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It is commonly known that entrepreneurs demonstrate different characteristics and traits. However, there is no settlement or agreement between the philosophers in the case that how many features or characteristics an entrepreneur should have, For instance, (Gibb 1990) stated 12 traits, (Timmons 1985) reorganized 19, while (Hornaday 1982) classified more than 40 traits. Furthermore, (Hisrich and Peters 2002) stated that although there are numerous attributes of entrepreneur's background it has been discovered that only limited amount of people have discriminated the entrepreneur from the general managers. In addition, there is a recent philosopher called Ward (2005) he initiated (18) personality traits which are intently related with entrepreneurs such as risk tolerance, capacity to inspire, a high internal locus of control, resilience and tenacity, etc.

In accordance to Jeanne Holden who is a self-employed writer and an economic issues expert: 'Entrepreneurs do not have one definitive profile. The successful ones come in assorted economical statuses, ages, race, and gender. The only difference might be their experience and educational level.

A self-employed writer and an economic issues expert called Jeanne Holden; he states that "entrepreneurs don't have one absolute profile". The successful ones who come in assorted diverse economical statuses, race, age, and gender. The only modification might be is their educational level and experiences.

Preparing and developing your own ideas gives you the occasion to start your own business, and this requires various skills to be effective and fruitful. The business personality types are based on qualities, behaviors and characteristics.

Mr.Saud, 26 years-old, is the owner of Burger 63, which is located in the kingdom of Bahrain. He was born in February 12 1987 in the oldest and most traditional city in the Kingdom of Bahrain called Muharraq. In the personal interview (appendix 1) Mr.saud stated that his family and friends were supporting and encouraging him which gives him the strong power and energy to go ahead and start his business and be closer to his dream. In general, family background and personal values plays a big role in determining person thoughts to encourage him to become an entrepreneur. Mr.saud has a strong sense of determination (Hornaday 1982) to establish his business in the kingdom.

Mr.Saud is one of the numerous burger business owners in the Kingdom. He took the opportunity of serving homemade burgers which he specialized of allocating unique, healthy, and favorable burgers meals. Since he has the ability and the willingness to be productive and create a value to his business, He was able to be the one of the most well- known leaders in the burger business in his geographical area. This illustrates that he have the ability to influence others(Hornaday 1982) by attracting them with the recipes and taste flavors. However, the case of choosing an existing business is that he used low cost leadership strategy as demonstrated by porter 1985 and creativity(Hornaday 1982 and Timmons 1989) in order to build his new ideas and develop them in the future.

Before starting the business Mr.saud's role models are his father and his greatest inspiration was "Jasmis", briefly it is a local fast food, qualified and tastier burgers in the kingdom and it faces many competitors but it's the top in the kingdom and it meets the customer's favorite and satisfaction. This illustrates that (Jasmis) gave him the need of power and ambition (carland, Hoy, and Boulton 1984), and motivation to launch a successful business.

Deciding to open a shop in the kingdom is itself a complex method and it is a risk taking for any entrepreneur, because they should take into account that renting the geographical place, capital, and documents procedure goes through a long process. Moreover, Mr.saud took more actions that involve a high percentage of risk as he invested all his money in his business without taking a personal loan. Saud's decision making to open a business in a competitive market is one of his challenges which gave him sense of power(Hornaday 182) to open his business and build his own idea and start processing in order to reach his target. This behavior illustrates his assertiveness(ward 2005) (Appendix 2) to achieve his goal, risk taking (moderate)(Gibb 1990) when he decided to open his business in a competitive market and ability and willingness to accept challenges(carland, Hoy, and Boulton 1984) for instance, during the crises in Bahrain Mr.Saud faces a shortage in his inputs and he meet the lack of input by replacing them with different cocktail snacks such as corn on the coal, and different types of chips.

