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MBA Course Learning Outcomes

You and the Learning Outcomes

Demonstrate critical understanding of the theories and current issues of leadership through strategic management and the development of conceptual frameworks to guide their application within organisation

After analysing the each aspects of strategic management, I have been overcome to the point that the Strategic management is the imperative framework for the identification and description of several strategies that managers implemented for the attainment of improved performance and competitive advantages to the organization. I learned from this concept that how to deal with the setting of objectives and its attainment by the influence of various leadership styles. Then I found that it is a continuous process which controls the business process and involved identification of organizational strategic goals. In my views, leadership is the ability to influence other people towards the attainment of goal and feels empowered in order to contribute creativity for solving the problems. In this order, the leadership theories have significant influence over the concept of strategic management. The various leadership styles have significance influence over the strategic management. These leadership theories enabled me in the organization for the better performance and postulates several means to employees for the attainment their goals.

After analyzing the leadership concept, several theories of leadership such as trait, behavioural, situational, transformational and contingency theories etc. are the supportive elements of the strategic management. These leadership theories enabled employees' for their enhanced performance by inheritance of leadership qualities in them. The leadership qualities such as trait theory under which people are assumed that, certain leadership qualities are inherited in them. In the same order, the concept of system thinking provides a powerful platform to the organization which facilitates specialized language and tools and techniques for solving problems in the organization. This enabled leaders to move ahead towards the attainment of objectives. Other than this, the contingency theory of leadership determines the particular style of leadership that is most suited for the situation. In overall context the leadership theories aid to the strategic management concept for the attainment of better performance and organizational goals.

I have experience in the risk management system where I have prepared risk management conceptual framework (COSO) along with this I have also established myself as the leader in the ADSIC technical committee where I was chair person of this committee. Additionally through the platform of system thinking I have performed well in value delivery system.

Conversely, these leadership styles have some implications over the strategic management. The current issues in the leadership concept such as lack of communication in the upward and downward direction, inability to provide feedback and ineffective leadership style affects the strategic management by minimizing the performance of employee in the organization. The development of conceptual framework in order to guide the leadership applications within the organization comprises ensured the planned and systematic efforts in order to enhance quality of leadership. This conceptual framework of leadership comprises of three elements. These elements are as follows:

The enhancement of self-efficacy in the leadership domain.

Knowledge about several modes of motivating others.

The enhancement of leadership skills.

After developing this conceptual framework of leadership in the organization, an enterprise can more emphasized on the development of leadership skills and enhance the organizational performance in this competitive world.

Demonstrate creativity in the application of knowledge

As per my knowledge, the creativity is the main pillar for the solution of problems at the work place which facilitates strategic solutions to the problems. Creativity is related to the knowledge and has significant influence over the applications of knowledge. In the organization, the blend of more than two knowledge assets capitulate an economical benefit. In my views, the creativity at the work place has imperative influence over the knowledge of employees. The creativity in knowledge involved the ability to make something different from the existing concepts. This creativity in knowledge of the employees at the work place stimulates them for the better performance and enables them for the attainment of organizational goals in the efficient manner so that an organization can achieve its long term and short objectives by applying the concept of creativity in the strategic management. By the formulation of creativity in the strategic management an organization may lead its productivity in the best efficient and effective manner so that can easily compete in the competitive world.

For instance, I am a visionary thinker with critical, analytical and creative thinking which enabled development and creation of new intentions and procedures in the several organizations and commitees where I proved my creativity by evaluting several solutions to the problems.

After integrating all aspects of creativity I explored that Creativity in the knowledge possess problem solving resource which more emphasized on the adaption of changes, to strengthen the organizational operations and to enhance the attitude of staff in order to achieve organizational objectives in the most efficient manner. Creativity in knowledge facilitates an efficient way to the organization for the systematic planned execution of strategies at the work place. The person with creative knowledge has ability to adapt various diversified situations at the workplace and effectively manage things in accordance for the attainment of their goals. An individual with creative knowledge always enabled critical solutions of the problems. Creativity in knowledge served innovative and practical solutions to the problems that are mandatory in the current competitive era.

Demonstrate and apply independent research and critical skills enabling the investigation and evaluation of valid and relevant strategic management issues

I ensured that the independent research and critical skills allowed the evaluation and investigation of authentic and relevant strategic management in the organization. In my views, the independent research comes under the business research. Business research is the ground of practical study undertaken in the organization for obtaining data and its analysis for managing enterprise in the better way. The critical evaluation of strategic management issues comprises of several tools and techniques in order to evaluate issues in the concept of strategic management. These strategic management issues can be occurred in the management of project and financial system. The critical evaluation of strategic management issues comprise of testing of assumptions taking in the perspectives of data and circumstances, prediction of risk factor, evaluation of several alternatives and then executing evaluation criteria, financial stability of the organization and smoothly execution of project plan. It also provides collection, analysis and organization of information in the organization. This critical evaluation of strategic management issues includes monitoring of performance of the strategies in the organization.

