Difference Between Personal Management And Human Resource Management Commerce Essay

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To work a difference between personal management and Human resource management it defined it on basis work by The British Institute of Personnel Management (1963), which has the key features personnel management which included "a responsibility of all those who manage people as well as being a description of the work of those who were employed as specialists". Its main aim was at efficiency and justice which has been emphasized in for organizational development which bringing together of the men and women in the organization and enhancing their individual and collective contributions to organizational success. It had some fair terms and conditions for work and it noted that categorizing men and women are main entities in practice where survival is more that welfare of workers.

A research who defined personnel management in his view point differentiated HR and HRM in terms of the psychological contract, center control, employee relations, organization principles and policy goals. To the researcher the Human resource are favored contracts, collective behavior and low trust meanwhile HRM favored reciprocal commitment, to maintain management. It has been considered as the organic nature of institutions, flexibility and for a decentralized administration. These policy goals of HRM were adaptive work force unlike administrative efficiency, standard performance cost minimization aspect in personnel management.

Personnel management is workforce centered, directed mainly at the organization's

Employees are hired, train them, arranging them for pay, and making them learn management expectations, justifying management's actions etc. While on the other

Hand, HRM is resource centered, directed mainly on which in terms of developing the responsibility of HRM to line management, management development etc.

Although indisputably a management function, personnel management has been never totally identified with management interests, as it has become ineffective when it is not able to understand and articulate the aspirations and views of the workforce, just as sales representatives have to understand and articulate the aspirations of the customers.

The difference between the personal management and human resource management comes in different ways. There are lot of conceptions and notions in defining the management at both personal and human resource level .These methods of maintaining things comes in different ways and options and procedures. Human resource management comes as the getting resources for the work to be done in a organisation maintaining it and taking up steps in further ways that resource can be utilised in better way .They have the ability of selecting the right mix of people and things in getting better utility aspect and other options. These have become a major bottleneck in contemplating the issues as they have to check across the resources in getting the better possibility aspect. But, as coming to personal management it can be defined as the procedure of taking up various steps within available resources as reducing the ways of allocating new resources in the staff segment and taking up responsibilities at personal level and giving valuable in developing new skill sets in maintaining the level of responsibility in achieving the company growth at higher level.

Task 2:

A) Acquiring and retaining high-quality talent is a critical for an organization's success. As we know that job market becomes increasingly competitive skills which are available and which can grow in a more diverse manner, The recruiters need to have more selective in their choices, since poor recruiting decisions can produce long-term negative effects, among them high training and development costs to minimize poor performance and high turnover which will impact staff morale, production of high quality goods and services and the retention of

Organizations memory. At worst, the organization can fail to achieve its objectives which in turn lose competitive edge and its share of market.

In traditional way, Public Service organizations little need to worry about market share and increasing competition. They operate on monopolistic environment. Which in recent time and emphasis on Public Sector Management .It has forced public organizations to pay closer attention to service delivery in which consumers have begun to expect and demand more for their tax dollars? It was in past where a citizens content to grumble about poorly-produced goods and services which are under-qualified, untrained employees who provide them. As societies become more critical and litigious, public service organizations must seek all possible avenues for improving their output and providing the satisfaction their clients require and deserve. The provision of high-quality goods and services begins with the recruitment process.

In this work has to be necessitating for the selection and recruitment of employees which ought to be made by keeping up in the brand development and brand growth aspect. The various positions in handling the retail store can be cashier, sales person, auditor for account and security guard and stalls maintenance in charge and other divisions. As we bring out these aspects of job position we can recruit person who has previous experience in these field of area .so, Selection procedure has to be transparent manner and should be designed such that it brings out the best skills of employee in the situations when needed.

As we are taking responsibility in setting up the new store in north England and with the competition with the nearby stores .We need the employee who are more of result oriented and achieve specific targets in specified time and stature.As TESCO has some guideline in recruiting persons irrespective of race, religion and hides the details of the employees and gives them the utmost liberty in taking care of the obligations. We have the legislation which caters to the dignity and self respect in the working atmosphere.

In changing market scenario keeping up with the competition and maintaining of the employee resource come as a major bottleneck in times where there is economic recession and staff layoffs and sales increase have a major impact in these areas .In these scenarios Tesco has formulate to utilise the resources by inculcating new methods of product sales and training and making them part of decision making and utilize them informed of the present company situation. They are the front runners in sales growth steps .these make up a great stepping stone in progress of the organisational restructuring.

To have low retention we need have the recruitment process which has the follows the point below

1. It should have a development policy on recruitment and retention of the systems that give life to the policy.

2. It needs for assessing and to determine current and future human resource requirements of the organization. If this activity has to be effective, the human resource requirements for these job categories of every division/unit of the organization must be assessed and priority needs to be assigned.

3. Need to have identification, within and outside the organization, for a potential human resource pool and likely competition for knowledge and skills resident within it.

4. Analysis of job and its evaluation at individual aspects of each job and calculate its relative worth.

5. Assessing qualifications profiles which are qualified and which draw job for which can identify responsibilities for required skills, abilities, knowledge and experience.

6. Determination of organization's ability to pay salaries and benefits within a defined period.

Recruitment can be conducted internally through promotion and transfer of existing personnel or through referrals, by current staff members, of friends and family members Where internal recruitment is the chosen method of filling vacancies, job openings can be advertised by job posting, For this strategy of placing notices on manual and electronic bulletin boards, in company newsletters and through office memoranda. Referrals are usually word-of-mouth advertisements that are a low-cost-per-hire way of recruiting. Internal recruitment does not always produce the number or quality of personnel needed. In an instance if an organization needs to recruit from external sources, either by encouraging walk-in applicants; advertising vacancies in newspapers, magazines and journals, and the visual and/or audio media; using employment agencies to "head hunt"; advertising on-line via the Internet; or through job fairs and the use of college recruitment.

