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EQ management is very important to the company; this essay will analyze and discuss the case study: Emotional intelligence for change at Sheraton studio city hotel to prove this point. In 2002, when new management Sheraton hotel reception his position; general manager and a new manager are found: in almost all departments and staff are lacking coherence, low morale, no motivation and lack of discipline. This situation occurs because the previous CEO and the HR department were not able to manage human resource as well as showing the weakness in the management process. This led to the staff does not mind working, not high performance and reduced turnover. Therefore, Grant Bannen (general manager) said it would renovate and change management of the Sheraton Hotel. Then, he has invited the Particular organization: "Second Six" to assist in hotel management reform process as well as human resource training. Under the support from Six Second, the hotel has dramatically improved in the short term: employee motivation, responsibility and enthusiasm for work; the discipline as well as the close link between the departments. Besides, customers are highly satisfied attitude of service; they have appreciated the changes in the way of service and attitude of employees at work. In addition, the analysis report shows revenue of the hotel has increased and the situation of internal conflict is no longer. Through analysis of the change management of the Sheraton Hotel we can see the importance of EQ management for the company. Psychology, motivation and discipline of each employee directly affected the quality of work as well as the company's results. If managers are not good in the control of the employee's attitude will create negative results. Generally, the changing of manager and changing in man power management of Sheraton Hotel was well based on the support by the Six Second organization.


This case study is about the changing in emotional intelligence of staff in Sheraton Studio City hotel and how they apply this to their staff. They identify problems from an employee perspective and make assessments and solving the problem. Before solving the problem of staff's Emotional intelligence, business performance as well as morale and discipline of the staff at the hotel are very low; the departments showing the weakness in the link and not smooth; customer satisfaction scores are at low levels. "The efforts made by management to maintain the balance of the socio-technical system will influence people's attitudes, the behavior of individuals and groups, and thereby the level of organizational performance and effectiveness." (Mullins, 2007 ). As a new manager, Grant Bannen, with support from Six Second conducted a survey in two days and the results are shown in the third day. To survive and grow well, the hotel must have the specific changes in management positions as well as human resource management (CW Hill, 2009). Based on these results, the manager team has taken specific action to achieve goals. According to Kunnanatt's ideas, two methods: personal competence and social competence was made ​​to change Emotional intelligence staff at the Sheraton Hotel by Six Second and Grant Bannen.

Personal competence

The first method is personal competence. As defined by Goleman about Personal Competence: That are number of individual personality traits themselves which enable Individuals to manage independently and capably - that person can well control the Emotional .(Goleman, 2001) In the report of Six Second, they point out that the employees from the Sheraton Hotel had changes in their Emotional. The employee has control her emotions better: they do not disturb and affect the work of others and to think and act rationally. However, personal Competence is divided into two parts: self-awareness and self-regulation to clarify sub-competencies of staff. Kunnanatt (2008)


First, According to Goleman self-awareness is the ability to detect and control the emotions and mood from the inside when an issue in the real time occurs with us.(Goleman, 2001) In this case, staff of the Sheraton hotel whose have learned how to read and control thoughts and links from thinking to their actions; they have very good self-awareness. Basically, the self-awareness is belongs to the ordinary staff, subordinate and worker who are follow the order and command from the high post person.(Kunnanatt, 2008)


Second, self-regulation consists of several stages: First, employees monitor their behavior, and evaluate this behavior affect the environment and jobs. If the unwanted effect, employees have to change individual behavior based on self-awareness. If the desired effect, they have continued to analyze the behavior and self-regulation appropriate.( Kunnanatt , 2008) Employees must able to adjust and control their emotions when they make a decision or make a certain action. General, the managers of the company or department manager must have self-regulation because they often have to have the decisions and actions directly affect the interests of the company structure and employee subordinates.

Social competence:

Social Competence is also a method proposed by six second. Social worker Competence is the ability to grasp and understand the psychology of others and use the soft skills-communication skills, sales skills-to create better relationships with others. (Hess, 2011) employees are good in Competence Social whose are easy to communicate with clients and colleagues they know other people need and want; through that will create a good image and increase coherence in the work. Social Competence is divided into: social awareness and social influence.

