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This report will provide you a complete understanding of the major factors that influence on salesperson control with the help of an article "elements of salesperson control: an organization theory perspective". This brief report contains six main sections in order to explain the articles' main points as well as my opinion to about implementation of those key factors in our country. So, this report basically includes the following main points:



Section 1

Overall summery

Section 2

Key learning points

Section 3

Statements of agreement or disagreement

Section 4

Critical analysis

Section 5

Real case in UAE

Section 6

Learning outcomes

Section: 1


The purpose of this report is to explain the control of business to business sales people and how do organizational culture and socialization effects on this control. In past decades the business to business sales person control was just measured by considering the few elements such as how employees are compensated, rewarded and evaluated but after that the organizational theory shows some more elements that were supposed to effect on the salesperson control and that were organizational culture and organizational socialization. The theory told that the system control is actually a combination of both these elements. The aim behind implementing the control system is to direct the employee behavior so that employees can work to achieve their goals. The organizational theory has got a significant position in business to business salesperson control purpose because this theory actually directly linked with sales profession. Organizational culture is also a major element in salesperson control because it is supposed to be a most powerful force to operate an organization but salespeople often rely on organizational culture for decision making regarding the tasks that should be performed. On the other hand the organizational culture has also influenced the salesperson control because organizational socialization is considered as most strong control mechanism because it helps the salespersons to get the knowledge of organizational norms, values and other role definitions which helps a person to survive in an organization however the organizational culture could be transferred whereas the values and norms are being learned by the salesperson but socialization depends upon the knowledge organizational culture because when a person will be completely abide by the culture of the organization he/ she will directly learn the behavior of the other people and nature of the organizational work environment. So, the author just want to show the impact of organizational culture and organizational socialization on salesperson control and does it affects the performance and outcome of the employees.

Section: 2

Key points:

After reading the articles following key learning points were analyzed that are supposed to an important part of organizational theory in order to implement salesperson control and the elements that are involved in this phenomenon.

The organization theory suggests that salesperson control system is composed of organizational culture as well as organizational socialization.

Person-organization fit is another important area which shows the accepted concept by analyzing the job satisfaction, Performance and job intentions in order to create a relationship between organization and salesperson.

Organizational theory is best suited theory for sale profession because it describes the whole information regarding salesperson control system. It says that control system directs the employee performance towards achieving goals.

Sales people who are working in relationship selling must balance the long term relationship goals with short term performance goals.

Cultural control is an important part of an organizations' control system because it helps in retaining the employees' loyalty and satisfaction for organization's goals.

Cultural control system focuses on two dimensions: individualistic and collectivistic.

The socialization process in an organization helps the people to understand the values, norms and attitudes in order to define the work environment and role.

Socialization process uses several procedures in order to socialize the employees such as on the job training, social activities, mentoring programs etc.

Individualized tactics are supposed to be less formal by providing more opportunities to salespeople to socialize and interact with other employees in a casual manner.

Socialization could be more organized and in controlled manner when institutionalized tactics are applied in order to socialize the employees.

Creativity is an important part in salespersons' life because they have to develop customize and creative solutions for customers.

Section: 3

Statement of agree or disagree

This article contains different statements suggested by different authors and researchers. There are several statements which are directly explaining the exact meaning of terms used in salesperson system control and their importance in organization theory. Some of the statements are as follow:

Statement: 1

Person-organization fit is defined as "congruency between an individual's values and those of an organization"

Person organization fit is a broad term which tells about the compatibility between people and its organization. I agree with this statement because this statement shows that employees' value, interests, and behavior are consistent with the culture of whole organization instead of a specific task or job. In an organization this phenomenon has got a significant attention particularly in organizational behavior, human resource and psychology in order to hire the employees at a specific criterion. There are many researchers who worked on this phenomenon and suggested that it has significant influence on employees' behavioral and attitudinal outcomes. This fir between organization and employees sale role can impact employees' behavior as well as attitudes. But unfortunately this term has got little attention in the field of salespersons. As far as my concepts are concerned, this should also be implemented in salesperson control system because it helps in evaluating its behavioral and attitudinal outcomes towards the business to business sales control. It is noted that mostly sales department do not remain in touch while decision making so, according to me this phenomenon will have influence on the relationship between salespersons and organization.

Statement: 2

"Cultural control is an important part of any organizations' control system".

This statement shows the importance of control system in an organization, I completely agree with this statement because organization culture helps in eliminating the unwanted influence of other traditional elements present in an organizations' control system. There are many business to business sale positions that have several factors which have less influenced the traditional form of control in sales position instead of increasing the value of social form of control for several business to business salespersons. It is noted that the organizational culture is very much importance in the field of sales positions and it has ability to functions the culture as control mechanism but the influence varies according to the selling ups and downs.

