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Building maintenance plays an important role among other activities in building operation. Building defect and damages are parts of the building maintenance bread and butter as their input indicated in the building inspection is very much justified, particularly as to determine the building performance (S.H. Zulkarnain, 2011).

This study is identify the best approach that can be adopt by the property manager or building maintenance organization in enhance their productivity as well as increasing their efficiency in delivering the building maintenance work practice. The work efficiency is depending with few rule and regulation as well as certain approach so that the requirement are meet together a lead to the successful in maintaining the internal and external condition of the building.

In this study also, few new approach are being suggested so that the efficiency and effectiveness of the building maintenance can be improved and maintain. The suggested approaches are mainly come from the administration and management improvement. The first approach is by administration improvement from labour force perspective. Here, it will discuss on how and what is the best solution in order to gain expertise and skill labour and what re the advantages of out - sourcing method. So that, it can help in achieve the efficiency in work delivering as well as same time in recruiting staff.

Then, the second one is administration improvement from re - engineering process perspective. Here, it will further identify what and why the existing building maintenance organization should re - engineering their management background, as well as the advantages adopting this re - engineering process toward their organization and client satisfaction.

Therefore, by reading in deep into these two ways of perspective, the building maintenance organization or practices can easily achieve their client goal with delivering the most efficient maintenance work.



2.0 Introduction

Building can be defined as unmoveable or impermanent construction covered contained with external walls and a roof, and together with the entire attached tools, and other material that can be add on together during the construction stage or also known as an activity in which build up some structures that can finally being occupy by the human being (Business dictionary.com, n.d).

Generally, human races need shelter as a basic need in order to survives, as a modern era take place, therefore the transformation from staying in cave change perpendicularly to occupying in a house or in any building. As an existence of building, there is some procurement that needs to be follows in term of preserving the condition of the existing building. The procurement is known as the building maintenance. Building maintenance can be identify as the actions of ensuring that a building remains in working condition by preserving it from deterioration, decline, or failure (McGraw-Hill companies.inc, 2003). Besides that, in the simple word building maintenance can be recognized as the work that being well organize by certain body or organization in order to maintain, keep and ensure the building are functioning due to it purposes (Allen, 1993).

In the building maintenance perspectives, there was a team or organization that responsible to take care about the internal and external condition of the building. The organization come together with the administration department and supported with the technical department to ensuring the building can perform well as to it function. The effectiveness of building work as to it function is depending to the how far the efficiency of the building maintenance team delivered their works.

Therefore, in order to make sure that the building maintenance department can deliver their duty efficiency is by adopting new improvement in term of labour force. The important matter closely relate with the labour force is by carefully supervise in-house and external procurement and management (Alan Griffith, 1997). For this action, the department can maintain the high level of achievement and at the same time fulfil client satisfaction.

Building maintenance practice usually carry out a duty such as improving, improving or altering a part of an existing building or carry out any small scale new - build operation (Alan Griffith, 1997) but at the same time some of the building maintenance organization prepared a planned maintenance, preventative maintenance, scheduled maintenance, condition - based maintenance, corrective maintenance, emergency maintenance and unplanned maintenance (BS 3811, 1984) as their basis of works.

3.0 Administration improvement from labour force perspective

The administration improvement means level of achievement is increasing from one level to another level. The key factor that effects the reputation of the building maintenance organization is the labour force that is recruit and hire. This is because the labour force or also known as the person who a have some skills, experiences and expertise in carry out maintenance work such as plumbing, electrical, mechanical, and security. All these activities are fall under different type of technical department. The labour force can be gain from two main sources. First is through in - house approach and second is through out - source or contract out approach. Both of the method is giving different kind of benefits but in this globalisation scenario, expertise can be bought and work can be done efficiently.

Anciently, the major risk that faces by the building maintenance organization is about the lack of expert employee. The disadvantage of this risk is maybe the organization cannot perform well and delivered as good as the client hope. Nowadays, most of the building in Malaysia no matter used for residential, commercial or industrial purpose are adopting green technology. Not all the employee have a skills and expertise in maintaining high technology plant and machinery as install in that particular building. So, from this scenario, there must be an improvement in order to tackle this problem as well as enhancing the efficiency of building maintenance organization.

The best solution for this dilemma is by practices a contract management and out - sourcing the expertise. The main benefit that the organization can get if practices an external procurement is swiftness and expertise (Flat world solution, n.d). The meaning of swiftness is coming, happening, or performed quickly or without delay as well as quick to act and respond (Random house Webster's college dictionary, n.d). This procurement is technically good because the contract team that are being choose among a very skill and most expertise worker.

