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The most task is to manage people because the success of an organisation or an enterprise is to achieve its goals is determined to a great extent on the abilities, motivation and performance of its human resource. The main responsibility of all the managers is to put the right person on the right job, introduction of new employees to an enterprise or an organisation, training the employees in a better manner, improving their knowledge or skills or performance, increasing their abilities, maintaining their self-confidence and to take care of their health or physical conditions.

In any business human resource department is a life threatening factor for employee well-being, no matter how small it is. Few of the HR responsibilities include workforce, benefits, hiring, firing and updating them with federal and state tax laws.

Due to ant confusion concerning the issues can lead to major legal problems for an enterprise, as well as major employee disappointment. But in the small business mostly we don't have the staf f required or the budget required to properly handle the details of HR. just because of this problem many small businesses are beginning to subcontract their HR needs properly.

Mainly the subcontracting services fall into categories like: BPOs, PEOs, ASPs or e-services.

â- Business process subcontracting (BPO): in all the fields it is the broad term referring to subcontracting, not only the HR, BPO knows when to put in the new technologies or applying the existing technologies in a new style to improve it. BPO has to always see that the system should be always supported by the new or latest technologies.

â- A Professional Employer Organisation (PEO): its main responsibility is to assume companies HR administration. In this case business owner and the PEO becomes the partner, where by PEO handles all the HR aspects or duties and on the other side business handling all other features of the company. When it takes the legal responsibilities for employees, then automatically it is PEO service.

â- Application service provider (ASPs): these ASPs host some software on the internet and rent it to customers, some ASPs host HR software also. Some of them are well-known packages applications where as others are adapted HR software developed by the dealers. These software know how to manage ability, benefits and more.

â- E-services: These E-services are web-based HR services. BPOs and ASPs both are frequently known as the E-services.

It is important that you understand these service terms, as they have a high potential subcontracting firms. You should know what your company needs and what to hire.

Hen these HR functions are subcontracted some services go with "all-or-nothing" approach, so that they handle all your HR functions or nothing. These services include:

â- Ability administration: it includes produce checking, handling of taxes, dealing with sickening time and rest time.

â-Employee benefits: it includes health, medical and life insurance, 401 (k) plans and canteen plans.

â- HR management: it includes recruitment, hiring of staff, firing. This also consists of background interviews, exit interviews etc.

â- Risk management: this incudes staffs compensation, argument determination, safety check, office rule and regulations etc.

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â- To help the organisation achieve its aim or goals: The purpose of HR department in an existing organisation is to achieve the goals of an Organisation first and if the HR lacks to meets the purposes, then HR department will be weakened and will die.

â- To employee the skills and ability of the staff efficiency: To make people strengths productive and to benefits customer's needs, stakeholder's and employees is the primary function of the HRM.

â- To provide the organisation with well trained and well-motivated employees: HRM wants that the employees should be always motivated to give their best to their maximum efforts and their performance should be appraised properly for results and they should be rewarded on the basis of their contrition to the organisation.

â- To increase to the fullest the employees job satisfaction and self-actualization: it tries to encourage every single employee to understand his potential. This helps in improving the quality of work-life (QWL).

â- To develop and maintain quality of work life: its makes the appropriate employment in the organisation, personal as well as social situation. If there is no improvement in the quality of work then life is difficult to improve the organisational performance.

â- To be known with the HR policies with all the employees: communication of HRM is the most important responsibility for employees so that they are known with policies to the fullest possible sense. tapping ideas, views and feeling of t6he customer or non-customer, regulator and other external public as well as knowing of internal human resources.

â- To be properly and publically responsive to the needs of the society: HRM should be known that organisations knows how to utilise human resources in an ethical and socially responsible way through knowing compliance with legal and ethical standards.


â- Attract and preserve talent.

â- Training of employees for challenging roles.

â- Develop skills and abilities.

â- Increase in productivity and profit.

â- Improve job-satisfaction.

â- enrich standard of living.

â- Produce employment prospects.

â- Encourage tem spirit.

â- develop reliability and guarantee.

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All career plans have way to change just because life rarely runs along predictable direction. There should be a flexible career plans to account for changes in globalization, company priorities, foreign competition, economical needs, market needs and job skills required. All these things can affect your current job consists of, and also in the future.

The best advice must be to adopt a positive, flexible, forward-looking attitude. You should be prepared for the next job, whenever or wherever it may be. Gaps between projects can be modified into positive development, Downgrading, new prospect, expanding skills if mobility is a part of a career planning. Other interest for your career plan may have:

» Personal skills and values.

