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We will write about, Explain recruitment practises in relation to elements of effective human resource planning; using internal external resources of recruitment; and choosing communication channels (internal/external print media, internet. We choose this topic because we was likely to known more information about them and interested in every things related to human resource, how it work and how they recruited people in organizations because we might use this information in our work life if we want to join one of them to work with .


The process of hire right candidate person from outside or inside of an organization to perform the vacancy job.

Human Resources:

Is a performance the events and activities that are concentrated in planning, development, and leadership. Also, concerned management for stimulate employees to reach the highest level of productivity efficiently and effectively by combining the company and the employee in the direction and contribute to achieving the objectives of each of them, as well as contributing to increased market share and maintained.

Some Goals of Human Resource Planning:

Increase the organization's ability to compete.

Estimate the cost of human resources according to their knowledge and experience.

Reallocation of labor in suitable places.

Improve efficiency of production for the organization.

Human Resource Planning:

The process of identifying the quantitative and qualitative needs of the Organization of qualified individuals through staffing, training, development to perform the necessary functions to answer these needs within a certain period of time to achieve their current and future organizational objectives.

Some of effective elements for human resource planning:

Forecasting Staffing Needs

To prediction your business needs there are several ways, you need to operate your business and select the rules that you want the employee follow them. Also you need to take care are supervise at your existing staff and lead them. In addition, see which employees worth transition into new positions and promotions.

Evaluating Supply

You need to appraisal the employees in several factors. For instance, how educated they are, where they live and the rules for the federal government that will be effected to your business.

Balance Supply and Demand

Through careful planning that achieves the principle of the right person in the right place, whether related to job or organization.  In addition to that, comparison between the desired and the supply of labor force, know the gap and distribution it in terms of competencies and disciplines required. In the event of a surplus in the number of staff that requires demobilization older worker and employees who less efficient, to run the business well.

Sources of Recruitment

Internal Sources of Recruitment

Promotions: means is improved staff morale by increasing the salary, give gifts and improve position, so that will encourage the employee to work in the empty job in the same organization.

Transfers: The organization is working to fill vacancies by transferring workers without any change in salary, status, and responsibility of the worker.

Advertisements: the organization is advertised the vacancies jobs to their employees and ask them to request to get these jobs.

Retired Managers: When the organization can’t find appropriate person for vacancies jobs, they resort to return retired manager for a short period.

Recall from Long Leave: In sometimes, the organization face problem and no one can solve it except particular manager , so in that case the organization will requiring the director from his/her long vacation, and he/she will get compensate by expand his/her holiday after solve the problem.

External Sources of Recruitment

Consultants in administration: They are group of people from other organization, who provide many work to an organization. They work as work owner, choose the best worker and make all important materials for selection and recruitment. Also, they get commission from services that they provide it.

Public Advertisements: From this respect, the organization works like any other organization by publish vacancies jobs in various media such as newspapers, television and the Internet. Where these advertising contain information about the organization, worker qualification and job specifications. This is the way of the most commonly used among organizations but it is expensive and time consuming.

Campus Recruitment: In this case, the organization works interviews with final year students in all educational colleges and universities, and through these interviews the organization finds and selects qualified of students based on academic record, communication skills and academic grade. Also, the interview is helping the organization in the process of nomination the best students to work within the organization, but students do not have the practical experience.

Recommendations: Some organizations hire some people by request from Director, senior responsible or friendly organizations and this we call it in these days by waste.

Deputation Personnel: In sometimes, the government, institutions and subsidiary companies are send group of people to the organization, and the organization may recruit some of them.

Choosing communication channels (internal, external) print media, internet

Every company needs employees to hire and work in it to achieve the mission of the company and to have a big success. Sometimes when the manager wants to require a new employee, he does a search in the company and from outside. So, there are many ways for hiring people such as internal and external ways.

There are many internal ways for hiring people to the company. First, job posting which giving current employees to change to respond to announcements and helps discover talents within the organization. Second, job bidding which let the employees to be proactive in improving their skills by encourage them. Third, talent inventories which make a list of people who have the needed KSAs a computerized talent or skill inventories. In addition, promotions and transfers.

There are many advantages of using the internal way for hiring people. One of them is rewards good work of current employees, such as when the manager sees an active of an employee who works hard and gets a big profit for the company and he likes his work, he promotes him to a higher level and rewards him to encourage him to do a better work. Second, enhance motivation of the employees such as provide an easy and comfortable place to work like Google company. Third, increase job security for current employees such as secure housing.

There are also many disadvantages of using the internal way for hiring people. First, may not have enough employees. Second, less achievement and productivity. When the company doesn't have an enough employees to work, the period of finishing work will increase and the work will could be less than what required, so the company will have a less achievement. In addition, it may cause political infighting for promotions.

There are also many external ways for hiring people to the company. First, the internet by making a private site for the company is a new and useful idea to attract people from writing the specific policies of the company and make online registrations. Also, using advertisement in printing media with the rewards that they will have attracted people to require a job. In addition, employment agencies and educational recruiting.

There are many advantages of using the external way for hiring people. First, bring new idea into the organization that may gain the profit of the company. Second, it may make achieving diversity goals easier. Third, Get people with up-to-date education and training. In addition, helps organization get needed competencies and may reduce training costs.

There are also many disadvantages of using the external way for hiring people. First, it may be more expensive if a small company hires a large number of people. Second, reduce promotion opportunities might be discouraging for the employees. In addition, hiring mistakes may be more likely and the result may in misplacement.


Rrecruitment people are an important thing because the company depends on their experience and skills to achieve its goals. Also, we were interest when we know more information about meaning of recruitment, effective elements of human resource planning, internal & external sources of recruitment and communication channels. In addition, we were very excited when we searched about this topic because now we know the strategies for getting right person in right place, and give to them training and skills that they needed to perform the work in a professional ways.