Mr.Saud has a strong belief that nothing is impossible and his confidence encouraged him to be a successful entrepreneur. An entrepreneur is someone who creates, innovates and applies. Entrepreneurs create value, operating economic Growth, creating jobs and raising income and living standards as they succeed. That's what Mr.Saud is aiming for to create a value in the market by making his business special and high quality of serving affordable meals. Mr.Saud can be considered as a person who is vastly independence and have the ability to make his own decisions. The decision to start up the business is mainly to have a second income and work hard in order to be one of the well-known and established burger shops in kingdom and abroad. Furthermore, he creates his own recipes and flavors demonstrate Mr.Saud's high level of independency. However Mr.Saud displayed his enthusiasm in taking good decisions and having the responsibility in handling conflicts. Mr.Saud could be categorized as having the characteristics of autonomy and independent (Gibb 1987 and Ward 2005)

Mr.Saud has developed a passion for cooking since a very young age. When he cooks he tries to add some flavors to change the taste and be more creative and passionate. Therefore, his potential behavior encouraged him more to go for the food field and manage it in the right way. In the beginning he wasn't sure if the plan for the business will succeed or not. He was focusing on the business field such as expenses, salaries, machinery, etc. This illustrates that he has a strong aspiration (carland, Hoy and Boulton 1984) and objective to make it successful.

Mr.Saud started his business by arranging and managing the cash for the business which demonstrates the character of Mr.Saud that he is self-managed and has a sense of responsibility (carland, Hoy, and Boulton 1984). Through the interview Mr.Saud shows clearly his communication skills which were rich of leadership skills (Gibb 1990). He promotes the items through twitter, facebook, instagram, family and friends which prove that he has high communications skills (Gibb 1990), these skills verifies that he has the ability to get along with people. He uses the techniques of promoting his meals by giving the customers the chance to taste the food and give their feedback. Getting the customers attention shows Mr.saud intelligence(Hornaday 1982) in a way the he know how to get the people attention and make them loyal customers.

In short period, Mr.Saud was popular in the kingdom; he faced the risk of opening his business in an area that is full of competitors and well established burger shops. Mr.saud handles the full process of creating his own logo, designs, and strategies. However, since Mr.Saud has the ambitions and aspiration to open his burger shop and meet his competitors with his unique, favorable taste burgers, this proves that his personality as an entrepreneur that he is risk taker and has a capacity to inspire(Ward 2005).

In the work place, Mr.Saud deals with his customers in a friendly mannered way, and has the ability to get along with people(Welsh & White 1981) by chatting and listening to their feedback. In work, Mr.Saud is characterized as team builder, hero maker, and having a pleasant personality(Hornaday 1982). He gives his employees the chance to integrate and communicate friendly with his customers and give them decent advices.

The key factor that differentiates between managerial activity and entrepreneurial behavior is innovation (Schumpeter, 1934). Mr.Saud is an explorer, inspired, innovative, and creative person who enjoys watching television and discover new things. He creates his own flavors by inspecting many cooking channels and learns new recipes in order to apply them in his business. His personality is considered as a dynamic person who loves to change, renew, and create value in his venture.

Mr.Saud accepts advices and criticism from clients but at the end he is a kind of person who takes and manages his own decisions. According to Hornaday (1982) he can be classified as responsiveness to suggestions and criticism. However, believing in luck, destiny or society is defined as effecting people's success. Mr.saud is a kind of person who believes in luck, because 63 is his lucky number, 63 is his mobile number, and 63 is his sister's car number. This illustrates the characteristics of "external of locus control"(Julian Rotter 1950). However, Mr.Saud also demonstrates high internal locus of control (Ward 2005, Rotter 1966), because of his determination to being independent and involved in every aspect of his business.

Mr.Saud work in ministry of interior and his work nature depends on unfixed time periods, this might sound that he don't have the time to manage his business, but he surprised me in the interview (appendix 1) when he mentioned that "I am too comfortable in managing my work timings and enjoying handling my business process" this statement describes him as flexible person(Hornaday 1982, Ward 2005, Gibb 1990) who can grip everything in suppleness way.

Although Mr.Saud is a busy person but he has the flexibility to manage his timings and activities. In some circumstances, he gets pressured by his job and this sometimes disturbs him, but this doesn't make him aggressive. Mr.Saud has a friendly relationship with his employees and trusts them as he assigns tasks to one of his staff members to take care of the business in his absence. This behavior contributes the characteristic of delegating authority.

