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To celebrate party without a glass of drink seems worse in western culture. But it depends on culture. In UK pub and bar is available every where. But quality of drinks and price vary upon places. In hospitality management it's a very important sector. The operating system in food and beverage management was as being concerned with the management of an operation as a whole. Cousins, Foskett and Shortt (2002) divided food and beverage sector into three part…

Customer has money in their hands and for hospitality organization should take the right decision. That which can make reputed and profitable as well. By which part they will choose to satisfy their customer and become successful organization. In my point of view and sense I would like to suggest semi captive market for a hospitality organization.

2) How to improve beverage sector:

Beverage section of a restaurant sell beverage product to customer. for that reason there some law provision I should imply as an assistant manager of food and beverage section of the City centre hotel. Its very important otherwise the legal laws might be offensive. In book REMEDIES AND REALITIES by HARROLD BROWN " The choice between law provision state franchise statutes has been played somewhat erratically" that means in operation of beverage section law should be abide.

Different people different taste. A hotel bar section is very important to focus its qualities to the customer. Different customer likes different types of wines or drinks. Or pre dinner cocktail might ask by customer. So drinks list should be high profile as well as with in ability in other word price should be good. In a cuisine many guest might come who are non-alcoholic. For that type of guest, suitable drinks must available in the drinks list. Some common drinks like coffee, tea, soft drinks and different kinds of fresh or bottle juices can be add into the list. To achieve maximum rating maximum rating in beverage section this policy may be the good one. That is many countries produces whiskey, wine, beer and different type of alcohol. But most of customer choice goes to the best one. In example I can say Sicilia a province of Italy from this some most famous wine came from. So who is alcoholic must have the taste and knowledge about that. In that case customer chooses their best wine from the list. Rum is best of Caribbean region. Another thing should have to take into mind that is guest may be celebrate their party inside the bar area so good brand of Champaign must be included into the list. But one thing is that all the operation in food and beverage management should be apply in sense of customer satisfaction. Because of if the unknown or less qualities drinks are served customer might not satisfy other way if the drinks list is too poor customer may not buy any drinks that cause loss of profit and sell as well. In that sense Cousins, Foskett, Shortt (1995) notify that in their book Food and Beverage management "consumer of food and beverage product are increasingly sophisticated, pshylogically and individually different". So customer expectation is main to make beverage section profitable.

Previously I said different man different taste. For this reason a market strategy may be apply to select the drinks. Previously I suggest that there some best kinds of wine come from Italy but have to notice variety of choices. Like French wine or Spanish drinks can be included in the list. Then a customer when have look on the drinks menu he/she will have chances to variety of choices. The main important thing customers always try to taste new one and variety makes a customer to think. That makes a positive attitude from customer to the organization. One most important thing in beverage section the bar area can make intense the customer to have a look. Atmosphere of bar area should modern and traditional. Some new interior design can give some extra credit for beverage section. And beverage section is an important section for hotel so it should design effectively which can save time to serve and manage as well. To make profitable the beverage section some technique is appropriate like creating product - consumer relationship. About that Cousins, Foskett and Shortt (1995) notify four stage sequence in there books Food and beverage management-

Determine promotional channel

Estimate profitability

Plan product launch

Offer product and appraise performance.

That means in occasion in some kinds of drinks promotional offer can be applied. That help to up sell and maximization of profit before that project appraisal is needed. If any promotional offer applied if is advertise that help to rise of sells and maximization of profit.

Below I gave a chart that is full of variety and intense customer to think….

Compounded Drinks & Cups continued

Whiskey Based Cocktails

Sazerac £12.00

Cognac, Rye whiskey, Absinthe, Peychaud & angostura bitter's, sugar

Manhattan £12.00

Rye whiskey, Italian vermouth, Angostura Bitter's

Old-Fashioned £12.00

Whiskey cobbler, Bourbon, Angostura, Orange, sugar, soda

Vodka Based Cocktails

Bloody Mary £12.00

Vodka, Spice, lemon juice, fresh tomato juice

Moscow Mule £12.00

Vodka, Ginger beer, lime juice

Screw driver £12.00

Vodka, fresh orange juice

Gin Based Cocktails

Pink Gin £12.00

Gin, Angostura or Orange bitter's

Fizz Family £12.00

Gin, Lemon juice, Sugar, Soda

Tom Collins £12.00

Gin, Fresh lemon juice, Sugar, Soda

Dry Martini £12.00

Gin, Olive or Twist

City Bar

Full of Fizz….

