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Blazeflash Courier was founded in the year 1986, Mr. S D Aggarwal, Joint Managing Director of the company. Mr. Aggarwal started his journey, full of struggles for existence, from the narrow by lanes of Old Delhi and despite having meritorious performance at School/College secured a job 1978 in the parent organization of the company i.E. Blaze Advertising, the company involved in successful business of cinema hall-advertising, as conditions back home demanded this. It was only 1986 that Blaze Advertising diversified into the courier business and Blazeflash Couriers was launched. When the post-Asiad boom almost killed the medium of cinema, Blaze Advertising began bleeding and incurred huge losses and finally folded up in the year 1991. Mr. Aggarwal, with his severance amount that he had received from Blaze Advertising, established his printing press business.

And then came the time when the promoters of the Blazeflash realized that company was on the brink of closure and a drastic change and upheaval was required in business to sustain. An offer to run the company was given to Mr. Aggarwal, in the year 1993, who had the willingness to take responsibility, accepted the challenge as a part time consultant to turn around the company?s fortune. Mr. Aggarwal, who had strong determination, leadership principles and team-development practices was desirous of empowering leadership and management skills.

The entry of Mr. Aggarwal catalyzed the growth and popularity of the company. After having taken the reins of the company, Mr. Aggarwal, full of authoritative ideas, created a clear vision of the future and began working on basics by imposing new management techniques. The company took restructuring of its liabilities and the operating performance improved substantially in very little time. Mr. Aggarwal through his capacity to create and catch vision proved himself to be an outstanding leader within the organization. Having working knowledge of all related jobs, he confronted poor performance owing to which the working culture of the organization has undergone a metamorphosis. He incorporated the concept of a ?team? into the work culture, which brings out their best. He deployed strategies that grew market share and revenue and the company has shown robust growth. 

The dynamic and directional leadership of Mr. Aggarwal made the greatest difference in the working style of the staff who worked tirelessly to get business flowing in, from establishing new business identity, advertising and networking. The dedication and hard work paid off and it is no wonder that today company boasts of market leader in the industry on the domestic sector. The company has achieved amazing success as from a mere sale of Rs.2 Crore per annum in 1993 to over 60 crore per annum today, the company has progressed tremendously. Mr. Aggarwal who has taken the company to the new heights in a short span is an example of exemplary grit and inspiration for others to emulate. He has gained considerable recognition and trust of the people in the Indian markets in recent times. He has eventually succeeded in gaining a stronger foothold in the courier industry, expanding its portfolio both in terms of clientele and product range. The company?s strong and excellent network and reliable service add to its credibility. Blazeflash has therefore, over the years, carved a niche for itself in the industry and established a reputation of a quality service provider. 

Investments made by the company have been in the area of network expansion, new offices, fleet enhancement, and communication equipment such as fax, cell phones and computers.

The company?s continuing success as a market leader and the continued expansion of its network rests on the effective leadership of Mr. S D Aggarwal, the Joint Managing Director of the company who possesses the dimensions of sustaining leadership through vision, values, knowledge and persistence having the quality to face any challenge in the environment and who has made many sacrifices in his personal life.

Looking to Mr. Aggarwal?s excellent performance, CMD Mr. Lalit Mohan Bijlani elevated him to the post of Deputy Managing Director in April 2003 and again in August, 2004 he was elevated to the post of Joint Managing Director of the company.

Vision : 

To become the most admired courier company in the industry through innovation, professionalism, commitment and teamwork by delivering superior values and advantage to our customers, franchise, employees and society at large.

Mission : 

To become the leader in the courier industry in India by 2011 with high global visibility by providing 100% delight to our customers, exploring the talent of our employees with opportunities for growth and wholehearted cooperation of our Franchisees.  

Products : 

We provide services such as Domestic Courier, International Courier, Intra City Courier (Local Courier), Diplomatic Courier Service, Extra Ordinary Courier Services, Personalized Courier Services, CitiBird & Night Bird. On Line Tracking System Recently the company launched its on-line tracking system on its website www.Blazeflash.Com. This service provides the status of the consignments booked by the company either directly or through franchisees. Presently this service is being provided for parcels only and likely to be extended for documents soon. Now it is evident from the above facts that the system, policies, procedures followed and service/feedback rendered by Blazeflash are excellent and matchless in the industry truly justifying their slogans ? the most reliable, economical & dedicated courier. It has reached a level where certainly it can be called a market leader and all set to become number one courier company on the domestic sector.