The Suggestion, which we can provide for better retention of the employees are below.

Better Organizational hierarchy

Rewards to be given for best work done.

Community initiatives which bring employees together to achieve best thing

Addressing the conflicts between the employees in amicably considering their concerns

It is often difficult to ensure and maintain fairness/equity in the recruitment process

Although in jurisdiction, there are some laws that can protect an individual who are vulnerable groups from the negative impact of discriminatory practices. Where necessary, systems, detailed procedures and processes exist or must be established to minimize discrimination.

All employees contribute to Tesco reputation and it is important that all employees adhere to ethical values and follow the principles and as organisation is conducted in domestic and international and in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations and aware of the legal requirements and apply for the job and follow laws strictly .Employees should not tolerate illegal activity conducted for personal gain on company behalf and lack of knowledge of law cannot be excused with the ethic policy of the company .If the employee requires any legal information on some matters can have the liberty of contacting the legal department.

The employees is made through take responsibility in taking reputation and credibility in all your business relationships and have honest and honourable in all dealing with other employees, the public, the business community, shareholders, customers, suppliers, competitors and government authorities. Employees are told not take gifts and entertainment invitation which can influence can reveal the aspect and influence your decision and make public which may hurt the sentiments of the influenced your business decision. Never give or receive any payments that can fall outside normal conduct of business. Ensure consulting, agency fees, commissions, retainers or other payments. They are told not give or receive any payment that falls outside the normal conduct. They have to comply with company accounting procedures and controls and all applicable laws. They have to properly record all financial data and transactions.


In private sector, the words interview and interrogation are used incorrectly. The worse is tendency to drop the word interrogation altogether from the vocabulary in an attempt make the practice less threatening to public, union representatives, human resource administrators, attorneys or corporate executives. There is little doubt that the word interrogation carries a negative connotation. It does not change the fact that it is proper term for important step in investigative process. It is therefore important that investigator has a clear goal in mind when having a conversation. If that conversation is intended as an interrogation (regardless of what it is called) the interviewer should keep that fact in mind and not allow the use of euphemisms to alter his or her approach.

In judging, we would discuss with employee which is more effective way of getting him to correct his behavior than a formal reprimand or penalty? For example, if the misconduct is an isolated instance of misbehavior by a usually reliable employee, a discussion is ordinarily more effective than a penalty or reprimand.

Or, is the misconduct part of a pattern of repeated offenses, which I have already tried unsuccessfully to correct by methods short of a formal reprimand or penalty? If so, formal discipline may be in order.

3. Has similar misconduct on the part of the employee or other employees been tolerated (ignored or condoned) in the past by management? If so, have employees been put on notice that such misconduct (for example, lining up early at the time clock or taking excessive relief time) will no longer be tolerated, and has an effort, short of formal discipline, been made to correct the problem?

4. Have I asked the employee for his explanation and permitted him to tell fully his side of the story?

To take up the details of the present 2 employees like of Paul Wilkinson and of Sheena Johnson. let us first take up the case of the Paul who is of 44 years is person who have the vast experience in working in that field .The behaviour of the person can be dealt with a seriousness but as already we has a talk on this issue with him. We can intimate him this way he misusing his position, making him once again realise the work ethic and policy which he has to cater and do what is better for the interest of the company if he has any obligations and any change in time schedules to be discussed can be taken management level where is dissatisfaction can be addressed. As a manager can remind him if all requirement are made up to which are in purview of the company policy and ethics and he still come lately work warning can be issued priority that his status of brand employee will be layer off.

Coming to the figuring out the Sheena Johnson .As security department has evidence that she has stolen the finished items and non-finished items from the store. She can be reminded the work she is doing will in turn bring disrepute to store growth prospects and service delivery level and stock maintenance and it sustenance in the area will short-lived if the higher level of management come to know of repeated complaints employee of the particular area are miss utilising the segment of rewards and recognition given to the employees. Employee is made to address the ethic and policy to maintain necessary law regulation in the company and can remind them lawful action can be taken against them for the wrongful deed which they are doing .We can tell the employee benefit of pay can be credited for taking away unaccounted items from the store which can hit her financial record at higher level. These are some of the steps we can take up for any misconduct of an employee of these cases.

The extra information we can gather in these case can be of the rate at which Paul was coming late and reason which he use to tell for coming late for work .The other thing is asking him if he has any conflicts and interest within the organisation which he thinks not enjoying .What economic condition he striving for .As of other case of the Sheena we can check what type of finished or non-finished items she taking from stores. What kind of excuse she is mentioning to the security people. What stocks haul she has taken from store and what implication it can have at the product stock level in the store which can hinder the sales growth target. These are various steps which can be taken up.

Taking the case above Companies need to increase their recognition for the importance of the Ethics at the top. Senior management and board of directors need to engage in efforts to cultivate a climate of ethical behaviour by their actions. The ethics related duties of directors of companies which are private, public and nonprofits, for profit need to clearly set forth taking up Guidelines. Managers at all levels speak louder in words which contains a formal ethics. For example, employees are made to understand exploiting of incentive compensation system will not be tolerated and disciplinary action will be taken on them.