E Recruitment The Evovlving Face Of Recruitment Commerce Essay

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The process of recruiting personnel through electronic resources, like the internet is called e-recruitment. It is the latest trend in the world of recruitment. E-Recruitment or in other words also known as 'Online Recruitment 'implements the use of web based tools in recruiting the personnel, with the help of technology. The tool could be a job website or the organization's own corporate website or intranet. Nowadays, many organizations whether big or small are using internet as the source of recruiting people. Through the web, the organizations advertise the job vacancies. This enables the job seekers to send their curriculum vitae (CV) in the web, through which the employees can choose among the pool of talented candidates, depending upon the job requirements. This process helps to attract more candidates in the organization.


The organization gives the details about the job description and the specifications in the website to draw or catch the attention of the candidates with the right set of skills and qualifications.

The organization should incorporate the e-recruitment into the overall recruitment strategy.

An applicant racking system which should be well defined and structured should be integrated. Also, it is important that the system should possess a back-end support.

The organization designs a comprehensive website which is able to receive and process the job applications with the help of direct or online advertising.

Therefore, with the above techniques one can say that e-recruitment is the "Evolving face of recruitment."


There are two kinds of e-recruitment that an organization can use, mainly job portals and resume scanners.

Job portals - It is the process of posting the job description and the job specifications on the job portals and also searching for the suitable resumes posted on the site by the job seekers corresponding to the opening in the organization.

Online recruitment/application section- The companies or the organization create a complete online recruitment section in their own websites. Organizations add an application system to its website, wherein, the resumes can be submitted by the passive job seekers into the database of the organization. This ensures that if in the current situation no jobs are available then at least in the future they will be considered as and when the slots or the roles are available for them.

Resume Scanners - Due to the existence of the job portals, one of the major benefits that is provided by them to the organization is the 'Resume Scanner'. The scanner helps the employees to monitor and sort out the resumes through pre-defined criteria's and requirements like experience, skills, payroll, and qualifications of the job.

Another type of e-recruitment is the job sites which provide to the employees an access to the database of the resumes. These web sites are functional 24 *7, and are also easily accessible. It also helps the employees to facilitate the just-in-time hiring by the organizations. The web site helps the posting of the jobs immediately and is less expensive or cheaper than the advertising in the employment newspapers. With the help of 'passers-by' applicants, the companies get valuable references through them. All these types of e-recruitment helps the companies to mechanize the recruitment process, helps them to save their time as well their costs on recruitments.


Cost Effectiveness: Advertising any job vacancy on your own company website costs nothing. However, placing the same vacancy on the job board will involve some costs. These costs could be easily avoided rather than incurring it. For example, if a recruitment consultant charges some fee for recruiting candidates and also if a company advertises in a national newspaper, which no doubt will involve huge costs, the organization can prevent such situations through online recruitment, which helps the companies which results in saving the costs.

Recruiting candidates very quickly: Through e-recruitment, one can recruit the job seekers quickly and efficiently. For example, an organization advertises a job vacancy on the job site early in the morning. By lunchtime, an application arrives, and at the end of the day the candidate is interviewed. Of course, it is not always like this. But the fact that such things can occur quickly proves how rapidly candidates can be recruited online.

High chance of success rate due to e-recruitment: Print advertising whether it is local, national, or trade press, has its own limitations. The success of the vacancy advertisement depends upon the people having a look at the advertisement. However, online or e-recruitment is completely different. On the job board, a job vacancy is available 24 hours a day, 7 days in a week, and as long as one can desire. The job seekers can have a look at it as many times as they want, and can also come back to it again and again. From a Clerk to a Manager, all of them are online.

Bigger and Better audience: Most of the people think that the jobs sites are only useful and effective for young and aspiring people i.e. the for the youth or the younger generation. But this is not really the case. Research has consistently shown that 35 years is the average age of the candidates using or exploring the job sites. And the numbers as well as the trend is increasing. E-recruitment has now become a essential part of most people's job hunting no matter how old are they.

E-recruitment is easily accessible: Online or e-recruitment is indeed easily accessible. One can post a job on his/her own site, which is quite straightforward. One does not need to have an in-depth knowledge of IT to place a vacancy as the job sites and CV databases are user friendly. All one needs is the job description, time and credit card. If anyone faces problems, he job board team helps to solve the matter or the problem.


Large number of candidates: Since it is quite easy to use, there might be a number of irrelevant, unfit, or bad candidates for a job vacancy, which might create problems for the companies. Such kind of candidates tends to waste a lot of time. It is possible to reduce the number of irrelevant applications if one uses the job sites wisely and effectively.

Won't always work: E-recruitment will not always work. Meaning not every job vacancy can be filled online. There certain difficult-to-fill jobs can only be filled by recruitment consultants or the headhunters. However, due to the number of job sites as well as job board increasing, as well as them specializing in more diverse areas, those difficult-to-fill jobs are becoming fewer and fewer.


Mar 2000 - Research revealed over 34% of Europe's working age population use the Net.

Mar 2002 - Oftel research indicated that 63% of UK business had Internet access.

Aug 2002 - Research finds there are 17.9 million adults in UK using the Net

Oct 2003 - UK Internet usage increased 123% from 2000-03.

Oct 2003 - European Internet penetration stood at 45.1%. Total of 170,469,813 users.

The above statistics shows the growth of online recruitment from years 2000 to 2003 in the United Kingdom. The online job seeking is used by 11.1 million people in UK alone. This accounts for 30% of the working population.


According to the CIPD (Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development) the companies should take the following steps in order to ensure that the future of e-recruitment is secure and safe. The companies must align the PR, human resources and marketing, need to be crystal clear on the core organizational values. They need to find ways to create a connection with the passive job-seekers. The companies need to indulge themselves in making the use of peer-to-peer relationships. Make the use of web 2.0 technologies (social networking sites, blogs, web -based communities) in order to build personalized relationships online. The above methods need to be considered in order to capitalize on the use of e-recruitment. A survey was conducted in Britain, which showed that around 32% of the manager and the HR people searched for the applicants online, whereas 44% said they would adopt this method in the future. This means in the future, the number of people recruiting candidates online would increase and this would also simultaneously increase the popularity of e-recruitment. According to the CIPD, the relationships formed with the candidates and job-seekers would be vital for the success of e-recruitment in the future. This will happen if the companies begin to focus on branding, in order to build loyalty and expand their business through the social media.

The future of e-recruitment looks to be bright, this can be said on the basis that since there is an increasingly competitive recruitment market, the companies in the future would opt for or would maximize the use of internet in recruiting people. If they do not adopt this strategy of recruiting through the internet, they would risk on losing talented as well as quality candidates, as internet would become the standard job search for job-seekers. To conclude, the day is not far, when almost all companies would be using internet as their source of recruitment.