Social awareness:

Social awareness means that employees can recognize the customer's feelings about work and services they know customers are satisfied with the service or not. (Hess, 2011) Employees who regularly communicate with customers will need to have this sub-competency. The receptionists, waiters, bell man regularly communicate with our customers so they can feel and evaluation of customer satisfaction with service.

Social influence

According to Goleman, got the mean Social influence: employees with the ability to use communication skills and others skills to influence and positive impact on others. (Goleman, 2001) This competency is often seen in people management. The manager of the Sheraton need to have this ability to influence employees and its clients based on ingenuity communication skills to motivate people and create close relationships with customers. Therefore, new general manager of Sheraton hotel must help change management department to become the social emotional influence. This will help the department work smoothly, motivation and increase the employee's morale.

How EQ plays a role in eliciting positive change in the workplace?

Everything become better or worse are derived from what you think - William Shakepeare

Success requires not only the Intelligence Quotient; it also requires us to have EQ. There are wider areas of Emotional Intelligence which dictate and enable how successful we are. (Salovey et al., 1999) Sheraton Studio City hotel has three issues adversely affecting the hotel and it needs to change are: teamwork, trust and motivation. After Six Second and general manager analyzing this issue have found that: when employees of the Sheraton Studio City hotel to be retrained on the EQ and they have to think positive, harmonious in teamwork; when the managers were aware of and understand their EQ can empathize with the thoughts of colleagues and customers; emotional control as well as giving yourself the opinions and decisions. (Hess, 2011) Before, Mr. Grant Bannen become general manager and a change in the employee's Emotional; most employees are in a state of lack of motivation to work, lower job satisfaction and their income as well as moral decline, sale were off and customers have reflected negatively about staff and services. Therefore, Sheraton Studio City hotel want to become a high-class hotel, they must be created for the management and staff the ability to control emotions; through which it will create trust and motivation people work in a dynamic and smoothly in teamwork. In addition, when managers and employees understand self-awareness hotels, social-awareness and Social-influence; their emotional changed positive attitude to work and quality customer service is also enhanced. (Baldwin, 2008) In the other hand, the general manager can give the benefits and rewards for employees and managers who well done their jobs, such as promotion, bonus point and improving the working environment... to create the trust and motivation of employees. (Palmer and Hartley, 2009) All the factors and interests that will help employees of Sheraton Studio City Hotel feelings changed quickly and easily; thus, they have confidence in the work and not easy to quit a job; employees will work harder, have the passion and creativity at work. So, customer satisfaction will be enhanced and the situation of the hotel's revenue would be better.

Improve collaboration

An organization want to do well their work, there must be a close link between each individual within that organization; without the link between the parts it will be difficult to organize successfully and easily collapse. (Needle, 2009) Overall EQ of the hotel staff has been drastically changed by the cooperation between the SS with the general manager. Association and cooperation of hotel staff has made positive changes; the collaboration has increased 20.8%. From this result we can see the benefits of improving understanding of EQ; through that hotel staff had the support back at work; the department in hotel operations more smoothly. In other words, employees and hotel managers have seen the importance and usefulness of group work through the process of training and understanding of EQ.

Improve trust:

Understanding of EQ also helps the Sheraton hotel staff trust each other more. after 10 months since the change, the index of trust rose up to 16.1%; this says that internally the hotel had changed dramatically: the employees trust each other, human Trust managers and a strong link between departments. The increase of the trust index will great influence to the activities of the hotel because the employee trust each other will make the working environment will be less stress.

Improve accountability:

After 10 months since the change, the accountability rose to 16.1%; we can see the sense of responsibility for the work of employees has increased. There more accountable to the assigned work location because they are aware of self-awareness and self-regulation. They try to complete the work will make the best hotel services which received high appreciation from customers and profit of hotel also increased.

Improve communication:

The connection between the employees and managers; between management division increased 10.9% compared with 10 months earlier. With help from Six Second, Mr.Grant decided to change the whole management of the Sheraton Hotel; Mr.Grant has organized meetings, giving suggestion and conversation to understand more staff and managers as well as the most effective communication. Department and managers in high positions will listen, manage and monitor their employees directly, employees working in small groups. (Huczynski and Buchanan, 1991) Thus, the trust between superiors and subordinates will be enhanced; the employee will receive motivation from their manager.

