Difficulties Hyundai Motor Company Suffer From Commerce Essay

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Hyundai passed by bad time in1989 and they made a factory in Canada and after 5 years it made a huge failure in the business proves , but the good fact that they learned from their failure experience and the can deal with it they planned to build a market share in USA to make the Americans have a powerful correlation across Hyundai that's is made in Korea , some Americans have a idea that Hyundai brand is less than Honda and Toyota because they thought that those two are Americans brand , so that so starts to build a factors on USA to play on making the brand image more efficient and strong .

And in 1997 the bad news that crisis heat the east Asian because of the Chaebols of Korean companies , lot of Korean companies suffer the crisis from them Daewoo they all went to the bust insolvency in 1997 and 1998 , Hyundai organization sustain from fluidity crisis and suffer from the reaction of the IMF and the foreign companies , so that the government starts to ,keep track of repair the chabolsto framework , and work on progress the departmental lucidity then the Hyundai organization compressed under the restructuring on market and Nearly about 70 related organizations in Hyundai were preside off on 1999 , 2000 , Hyundai organization liable to presence quibble and it's a reason of the rebuilding that was in mainlyon because of the assets division on chung family .also on justification on management Hyundai motor company was the major money cow of Hyundai organization to mong koo chung he was the leader from 1999 he lead the company to more hierarchical decision-making constructing and refreshed tractor kind command .Hyundai weighty various contexts to do suitable decision making and his leading it practice. And he made strategic way structure that are not worked out various than the older way and follow up the international top five in 2010 and he continuous into confirm elaboration of production fineness and management lucidity and the brand rate for trend management plain which seen on the show . About new management they concern with the martial work managements problem. Hyundai Motor Company suffer because of seven weeks of work pound summer 2003 also the caved on practically on association's desire to make the strike finish , Hyundai Motor Company pliable work association for share in decision making The Hyundai organization democratization also suffer from the democratization of the political practice on society in 1980s , in spite of social change better than before , mainly in Chaebols worthy the range work of management problems . Hyundai Motor Company wasn't in exclusion ,The company early work unity starts when the Ulsan plant in 1987 and make the leading part to transfer worker wants delivered it to the organization leader , then Se-Young Chung make sure of the settled deductive and the onset spot for the work leader relationship mainly was for the increase of nutritive.

Hyundai motor Company wreck from UN matched gulf from worker pound in 1987 and 1988 and which caused a big lack of loss of selling process Mangers wasn't all from the Chung family, they have a good and professional workers and manger, and they had never make any objection to the mangers way We had a bunch of and it was hard to offer any new or different idea from the controller family any one didn't accept the owner decisions will lose his job soon and the beginning of enter the USA market the leader was the chung decision , it's true that the chung is an efficient manger because of him to Hyundai motor company enter the market in Europe , and at this time they needed the good management strategy to take the leading in market on Korea and his strategy goes excellent on this leadership and it was true that they knew that the organizations which starts which the lack of personal goal now success .

Question 2 :

Hyundai motor company approach on the global strategy , Hyundai motor win " the industry best warranty " in 1999 and it was the reason why 92% of buyer at this time to bought from Hyundai brand at this time , because of tis warranty the company gain lot of benefits and make the sales higher than ever in the united states auto market , the company worked hard to show the finesse of the product quality but it wasn't enough for the company for showing the finesse stream to win the audience belief , the best warranty was the top reason to prove the good quality they share in market production for the Hyundai motor company and they do found out that the up down type of making decision is better than any one other they do before , the employee wasn't only proud by the win , in fact they was worried about the company so that they start to taking a steps to make a stronger relationship by the way of hard work to satisfy supplier and worked on the rule of development the quality of the production and this lead to an emotional relationship between the organization and the customers .

Hyundai motor company found a packaging strategy the company was working hard to improve the brand image because of the reason the people tacked about Hyundai brand that it is cheap brand only low standard or poor people went to buy it and they found a solution the make this image fail down a and make a change for the brand image that take too long time also it affected on the car price forced the company to sell the car less than the others on the compete market , so that the image was taken because of the low prices the market though that Hyundai have a low value and product bad image , I fact the Hyundai motor was the same quality as the Japanese cars but because of the price image people think its Chinese or Indian brand so that they solution was about change in the equipment standard from buying the equipment from other market place and they called it the package strategy and then the factor offers a prices higher than before also higher than the other company on the market and they works on the improvement and putting more setting of options on the care which will attract the consumer .

