addition, many well known companies obelised mission statement on paper and use it as the principle by which the organization run.

"Mission statement must offers to companies' employees, entrepreneurs, creditors, consumers and other stakeholders who belong to organization."

"O'Gorman Doran". 2001 "essential of management ".

Organizations strategic factors are those objectives that the company set up in order to make up the competitive position of the organization. And the organization allocate in the capital market.

Nevertheless, organization with long range objectives within two to four years and each year on an inflow and outflow basis and limited range objectives are to be reached in one year or less. Moreover, to set up in order to reach long term objectives strategy can be defined for the long term objectives. With the help of rife strategy organization achieved objectives to accomplish the mission define, what the organization does, and strategy shows how the organization succeeds to reach the objectives and its mission.

4.1) vision and mission statement in different levels of organization (small and medium organizations).

According to "Roslyn Doran", "corm o' Gorman ".

"All growth organization faced difficulties during business transitions. The transition from a minor organization to mature organization is defined by number of essential inside and outside changes.

(Ham brick and crazier 1985, Churchill and Lewis 1983)

The small organization often passes to attract to mention others. However, an entrepreneur who starts new small or major comers can disturbs market.

Increase in cash inflow rather than more outflows can help to make business multinational. Change from inside the organization includes the introduction of executive management to organize the expanded complex business.

The introduction of outside capital to financial growth, starring of organizational system and procedures.

(Ham brick and crazier, 1985)

According to "Churchill and Lewis, 1983". "The pursuit of growth often requires the organizations top managers to gain more or new skills and change from doer to manager.

In contrast, many organizations top management fail to save their business due to they fail to make this transition.

During the expansion cycle vision and mission statement remained by the small business managers to their employees will help to removed and distance between employee and managers.

According to " Rarick and vitton,1995"

"Having a vision and mission statement will help to peak a reach of organizations shareholders equity."

As per scientific research, the average return on shareholders' equity for organization with mission and vision statement was 16.1% to compare with 9.7% for those who does not defined their vision and mission statement

(Collins and porras, 1991.)

5) Companies with vision and mission statements.

Recently, capital market and money market facing credit crunch, as a result, many companies and multinational organizations have begun to redefine their vision and mission statement.

Vision and mission statement plays a role as a philosophy of the organization. With attached to the organizations in specific and community in general. Once the vision and mission statement of the organization is define and accepted, it provides an auto guideline to the capital of the organization about its strategy, policy and principles.

According to "KWAN'JZU (3rd century BC.)

"When thinking for a year, sow corn; when planning for ten years, plant trees; when planning for a life, train and educate men". Once the vision statement has been conceptive and guides the organizations heading for, and then people works towards the mission which generally covered the stability and this also includes service, quality, cost effectiveness and such specific variables.

For example,

Source;\Users\Ravi 1\Desktop\9.JPG

Vision statement of some well known and successful companies.






5.1) Influence of the corporate mission and vision statements.

"Edinburgh business school, (module 2/ corporate strategies and their marketing implications.)

Organizations mission and vision statement should fit both its internal characteristics and the opportunities and threats in established value, resources and distinctive competencies. But it should also focus the firm's efforts on markets where those resources and competencies will generate value for consumers.

For example,

PepsiCo's new mission reflects the organizations package goods marketing, sales and distribution competencies and its perception that substantial synergies can be realised across the all snack food and other junk foods within the super markets channels through shared logistics attached displays and sales offers and so on.

5.2) Effect of vision and mission statement in organization.

Once organization defined their vision and mission statement. They can develop their goal and strategy needed to success in their vision. But question is which areas they can work? And how. Now in the following paragraphs I will explain what areas organization can work, once they define their vision and mission statement.

An organization can look more deep to improve profitability and,

To increase in efficiency with how to capture capital market with least cash out flow.

How to provide best customer service

Company can concentrate on to improve employee training and development planning.

Overall, organizations goals should meet their vision and mission statement, furthermore, an organization has to think about their goals are fit with their value of the company and their assets employees and customers.

"Companies top management should aware about their goals and focused on organization."


To sum up, it is evident that vision and mission statement have their own importance in organization. And it is vital that if organization defines their vision and mission statement they should follow them until they reach their targets. Nevertheless, during the booming period or recession organization must have their own survival policy to save their position in capital and money market. Furthermore, these statements can also save money and time if it is define properly and also it increase the odd that organizations venture will become fortune. However, due to recent scenario of the corporate market company can use this statement as a weapon against the competitors, if they use in proper way in this competitive word

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Executive summary:

This assignment illustrates the role of vision and mission statement in formatives businesses. And examine what how much effect and impact of these statements in organisation. This report is also revealed how organisation develops their vision and mission statement whether is small or medium enterprise. Furthermore, defining method of vision and mission statement and analyzing how business can be stable in competitive market with vision and mission statement.