Improve market share:

Sheraton hotel market share has increased by 23.4%; this is inevitable when the quality of hotel services is increasing. When the hotel changed the new policy, they have improved service quality and at the same time they also received more attention from customers. Therefore, the quality and profits are increase and market share growth stimulation.

Improve guest satisfaction:

The percentage of guest satisfaction is growth 8.2% growth from 7.71 (December 2002) to 8:34 (December 2003). Customer satisfaction on service quality is higher when there are changes to the hotel. Staff received good reviews about attitude, enthusiasm. The manager is highly regarded customers the ability to work. Almost all aspects of the hotel receive the response from customers. 

Improve commitment:

When making changes in management practices as well as changes in the situation of the Sheraton Hotel; The general manager commit that all employees will receive better working environment, the rewards for who effort, the benefits of improving the overall situation of the hotel. This commitment as a stimulate make employees to work more effectively than previous.

Improve morale and motivation

The positive change of the Sheraton hotel has impacted employee morale and motivation of a positive way. When employees fulfill their work they will have the reward or promotion opportunities. The commitment to improvement from the hotel manager and through a better understanding of EQ makes employees to work with enthusiasm and responsibility.

Reduce employee's turnover:

When the organization has poor training for the staffs, the result in the production of poor quality services on the organization will affect performance. (Needle, 2009) after 10 months of implementing the changes and staff training, employee's turnover situation of the hotel has changed markedly decreased 19.6%. When employees are trained to the EQ and they have a greater sense of working, the link between the management department is also better (Brenda and Elizabeth, 2009) and with the commitment of the attitude Mr.Grant positive employee no longer appear. Status of employee absence, drug and alcohol abuse, and others do not occur

Reduce conflict:

Conflict no longer occurs when hotel staffs were aware of themselves as well as understanding the expectations of customers and colleagues. They understand the objectives, structure and strategy of the hotel. After training on EQ, they have to listen to management and staff employees to treat it kindly fellow that does not appear due to disputes and conflicts at work. This helps the Sheraton hotel operations efficiently and smoothly; thereby helping to improve the reputation and profitability of the hotel

Is that the role of EQ in bringing positive change to the workplace?

Yes, I agree that EQ is very important for every individual and every organization. When employees understand the EQ and can better control their own emotions, they can be very helpful for the organization. It helps employees to think and act in a positive way; it helps employees to create the motivation. Through which it helps the Sheraton is not faced with problems such as low morale, Guest satisfaction scores were not at an acceptable level departments were not working together smoothly.

Able to work under pressure:

High EQ people who have the ability to control and control well their own emotion and they can also affect other people's emotion (Goleman, 2001). if employees and management of the Sheraton hotel has the ability to control his feelings he means they will not get angry or take actions beyond control. They can handle and settle and also make the right decisions in every situation. Therefore, people with high EQ can work under the work environment is high pressure.

Able to motivate themselves:

A person with high EQ most of them to share feelings with others, optimistic and able to Motivate themself (Goleman, 2001). So people can control their own emotions, they will not pessimism that sought to deal with the problem and solve it. They always working and thinking to push themselves self towards a better thing.

Able to manage discipline:

Employees who are better able to control their emotions, they are also a highly disciplined person. (Baterman & Snell, 2011) Indeed, before they come up with any words or actions that they will also think of the rules have been set out earlier and they are always calm when making decisions and not easily fooled. Those with high EQ to keep well the discipline of organized

Improve social relationship:

Communication skills are important in business. People have this skill always listen and understand the psychology, emotions of others; through which they make appropriate decisions in certain circumstances. (Kunnanatt, 2008) If employees of Sheraton hotel understand the EQ and know how to listen and understand feelings and needs of customers, they will catch the customer demand promptly. Meanwhile employees and manager of the Sheraton hotel can improve relationships with customers and give customers the best service.