And this packaging strategy is ensure the challenges for the Hyundai motor company and compete strongly with the competitors in market and after years from taking the " warranty " the power of the prize starts to disappear , and after the company worked the finesse the low price image , Hyundai motor company starts to recognize that they could leading in the understood that it needed a breakthrough that could lead to a essential improve for the brand picture on the market , and the restructuring t was the main idea that will save Hyundai and put it on the challenge , the development of the productions and the change of positions on the market at the first it was hard for them to take the fast action because it the decision making was full of the uncertainty and may hurt the direction of the strategic way , then Hyundai company enter the challenge and the company was facing a two hard conditions , the first condition was that the models with higher quality was taking a less image than its quality deserve with other models are competing with them , and the second condition was because of the low prices Hyundai was sharing in the market for its product and the company should wait till they can take their right of the picture take about the low prices and the not fair image , those two situation faced Hyundai make it hard for the challenge position and at the end they leave the advantages of the prices and now Hyundai motor company are the fifth large auto market around the world .

Question 3 :

Hyundai based on the theory penrose argued about because it aims to enter a competitive advantage from the most of human and physical resources , penrose view was about the social organization that take a plain to produce service for the organization and consider the different between the way of thinking in firm in term that owns the firm administrative , penrose theory view was that The internal organization sources, and management and relationships within the company are controlled and running on the view of mangers mind and In the point of view of Penrose, the border must be made by finding out how the company develops base source and how the administration the perception of this rule. Here Penrose says that including that the company then the ability to adapt to the environment variables If there is no reason to believe that the revenue shortage is likely to happen and ju young and see young will prove the view of penrose while the ju young chung the controller of management of Hyundai motor company he is the one who set the goals and made the strategic decision making are made by the chung family which they are the central mangers to ensure more strength toward the external part relationship for example when the Hyundai company motor begins the strategic alliance with ford , the manger young chung declare the transfer of managerial authority to ford company and the Hyundai motor select Mitsubishi and it made it more easy for the company to ensure the security of the independence from technology and development part of market and make entire pecuniary and private repose , see young the one who proved penrose theory see young chung take the new leader ship for the company and its leaded by the new different organization culture which have a new aims like make a consistent relationship and separate leading management with a similar opportunities by changing the leading relationship it caused a new strategic change, see young chung make a development on the production by reshaping ad collecting the job division , the main seen part was the change that happen because of the converting from a functional to divisional management strategy which work for effective evaluation and control , see young chung showed the theory of firms process which t. penrose argued .

Question 4 :

The technology policy aims for improvement of policy access knowledge as following up of demonstrable hypotheses and also aims to understand the implicit of technological and science possibility prospects and they are the best shown aspects of innovation policy because of the ignorance of much concern on the policy on innovation and do firms mechanism of market executed that make compensated.

The Hyundai motor company assumed to make a lot monitoring on decision that made on the market share and the strategic of technology , but the organization cannot control so that they thought of kindly ideas but it's have to take too much time to make Hyundai motor company accept the idea so they away fail by pass of time and the company decision maker have been usual leading b the top down way and tried to control employee decision from the time they done the organization subordinate by the decision maker should know that the subordinate relation is trail on the follow up of management and globalization and should start to learn from the experience of other leading motor company as Honda and Toyota to know how to beat the business cultural problem they faced in decisions tacked and the leading way .

The organization policies is the intercept of particular set of rights to the member on the organization and it's the order for making organization body , the share and propagation instrument that the member take , function known as premium administrator theory of policies .

The Hyundai company motor affected the local organization by its policies because it gives the worker in the company the highest salary in the Korean worker group and the employer now take the salary higher than the ( CEO ) because of this reason it affected the local environment because other employer on other companies need to take their right and the salary they should take so that other companies starts to suffer from the worker strike pushed , Hyundai motor affected also the international policies environment when they argues that the worker association in united states marker are not pointy engaged with the decision making I the managerial process but in German market they lead the role in the process of decision making .

That is how Hyundai motor company effect on the both side on national and international environment, by the certain organizations and businesses which pursue tough policy principles toward their employees. The Policy tuning action and make review preventing the freedom of utilization approaching when spending a specific lineaments and those are release writing related to employers it's like outcome of firm writing had uncovered t to the outgoing environment of market, the policy rule preventing the people on organization from faced the bad rules because it will be known on the marker share.