Employees Motivation And Organizational Performance In Retail

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The ability of an organization to affirm the delivery of quality products and services is essential for its long term success. In this ever increasing, challenging and fickle market condition most organization are competing to survive. Motivation and employee's performance is a power full tool that affects organization performance in long run. Organization performance includes various activities that help to set its goals and monitor those activities in order to achieve desire targets. In business world the only thing where executives and owners are frustrated about is organization performance, despite the employee's of the organization are very hard working and performing their task on time, is where the organization can't achieve their desired objectives. Those negative results might be the cause of some unexpected event like external factors and good fortune rather than the effect made by employees: employee plays an important part in organization performance. Numerous studies has shown a strong relationship between employees satisfaction and organization performance. Motivation is a key point which directly affects the performance of the employees which ultimately leads to effective and productive performance. There are many factors which enhance motivation level of the employees such as Performance appraisal, it is one of the major factors that affect positively toward employee's motivation and inspiration to achieve

organisation goals. Motivation is a desire to achieve targets or goals and for that people combined their effort and energy to accomplish them. Motivation is a feature that is necessary to accomplish anything in life: it inspires and gives person courage to try their best to achieve objectives.

We will further discuss in what ways different internal and external factors effect the organization performance and how motivation plays an important role in organization performance in retail industry such as Tesco.

Tesco is one of the UK biggest supermarkets which provide the quality products to the customer under one roof for competitive price. The company has built its success on offering customers great choice and excellent value. Tesco started life in 1919 when Jack Cohen started selling surplus groceries from a stall in the East End of London. Mr. Cohen made a profit of £1 from sales of £4 on his first day. The Tesco brand first appeared five years later in 1924 when he bought a shipment of tea from a Mr. T. E Stockwell. Now it's one of the leading international retailers in the world and the UK's number one domestic supermarket with over 1200 stores throughout the UK. Tesco now operates in 13 countries and over 30 million people shop with us each week. www.tesco.com

3. Aim's & Objectives

The ultimate purpose of the study is to examine different perspectives which affect the performance of the organization and how motivation plays an important part in enhancements of the organization performance in concern organization

Research Questions

1- To explore various organization performance issues in retail sector

2- To explore the interconnectivity between motivation and organization Performance

3- Employee's motivation and organization performance in Tesco

4- Suggesting who to concern organization performance in Tesco

4. Preliminary Review of the Literature

Most of organizations view their performance in terms of Effectiveness. In current business environment it can be hard for numerous organizations to achieve their goals; effectiveness can be judge only if organizations achieve their desire goals, objectives and mission. At the same time some organizations view their performance in the sense of efficiency, in allocating their resources. This can be achieved by optimum use of organizational resources in order to accomplish desired task. The both terms must be financially viable and relevant for the stake holders. Organization performances can affect some external business environment as well. The impact of the external environment can be an Opportunity as well as Threat. Beside these two aspects, there are more factors that can affect the performance of the organization such as Administrative, Political, Social, Economic and Technological. Multinational organizations have little control on demographic changes such as govt policies or cultural norms, so they need the organization to adapt to the external environment. International firm strategy decision makers then develop such strategy that allows these firms to successfully exploit the opportunities and counter the threat from external environment. These strategies then match the resources in the external environment where it operates which is called strategic fit.

Organizations which do not possess a minimum degree of strategic fit are bound to fail (Galbraith & Kazanjian 1986). Improved understanding of these external factors can increase the performance of the organization and this knowledge can be a positive influence in the favour of the company's strategy. Level of motivation also play important role in organization performance. Motivation matters most when it increases the efficiency, effectiveness and productivity and makes it more likely that whatever results are targeted will be hit .Performance determined by the organization's motivation to perform, which refers to the organization vision, mission, history, values, cultural and incentive system.

All these factors affect the quality of work which leads to organization performance. Multination organizations always keep in mind employees and their motivation level in order to develop company strategy. In the long run for organization success it is necessary that your employees are satisfy with their job and you have taken steps to increase their motivation level in order to deliver quality work. There is an old saying that you can take a horse to a water tank but can't force him to drink it will only drink when it's thirsty, same is the thing with people: you can't force them to do because they will do only if they want to do; only a motivation can do. There are different ways to increase the level of motivation in employees such as performance appraisal, goal setting, decision involvements, rewards and job security. Performance or rewards in term of money or pay which is potential motivators among others, money is crucial incentive no other incentive or motivator technique close to money with respect to its instrumental value, (Locke, Feren, McCaleb, Shaw & Denny 1980).

Job security is second most integral part that impacts directly on employee motivation level, according to (Boldman & Deal 2003), organizations are employing new technologies that prompts downsizing the number of workers, employing part time worker and outsourcing in order to save cost. This situation poses negative impact on employee motivation and they don't feel any job safety, thus turns to bad performance which automatically affects the overall organization performance.