Besides that, other benefit in practices out - sourcing contractor is the organization can fully concentrate to the core business and let the supporting part be handled by appointed contactor. Furthermore, by out - sourcing the efficiency of work delivered can be control. This is because, before the contactor being appointed, there must be standard requirement being publish and the contactor must meet all the requirement before can be selected. Therefore, the organization is in the right track in keep the first class maintenance organization. So, it can lead to the worth investment.

Besides that, another key factor that out - sourcing could make the maintenance operation or maintenance practice more efficient is because the risk is being sharing by two different organizations. As addition, by adopting this out-sourcing or contract out the maintenance work is the risk can be delegate among other. Form this activity, the building maintenance organization can let go some maintenance risk to the contractor that be appointed (Flat world solution, n.d).

Furthermore, by practices out - sourcing system, the organization can save some of money in recruiting existing staff and at the same time can avoid waste some of time in teaching existing staff in the organization so that he/she can be an expert person. To solve this problem, contracting out are the most effective ways. This is because, the contractor that being appointed are come from with package like expertise and skill worker (Flat world solution, n.d). Therefore, the building maintenance practices are effectively done and meet all the requirement and goal set by the client.

4.0 Administration improvement from re - engineering process perspective

Business process re - engineering can be defined as the fundamental rethinking, and redesign of business process to achieve dramatic improvement in some of item that can be identify as crucial part in maintaining performance (Hammer and Champy, 1993). Besides that, the business re - engineering process can be adopted or implement if the condition of the current management could not tackle the problem arise (Neidhart, n.d). Therefore, to ensuring the efficiency in building maintenance practice especially in Malaysia, some of the re - engineering process is need to be implement. This is because, according to above statement, in order to increase the efficiency of the maintenance practice, the current system need to redesign and restructure again. With this effort, the efficiency can be increase accordingly by time.

Nowadays, business process re - engineering or also known as BPR, is acted as new approach in managing the maintenance work and supervise the work order. It became popular and being practice by all establishes organization. Furthermore, the management or the organizations that use this process re - engineering methods has discovered the most efficient methods in performing work (Taylor, 1880). BPR may seem to be a new methodology for change in a world where fast change is a requirement to maintain global competitiveness. But it is the human element of any change that will act as a catalyst to promote successful and sustained performance improvements in the long term (Campbell and Kleiner, 1997). So, in this process human also play an important role so that the rethinking, redesign and redevelop of maintenance work and practices can be done successfully and effectively.

Besides that, to measure and to make sure that this re - engineering process are in the right track, some of the requirement need to be follow. The main functions why the current organization need to follows these requirement are to make sure the work process and the improvement are efficiently meet all the objective in term of quality, time, management and cost (Hammer and Champy, 1993) :

The advantages by adopting this approach is it can increase the effectiveness of the maintenance works (Kapoor, 2011 ). This is because all the work process is is fully monitored no matter by organization or contractor body. Besides that, in the new concept of business re - engineering process, all the work are be supervise and record accordingly so that it can achieve the requirement that has be set. As addition, when the work order is smoothly delivered therefore it can lead to the efficiency maintenance practice.

Furthermore, another great advantage by adopting the new approach is the organization can improve their internal and external management skill and technique. As we know, the traditional method and total quality management are the method that commonly be used to run the building maintenance. Now, with the presence of the new approach like new rethinking, redesign and restructured, the organization can increase their flexibility and adaptability for change. This has created better environment for people to work, thus leading to employee satisfaction (Kapoor, 2011 ).

5.0 Conclusion

As a conclusion, there is a lot of method or ways can be adopted by the property manager in order to ensuring the efficiency of building maintenance practice so that it can meet all the client needs. From the above statement and explanation, it clearly can be seem that building maintenance organization is the important body in ensuring the building can perform as to it function. So, the building maintenance organization need to always up to date and try in to involve in new skill of thinking and scope of duty. From these approaches, the most efficient work can be done.

Besides that, the effectiveness of maintenance management should include many skills, such as business management technique, property and contract law and an appreciation of sociology (Hill, 1969). Furthermore, the quality and efficiency of a builidng maintenance management operation depends, to some extent, on how information on the condition of the building, the needs of the users and the works carried out is collected and used (Allen, 1993). Therefore, from these statement it clearly shown that, the maintenance work can be delivered effeciently if the management, work order, skill, techonology be adpot as well as by using suitable approach like out sourcing and re - engineering process.

Finally, in ensuring the best building maintenance practices, the administration need to be redesign in term of hire labour force and rethinking about the management of organization that known as business re - engineering process. If all these are comply together, therefore, the best work delivering can be done as well as increase in effectiveness tackle all the arise matter.