Define 'emotional labor'

Emotional labor is a form of Emotional regulation wherein workers are expected to display certain emotions as part of their job, and to promote organizational goals. (Morris & Feldman, 1996) emotional labor has both positive and negative sides. Emotional labor is positive when the efficiency and productivity of workers is enhanced, solidarity and discipline is evident; it has great benefits for the organization. Emotional labor is negative when it will be negatively affected to the organization. (Hess, 2011) when employees are not satisfied with the job or work environment will lead to the escape, not discipline and conflicts with colleagues; this phenomenon has occurred at the Sheraton Hotel before the management change and it all ended after 10 months when Mr. Grant Bannen make changes.

Advantage of emotion labor:

Those with high emotion labor often those optimistic, excited to work, tend to take positive action, they work with discipline and always put the interests of the organization above personal interests. (Hess, 2011) That type of staff is so helpful to the organization. They work very effectively, with high productivity as well as highly disciplined and friendly with colleagues. Two advantages are useful of high emotion labor: able to control their emotional and can friendly with managers and customers.

Able to control their emotional:

Who can better control their own emotions will not get angry; them to listen and offer advice to customers when customers complain. They know how to motivate themselves always optimistic and do not despair; besides that, they can use the soft skills to communicate with customers or partners.

friendly with managers and customers:

Besides people have high labor Emotion capable communication link with others very well. They controlled their own emotions and always make the right decisions. So they help reduce the conflict between clients and employees and between employees and managers. They help organizations save time and money in the training of EQ (Stella Cottrell, 2009).

Application in Sheraton Hotel:

After the change occurs, at the Sheraton hotel staff were aware that personal goals to accomplish. Because no previous management staff here were to happen it hard to accept things such as not working together smoothly, low moral ... to manage and motivate employees appropriately will impact positively behavior and feelings of employees in the organization (Mullins, 2007).

How is 'emotional intelligence' measured?

Emotional intelligence of man is measured by testing the capacity of the emotions through the questions or tests how people solve a problem that met in life or at work. Basically, measures of emotional intelligence and a social awareness and soft skills in the field of operations management to interact with others. (Mayer, Salovey P. and Caruso, 2008)Normally, there are 3 methods commonly used to measure EQ is: MSCEIT test created by Mayer and Salovey; SEI test and the EIA test.

MSCEIT: Mayer, Salovey, Caruso Emotional Intelligence Test: The only ability measure of EQ, the MSCEIT requires you to actually use your abilities in taking the test with questions where you look at faces, for example, and identify what emotions are present. It helps you understand the actual intelligence behind emotions: Perceiving, using, understanding, and managing feelings.

SEIâ„¢: Six Seconds Emotional Intelligence Test: Focused on self-development, the SEI is the only test based on Six Seconds' EQ-in-action model: Know Yourself, Choose Yourself, Give Yourself. The test measures 8 fundamental skills in these three areas.

EIA: Emotional Intelligence Appraisal by Talent Smart: There are 3 versions of this test. All use the Daniel Goleman 4-quadrant model: Self-awareness, Other-awareness, Self-management, Relationship-management.


In conclusion, Sheraton Studio City hotel has been remarkably successful in changing the power management and staff training have a high EQ. Sheraton Hotel has restored its capital position and they have made their employees have confidence in the leader and confirmed the quality and prestige of a five star hotel. before a change in management, hotel encounter very serious problems: most staffs in the hotel did not have motivation, low moral, no discipline and they get very many complaints from customers about service quality and attitude of staff; it pulls in hotel revenue decreased rapidly. The determination of Mr. Grant Bannen (the new general manager) with the help of organizations SIX SECOND; Sheraton hotel has completely changed. Employees work with enthusiasm and spirit of professional, highly disciplined. the smooth operation between management department. Trust and links between staff in the hotel was significantly improved. Analysis of the situation Sheraton Studio City hotel, the hotel manager saw the importance of EQ in business. To promote a strong organizational development needs the solidarity of the individual in that organization. Furthermore, staff and leaders must know how to control their own emotions; to listen and understand colleagues, when working people must be highly disciplined. Whereby organizations can survive and grow.