Enhancing Performance Through Training And Development Commerce Essay

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There is a great deal of discrimination and unfairness at present in promotions. This needs to be corrected in order to provide a fair possibility for promotions.

Reduce politics:

In the government setup there is a lot of politics going on. There is a lot of leg pulling instead of encouragement People try to move forward by stepping over each other. This should be taken care off and tried to be minimized.


People should be brought in to train the employees regarding the emerging technology. They need to keep pace with the up coming and advance technology.


Promotions should be awarded on performance and they should be based on proper and defined criteria so that other workers do not feel that there has been some sort of discrimination or biasness and are not demoralized


Teamwork is an effective way to get the best out of the employees so teamwork should be applied. Different people have different ideas and different ways of analyzing things.

Network Expansion:

Mobile operators are reaching those places or territories where PTCL has not reached. PTCL should pay more attention and focus on expanding the network to far off areas by making full use of the resources it has; and through maximum enhancement of the capacity to meet the ever increasing market demands of the dynamic telecom sector. Unless PTCL expands it network it would unable to capture the market.

Quality Services:

PTCL should provide uninterrupted services to its customers and other operators. Customer complaints should be taken care of as soon as possible.

Revenue loss:

The current market trends have forced every operator in this sector to reduce their prices, hence reducing the profit margin. Under such circumstances, the management has to keep coming up with ways to increase its customer base through innovative and cost effective packages. The increase in market share will only help to sustain the profitability.

Billing system:

An automated billing data collection system should be introduced. So that data is updated quickly and correctly.

Organization Culture:

Need to change the organizational culture. Until a productive and healthy work environment is developed people will not be fully motivated to work.

Reduce gap between Employees:

Gap between the existing employees and the new employees needs to be reduced. The existing employees should not be hesitant to train the new employees and to share their knowledge and expertise with them.


The actual working substances are the human beings. Human resources are the most important in the organization and so is the human resource department. it integrates all the activities and functions of the company like job analysis , recruitment, staffing, training, designing compensation package, employee's appraisal system. It plays key role in retention, motivation and promotion of employees.

Properly Place Employees:

Employees should be properly fitted within the organizations as well as their jobs. Proper recruiting and selection techniques should assist in creating this match.

Address Individual Differences:

Recognize that employees are not homogeneous rather; they are individuals possessing a unique set of needs.

Performance Based Reward:

The rewards must be given to the individuals for their performance. The rewards may either be in form of monetary or something other than that. Each reward must be shown to be the result of achieving organizational goals.

Job Enrichment:

To improve the jobs, management permits the employees to take responsibility for some of the task carried out by his or her superior. Enrichment also calls for that the employees do better scheduling and controlling of their work by and large themselves with less direction and more self-evaluation.

Job Rotation:

The method of job rotation must also be done within the organization. Job rotation offers a prospect to deal with the problem of an ordinary employee discontent caused by over-structuring .it lets the employees to broaden their horizons and counterbalance the monotony.

Work from Home:

Technology nowadays is offering an extraordinary prospect for employees to work form their homes. This prospect must also be offered to the employees within the company, which facilitates an employees thus leading to motivating the employee to give his best.

Flexible Working Hours:

Bendable hours must also be offered to the employees at the organization, where the employees are bound to work a precise number of hours a week but have the facility of varying those hours within some limits.

Benefits :

The employees should be provided with the facility of working overtime, where they can earn more money. The concept of over time is where the employee when works more than what he is bound to or is paid for, gets paid over and above the basic salary. If an employee works overtime, he should have an incentive to do so. So the for working overtime PTCL can offer them

Twice the rate of their base pay

Cost of living allowance

Education allowance

Marriage allowance

All of the above but staying within what the company's rules and procedures are.

Strategic Fit

There needs to be congruence in a shared common knowledge infrastructure in PTCL, the firm can ensure consistency and develop action plans. Basically there needs to be radical change in the thinking and approach of upper management to develop strategy that aims at the existence of bounded rationality and tacit knowledge and to redirect the strategic analysis rather than on analysis of the external environment but the company itself and its specificities which can be by utilizing the huge infrastructure it has and channeling its employee's energies into rite directions , through revised incentive and compensation schemes, hence actually making use of the budget it has; being the huge organization it is.


Considering the various alternatives available to us, we came up with the most appropriate option for PTCL that includes in it; the benefits of all the suggestions in it.

The best possible action for PTCL would be to focus themselves in one direction that is employee focus; retention and attracting competent employees, as ultimately it all comes down to how motivated and willing an employee is to service the customer well, which in turn would lead to a satisfied customer, and thus making the organization profitable.

The first step would be to create a very clear vision of gaining market share through competent and innovative workforce that would lead to exceeding customer expectations.

The vision needs to be communicated to the very bottom of the organization, so that the employees are aware of what PTCL is aspiring to be.

A very clear strategy of retaining the key employees and attracting the competent pool of employees should be developed and communicated through company's compensation packages, bonus schemes, incentives, training and development and other incentives.

