Employees Comes First In Any Organization Commerce Essay

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This paper will argue that Employees Come First. Although the conventional management says that the customers are the first priority of the organization and the main goal of the organization is to achieve the customer satisfaction. But in this fast moving world the concept of "customers come first" is changing and the organizations have started focusing more on employees value and their satisfaction, so the management is moving towards the new concept that is "employees comes first":

Now the priority and value have shifted to employees first. According to Nayar's statement an organization can achieve a competitive advantage by hiring talented and skilled employees who can create a value for the customers. This statement is right and accepted by the management and mostly organizations are following this concept. On the basis of employees come first, organizations can generate more profits and can better meet the customers' needs and values and can compete in this competitive environment. Employees are the asset of the organizations; no one can process its work without employees. For example, in National Refinery Limited they have Marketing Managers who are foreign graduates but they cannot process their work without Front Line Associates who are "Union Labor", if they stop so the whole work stops. Employees give Value Exploration, Value Creation and Value Delivery.

In Value Exploration employees find out the new values which are valuable for the customers and according to their wants which helps in meeting the organizational goal that is customer satisfaction. Then employees create that value means they first put their Inputs (skill, knowledge and abilities) then they Process it and finally gives Output (product or service) and add value to that product. In the last phase that is Value Delivery the employees delivers to the customer. Employees focus on the V's Approach that is Value Segment, Value Proposition and Value Network, this a whole value chain process which results in the attainment of customer satisfaction as well as organization satisfaction. This customer satisfaction turns into a hard loyal customer. It is actually a consumer perceived value which includes three opportunity costs: psychological cost (what is the stress level), monetary cost (how much product costs) and functional cost how much product is easy to use). Employees focuses on Value Proposition, they know how to uniquely sell it by using the statements which shows uniqueness, feature of product that can make it cold, which can give a customer benefit an satisfaction. Employees understand the consumer preferences because they are closely associated with them therefore they make strategic ideas which are long term and pre nurtured for meeting the consumer requirements.

"Value Add On" is a process in which company adds a value to a product and makes it valuable, this is also known as value creation process. Employees knows how to add value to the product which can make the product valuable and can increase the product sales because employees are the people who actually deals with the customers therefore it s important to concentrate on employees first and give them value first so that t because of motivation they can add proper value and thus consumer satisfaction will be achieved. For example, seed is transformed to fertilizers, then cotton, then thread, then yarn, then cloth and if the customer asks the company to make a shirt for him so they will stitch for their customer, that shirt is the Value Add On.

Employees comes first because they know what customers exactly want, what quality they want therefore employees try to maintain the quality at each node , if you put effective input, you will get quality output and customer satisfaction and if you put defective Input, you will get defective output and customer dissatisfaction. For example, Starbucks keeps employees first, its chairman said that Starbucks rivals can do duplication of products but they can do duplication of its employees, its Starbucks employees who serve the customers in best way which forces customers to buy its product. It is necessary to treat employees well in return employees will treat customers well. For example, Customer Service Centre employees deals with customers face to face or through other mediums, if the company will provide them extra benefits like food, calm atmosphere, rewards etc so the employees will get motivated so they will treat the customers well. Organizations should provide bonuses, stock options, medical facility, loan facility and other incentives to employees.

Most of the organizations are focusing on the employees needs who are servicing customer because most of the complaints organizations get are about the unacceptable behavior of the employees. Recruiting the best fit employees is a major competition; who works best at right time on right place in right amount to attain customer satisfaction. If customers are dissatisfied the organizations will go in loss so it is essential to do staffing in the best way for present and future profitability. Employees' satisfaction and retention plays an important role for maximizing customer value. Employees are the key source, they are the main leaders, they rule over the organizations. And due to "employees come first" theory the worth of employees have increased. Now they are treated on an upper level. While making any decision the top management also considers the employees ideas and view.