Our Backup Strengths

Seven Regional Offices located at New Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Hyderabad, Bangalore and Ahmedabad with Registered Office at Mumbai and Corporate Office at New Delhi.

Having State Controlling Hubs in all States for better co- ordination control.

Hi-tech "ON-LINE TRACKING" for all Metros/State Capitals/Big Cities/Towns and State controlling Hubs.

More than 85 small big vehicles for picking and carrying of loads/packets from one destination to another.

Having Railways Lease on Eight Long Routes like New Delhi-Trivandrum, New Delhi- Bhubaneswar etc.

Taking Approx. 203 "On-Board Flights" to carry our mail to reach one time.

Providing Courier Services at approx. 3535 Destinations.

Having 290 Self Offices more than 4500 Professional Franchisees.

In-house Training &Motivation Institute having capacity of 100 odd people.

Performance Incentive, Profit Sharing, E.S.I., P.F., Bonus, Medical, special Winter/ Night Allowance and conveyance facilities are being provided to keep our all staff members dedicated motivated which is the need for a Service Oriented Company.

Conferences, Cultural programs, Debates, Competitions carried out through out the year amongst Staff Franchisees for better interaction &homely atmosphere


To provide economical, personalized and professional service on very competitive rates. The philosophy of the company is total quality and with that philosophy the company has experienced tremendous success and growth in a very short span of time. The company has built an image of an organization committed to quality assurance and quality improvements in terms of its core activities and the infrastructure, administrative and support services that underpin them.  

The USP of the company is Doorstep booking, flexibility, safety and security of every consignment booked by the company either directly or through franchisees.

The success of the company hinges on their providing training to each of the appointee by its in-house institute namely Blazeflash Institute of Courier and Senior Management. The Institute imparts seven-day course to hone up the skills of potential managers and ground staff.


Udyog Rattan Awards by Indian Economic Service

Gem of the new millennium 2000 award by management studies promotion institute

Rashtriya udyog rattan award by International institute of education and management.

Bhaskar Award by Bharat Nirman

Network : 

Blazeflash, one of the admired names today, operates through a well-dispersed and integrated network of 285 self-owned offices spread across the country. It is serving more than 3800 destinations through a strong, skilled and motivated workforce numbering 4000 across the country. The company around the country has granted more than 4000 professional franchises. The policy and procedure to grant a franchise are liberal, transparent and lucrative which makes it one of the most sought-after franchiser.

International Network 

Apart from 45 important Countries where we are having our self arrangements, we are also having wholesale Agencies of all world fame Courier Companies like DHL, TNT, UPS, FEDEX and having direct source code to get all sort of world class service. 

Centralised Customer Service

Our above explanation will sound more reliable if you could kindly just go through our "PROGRESS CHART" which is depicted below:


Blazeflash Couriers' All Offices To Be Computerized

According to Shri S.D. Aggarwal, Chairman and Managing Director of Blazeflash Couriers Limited, "The company has 310 offices all over the country and 120 of them, located at metro and semi-metro cities, have already been computerized. The rest of the offices will be computerized within this year so that our valuable customers could easily find out the status of their consignments as to when these would be delivered."   


He also mentioned that the company has networked all its offices in the major cities of India and in the next two years the offices in cities having a population of more than 1 lakh will also be connected with the main network. 

Presently, Blazeflash is delivering valuable consignment through a vast network of its own 310 offices and 4200 agencies to more than 3770 destinations. Blazeflash has been working for its clients like Government, non-Government, Banks, Insurance, Mobile companies, etc. for the past 5 years. 

Recently, Blazeflash has successfully diversified into the real estate sector and started a project spread over 20 acres of land at Rudrapur. 