» skills you have and skills you acquire.

» Personal motive for next 5 to 25 years.

» Financials needs or motive.

» preferences of working in large or a small enterprise or some woking environment.

» preferences for any specific geographical area.

» motives for growth in terms of skills, experience, finances or personal.

Career planning always does not end up with a securable jobs, it is a life long process.

Once you have a job, have a proper control over it. Do take advice from your managers, supervisors, mentors, colleagues, friends, but do keep a proper control on your career as well. you just only have to decide what the best direction and choices of yours. Just be known with your training and education which will automatically increase your value as well as your satisfaction.

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Career management is the proper lifelong process which needs investment of resources to gain your career goals. Career management is on-going process and not a singular process, it is required for adapting the changing demand or needs in the modern century economy.

We should be aware of the responsibilities for ours career. Career management have same concept as of good financial management. We should have a tactful manner of disciplined investment, on regular basis, with a higher return of profit. Career management focuses on two different types of investment to manage assets throughout the working years.

â- Personal lifelong learning.

â- The network of relationship.

Lifelong learning:

Now a days we know that how much of our day to day working is based on technology. computers and other scientific methods have automatically changed our working methods. This advancement and innovation of technology had made so easy for economy, and capturing other business in a very short period of time. It all depends upon our knowledge and skills that how fast we are able to adapt the new and on-going advancement and innovations. You should also know the time investment, energy as well as your resources. Example may include: attending conferences, seminars, being in touch with topical courses of certificate, or staying updated with professional reading.

Network of relationship

As soon as information and service economy has arrived, relationships are highly critical in terms of asset. In our day-to-day tasks with our colleagues, vendors, distributors, costumer and competitors helps in accomplishing our relationships, this helps in evolving how the information are a source of relationship. Our hobbies, family, of one souls or community networks are interconnected to the working environment relationships. Our present performance and future opportunities leaves the impact on how we interact, respond and are connected to our relationships. More than 70 to 75% of networking is involved in our current job working.

You should be known with how to be connected and how to build up good relationships as they are important forever. You should an art of developing communication course, good listener, have genuine desire to get to know about the people.

To have a backup for a successful career management the best thing is to have lifelong learning and relationship management. The career vision which we desire to have should be broad enough to be flexible, but specific to be done physically.

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In an organisation career development is the primary responsibility of each individuals. According to the survey done on human resource development directors, it has been shown that they consider career development as their least important function. This compare s with recent trends of vanishing corporate career paths and job guarantee.it is same to t he employee retirement planning responsibility, which is no longer a corporate function.

For most of the people, personal learning project management is said to be a new skill, who have not been properly prepared. The god thing is that this responsibility has been the increasing control over the learning and career development, and this is the change for more motivating work life.

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It is also an organized approach which is used to match employee goals or needs with in the business requirement of the agency in support of workforce development initiatives. The main purpose of career development is to:

â- Modifying each employee's current job performance.

â- Enable individuals to take advantages of future job opportunities.

â- Achieve agencies goals or needs for a versatile or an effective workforce.

For the organisation 's needs to employee career goals or needs managers are the main responsible person, they also can help employees in their career planning process. To design a proper career path or a way and employees development program , human resource is mainly responsible, which helps the employees to achieve their goals.

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Role of multinational hotel companies operating in India

With the increasing contribution of the economy, the role of multinational hotel companies is very meaningful. Services are the untouchable achievements, processes and performances. They cannot be seen or felt but can be experienced. The service sector is distinguished by its diversity. Due to highly increase in service economy global prospects are growing.

In the hospitality industry, the two most crucial factors that decide the profitability are average room rate and occupancy, as most of the marginal revenue gets added to the bottom-line. Location, brand standard, brand image, complementary services being offered, cost of value added services, quality of service, star rating and seasonal factor all depend upon ARR. To embrace many business strategies these hotels accomplish and invest their funds in India to establish their business residence and create innovative service packages to their norms. These actions bring major financial returns in long-term outlook.


The hospitality industry in India has a hidden prospective for growth. Just because different geography and relative political strength, India is an ideal destination for the tourists as it is the only country.

Under management contract basis, owned or leased, the multinational hotels companies can be operated in India. Hotel worker wants the power on their management expertise and brand equity without having huge capital investment. The charges are calculated as per the revenue and operating profit is charged in the management contract agreement as a fees. Normally the management fee is 3% of the total revenue and 7% of the operating profits.

