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This business communication research topic will be able to help anyone who is about to start a business or a becoming a young business leader. This research topic stimulates the interest of business communication so that it can be more precise. This topic can also help to increase the confidence in creating effective business communication. the topic contains theory that aims to develop understanding initiatives.


first I would like to thank the almighty for giving me the strength and knowledge to complete this project, mostly I would like to express my gratitude to my college mates who took the time out to assist me in certain areas that I didn't understand and I must commend my mother for being so supportive financially and emotionally throughout this project then I would like to thank my lecturer Melton watkis for explaining the research for us to have a better understanding of the project I thank you all for your support.


In order to highlight the image and profile of Jamaica in the international forum a plan has developed for Jamaica to exploit and cash in on the gains made in sports to a more useful level of the country's economic. First we must analyse the factors of the Jamaican business environment and the impacts it are:

Economic factors

The economic factor on the Jamaican environment can be determined whether internal or external. Internal factors are the labour cost, and procedure which is approved through a company projects while external factors affects a company's environment with little control about it.

Political factors

The Jamaican business environment is affected by political issues mainly because of high tax rates on many business company which passes on the cost to the customers in order to make their company profitable. If customer's doesn't support a company then it won't get that revenue therefore the company may need to lay off employees because the service is not profitable.

Social factors

Social factors that affect the Jamaican economic environment are the cultural influences. A social environment that tends to be more conservative will not support a style that appears to be trendy.

Legal factors

The government coordinates business activities in everything they do. The government has the right to ban any goods and service that is illegal in order to protect the community for example: selling of illegal items. Laws are also passed to protect the right and interest of the employees

Competitive environments

This is a marketing structure of dynamic systems in which business organisations compete against each other. Most business environment is influenced to increase raw materials, and increase supply rate which affects many business organisations.

Technological factors

As technology advances a business is forced to keep pace. If a business does not keep up with technology, they risked the cost of increased production and higher prices. Competing companies can be run out of business if it cost to produce a product or service.

Task two (2)

this task shows how the gain in sports will translate to gains in business and economy.

Mission statement

We fail, we achieve, we look beyond the future shaping our business and integrity positively and responsively to our nation as it will impact on our long-term purposes.as a successful company which has developed speedily over the years we aim to meet everyone needs.


to obtain a fear wage

to ensure good working conditions

to secure jobs

to retain the company's expectations

to increase power and status

to keep loyal customers

to surpass competition

to produce quality service


Exploring the company's vision.

Identify and improve service skills.

Become an expert on about the organisation.

Demonstrate commitment.

Communicate openly and effectively with customers.

Continuously strive for service excellence.

Treat vendors and suppliers as customers and work with their interest in mind.

Share resources.


Ensure that everyone who is a part of the business is well knowledgeable about the company and its services offered so everyone will be properly trained and become educated so that whenever someone asks about the company service they'll be able to respond to each question that is being asked.

a commitment should be demonstrated to do this each employee will have to show their motivation

Be confident about keeping up with the vision.

Create a plan that will change the service skill more efficiently.

Use different form to communicate with the people.



Much has been said about our beginnings, from a humble start in a small spot to where our business is at today.


Our group was founded on august 11, 2011 which we provide affordable services. Three weeks later Lenny miller, was appointed the manager which he began working in the association in 2011, his first important task was to make a report about ways how to communicate with the different stakeholder to keep up with the company's profits.

September 9, 2011

In this year of the organisation the group became unique with the business environment in which it began to strive and no jobs were lost. New projects were developed and people were placed in different departments to carry out different task.

November 21, 2011

In this time period the group achieved another important milestone which they became the #1 best sporting groups which we earned our first million dollar.

January 2012

The rate of services began to expand and we were able to expand on products and service. The company's economic rate began to increase rapidly therefore it was able to employee more people.

August 2012.

The celebration of our 1st year in business and still committed with the steady growth rate

Duties and responsibilities

Everybody has their role to play to keep up with the organisation criteria in order to have a successful business and leadership, our main roles and responsibilities are:

Employee must be able to exercise their powers with care and diligence that the public will expect.

act in the best interest of the company for common benefits

Devote time and attention that is necessary.

Must be able to control resources.

Ensure that things are in place and get done on time and properly.

ability to control the company's environment soundness and effectiveness

Ability to give profitable advices.

Employees are expected to be descent and able to respond quickly.

Monitoring and evaluating techniques

This is an important aspect of communication planning to ensure that implementations are meeting up to corrective actions that is necessary.

The following methods will be used:



Pre-testing .task three (3)

this task show how the marketing and communicating strategies will be communicated to the stakeholders identified in task 2.

Marketing objectives

having the target products

having the correct facilities

how will it be funded

choose the right amount of staff and labour force

having good employee image

have great stock market image

Marketing strategies

Fluctuate service level.

expand on performance

to improve on administrative procedures

be creative on designs

change delivery management regularly


Communication objectives

facilitating purchase

providing reassurance

give reasons to want the product

conveys a variety of information

highlights desires

Communication strategies

targeting the right people

how will it be proceeded

aim to get the right response to be achieved

improving on result

having the right schedule

Task four (4)

this task highlights how the plan will be financed and budget.

How will the plan be financed?

In order to finance this business to get the money that the company need to start up the business, some techniques have been compiled on how the plan will be financed.

The company have decided to put on a fund raising event within the community in order to find the money it needs, fund raising events can be profitable especially if it is an event where artist can perform and raise money for the company. the company aims to do a family fund raising event which a concert will be held with popular guest artistes and entertainers, supporters are required to pay an amount of money for each entry, the company aim to raise 2million dollars to start their business. if this plan doesn't work a backup plan will be created to borrow a small business loan to start-up.

Financial income statement