Shri Aggrawal also said that Blazeflash's aim is to give better service at low rates. For its comfortable rates and wide range of network, good advertisement and to follow the Government rules, the Blazeflash has earned over Rs 90 crore in the last five years which, perhaps no other courier company has been able to achieve till now in Delhi as well as in the North India. Even the company's policy for the agencies is so attractive that its every employee works with full responsibility. 

Any less educated person can just invest Rs 50,000 to 100,000 in big cities and Rs 10,000 to 50,000 in small cities to work with the company and could not only earn a good amount within four to five months, but will also be able to provide employment to 3-4 persons too. Interestingly, the invested amount is refundable and in case, if the agency fails in its functioning, company offers them permanent employment. 

Customer Requirement and Expectations from Blazeflash-Courier

In old times, most of the households and businesses used royal mails to deliver their letters and parcels. They still do but very less, as the mail market has been taking over by the courier services. These couriers specialize in delivering packages nationally and internationally both. They are the best way in remaining competitive and offering the service better than the business rivals.

Diversification is necessary in courier services so that the customer can choose from a range of services and thus can enhance the business, which is provided by Blazeflash couriers. Offering flexibility in the services benefits the customer in choosing easily adaptable services and mainly it secures return business and recommended business which can make a business successful.

Tailored services are used by the companies which require courier needs at a regular basis. In this they offer a package of regular pick-ups, assured deliveries in regular time and urgent booking system. This service makes a company stick to a particular courier service company for years. Urgent deliveries are the next service that a courier company should acquire. It is used when you need to get a document or parcel urgently delivered to a certain place and for that you don't have much time to do it by yourself. In that case using motorbike couriers can beat the traffic and letting your parcel reach its destination on time. Delicate delivery is another feature used by the Blazeflash couriers as we get the parcels insured as it gets into the courier van. Also we provide big vehicle for heavy and big parcels.

Once you have got connected to Manchester couriers, providing you flexible services, you can add real value to your business

Understanding the needs and concerns of the customer is at the heart of TRADE-LINK business philosophy. In today's competitive business environment, you just can't afford errors.We offer our customers the following :

Committed time sensitive delivery with online confirmation.

Save upto 20 to 40% on FedEx /UPS & DHL Rate

Best Rates for bulk Air cargo Loads

Specialized in handling Chemical shipment

Fast & Easy Clearing service

24 Hours customer service, seven days a week.

Worldwide Network Coverage.

Door to Door Service (Free Door Step Pick-Up)

Blueprint Of Blazeflash Courier

Blueprint Act-1

Blueprint Act-2

Blueprint Act-3

Role of Employees in Blazeflash Courier

The employees plays a critical role in Blazeflash courier perations in the following areas:

Hosting of the tracking facility

E-commerce business

Sales queries

Single unified window for customer queries

Pin code/location search program to get in touch with any DTDC office

Creates major awareness on the services and value additions

Builds the brand image of the company

Role of Customers in Blazeflash Courier

The customers have to sign the receipt on delivery.

The customers can easily track its parcel on the website of Blazeflash by entering its specified code.

The customers can also make the brand image of the courier company by telling others about its services.

The customers can also make use of this courier service at any place as its services are available all around the world.

Customers feels satisfied while receiving the delivery of the parcels well in time.

Pricing of Blazeflash courier

For Delhi & NCR, Hubs & Branch offices.


Local &Outer

Within Zone

Rest Of India East, West, South &Cetral


0-250 Gms




Every Additional 250 Gms of part thereof





10.00 Per kg

25.00 Per kg

Air 80.00 Per Kg

Surface 40.00 Per Kg


Terms &conditions

Above rates are for walk-in/cash clients only

Special discount on one time billing of  Rs 1000 &above is 5% maximum


North Zone: U.P., Punjab, Haryana, J&K, H.P.

East Zone: West Bengal, Orissa, Bihar, Jharkhand, North Eastern States.

West Zone: Maharashtra, Gujarat, Saurashtra, Vidharbha

South Zone: Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, A.P.

Central: M.P., Rajasthan.

Declaration showing value in necessary for all Non-Documents.

Way-Bill Form 31-32 etc. as per state requirement in necessary

No Branch of Mr. Amit Gupta Mob.- 9810744200.