Employees are the first propriety of the organizations. All the organizations know that by taking employees in hands they can take the customers in hands. Employees gather info means data collection. They scan the environment that is they search and scans the opportunity in the market; it is a thorough and detailed search. More detailed search more intensive data, less detailed search less data gathered. Employees are the active machines and if employees will not be the first priority than they will not scan the environment thoroughly which will resulti9n loss. For example, 9/11 was a disastrous event that there was loss everywhere but china was still generating profits in that situation by making American flags because they knew Americans will do buy flags and they were benefited, it was because of their employees detailed search. There are toe search methods: Primary search is to collect the original data from the market, it does not exist before, and it is designed to consumer specific questions of interest to the business. For example, what do summers think of a new version of a popular product? Employees collect this data through face to face interviews, telephone interviews, online surveys, surveys of sampling and questionnaires. Its basic advantages are up to date, specific to the purpose, collect data which n other business will have access to and in case of online surveys and telephone interviews the data can be obtained quite quickly. Moreover it has some disadvantages also that are can be difficult to collect and may take long time to collect, expensive to collect, may promote misleading results. Secondary data already exists and has been collected by someone else. Employees do the investigation of secondary sources of data. These sources are Commercial Market Research Organization, the government, competitors, trade publications and general media. Its advantages are that it is usually cheap or even free to access; it is likely to be accurate updated regularly. Its disadvantages are that it may out of date, it can be incomplete and it may be too general because it is available to everyone.

In today's century it implies for the management of staff that an organization's management should focus on the right staff and the recruiting department must recruit the skilled and efficient workers, who know about the current affairs of the world, about the new trends in the market, consumer choice and taste and moreover how to best serve your customers. Internal Marketing says to invest on human resources, it depends upon employee satisfaction. If the employees are satisfied so the customers are also satisfied. Human resource department duty is to hire the best employees who possess qualities that can result in the betterment of the company; workers should be hired with respect to the customers. This is the duty of the organization management team to create diversified work force full of talented, devotional, capable and best fit employees. If any single worker will be a wrong fit so the whole workforce can suffer. The another main principle that the management should focus is serving the employees first because if they will take care of the needs of their employees so in return the employees will take care of the customers which will ultimately result in profitability.

Employees are the core value of the organization but no organization can serve customers without processing the work and for processing, the organization needs employees. Management needs to maintain a steady relationship with employees to decrease the employee turnover rate and to increase employee work commitment. It is apparent from many studies that the social wisdom of managers and employee turnover intention is positively related that is if a manager possess integrity then the employees will be satisfied with their job and they will never think of leaving their workplace because if manager lack the wisdom then employees would switch to another organization. In the same way manager social wisdom is directly related to employee work commitment, if manager set clear goals, understand the employees interest, create healthy environment, motivate them, give them bonuses or incentives, cooperate with them and asks them to participate in decision making process so the employees will be more involved, responsive and committed to their job. Managers should set the objectives that align with the employees objectives because they are the main target of the organization. For achieving customer satisfaction and making them brand loyal the management should motivate staff by offering them stock options, vacations week, rewards and other benefits so that they can better deal the customers, keeping the right staff at right place is very important for the management.

The power and responsibility have shifted to employees in 21st century; it is an organization tactic to retain their talented employees by making them believe that they are a valuable asset which will result in employees loyalty, strong work commitment, greater involvement in tasks and retention. With the shift of power the employees will give their best to treat the customers because they know that in return they are getting rewards from the company. Employees will be more focused in doing value creation for attracting the customers, delivering them value and creating brand loyalty. They will do concentrative scanning to find out the strengths and opportunities for the company and increasing the revenue. This authority will make them to work in a team. Team work minimizes cost and maximizes profits. They will accomplish their goals with wisdom. Power and authority will result in customer perceived value and total quality management. When customers will get effective services so the company's satisfaction of achieving its goals will increase. Employees can better give ideas of customer requirements so the company can decide whether to go for penetration, expansion, development or diversification. Now the concept has completely changed, the organizations that follow this strategy are going in profitability such as Starbucks. Starbucks itself says that they meet the needs of the employees first and then customers automatically meet their needs because of employees' services.

The whole discussion makes it clear that employee definitely comes first. Almost every organization has adapted and started practicing it. Although conventional management view favors the customers and it is known that customers are important for the organization as they are the main entities for whom the product has been produced but for the production, an organization needs employees who can process the work by putting the inputs (skills, knowledge and abilities) and generating the output (product or service). No company can run its operations without employees because they directly deal with the customers. If employees get benefits plus salary and manager motivates them so the employees will be more committed in exploring, creating and delivering the value to the customer which results in customer satisfaction and an organization accomplishment and expansion.