De Nauroy Brut (NV) France

Bottle: £ 36.00 125ml: £6.50

Hints of apple and blossom, delicate fizz and a crisp finish

Graham Beck Brut Rose (2006/2007) South Africa

Bottle £29.00

Ripe strawberries on the nose and a dry mouse

Preece Brut (NV) Australia

Bottle £24.00 125ml: £3:00

Soft, smooth and bubbly with bright appley, pear fruit.

Jeio Prosecco Valdobbiandene Brut (NV) Italy

Bottle: £ 21.00 125ml: £3.00

A peachy fizz clean purity and a rounded finish

All Whites….

Chablis coquille (2007/08) France

Bottle: £24.00

Sleek, steely apple and lemon fruit with a refreshing finish

Chapel Down Bacchus (2006/07) England

Bottle: £ 21.00

Racy citrus, floral honeysuckle and a drizzle of honey

Red or Dead….

Casa de Piedra Cabernet Sauvigon (2006/07) Chile

Bottle: £13.50 250ml: £ 4.25

Aregento Reserve Malbec (2007/08) Argentina

Bottle: £ 16.00

A ripe, fruity red with hints of bitter cholcolate

Les Sablons Cotes du Ventoux (2006/07) France

Bottle: £ 17.00

Loads of full fruit flavor, Gently spicy and a tingly after taste

Thomas Mitchell Shiraz-Cabernet (2006/07)


Bottle: £20.00 250ml: £6.50

Full bodied plums with smooth velvety tannins

Castillo di Clavijo Rioja Crianza (2003/04) Spain

Bottle: £18.00

Red fruit and sweet vanilla nose, ripe trainnins and a long finish

Spy Valley Pinot Noir (2006/07) Newzeland


Petit Papillon Grenache Rose (2007/08) France

3) Law and Regulation:

But there is some law and regulation should have to follow. In United Kingdom Some law is working for liquor product like On license premises. And off license premises. If in sense Of John cousins 2nd edition" I should have proper knowledge about the local licensing framework". Because the new law for LICENSE ACT 2003. Is now implemented in market. From 10th of July that is not properly maintain there some punishment have to suffer for this reason. In this law its said

Retail sales of alcohol.

Supply or sale alcohol on behalf of the order of guest or member.

The provision regulated entertainment

The provision of night entertainment.

In United Kingdom in the law called WEIGHTS and Measure (1985) it said - In licensed premises every alcoholic drink except bar must be sell in to pints that 568 ml or half, every measurement must meet equal and its price as well. Cousins , Foskett and Shortt (1995) said in their book Food and Beverage Management must serve in actual measurement and proper way. In broadened of the speech of specialist customer paying for service and beverage so they legally receiver of best service and actual product. Otherwise if it's not that would cause degrade of ratings? And most important thing most of countries UK is not out of this list that is before selling any beverage customer might be allowed to take drinks on the other hand legally drinking age. Otherwise it may cause lawful restriction.

4 ) Financial operation:

In my research I find out several important topics in food and beverage sector which is very important to maintain. Like purchase product for food and beverage section. A simple mistake might cause huge loss, purchase manager and relevant section managers are responsible for that. Some simple steps can make easier to control and prevent loss, relevant department managers must check ledgers of stock, opening and closing before purchase stock purchase department require relevant documents for that. The step is given below….

Ι) Stock room responsible person make a query that how much product he needed to keep sufficient stock.

ΙΙ) Then report to beverage section supervisor he make inspection in all the details like opening and closing stock. Issuing beverage for bar.

ΙΙΙ) If everything ok supervisor report to beverage section manager about the beverage stock.

ΙV) Beverage section manager send the query to the purchase department to purchase new batch of stock

For an example stock report is given below….



