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Continuous innovation and rapid transformation have been themes throughout Accentures history, which the company traces to the 1950s with the installation of the first computer system for commercial use in the United States at General Electric's Appliance Park facility .The company built its reputation primarily as a technology consultant and systems integrator. By the late 1980s, Accenture began offering a new breed of business integration solutions to clients-solutions that aligned organizations' technologies, processes and people with their strategies.Throughout its history, Accenture has expanded its offerings and capitalized on evolving management trends and technologies to benefit its clients. The company pioneered systems integration and business integration; led the deployment of enterprise resource planning, customer relationship management and electronic services; and has established itself as a leader in today's global marketplace. With our core values at its heart, corporate citizenship is an ongoing journey for Accenture-and we are committed to making a sustainable, measurable difference to the world in which we work and live. In these pages, we highlight the impact we made in 2010 and 2011 across each of the five pillars of our corporate citizenship strategy: Corporate Governance, Skills to Succeed, Environment, Our People and Supply Chain. Going forward, we will continue to team with our people, our strategic partners, our suppliers, clients and other stakeholders so that together we can make an even greater impact in the years to come. We have extensive relationships with the world's leading companies and governments and work with organizations of all sizes-including 92 of the Fortune Global 100 and more than three quarters of the Fortune Global 500. Our commitment to client satisfaction strengthens and extends our relationships. For example, 99 of our top 100 clients in fiscal year 2011, based on revenue, have been clients for at least five years, and 92 have been clients for at least 10 years.


Extensive industry expertise. Broad and evolving service offerings. Expertise in business transformation outsourcing. History of technology innovation and implementation, including their research and development capabilities, on which they spend approximately $300 million annually. Commitment to the long-term development of their employees. Proven and experienced management team.


1. Best People: Attracting and developing the best talent for their business, stretching their people and developing a "can do" attitude. 2. Client Value Creation: Improving their clients' business performance, creating long-term, win-win relationships and focusing on execution excellence. 3. One Global Network: Mobilizing the power of teaming to deliver consistently exceptional service to their clients anywhere in the world. 4. Respect for the Individual: Valuing diversity, ensuring an interesting and inclusive environment, and treating people as they would like to be treated themselves. 5. Integrity: Inspiring trust by taking responsibility, acting ethically, and encouraging honest and open debate.

By enhancing their consulting and outsourcing expertise with alliances and other capabilities, they help move clients forward in every part of their businesses, from strategic planning to day-to-day operations.


Alliances Extend Accenture Capabilities to Deliver the Best Solutions to Fit Client Needs Accenture has developed a powerful network of alliances with a core objective of helping their clients become high-performance businesses while getting the most value out of technology investments. their alignment with market leaders and emerging players enables them to deliver a more complete solution to their clients.

Working closely with more than 150 technology market leaders complements and extends Accenture's solutions and capabilities. Our network of alliance relationships strengthens our ability to help clients achieve:

1. sustainable IT cost reduction 2. reduced total cost of ownership 3 reduced delivery risk 4 accelerated vendor identification and evaluation cycle time.

The proliferation of products, services and vendors creates a constant challenge for organizations wishing to optimize existing assets and accommodate new technologies. As a result, executives are searching for trusted and objective advisors with the knowledge and experience to help them navigate the sea of available technology .Former employees of Accenture are always considered a member of the family, even after they have moved on to other career opportunities. Accenture values our alumni as great resources of knowledge, opportunity and friendship.

We encourage all Accenture Alumni to stay connected with Accenture and other alumni by becoming a member of the Accenture Alumni Network. The foundation of the alumni program is built on the right technology that is compelling enough to keep drawing alumni back again and again. The Accenture Alumni Network website is a secure, global, member-only website where alumni can:

Connect with the largest pool of Accenture alums. Access discounts and many personal benefits and resources. Receive Accenture's US quarterly alumni newsletter-Pathways. Search jobs and refer candidates through the Alumni Referral Program. Get announcements and invites for upcoming events and much more...

Accenture is acknowledged as an internationally renowned management company that provides several services like consulting, business process outsourcing and technological services. Being an global outsourcing company, the Accentuate is committed to deliver more and more innovations for the development of the company as well as global economics. With the net revenues of US 19.70 billion for the fiscal year ended of 31st Aug in the year 2007, Accenture is a serving its all the global clients. A a multinational company, Accenture believes in high performance business strategy that creates a great impact in several sectors like technology, consulting and outsourcing. The outsourcing sector of Accenture helps their clients at the best level. With all the innovative industrial knowledge, technological capabilities and world class services, Accenture is now moving toward new business as well as technological trends. The company is also creating development solutions to provide help to their clients based in round the world. At Accenture, a client can add ranks with around 170,000 experienced professionals in 49 countries and work with various kinds of customers in near about every major industries of the world, admitting 91 of the Fortune Global 100 and two-thirds of the Fortune Global 500 and many government organizations that are scattered all over the world. As a multinational company, Accenture has many business organizations as well as operational hub in more than 150 cities over the world. Being one of the leading Outsourcing Firms and Companies of the world, the Accenture follows several policies as well as strategies to cater best possible services to their clients. The policies of Accentuate are provided below- Accenture increase revenues in the existing business market. They also introduce new markets in the existing marketplace. They hand over their products as well as best services more efficiently and effectively so, that customers can get great services. They also follow improve functional performance


The services of Accenture is divided into several categories such as- By industry servicse: Airline Aerospace, Defense,chemicals,automotive,building materials,commubications,forest products,financial services,healthn and life sciences,mining,public transportation etc

Consulting services provided by Accenture: Customer Relationship Management, Change Management ,Human Resources Management, Finance Management ,Service Management, Marketing Sciences ,Supply Chain Management

Technological services provided by Accenture: Enterprise Architecture, Application Renewal Information Management, Enterprise Solutions and Mobile Technology solutions.


Low margins compared to competitors Intense competition likely to erode market share. Negative publicity related to place of incorporation. Increasing regulation in government contracting may increase compliance costs. Contract terminations may negatively impact revenues.