Ethical Responsibility Issues In International Human Resource Management Commerce Essay

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This business report critically analyses the ethical and social responsibility issues that emerge in management of human personnel. It highlights the practices that help a business organization to deal effectively with its staff during an employment cycle: pre-hire, staffing and post-hire. These practices are employed to ensure maximum performance of human personnel by providing skills to perform their duties. First, it highlights the methods used in collecting the data and their efficiency not forgetting the challenges faced. Secondly, a brief introduction on the issue of human resource management is addressed .The a broad discussion on the findings of the research is given. A brief conclusion follows this discussion. Since the researchers have a clear picture on the operations of human resource management, recommendations have been listed suggesting the possible strategies to employ in managing human personnel.


This section of this business report shows the modes of collecting data on the ethical and responsibility issues in the International Human resource Management. These methods varied from case studies, questionnaires, observations, documentary reviews to focus groups. Although several challenges were encountered during the exercise of collecting data, the following methods were possible. Interviews were used to understand the personal impression and encounters on the ethics and the role of management of human personnel. Using this mode, the interviewer gets a wide range of information, becomes flexible with the respondent. Consequently, they develop a close relationship. Programmes of Human resource management and their operations were reviewed. This involved a review on documents such as job applications, minutes and memos. This assisted in comprehending the historical background of the operations undertaken without interrupting the client’s routine. Observation method was also used to master and gather accurate information on how programmes are run in managing human personnel. Questionnaires and surveys were also effective in collecting a lot of information quickly from different people in freelance way. In this method, the respondent was free to give the related information thought to be helpful in this research. It was easy to compare and analyze different answers and gather information. A more advanced method of collecting data was used, a case study. This was to understand the encounters of the respondent in a human and resource management .However the following problems were encountered during the exercise of collecting data. Some feedbacks were not relevant especially from questionnaires. Other methods were time consuming while others were hard to analyze and interpret, precisely the documentary review and the case study.


Human resource management entails handling personnel-related tasks for corporate managers and for individual employees. Ethics reflects personal beliefs about what is right or wrong, society places increasing pressure on businesses and their employees to do the right thing regardless of legal requirements (Buhler, 2002, p.65). A business organization is expected to behave ethically. If a business deviates from the moral expectations of a society, legislation is enacted to force the legal compliance. A corporate code of conduct dictates the consequences of violation. This gives human resource management department in a business organization a responsibility to respond to societal expectations of ethical behavior (Buhler,2002,p.66).This department has to be flexible ,creative, think strategically and team oriented to effectively carry out its responsibilities. This business report gives the findings of a research carried out to analyze the ethics and responsibilities arising in human resource management. These findings are followed by a brief conclusion on the issue. Finally, recommendations have been suggested make management of human personnel effective.


The following are the detailed findings of how business organizations operate its programmes, responsibilities and ethics of the human resource management department. In this report, human resource management is viewed within an international context. It emphasizes o creating international learning organizations, the responsibilities of human personnel managers and the management of multinational teams.

Demonstrating accountability

Responsibilities for senior managers in the human resource management department should be clear subject to the signing of an employment contract. These top managers should give clear explanations to account for their work. Therefore, human resource managers, observe the conformity of societal moral values and beliefs in carrying out their work. The ethical expectations command them to work with standards of integrity and honest behavior. Otherwise, they are held accountable for their acts.

Training and increasing professionalism

The human resource management department in a business organization should aim at adding more competent skills to its staff on how to carry out their jobs. This can be through organizations for seminars to train the staff on some aspects. These skills include customer care, advertising tactics, sales and marketing strategies. This research found out that, this strategy increases performance on the entire business. On recruiting new members of staff, the senior managers ensure that, they trained effectively .Appraising and congratulating the staff will have a great impact on their labor output. The managers allow employees to educate themselves further, through practical experience and attending learning intuitions to achieve their career ambitions.

Equal distribution of opportunities.

This is the fair distribution of opportunities in managing workforce, human resource management should not exercise discrimination in giving opportunities among the staff. This is wrong according to the moral values of the society. The moral laws of a society prohibits discrimination of people with physical or mental illness .This research noted that physical impairment only limits a person from activities such as walking ,talking seeing, hearing .The managers should make a reasonable consideration to accommodate those applicants who can perform a certain job. If the disability is severe, the work can be restructured to redistribute tasks to the rest of the staff. It can also be facilitated by putting up equipments to assist people with disabilities perform their jobs.

Manage termination process

In case the manager wants to fire a certain staff member, there has to be an elaborate process. This includes gathering evidence to show the misconduct of the employee. This involves filing of at least three warning letters. Followings ethics of society, there should a clear description of the individual’s deviance. The staff member is allowed to file a timely grievance case that should be responded to b the senior manager in the human resource management department. This department gives attention to needs of the employees, because an effective employee relation provides a support structure when disruptive changes interfere with workers’ normal daily activities. This is to make the certain that the interests of the employee and the interests of the business organizations are aligned with one another. (Bohlander and Snell, 2009, p32).

Advice and counsel

Human resource managers have a diverse knowledge on employment management issues such as policies, labor agreements past practices ethics and general information on how to manage human personell.They are termed as the in-house consultant to supervisors, managers and executives according to. (Bohlander and Snell, 2009, p33).The research found out that the human resource managers are relied on more heavily to advice compensation committees. These managers counsel both the supervisors and the employees.


Since ethics and responsibility are important elements in managing human personnel, the managers in this department purpose to execute their jobs considering the moral ethics of society. The concern for safety and good relations between the employer and employees is a vital aspect of management. Human resource management determines the progress of a business organization. The managers work with integrity, and set high standards of professional pre-hiring, staffing and post-hiring. The members of the organization should be keen to comply with all the laws of federal state, local equal opportunity employment laws and avoid discrimination or biasness.


After a research was carried out on the international human resource management, a critical analysis was done on the ethical and social responsibility issues arising in their practices. The following recommendations were suggested to assist improve the management of human personnel

1. A labor analysis strategy should be introduced in the organization. This is suggested to show the work breakdown structure. From a strategic viewpoint, the senior manager will be in a position to make a follow up of all the staff members.

2.The human resource management department in a business organization should have a risk analysis and contingency planning to address issue of concern in the human personnel. This is suggested to curb problem of staff riot.

3. In large business sectors, where the human personnel are controlling a large number of staff members, it is recommended to set policies for misconduct, and appropriate training is essential. The penalty is set for the deviant staff since dismissal is unpleasant, a polite request for the staff member to leave is suggested.