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In business organisation in global context have different forms of business like sole partnership, gernal partnership and limited partnership. These all are forms of business global wise. Whenever you doing in business. You will allow the these forms of business to explain the business identification and will start business fallow these lines. In this assignment we will discuss about the business organisation in global and also analyse the different working environment in the business. Also responsibilities of the organisation operating globally. Evaluate the strategy of the organisation. Will give few shades on the impact of the national economy. It is beneficial for the business or not. Because when you going to start about business in every level country situation is very important so important to see the country national situation and laws. Sometime when you start business globally and laws and rules in favourable for you but when they make changes in the law and rules maybe your business position will be effected so then you need time to recover your business otherwise you will be out from globally market because every where different competition and you have numbers of competitors always try to compete you so always aware yourself with the changes of market.


Different between global business operations

Every organisation has different working environments. When you start to analyse the different organisation. You will see each organisation have different operating level. Its depend on the organisation type. We have different type of organisation and all have different laws and rules and working environment.

Sole partnership


Limited partnership

When you assess the organisation global wise always you will find the different situation and different working environment because all organisation in global wise according their culture, custom and trend and have own working style.

Global wise in business employees always use different strategies. Because in every country have different working levels. We can use the different strategy for employees.

Employee's questionnaire

Employee's reviews

Employee's feedback


Impact of external factors on organisation

2.1 in a business national economy leave important impact on the business. When you going to start organisation. You have to see the country law and rules because if you never see this maybe the country laws not more beneficial for the business and your business will closed soon so it's very important to know the performance of the country economic.

2.2 Governments always influence the activities of the business. Policies and regulation always provide the facilities to the small organisation. When we will see towards employees we can reduce the poverty so depend on the government how they influence.


Impact of global factors on business organisation

3.1 implication of global on business organisation can be affectively implied on the every business to gain the positive results. Because global business integration make rules so will look for business.

3.2 International trade is the exchange of goods and services. International trade leave number of positive effect on the business. Now every where you can found the same product in same price because business is globalized so no boundaries for business. For business all world is one market. You can easily import and export you product and services in international market and get good benefits.

3.3 Globalization leaves the very good and success full impact on the business because now every business is working like one unit in global. You can import and export your product one country to another country. Due to globalization now every product available in the market so now you have good and different product and services variety.

3.4 ICT has a glorious working impact on the globalization. Globalization treats us with advance technology networks. Its help business to bring in dot.com. its also set the standard for the global market and reset the global market and now every worker have globally market place.


Issues impacting on business activities

4.1 In globally wise our numbers of business operating in different fields. Like British airline, its provide the air services in maximum all countries. Due to good and comfortable services people love to travel in our air line because it's very comfortable. They are providing best food services, easy check in or out separate desk. For business customer one special desk always opens.

4.2 When you start business in global wise with country name. Sometime your organisation not well aware with the country laws and rules so they faced the different type of difficulties for time being. Because every country have own law and rules and also they make changing as well so these chances make effects on the your business.


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