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WORLD CALL Telecommunications Group comprises some of the fastest growing telecommunication companies in Pakistan. The Company has and continues to introduce new Technology based services in Pakistan. Businesses and projects completed under development range from payphones and prepaid calling cards to wide/broadband wireless and cable infrastructure. With monopoly of PTCL due to end in December 2003, WORLD CALL is ideally positioned to become a major telecommunication service provider in Pakistan.

The services offered by WORLD CALL are:

Payphones Media Times

Software Solutions Phone cards

Multimedia Mega Magic

DOT COM Broadband Services

Internet Solutions


WORLD CALL was started by First Capital Securities Corporation as a payphone business in 1996. The new venture stood at the front end of a communication revolution that was yet to grip the country. Their perception of a changing business environment placed WORLD CALL at the lead of a demand-led explosion of payphones all over the country. They installed their first payphone in June, 1996. Today there are 141,000 payphones all over the country and WORLD CALL holds the largest share with 22 % of the market. Today, they are number one, and pioneers in franchised payphones. With the expansion in telecom they continued to innovate. Over the years they invested in new technologies and new businesses.

In 1998 Prepaid Calling Cards were launched by WORLD CALL phone cards under the brand name "Hello". In the private sector HELLO is number one and again the first. In the following year the group established dial-up internet services through WORLD CALL Dot Com. In 1999 WORLD CALL Telecom Lanka established the group's first overseas presence when payphone operations were established in Sri Lanka. Today, they operate over 1200 payphones in Sri Lanka.

In 2000 WORLD CALL Broadband established a Hybrid Fiber Coaxial (HFC) network in Lahore by the name of "Magic", thus becoming the first Multi service operator in the country, providing cable television and cable internet. In Cable Television in Lahore, WORLD CALL was the last entrant and by far the largest. In 2003 they launched a state of the art HFC network operation in Karachi branded WORLD CALL Broadband Limited. Phase 1 of the project, covering Defence and Clifton is complete and over the next eighteen months the project envisions a fiber network all over Karachi.

Currently the following companies are under the WORLD CALL group and operate each in their specific field.


WORLD CALL Communications Ltd.

WORLD CALL Phone cards Ltd.

WORLD CALL Multimedia Ltd.

WORLD CALL Broadband Ltd.

WORLD CALL Telecom Lanka Ltd.


WORLD CALL Internet Solutions Ltd.


Financial Services


First Capital Securities Corp. Ltd.

First Capital Equities Ltd.

First Capital Investments Ltd.

First Capital Mutual Fund Ltd.

Lanka Securities Ltd.

Shaheen Insurance Co Ltd.


Pace Pakistan Ltd.

Human Resource Department

WORLD CALL has a separate human resource department. This department concerned with employees. This department performs all the functions o recruit best employees. After hiring them their training and development and motivation of employees, so that operation of its businesses should work effectively. The function of the HR department is as follow:

Job Analysis

Recruitment and Selection

Training and Development

Appraising Performance



Hierarchy of Human Resource Management

Job Analysis

The procedure for determining the duties and skill requirements of a job and the kind of person who should be hired for it. It includes work activities, human requirement and performance standards. In WORLD CALL they analyze the entire job and make job descriptions and specifications. Keeping it Secret like other companies they didn't provide us any job description or specification. But we gather some information about the responsibilities of senior HR manager.

Position Name Responsibilities

Senior HR manager Rabia Afaf Shah HR management, recruitment,

Training and development

Methods of collecting Job analysis Information:

The method used by the company to collect information for job analysis is interview by the current employees. In WORLD CALL to collect information about job analysis, HR managers conduct interviews from employees individually and some times group interviews.

Recruitment and Selection

In recruitment and selection process, personnel planning are the first step to determine the jobs and positions to be filled. After that company build up pool of candidates and fill out application forms from them. Then testing and interviews are used to screen out the candidates and select best from all.

WORLD CALL has a very special policy to hire the employees. Their policy is that, they just take sales and field staff from outside. But they don't take managers from outside. For managers and higher post, they promote internal employees.

Employees planning and forecasting:

There are various methods to forecast future personnel needs. But in WORLD CALL, they use trend analysis to forecast their future needs of employees.

Trend Analysis:

It is the study of firms past employment needs over a period of years to predict future needs. The forecasted personnel need of WORLD CALL for the year 2006 is about 50+. Its includes sales persons and technical staff. In the last year they hire about 100+ employees for sales and technical work.


HR department of WORLD CALL use personnel replacement chart for replacement of their employees." Personnel replacement charts are the records, which show present performance and promo tability of inside candidates for most important position.