When it comes to Mr.Saud and his tactical and innovative ability; whoever knows him they would notice his independence, logic, knowledge, and the way he deliberate in taking his own decisions, even if they were small daily decisions. What makes Mr.Saud pragmatic is the way he faces the problems and tries to identify them in a realistic(Baumback 1979) way and make sure that he uses his knowledge and maturity behavior in solving them.

It has been acknowledged that accomplishment aspiration tends to be considered as the inclination of organizing goals and challenges, where determining in turning them into reality(McClelland, 1961). Mr.Saud high need of achievement (N-Ach)(hornaday 1982, carland, hoy, and Boulton (1984),Gibb 1990) has indicated his entrepreneurial venture to be proactive and responsive to the changes in the economy and market. He graduated from school having the idea of opening a business; this idea gives him the willingness to accomplish his goal. After graduating from university Mr.Saud think seriously about the business and he worked in the ministry of interior in order to get fixed income and save them to open his business. And now he is thinking to finish his higher studies abroad in order to achieve more in his business. Therefore, his recognition and acknowledgment has reflected his outlook and determine his skills and capabilities of performance.

Mr.Saud had graduated from Edinburgh Napier University for electronics and communications, he had been known to be outstanding in university and very successful, he worked in the ministry of interior, at work he always proved himself to be active as he always multitasking. The process of opening the business took him a while; he first planed the opening of the burger shop by studying the taste of the people. Furthermore, at that time, Mr.Saud was aware that many people preferred homemade burgers over fast food restaurants and saw this as an opportunity to open the business. He finances the business using his own money; he got his own capital and invests it in the business. While running the business he finds it's very easy to assign task to employees. Moreover, based on the following I can analyses that Mr. Saud is a combination of both craftsman and opportunistic entrepreneur which was introduced by(smith 1967).

Every day we fall into mistakes and without these mistakes we don't gain experience and knowledge. Mr.Saud went through many mistakes in his business and he didn't ignore them he learned from them and improve his business skills. Mr.Saud, stated that although he started his business with small amount of money and he takes the moderate risk in investing them in homemade burger shop, as a result Mr.Saud wasn't regret that he opened burger shop because his business reward him within a short period, a high return of profit. Mr.Saud is currently thinking of using the profits and expands his business, as well as he mentioned in the interview(appendix 1) that he is aiming to expand worldwide and compete in the market.

According to Mr.Saud he said that" he sees his business in future success and expanding in the kingdom and worldwide. He stated exclusive news in the interview(appendix 1) that he is recently working in opening a new branch in kingdom of Bahrain due to the pressure that he face in his small shop where in short period he rapidly established his business and gain a good repetition in the kingdom. Many people declared that his burgers are "soo yummy", taste, light, healthy and the prices are affordable. Mr.Saud vision for his business plan after 5-10 years is expanding worldwide, add more recipes, order online, home delivery service, and compete with large burger shops.

Almost two years since he established his business, Mr.Saud main advice to all the entrepreneurs is if they have the concept and build their idea, just "GO AHEAD" and apply it. The economy needs well established and knowledgeable entrepreneurs because they are the ones who give the opportunity to make money and influence the economic growth. That's what entrepreneurs' do they create value, raise living standard and give the chance to have a job.

Mr.Saud is still passionate, enthusiastic and young entrepreneur who is proud to who is now because of his successful business. He worked very hard to reach his dream and put a lot of effort in juggling his main job and managing his own business, not to forget the fact that he has other responsibilities such family and friends to meet with. Although Mr.saud didn't reach his ultimate goal being well known entrepreneur and expand his business abroad but he is happy for his situation at that moment. Yet he is aiming to continue tracking his dream until he finally fulfills it. Additionally, Mr.Saud mentioned that his business gives him more self-confidence and gain knowledge in a way were management, accounting, and marketing were integrated in his business and his main studies is engineering. This illustrates how Mr.Saud is willing to learn more and explore more the business field.