The term organizational culture involves two dimensions such as:



Those terms actually shows that how an individual performs his task. These terms varies in concepts like: the individualistic dimensions define the work of an individual or any task performed individually because it is supposed to be an individual oriented term whereas collectivistic term defines the job done in a group. The performance of whole group is evaluated. But it includes the competition among team members whereas individualistic term does not includes competition and they can easily achieve their goals and can motivated.

So, in my opinion the organizational culture has great impact in an organization and also on workers of an organization. If an organization has a culture that motivates employees, it can be very beneficial for the companies' outcomes. Similarly sales position does not get prominent importance and they do not take part in companies' affairs but an organizational culture can influence the sales persons' activities. For example Google has great work environment that equally treat all the employees and in result they feel motivated and takes interest in work.

Statement: 3

"For an organizational culture to be a strong control mechanism, the culture must be transferred to employees (Schein, 1984)".

I agree with this statement because culture is transferred when someone joins any organization he manage himself according to the organizational culture but to survive in an organization culture it is necessary to learn the values, norms, roles and attitudes of the organizational culture because a culture contains all these things. After reading the article it is stated that organizational socialization has direct influence on salespersons behavior and it becomes helpful in order to satisfy the employees.

For example a salesperson when hired need to get socialized with all the organization members in order to get to know the environment of the work while working individually or collectively. Socialization can be done by conducting on the job trainings and other social activities.

Section: 4

Critical analysis of article

This section will provide the critical analysis of the article "elements of salesperson control: an organization theory perspective". After reading the article four points has considered as most prominent factors takes place in an organization such as:

Organizational theory

Organizational culture

Organizational socialization

Business to business salespersons control system

Organizational theory is supposed to be the most effective theory used in salesperson system control and it is considered as the important part in salesperson profession. In this article it is mentioned that the combination of organizational culture and organizational socialization creates the social control system and establishes more effective business to business salesperson control system. So, organizational theory motivates the people to get involved in the organizational culture in order to achieve the goals. Organizational culture describes that the pattern of shared values and beliefs that guide norms of behavior within the organization and it is an important organizational control system. Whereas organizational socialization includes the knowledge of values, norms, behavior and attitudes that need to be adopted in order to survive in a work field.

Most of the researches has showed that the mix combination organizational culture and socialization establishes the control system. a social control combination has mentioned in the article such as: when collectivistic culture and individualized socialization are combined, the informal control takes place. Similarly, when collectivistic and institutionalized socialization are combined, fraternal control will take place. when individualized socialization and individualistic culture get mixed then self control will take place whereas when institutionalized culture and individualistic culture takes place then professional control will take place. These types of self control can be finding when organizational culture and socialization get mixed. Several propositions and assumptions related to this culture and socialization mix are also discussed in the article.

The organization person fit can be defined as the compatibility between people and the organization. So, the relationship between organization person fit and other factors such as salesperson performance, salary, job satisfaction etc are the basic relationship that allows implementing the social control combination.

Section: 5

Real case in UAE

After reading this article, my opinion is that the salesperson control system can be implemented in any organization whether it is private sector or public sector, situated in UAE. There are many organizations which are working internationally and they are leading the best organizational culture and socialization strategies which are most important part of this phenomenon to be implemented. For example AGTHIA is a food manufacturing company in UAE and it has wide product distribution range. They are working on salesperson control system in order to make their business to business relationships stronger because they believe that better implementation of salesperson control system will properly evaluate the employees' performance in selling as well as the relationships between organization and other business entities. The best system can help in managing best relationships among business to business because AGTHIA has great organizational culture and they also have great way of socialization because they think that an organization is actually based on its employees and they are the main asset of the company and if they will focus more on the organizational culture as it is supposed to be the major part of organization and working environment, they will be more satisfied and give more output. So, in my point of view if every organization present in UAE just focus on their organizational culture and socialization they can easily improve their productivity and raise profits. This company focuses on collectivistic dimension in which teams worked together and work for the organization. And the company focuses on professional control system which means that values and norms are created by the senior professionals and then communicated to the salespeople through socialization process. This actually gives freedom to the salespersons to behave according to their judgment and work in their own way as they feel more relax. The company is also making strategies to continue this process in future because it is very efficient control system that gives salesperson performance satisfaction and higher productivity.

Section: 6


The learning of this article provided me great information regarding salesperson control system and what kind of factors affect this phenomenon when it comes to employees' satisfaction and performance concern. In a nut shell, better organizational culture and socialization when get merged, produces better control system. There are for social control combinations which are informal, fraternal and professional control. In these articles the relationship between person organization fit and other outcomes has described. Sales manager are the mediator of the organization and they have significant influence on feelings of sales people regarding organizational culture. As we have discussed before, it is difficult to change the culture so, the managers can filter the culture for the sakes of sales person's satisfaction. To implement this system there is a need of better training programs and socialization. There are several managers who do not know where to implement this system properly to create a positive environment for sales people. So, the proper knowledge of this system is necessary and it has significant importance in business to business relationships. In the end, the salesperson control system is a good system to overlook the employees need and create a person organization fit in order to deeply link the employee and the organizations' norms and values.