Mostly players, have come into a marketing tie-up with the major international hotels chains, with the exception of IHCL and EIH. AHL is tied up Hyatt Regency which a renowned international hotel chain, Kempinski having with Leela and ITCH are having a franchisee agreement with ITT Sheraton to use the latter's brand name.

There is a mutual benefit for the indian hotel owner and international hotel chain, to have a hotel on global map with the access to chain's reservation network worldwide, you need to have a tie-up with an international hotel chain. The industry can ride on boom without making huge capital investment on infrastructure and services and facilities for the international hotel chains. To play a major role in image building and attracting distant tourists, relations with international hotels. If the foreign entity enters an agreement with several Indian companies then the values of international brand gets adulterated.

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Accor is a hotel group. Basically success of Accor group depend upon their employees, men and women throughout the world. This is the main reason why Accor has been implemented as an international human resources policy to encourage and preserve talented employees to guarantee quality service for the customer. There are more than 160,000 employees working in Accor group worldwide in 92 countries. The professional progress is more quickly than elsewhere in the world.

The Accor group basically values the employees work and suggestion in the group. Every year employees are rewarded and pays tribute in worldwide programme of employee recognition, and who have been best and represented the group's spirit and values, though their exemplary behaviour and action. The BERNACHES, Accor's symbol, is being awarded to employees who had worked, their actions, commitments have gain respect, innovation, performance, trust or the essence of takeover.

Some of sub brands of Accor company are:












Accor is aware of the values of our employees, and try their best in providing an attractive compensation, package, knowing skills and performance while concerning the principles of equity and non-perception. There are motivating compensation packages and personalised packages for the managers.

Since its origins Accor's commitment to diversity has been presented. The strength is based on the diversity of its teams. There is a diversity made for one of the keys to the company's performance by Accor group. The main aim of the company is to diversify ethnic, social, and cultural origins at all levels.

Accor also focuses on recruitment of disabled people, as it is there main aspect of diversity. There was set up in France in 1992, to smooth the integration of disabled people in the company. The main aim of the company is to accelerate recruitment, training, communication, and sensitisation actions for recruiters.

Accor gathers all the talents, all of them. Skills are our importance. This is how all the contracts and positions are open to all the disabled people.

Accor also believe in sustainable development. Being the international group of company with worldwide outlets, with due respect of the environment and the cultures of the local people, Accor recognises to the extreme requirement.

Accor encourages and tries his employees to develop their skills and improve their quality of service provided to the customers. It also helps in promoting and facilitating the mobility and career development by extending the range of skills. The Accor values and cultures also get spread and strengthened.

Referenced from: ( www.accor.com )

Across all the brands and countries of Accor, it guarantees a level of proper knowledge and professionalism in revenue management. Accor group has already developed and maintained a proper talent pool for revenue management.

â- Up to 50% of discount is given on dining in participating hotels or restaurants.

â- Unlimited 15% discount on beverages if a being a Accor employee.

â- priority access as well as special offers are also given like europcar rental, tours, attractions and events.

â- Enrolment in Le Club Accorhotels to earn more points.

â- Complimentary one night's accommodation in more than 400 hotels in Asia pacific.

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J.Williard Marriott's was the founder of Marriott's international in 1927, a root beer stand was opened by him and his wife. Later it got expanded into hotel chains and restaurants. Today it has more than 3,700 lodging properties in more than 70 countries. Some of the Marriott's brands are:

» Marriott hotels & resorts.

» JW Marriott's hotels and resorts.

» Renaissance hotels.

» EDITION hotels.

» Autograph collection.

» Courtyard by Marriott's.

Marriott's have been identified for taking care of their employees from the past of JW Marriott directed the company's employees personal problem when Marriott's introduced his first hotel. The principles which were formed by JW Marriott helped a lot for HR performance like manpower planning, recruitment and selection, training and development, employee preservation, protest compensation.

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Once the right person has recruited for the right job according to the skills, knowledge and ability, now it is the company's task to make the employee fit in the working environment. From here the career development of the employee plays a important role. Now it has been changed from classroom teaching to multimedia training. There is eight hour initial training sessions for a fresher in the company, in which they are given basis information about the company and basis knowledge of what is to be done.

Some career development for the recruiter are as follow:

â- New employ orientation programs: This is for the new recruiter, that they should be known with what is to be done, and should be done effectively and efficiently. The main aim Is that employees should be known with the Marriott's culture.

â- International hourly training: Marriott's give 15 minutes of training every day to a new recruiter. These training consists of proper skills and knowledge which is to be given to a new recruiter, on how to work in different areas like culinary, room operations, f & b, sales and marketing etc.