Critical investigation and in-depth research I have been conducted in my Enterprise Projects Governance under which I have conducted a comprehensive audit for managing IT investments. Along with this also reviewed MOI's projects portfolio its feasibility, budgeting, investments and process performance.

I learned from the concept of business research that the relevant strategic management issues in the organization can be identified by applying various techniques for the evaluation and resulted as coaching and mentoring of the employees at the work place and then evaluate feedback from them. The critical research and critical skills enabled investigation of strategic management issues in the organization in order to enhance productivity of the organization in this competitive world.

Demonstrate initiative, insight, attitudes of responsibility, ethics and leadership in the development of the strategic management agenda

The strategic management is the integration of success and failure of enterprises in the competitive era of business. I have experienced that the strategy management concept comprises of formulation, implementation and evaluation of strategies in the organization. The strategic management in the organization is that tool which analyzes the internal and external environment and established strategies intended to aid achievement of established objectives.

In the development of strategic management, the leaders' initiatives, insights and attitude of responsibility and their leadership style have significant influence over the enhancement of strategic management in the organization this has been analyzed by me at my work place. Along with this human capital at the work place has also had imperative role in the development of strategic management. The human capital at the work place possesses skills; experience and knowledge acquired by an individual in terms of provide value to the organization. The initiative of employees in the organization came up with the positive and significant change in the organizational working. They influenced other employees at the work place for betterment of their performance along with the attainment of organizational goals. Additionally, the leaders' approach in the development of strategic management contributed as remarkable efforts for accomplishing long term objectives.

Through the application of innovative concepts and dynamic leadership at the work lace enabled me for the enhancement organizational process and achieved various operational objectives. These initiatives, attitude of responsibility, ethics and leadership style placed me at the several significant platforms.

In the development of strategic management concepts in the organization, effective leadership identifies the strategic directions and established balanced organizational controls in the enterprise. In my opinion, the leadership styles facilitate effective managed resource portfolio and effectively sustaining in organizational culture. It more emphasized on the ethical practices of the leaders in organization so that strategic management concept may execute effectively by including all aspects of organization.

The attitude of responsibility and ethics of leaders incorporated several strategies which enabled organization for the consistently improvement of organizational strategies in order to enhance organizational performance in the competitive era of the businesses. These responsibility and ethics of leaders and employees at the work place stimulates strategies towards the development of enterprises in the market and facilitates success to the organization. The adoption of ethical policies and approaches in the organization helped in the evaluation of bottom line benefits from the specified ethical standards and aid in the quality management process.

Exhibit the qualities and transferable skills relating to communication, organisation, strategic management and working with others

I have experienced that, the transferable skills are the accomplishments and understanding that the individual learned and developed from the analysis of various situations and these accomplishments and understandings can be formulated in many other situations. The qualities and transferable skills leaders pertaining to the communication, organizations, strategic management and working with other people incorporated various imperative influences over the organizational strategies and curriculums. For example, leader's presentation, social networking, critical thinking, customer excellence, advanced negotiation, operational system management, teamwork, communication and various organizational responsibilities enabled organization for the development of organizational performance. The transferable skills and qualities of leaders in perspectives of advanced negotiation, customer excellence and operational management system ensured leaders for solving organizational and personal problems.

These traits and qualities are certainly demonstrated my leadership style at work place where transferable skills and qualities enabled me for good communication within the organization, helped for maintaining good relationship with customers and simultaneously operated management system.

The qualities and transferable skills pertaining to the communication enabled leader for the better communication in the organization and leader's transferable skills related to communication such as their presentation skills, verbal communication skills influenced organization for the better performance. The qualities and transferable skills of leaders are related to the organization pertaining to the various leadership skills that enabled individual for the better performance in the organization. These skills facilitate analysis of several organizational concepts and situations which aid to the management for the better performance and consistently enhancement of the organizational performance.

The leadership quality of His Highness can be demonstrated here through the evidence of his leadership in philanthropy organization Dubai Care.

As per my analysis in various organizations, the qualities and transferable skills of the leaders at the work place pertaining to the strategic management enabled employees to critically analyze the strategies of organization and stimulate employees for the attainment of goals. The qualities of leaders related organization comprises of several outcomes which aid organization as the back bone. The organization with the aid of leader's qualities and transferable skills facilitates various qualities to the organization for the enhancement of organizational performance. The qualities and transferable skills of the leaders at the work place related to the working with others comprises of positive influence over the performance of other peoples in the organization. The qualities of leaders influenced their surroundings in the way that individual started to follow leader's qualities. These influential leadership qualities incorporated results in generation of advanced and productive results at the work place.