Job Posting:

For hiring internal employees HR department of WORLD CALL often use the term "job posting". It is publicizing an open job to internal employees by posting it on the notice board of company. HR department of WORLD CALL use job posting for two years ago.


WORLD CALL has got experienced advertisers. They use four-point guide called AIDA (attention, interest, desire, action) to construct their ads. The medium that WORLD CALL used particularly for hiring and for their advertisements of services is "Newspaper". They also use "Internet" to recruit their employees. On WORLD CALL's site, there is a career link where any body can submit his or her CVs.

Staffing Options:

WORLD CALL switch to different staffing levels. There are following basis on which they recruit new employees.


2- Contract.

3- Temporary to permanent.

Engineers and technical staff are hired in contract basis and management employees on Permanent basis.

Minorities and Women:

WORLD CALL gives equal opportunity for every job to all men, women and minorities.

Developing and using Application Form:

The application form provides information on education, prior work, records and skills about the candidates. The information that WORLD CALL collects through application form is Education, Martial Status, and References.


Testing is main step in selection process. It is used to screen out the best employees from all the candidates. Test represents the abilities of candidates about particular Job. The tests used by WORLD CALL for Screening are:

IQ (Intelligent Quotient):

These are tests on general intellectual abilities. It measures the abilities like memory, vocabulary, verbal fluency and numerical abilities.


They test the candidates by giving them questionnaire relative to specific Job.

Test Validity:

The WORLD CALL's HR departments don't use the technique of test validation.

Interviewing Candidates:

Interview is the basic Technique to obtain information from a person's oral responses to oral inquiries. After testing the candidates, the HR department of WORLD CALL use interview for selecting the best candidate. They use following types of interviews:


"The interview in which a group of interviewers questioned the applicant."


"In this informal type, the interviewer pursues points of interests as they come up in response to questions. They didn't make questionnaire for interview."

WORLD CALL's HR departments don't review there past interviews and mistake in their interviews.

Training and Development

Employee orientation:

"A procedure for providing new employees with basic background information about the firm".

In WORLD CALL orientation programs is continued for minimum 2 to3 days and maximum one week. In orientation the COO of the company give his views and tell about the background of the company.


Training is essentially a learning process in which employees learn from lectures and practical work. In WORLD CALL they use to train their employees inside the organization. They particular term is called as "In house Training".

The techniques used by the company to train their employees are as follows:

On the job Training:

They used to train the employees while working on the job. It is very effective technique because do his work and as well as learn the things about the job.

Apprenticeship Training:

It is a structure process by which individuals become skilled workers through a combination of classroom instruction and on the job training.

Job Rotation:

A training technique used by the WORLD CALL that involves moving the trainees from department to department to broaden their experiences.

Appraising Performance

It is the evaluation of an employee's current performance relative to its performance standards. The method used by the Worlds call's HR department is management by objective method.

MBO method:

This method involves setting specific measurable goals with each employee and then periodically reviewing the progress made.

Appraisal Interviews:

Appraisal interview is an interview in which the supervisor and subordinate review the appraisal and to make remedy deficiencies and reinforce strengths. In WORLD CALL their supervisors conduct such interviews.

Incentives and Pay Plans

Incentives are the financial rewards paid to employees whose performance reached to predetermined standards. WORLD CALL use many incentive plans to motivate their employees. The incentives they give fall under following categories:

Incentives for operational Employees

Spot Bonus:

It is the spontaneous incentives awarded to individuals for accomplishments not readily measured by a standard.

Group Incentives:

Plan in which a production standard is set for a specific workgroup and its members are paid incentives if the group exceeds the production standard.

Incentives for Managers & Executives

Annual bonus:

This is the plan to motivate short term performance of manager and tied to company profitability.

Incentives for Sales person


In WORLD CALL, they paid sales people just fixed salaries and they are provided any commission.

Organization wide Incentives

These are the incentives, which are offered to all employees of the company. Every employee participates in these incentives. The organization wide incentive plan used by the WORLD CALL is profit sharing.

Profit sharing:

A plan whereby most employees share in the company's profits.


The indirect financial and non financial payments an employee receives for continuing his/her employment with the company. They include such things as time off with pay, health and life insurance, pensions and education plan.

In WORLD CALL they give following benefits to their employees:

Unemployment insurance:

"It is providing weekly benefits if any employee is unable to work through some faults other than his or her own."

Vacations and Holidays:

WORLD CALL offer 20 annual, 10 casual and 8 sick leaves to its employees.

Life insurance:

WORLD CALL provides life insurance plans for its employees.

Workers compensation:

Provides income and medical benefits to work graded accident victims or their dependents regardless of fault.

Severance Pay:

WORLD CALL provide its employees severance pay under some particular condition, but just for 1 month and if the reason termination is bad performance then they don't do this.