â- Gateways: this program is organised for non-management trainees. This training is given to develop the basic skills like HR, IT, loss prevention, PR and sales.

â- Fundamental training program: Manager is concerned with more than 20 different management training programs. These classes are taken by highly qualified trainers or professionals, having a good experience. This includes group interaction, hand to hand activity, etc.

Referenced from: (www.icmrindia.org )


â- Important skills for supervisors and managers: it mainly contains 15 modules like Marriott Management, Interactive for Success, Hiring the Best, training and developing your companions, training for great performance, building high executing teams, conducting performance judgments, managing engagement, manipulating time, business basics, create experience, effective daily meetings, objective setting, your career and you and tension management. This will let the manager know how crucial it is to communicate, and doing it properly, and helps in assessment of the subordinates.

â- In motion: this will help the supervisors to learn about the different departments in a physical form and working there to develop and know more about the skills which will help them to climb the upper level or the higher level.

â- Program organizer and contribution: It is sub divided into 3 parts with Marriott's international core competencies like Leadership, Managing Implementation, Building Affairs, Generating Aptitude and Organizational Ability, Learning and Applying Personal Capability, and Business/Purposeful results.

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The Taj is a brand that chains-up a rich heritage of sensibly encouraged values immersed with the culture of quality for participating in new ways of company's growth. The main factor for the company's growth, is the employees skills and knowledge they are carrying with themselves. Taj thinks his employees as his investors who are taking the company to an another higher level of service standards and guest joy.

Taj has more than 50 hotels in forty locations all over India and with other 18 international hotel companies. In next four years, it plans to recruit 11,000 new employees. The growth of response is so much increased that people are getting recruited from non-hospitality sector like physics, commerce, sciences. Being a part of CSR program, Taj hotels also recruit disabled employees for operators and other jobs.

Campus recruiting is done first by group discussion followed by technical test, preliminary interview, specific test and last the final interview. This is proper process of recruiting.


From last two years, Taj hotels have started focusing on training and development. Eight to twelve days of training is done on front-line and managerial employees and the non-managerial employees have five to six days a year in skill development and manager give seven to nine days on it. The company also entertain on the job-training as well as specialization also.

Taj Hotels has knowingly restored performance management in recent years to increase importance on performance salary and to include learning development plans and 360 degree assessments for managers.

Developmental requirements are defined in employee learning and development plans, and high-performing employees are therefore given learning plans, company tasks, and duties.

Taj Hotels founded the Institute of Hotel Management in Aurangabad in 1993, in combination with the Maulana Azad Educational Trust Fund, to grow talent for India's hospitality industry. The Institute offers bachelor degrees in hotel management and culinary arts in conjunction with University of Huddersfield, United Kingdom. Students are spending half of their day in classes and the rest working in one of the Taj Hotels. The Institute receives 1700 applicants for its eighty-five seats each year.


Oberoi group is a hotel company which was founded in 1934, operating 28 hotels and three cruisers in five countries. It has been one of the most best hotel chain in the hospitality sector.

Every Oberoi employee attempts to have the best service. This is the only culture that sets us apart from all the competitors. Some of the qualities which explains the qualities of an Oberoi employee:

â- Desire, personality and positive approach.

â- Excellent in speaking writing English and self-confidence in expressions.

â- good inter-personal ability.

â- excellence in previous education.


While walking up into the hotel you must always have a smile on your face, that shows how much dedicated you are towards your job, where people can understand how motivated are you and want to deliver the best service to the guest.

The Oberoi group wants to have the best employees working with them in their industry. There is a big dedication of their employees towards their company, that's why today Oberoi's have a good name. They also reward their employees annually. The way they reward their employee is totallt different which automatically conveys the employee, that what type of work was done by them, there are some of the examples:

â- Outstanding performance award.

â- Employee in attention.

â- Noble recognition program.

â- Star of the month.

â- Roll of honour.

â- WOW award.

Oberoi group is basically dedicated to the employee growth and development. A proper focused and consistent training and development programmes are provided to all the employees. These enhance the skills and knowledge plus the attitude of the employee working in Oberoi group. We are proud to be the best practices for training and development. Some of the courses they provide are:

â- Welcoming new recruiters.

â- Service standards of Oberoi.

â- Skills development.

â- Cross exposure training and development.


They invest their time in enhancing their employee skills. First the existing employee is considered then the new recruiter. According to the performance of the employee, they give promotion in their organisation.

There are lots of opportunities for growth and to perform well in the organisation, you just need to show you capability. There is multi-skills practise if you want a good position. If you work with our group, you will get to have best work experience and will learn how face the challenges.

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