Ethical Behaviour And Importance Of The Ethics Commerce Essay

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The ethical behaviour is the one that refers someone is being morally on their behaviour. In the case ethical behaviour all the actions and the environments are associated by the moral principles. The behaviour of ethics can choose the right and the legal actions only. It is also the standard the person holds for himself of the attributes of honesty, responsibility, and how the person treats other in all truths of his life. It respects dignity, diversity, and rights of the individuals and the groups of the people. The ethical behaviour is also called as a philosophy and it recommends for avoiding the illegal actions.

The ethical organization provides the response to an internal and the external stimulus ethically. The organizational ethics expresses the ethical value of the employees and the other entities including the governmental and the federal laws. The organizations should be concerned with the ethical behaviour and because providing the enlightened self interest. The organizations need to protect the internal corruption in business, avoid the fines and the penalties, and keep the organizational executives in business for gathering the perfect product outcomes. This reason will lead to provide better products level to the organization. The organization should be concerned with the ethics then it will be produce positive results to the organizations.

Charismatic leadership

Charismatic is the leadership and that provides the quality of leaders whose purposes, powers and extraordinary determination that can be differentiated them with others. It is also the positive and the compelling quality in a person that provides a desire in many others to be led. The charismatic leadership is the best one of the one for the business. The business leadership is perceives to be charismatic.

The attributes of the charisma is important because the business can lead to behavioural outcomes including the commitment of the leader, self sacrifice, and the high performance. The charismatic leadership works ultimately at cultivating the relationship with business group members through the impression management. These business leaders can recognize the perceptions of constituents determine whether they function as charismatic. The business leader can perceive the effectiveness of the charismatic leadership. In the case of business the charismatic leadership is classified into two types and they are socialized charismatic and the personalized charismatic. The socialized charismatic used the power to benefit the business leaders. The personalized charismatic uses the power to serve the own business leadership interest. Charismatic leadership has the individual leadership characteristics that can be applied to the transformational leadership. The transformational leadership is the one that brings about the positive, major modification in an organization.

Logos, Pathos and Ethos

The logos are the one that refers the supporting element of the message, consistency of the message and it is also the logic of its communication reasons. The logos are called as the argument’s logical appeal. It can make the effective, persuasive reason to the communication. The logos are the logic that can be used for the supporting of the communication and the static are used to communicate regarding the argument.

The pathos is the tool and it is the establishing creditable for the communication. The communication and the languages choices can affect the audience’s response and the emotional appeal can also affect effectively be used to enhance an argument. It is often associated with the emotional appeal of the communication. The communication has the significant effect on the emotion, hot and the cold key words can trigger senses and the feelings. It provides the better credit to the communication.

Ethos used as the trust and that focuses the first on the communicator and showing the integrity, personality of the communicator who is communicating that time. The creditability of the Ethos is depending upon the expertise and how it is portrayed. The creditability of the communication can expert themselves and the communication as it not they cannot be challenged in the case of Ethos.

Human Resource Management

The Human Resource Management is the timeline between the organizations and employees. The HRM provides to uphold the employment and the safety laws as well as the federal guidelines. The corporation are always working the better ways to create the goods and the services of the organizations. When the technological development give the competitive advantage to the developing organizations, then the organization must be adopting the advantages by creating products on new technologies. The HR management only can do it these functions for the enhancement of the organization. The HRM can hire the right or the specific employees to perform the particular task of the organization.

The HR manager can build up commitment and the loyalty among the workforce when keeping the employees to date about the company plans, laying out the implications for the job security and by the way of providing the working conditions to the employees for the enhancement of the organization. HRM is the responsible for the organization to be successful in the automotive market, and these organizations need a highly skilled, flexible and the committed workforce as well as the innovative management, and to provide the strong relationship between the management and labour unions. These expectations can be satisfied by the HR management.

Organizational Enhancement

The organizational modifications require the effective ways to handle the organization in future. The modification of the organization without any effective tool is not possible. The organization must have tool for the future modification. The organizational tool is DCOM model. The DCOM model describes the direction, competence, opportunity and the motivation. These four tools are very effective and distinguish the high performance, provide the basics for the flexible and the adoptive organization.


The direction is the modification tool that provide the mission, vision, and the values fo the changing organization. It also analyses the priorities and the alignment of the all employees in the organization group efforts. It provides the direction of the organization that focuses the organizational purpose and the objectives.


It is tool for managing and the conducting the work of the organizational capabilities and the work processes. It provides the positive guidelines to focus the outside of the environment to balance the product against the opposite organizations. It also refers to the necessary skills to collaborate with one another and also to provide the economic literacy at all levels.


It refers the availability of the resources in the organization that include the technology, process design, time, finance, and the empowerment of the organization. It is the right level of the authority of the organization.


This is the most significant organizational modification tool that can be utilized for emerging the organizational structure. The effective utilization of the consequences creates an environment where the people perform at high levels.