TO: General Manager, Accountant, Purchasing manager, Executive chef, Head Store man

FROM: Food and Beverage Control Office

DATE: 30.10.09 Period: 20


Present period

Last period

Physical stock value £

Book value £


% Difference

Physical stock value £

Book value £


% Difference










Non- perishables


















Beverage purchase period -20 stock turnover

Perishables : 2165 = 77

Non-perishables: 6000 = 214

Show moving items: (i.e. non-issued item in period 20)

Cranberry juice---- 4 cases

Lemon juice-------7cases

Grape juice---------6 cases

That is for security purpose also. If it is properly followed it diminish the chances to theft, another matter is that when an order query received purchase dept. check the market price, and when purchase orders placed to the supplier. After receive the delivery all the product should be check in the purpose of quantity of beverages delivered matches that which has been ordered. Item would be the standard units of crates. Shapes and sizes are same. Then for quality purpose brand name, label on each item, expiry date, alcohol proof, the vintage, the shipper. And the price with the negotiated price is same.

Then all the records of good received must keep into records as for future documents. Another important financial operation in beverage section that is beverage control. Beverage control depends on business, size of operation. But for beverage department sophisticated control is required.

After receive the delivery finish all the security check the as soon as possible place to the cellar. For storage FIFO system is very important. But before storing there are some things which must have to be done. Some drinks which never kept into cellar like red wine. Usually in ideal temperature like the bar area such as 13-16 degree Celsius. And between 13 degree Celsius that is for bottled beer and soft drinks. 10 degree Celsius is ideal for white, rose and sparkling wine. The most important thing after storing the product into cellar it should be close tightly.

For issuing method in beverage section the only method "empty for full". That means when a bottle has finish then issue one more new bottle of wine to serve.

There are six known way to control beverage section. In Journal of Hospitality there is an Article about Beverage control Management "To implement an automated control system that is visible to the guests, as common knowledge suggests that guests are less satisfied when such systems are used. The common knowledge assumption is that guests are more satisfied when beverages are free-poured. The inherent assumption is that guests feel they are not getting their full value when beverage control systems, particularly visible controls systems" The main important things are pricing. These matters can make a hospitality organization profile table or loss, when selecting prices one thing should be followed.

At first the measurement, in the book of Food and Beverage Management Davis, Lockwood, and Stone (1998) said, "If ignore the net profit the beginning when the price list is preparing, then all the cost must take into notice and calculate and added with purchase price, In sense organization strategy profit percentage added then the retail price will be the output". That means difference between gross prices and selling price is net profit per portion. But there are a important matter that is Rate of Return, that means total cost of the business are determine to the business level and from this the percentage of the cost price required to be added to the cost of price is determined in order to ensure that the business will be viable. As much as sell of volume as much as profit maximization. About pricing Cousins, Foskett, Shortt (1998) notify that in their book Food and Beverage management "pricing must be market oriented". This means before pricing a market research should be apply because there are may some other hotel restaurant or bar selling drink in low price that might cause guest and sells as well. So the better way to pricing to make similar but not lower which cause loss. Everything should be going through with strategic plan. It's not necessary to set all the price may set in low. Sometimes when a may be in high price customer perceive this should be the best one otherwise it would be the low price. So before pricing everything must notice.

5) Research and objective:

While I made my research at that time I work as a assistant manager food and beverage section of renowned city centre hotel, I tried to apply all the theory which I have studied before and practical sense to handle all kinds of situation. May be some time I have face difficult situation which so critical to solve then I ask my senior manager who is so much experience than me. But before that I tried my self to solve the situation. The main objective when I work there all the moment my effort goes to make profitable the beverage section as well customer satisfaction. And my research based on company policy and strategy. I compare with the other organization I found there so difference in operation that's why I notice most of things in my research paper. Because of when I found any difference in strategy with operation then I compare with the other organization strategy and I applied the best one in my view.

It's all about reputation and company profitability reputation of the city centre hotel. In my work I gained my experience about customer expectation. And I tried to find out customer base service operation managerial expectation on beverage section. And I tried to find out in fixed circumstances how to make satisfy the customer. it means in beverage section some circumstances are fixed like price list of product but with in this how to make smile the customer I tried to adopt this technique in my research. That is the reason of my research. Previously I said beverage section is very important part of hospitality organization. That's why management always careful about this sector, and I tried to catch up every single step closely to know how to make profitable beverage as well as make popular.

6) Conclusion: Finally, it's mandatory to say food and beverage management depends on strategy and policy. Customer satisfaction quality and services. In my personal view and experience I would like to say the hospitality management of western culture or any other culture might vary but depends on operation and services whether it is profitable or not .