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Team consists of the members which together for a type of group which are capable of working together in a given environment. We will be discussing different issues happening in a team and discussing various aspects of team members.

There can be different types of teams in a working organization. Although there are many more but the most basic of them are work teams, task teams and management teams.

We as a human being need to work as a team. Every one of us have already experienced how one works as a group from childhood games to wherever he is now earning his living and from home to office in a form of society or in a form of team as an member in a team or as a team lead itself. Unfortunately, not every group succeeds in its objectives or goals either is a childhood or adult life or in a home with family or in an office as a team. Failure is a possible consequence whenever we get into a challenge. However, we can always avoid failure if every member of a group would not fail to use or exercise TEAMWORK. Every group of people must not only work as a GROUP where every individual member or person works for his own advantage, but instead, everyone should work as part of a TEAM, where he/she is working towards a common goal as of the other team members. When these small contributions from each individual to the team build up among themselves, success comes.

The Monitor Evaluator was needed to provide a logical eye, make impartial judgements where required and to weigh up the teams options in a dispassionate way.

Coordinators were needed to focus on the teams objectives, draw out team members and delegate work appropriately.

Resource Investigators provide inside knowledge on the opposition and made sure that the teams idea would carry to the world outside the team when the team was at risk of becoming isolated.

Implementers were needed to plan a practical, workable strategy and carry it out as efficiently as possible.

Completer Finishers were most effectively used at the end of a task, to polish and scrutinise the work for errors, subjecting it to the highest standards of quality control.

Team workers helped the team to gel, using their versatility to identify the work required and complete it on behalf of the team.

Shapers, also known as challenging individuals, provided the necessary drive to ensure that the team kept moving and did not lose focus or momentum.

Specialist had the job of in-depth knowledge of a key area.

Each team member had a weakness they had to focus narrowly on their own subject of choice, and to prioritise this over the teams progress.

As we being the members of the team had to fulfill our assigned duties and to complete our tasks on time and within the given scope. Besides from this, we had to make sure that we keep our team as one by supporting one another and helping out in others problems. I being the team leader had many issues which were to be resolved by keeping in mind the main goal for which our team has been formed. The objective was clearly to keep the team members roles in mind and draw a conclusion to certain issues which other members agreed after a combined discussion.

If there had been any issues among the team either in achieving the goal or between the members itself, first point was to bring everyone together and have a meeting and listen to each others problems and then by combined discussion resolve those issues. Like this every problem in our team was resolved easily and without any ones effort.

There must be a member in a team who encourages others for the good things that he has come up with during his research which he finds could benefit the team as a whole. That person discusses benefits with the team and also keeping in mind the drawbacks of his idea.

A member of the team also is very beneficial who helps other weak people who are not able to come on the track of achieving our goal due to any reason, he/she not only takes care of his/her own work but also helps other members out in their tasks. This type of person is very supportive and useful for a successful team.

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A main thing in teamwork which keeps the team connected are its regular meetings where everyone discusses their own portion of task they had carried out during their period of work. The meeting mostly held every week covers all aspects of progress of individual tasks and if there are any issues they are also discussed with other members for any possible solution.

Although each member of the team makes his own notes, but there are some members who like to keep track of their progress as well as others works, not fully in detail but at least the main points which could him in referencing to his work. This is a very good job done by the team member at his end and could be beneficial at the team level when all the minute details are gathered together. At the end individual notes can then sum up for whole team to read and understand others point of view towards a specific task.

In every team the team leaders job is to lead the team according to a plan so that they can achieve their goals accordingly. Other than that there may be a planner between the members themselves who can plan their journey of task completion with other members of the team. Planning is the most important part of teamwork. If someone is given a task to complete, he can further plan his task according to his needs and ease.

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We are human beings and everyone has his own idea of doing stuff. As a team one has his own idea which he would like to bring it up and work on it, but on the other hand there would be disputes as other might get a better idea which would benefit if it would be replaced with an old idea, so here arises a dispute if and only if the team members are not 100% cooperative.

Many disputes arise when working together with other people. Some might be big and some might be small compared to the other ideas related to the issues brought forward by other team members.

After the role of the team leader there are many members in a team which like to resolve certain issues with peace and understanding. Such people also play a great role in the team. Like this team stays focused on what they are trying to achieve.

Many people have different ideas which are much better than the ideas discussed earlier by the team lead. So these old ideas need to be replaced with the new ones and these could bring up benefit not only at the team level but also to the individual member who is performing that task.

I had a few good ideas which can replace others. My team discussed these ideas with great concern as these things can also produce ripple effect which can affect other members work. After studying them thoroughly, these ideas are implemented.

If an idea is produced in the meeting. So everyone had taken his own responsibility for their task. Some tasks start as an individual or a small group, but later they had to be merged with another team before the final output. So there can be more problems and people dont really want to take the responsibility on their head. But as being a good team, they resolved these sort of small issues by them self and without criticizing anyone else.

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Every member of the team wanted to get their own work done as soon as they could; this led to fast completion of the whole teams goal. This was good in the sense that whole team can get benefit. But some members think they do their work fast or before the due date, and it doesnt affect the team, but others might think for the team. This is a huge difference if it is seen from every members aspect.

One who takes the team with him and does those tasks accordingly to the time line not only leads himself to the success but whole team as well. These types of members are mostly needed in the team.

As there are members with different capabilities so the work had to be divided accordingly. If the task is given to a person he cannot perform easily or within short time, there would be some difficulties among the members, someone would say the other got an easier job than him, and so and so. But these things usually arise in team when the members are not supportive to others. These types of difficulties are to be resolved by equally dividing tasks and time with the members.

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As we have discussed various issues arising in the teams and how we resolved. There may be better ways to resolve these issues in a team, even better than the above mentioned. These issues arise where ever there is less cooperativeness in a team.

Every team makes up of certain people and each person may have their own idea of doing the assigned task. Some might have even better ideas then suggested, so these ideas are always welcome to be discussed with the other members and finally come to a conclusion whether to follow it or not.

At last after summarizing these points and keeping in mind certain problems and their solutions can we judge ourselves that whether we are a good team or not. The last thing which we might get in mind is that we can improve our teams abilities and communication between members if we are a good team lead.