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Effectively manage people in expansion project is a kind of skills, to need to continue the planning and development. An expansion project manager can be defined as people enjoy formal authority organization or its a child element. He or she has state, leads to various kinds of interpersonal relationship, and from this to get information. Information, in turn, make manager to establish strategy, make a decision, and implement the action (http://www.cba.neu.edu/). Management is concerned about the optimal achieve organizational goals and objectives through the others. Extended management organization has much strategy, wide span of control, democracy and autonomy. Their management practices can't reduce to a set of standard operating guidelines will be applicable to all organizations to continually. However, all the manager's professional organizations face the same challenge: to manage his own time, target and resources, in order to complete the mission and the realization of ideas (http://www.marshall.usc.edu/undergrad/buad).

Organization has the synthesis effect; this kind of comprehensive effect is the organization member of the result of joint action. Organization management is through the establishment of organization structure, set position or position, clear relations of Responsibility and rights, in order to make the organization members cooperate each other, common labour, realize the process of organizational goals. Organizational management is part of management activities, which is also called the organizational function.

At present society, organization and management is a very important system, small to a group, only management involves personal, such as school team, to a company, or multinational enterprise management with thousands of employees.

It is well known that no matter where there are a lot of stores, in New Zealand is not exceptional also, not only there are many local shop here ,but also there a lot of foreign shop, the shop to be in this place want to do good business , and there must be the idea of organization management. If not they will face the risk of failure.

In this project I want to establish a staff administrator council in the Chinese supermarket in the Auckland. The purpose of this assignment is:

Understanding the purpose of planning and control and apply process to an organization.

Understanding the important of ethics and social responsibility within an organization.

Show our understanding of the influence of environment on organizational behaviour.

I will use all of my knowledge, and from the library to collect information and do the report of market survey to set up a staff administrator council to this company to do a new adjustment and arrangement. Let it reached the expected effect.


Chinese supermarket is set up in 2006, there is 90 staff, it's very big supermarket in Auckland. All Chinese people like shopping here, It give a lot of convenient to people .you can buy all kinds of Chinese goods here. It's very important to everyone .so we have to establish staff council to effective and manage better.


Most of the employee attitude is badly and they don't like to work here, many employees work time is not long and resign, in order to fully express the role of mainstay staff, training and develop their ability, improve staff shortage, improve staff's quality, maintain and develop the advantages of employees. Improve the enthusiasm of the staff is the purpose of the committee was founded. Our company's main body structure is staff, he is the bridge between company and customers, and their behaviour represents the image of the company. So we should take good image carry forward, make customers feel like shopping here just like at home.

Position election campaign

Administrator some person include cashier department, meat, fish, general merchandise department and carry.

Manager 1 person

The duty of the administrator

1. The cashier administrator has to supervise all the cashier work .because the cashier is very important; they are responsible of the financial. So they work should be seriously .and they are the last They are the last channel, during the payment, the customer like communicating with they, and customers to see the most careful is the cashier. So the cashier give to customer's impression accounted for eight percent.

2. In a supermarket, meat department and fish department environment is quite important. So the administrators have to pay attention to the hygiene.

3. General merchandise department is the centre of the supermarket, here sales many product for daily, big and small are all have here. There are many goods and distribution comparative shopping, so customers often like to ask the staff about commodity place, so the employee attitude is very important, administrator need to pay more attention to the attitude of the staff to the customer.

Election campaign condition

All administrators are choosing from the staffs.

Better organizing and operating capabilities, intensive working responsibility and sprit of dedication。

Do well in study; be happy to help others both in study and daily life.

Active¼Œenthusiasm, in patience¼Œgood eloquence,

Without any illegal discipline for resent 2 years.

Past management experience is preferred.


Work time:

9:00am-7: pm Monday to Friday

8:30am-8: pm weekend

Everyday staffs have to be early ten minute for training.

Internal staff responsibilities


1. Have responsibility to the all affair of the supermarket, including the supermarket business and all staffs.

2. Organise all the administrator open the meeting, summarizes the employee performance and management situation of the supermarket. Discuss the development plan, and improve insufficient.

Hold staff activities sometimes to encourage employees to work of love.


Supervise staff work, training the relationship between the staff, help staff who needed help , form an employee's family. Understand the needs of employees and enlighten the staff thought. Let each employee like stay here for working.


The classification and the convening of the meeting

The meeting held by classification, Administrator conference held once a week, and discuss and summarize the supermarket, staff meeting general every month held one time, let the staff put forward opinions and Suggestions.


Our management committee, the control standard is the official organization's standard.

We clearly define our authority and responsibility, and there are different levels of management in our staff committee. We get the international relationship in our group.

Financial: all the cashier have to arranged the income of present day after work, all the cash and credit record added up to the total number of today check it the same or not equal to sales value, and then report to administrator, if found that there error and can't be solved, timely report to administrator, the administrator shall be timely help employees rearrangement and calculation, if to finally issues are resolved, administrator have to report to the manager at first time, let the manager make a final decision. If everything is ok, the administrator will report to the manager about income intraday.

Daily activities: all administrator during the working time to record all employee performance, after work all administrator have to get together and discuss employee situation, do the final evaluation, so in his weekly administrator meeting make a report, the proposal the manager take rewards and punishment system.

Method to take action to correct deviation:

Because of the time limit, the staff can use lunch time, they can put their opinion and the suggestion on the opinion column, or to the management of discontent, It can be saw directly by manager.

Establish interest groups; They can supervise each other, common development supermarket interests, don't make personal idea.

Composition ideas and guidance group:

If found which employees in a bad mood, take thought education, and enlighten positive employee, don't because of the mood affect work, because employees' behaviour represent the image of the supermarket.

Ethics and social responsibility

In New Zealand, the Chinese supermarket status is not allow to neglect, all from China Chinese like shopping here, they felt like in their own countries, they can buy all things what they want to buy, on another hand , Chinese supermarket also gave some foreigners and locals bring interest, they also like Chinese products, so the Chinese supermarket can not only give a person with a lot of convenient not only can promote the development of economy and increase employment opportunity, but also make the Chinese prefer like this piece of land.

The supermarket implement responsibility system to solve the problem, and for customer service. In addition, supervision and feedback program will be adopted. These systems, to make people aware of the government administrative affairs, help the government to open the administrative affairs. Before a "supermarket" staff said that in the past, policies were locked in the office drawer. Now they are placed on the wall, clearly indicating problems and possible timelines for their solution. Furthermore, the telephone number to contact in cases of complaint against the behaviour of "supermarket" employees is also available to the public. Employees subject to customer complaints are given three chances, and penalties include criticism the first time, bonus deduction the second time, and dismissal the third time. (Come from www.som.zju.edu.cn/en/departments.php.)


In this report, I found that there are some obstacles in the planning.

Some old employees do not like be managed by young employees; they always feel experience more, so difficult to obey.

The language barrier, there are a lot of Chinese staff can't speak English, sometimes work with some staff just speak English or meet foreigners to ask some questions, couldn't understand or can't answer.

Work to early for training everyday, go off work after finish everything to go home, working hours is long, let many employees complain.