A very clear precise and definite notice or documented assurance be issued from PTCL signed by the CEO or President to all the staff stating that the terms and condition of their employment will be safeguarded no matter what, and the company values their employees' contribution to the organization.


PTCL management should most definitely go ahead with the orders of Government of Pakistan every time it announces a pay raise. PTCL administration must guarantee appropriate raise in the salaries of its employees as and when the government declares a raise in salaries or initiates revised salary structures.

Broadcasting of information to the very bottom of the organization on matters regarding to guidelines , procedure, important matters, set of laws, recently installed equipments, infrastructure and company's accomplishments through a magazine on monthly basis is highly desired.

PTCL administration should promote and close the cases of the employees who are long due for promotions and are being held in the middle for a while for no specific reason. It is also recommended that a clear promotion policy be very clearly communicated to employees where, the employees after completing three year of service are eligible to be promoted to the next level or a higher grade, but the promotion is conditional on the employee's standard of service and qualification.

Management should revert back all the instructions that were made to promote the employees who were not suitable for promotion or did not meet the criterion to be promoted. All such orders by the management must be taken back instantly and repost the employees (who are wrongly promoted) back to their deserved positions and should be promoted as and when they meet the criterion set for promotion. Such actions will definitely eliminate any sort of biasness or favoritism shown by management thus leading to a healthy working environment.

Workers who are recruited on positions except their original positions for past five years or more should be re-posted on the same position.

One added percentage increase in the salary or compensation package should be offered to workers on conclusion of every 5 years of service.

Bonus must be calculated and be evenly given out amongst all the employees.

To deal with the requirements of new age of technical progression, it is necessary to train people to cope up with the international level of expertise. We propose that a complete plan be planned to offer advance training to all classes of employees keeping in mind their career growth and development.

A certain percentage of the salary should be given in addition to basic pay to certain employees who are more educated or qualified than others , thus promoting or encouraging employees to take more trainings and enhance their learning skills to improve their performance. A proper break down can be declared in terms of policy so that employees are clear that what percentage increase they will get at what level of qualification.

the Linemen/CSRs/ mechanical/procedural personnel be provided and well prepared to operate the up to date equipment/tools in order to improve their movement and transportation facilities. The maintenance of installed machinery and tools be monitored and facilitated by allocating a sufficient budget which should be monitored closely so that it is not wasted in wasteful and non productive activities.

A revised medical policy with increased number of hospitals on the panel and availability of medical service on the employee card as well in addition to medical card.

Workers should be permitted to obtain consultancy from any PTCL Health division without any limits / boundaries.

Jobless / single / separated daughters of a worker should be permitted health services disregarding their age limit.

Handicapped son(s) of a worker should be allowed to health services disregarding the age limit.

Parents of female workers who are still reliant on their daughter's income should continue to receive health services even after their daughter's marriage.

PTCL should set up a women division at every area Office in addition to the head quarter which will be run by a female. The purpose of establishing a division like this is to ensure that the division is provided with adequate resources, trained staff and power to deal with and solve all the issues and matters relating to female workers.

Female Rest Room should be provided in every office and a prayer room dedicated to females only should also be set up.

one house / apartment in every camp of the company should be revamped and modernized in every respect as an illustration and if it is agreed upon by the administration as well as the representative body of the employees, then all the apartments of the colony will be renovated on the agreed upon standards to ensure identical and standardized housing to the workers. Nevertheless, when the employees move in the apartment after they have been renovated, it's now their responsibility to maintain their apartment unless and until there is a major problem that needs to be taken care by the company's admin.

The Leave services should be reinstated with following changes:

Informal Leave:

In a year, a worker should be allowed to take informal Leave of 20 days.

Unused informal leave should be changed to earned leave on full salary.

PTCL should set up a women division at every area Office in addition to the head quarter which will be run by a female. The purpose of establishing a division like this is to ensure that the division is provided with adequate resources, trained staff and power to deal with and solve all the issues and matters relating to female workers.

Appropriate amount of budget needs to be directed towards the general surroundings of PTCL's work stations and offices. The office infrastructure, canteens, dispensaries, interactions, has to be brought up to a higher level of standard where employees feel motivated enough to work positively. Surroundings have a great impact towards an individual's behaviors. Currently not much attention is being paid in this direction.

The strategy of achieving excellence through employee satisfaction will be implemented at every level in the organization by above mentioned action plan. If the management of PTCL implements the above mentioned action plan in a true sense, employees would actually believe that the organization is truly committed to its employees and their needs , and once this belief is reinforced , employees will be motivated to perform in a way which is in accordance with what the company wants and\ thus helping PTCL to achieve its long term and short term objectives.


The research targeted such PTCL employees who have been in the employment of the State-owned telecommunication operator for three or more years .the result of the survey indicates that the predominant motivation behind the target group's continued employment and association with the organization is based on individual and personal employee goals as opposed to a holistic approach that should be adopted by PTCL that aims at achieving organizational goals that are in sync with individuals' performance and growth aspirations and objectives. A radical change in the strategy formulation and implementation is required which should be communicated by the changes in incentive schemes, bonuses, and Human Resources policies.