Staff work best when they know what they have to do, how well they have to do it, and how well they are thought to have done, so they need to talk to their managers at least once a year about this and managers need to take their staff views into account when setting work goals and deciding who needs what training. (Alan Fowler 1991).

5. Methodology

This research work propose to use case study approach and this type of research methodology is ideally to examine the overall retail system and help out to assessing the organization performance in the sectors such as organization strategies, customer loyalty, CRM, business strategies, online shopping, recruiting & selection process, company polices and standards.

Research Plan

Research Perspective

I will use hybrid method in my research which is division of both techniques qualitative and quantitative. The reason of using these techniques is that quantitative techniques is very use full for collecting data such as units of volume and cost etc, while qualitative is used to add more information.

I will use such previous researches for build up theory, As my research will be theory building so I'll adopt inductive approach while on the other hand deductive approach is quite difficult and very time consuming.

Research Design

In my research project I will use cross sectional design in which different types of data collection methods are used such as semi structure for document analysis and interviewing. By using cross sectional design I invested my research to different types of data source such as secondary data, which base on journal, magazine and primary data collected thorough questioners and interviews.

Data collection methods

I will use both methods of data collection, primary and secondary in my research.


Secondary data: there is not such work done in this required field, so secondary data method is used as base for collecting the data through the organization

journal, text book, internet, business magazine and published materials that will directly or indirectly relate to my research.

Primary Data: this is the second resource of data collection; primary data will be semi structure interviews and questionnaires'. The interview not arrange yet but it can be though face to face, group interview, telephone interviewing or it can be any other connecting source. I will develop questionnaires for employee's, which my colleague is as well and will conducting that questionnaire with up to 100 employees. The reason for using semi structure interview technique is that it will give freedom to interviewer to speak freely on that particular topic. I am planning to interview to 5-7 people at management level in order to collect primary data. I might conduct 10-12 interviews of the people from different back ground it can be strategy maker, professional, MBA student and teachers to getting wider understand on my topic..

Data Analysis

After collecting the data from different resource the next step will be to analyse the data and draw conclusions. The secondary data which will be collected through above mention resources will be drawn and further analyse to find out the key point, and the primary data for my research which we will conduct through interview or questioner will also be analyse by me. After the analysis of both data collection methods are completed, the results will be show in form of table or graphic like bar chat or Gantt chart with the help of different computer software such as Microsoft excel or SPSS. After represented them in graphic or table form I will draw the final decision.

Validity and reliability

This research is valid as it mainly focuses on employee motivation and organization performance in retail industry.

The data will be collected only from the authentic and reliable sources such as journals, newspaper, books. In order to collect primary data, mainly through interviews, special precautions such as audio-recorded or taking down notes will be considered. High attention will be given when getting data from different resource in order to get better results.

6. Ethical Considerations

The university of Sunderland Ethical hand book will be followed and in any doubt will be clear by supervisor.

My research work primarily will be base on primary data and company data, but no personal information will be included so the data protection scheme will not apply.

The second source of data which is used in my research work is interview and questionnaire; interview will only be recorded in accordance with the interviewer's comfort otherwise will only be noted down. I will check all interview questions with my supervisor.

In short every aspect will be taken under consideration in order to follow the ethic rule throughout my research and there will be a continuous discussion with my supervisor about this

7. Any special resource or access required

The major problem which I may face during my research work would be to arrange the interviews with higher management but I will try my best to arrange them on time.

The second problem is that there might not be major source of information available regarding this topic thorough the University provided library resource and major search engine for e-journals, but there are still some major journals I can't asses without registration or paying money.


In my research work I am of the opinion that employee's motivation leads to organization performance.

H1: employee's motivation has direct impact on organization performance

H2: Organization performance very much dependents on external business environment.

H0: The Hypothesis null and void

My Research work development Plan

I draw a chart which show which activity I complete in what span of time.

Key Activities



(Plan of action)


Resources required

(Equipment, software, personnel etc)

Submitting the Proposal


Paper and Binder

Determining the Literature review Resources


Computer, Internet, web browser, Journals, Books and PDF readers

Collecting Data on the case Organizations


Journals, Financial statement, Internet, Interviews, Questionnaires and PDF readers

Analyzing of the case organization and review of literature


Word Processors , PDF readers, pen, notebooks and Computer

Draft of the Discussions and Conclusion Chapters


Notebook, computer, word processor and pen

Compilations of the entire Dissertation


Word Processor, Excel and PowerPoint etc

Submissions and Corrections


Word Processor and Computer

Drafting the Final Paper


Word Processor and Computer



Supervisor Comments (Any comments or amendments appropriate to the project should be recorded here)