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Armstrong and Baron (2004) define performance management as a process which contributes to the effective management of individuals and teams in order to achieve high levels of organizational performance. As such, it establishes shared understanding about what is to be achieved and an approach to leading and developing people which will ensure that it is achieved' the authors go on to state that it is 'a strategy which relates to every activity of the organization set in the context of its human resource policies, culture, style and communications systems. The nature of the strategy depends on the organizational context and can vary from

In 1979, the Government of Trinidad and Tobago established AATT a statutory body established by the Airports Authority Act, No 49 of 1979. It falls under the portfolio of the Ministry of Works and Transport (MOWT).

The AATT manages facilities at Piarco International and Crown Point International Airport. These airports are located in the twin island republic of Trinidad and Tobago respectively. The VMOST concept has been adopted articulating the way forward. (VMOST Analysis Ensuring That Organizational Activities Deliver Your Vision of the Future n.d)

Its Vision to be the premier provider of aviation driven business in the region.

Its Mission is to develop and manage safe, secure, efficient and customer-oriented airport estates and ancillary business in a sustainable manner by optimising returns on all employable assets.

Its Objectives is to be the best Airport Estate Developer/Operator in the Caribbean and Improve Customer Interface across all sectors, stakeholder relations and Operational efficiency.

Its Strategy is to improve customer service; increase revenues and cash flows; reduce cost and improve institutional strength are the strength the organization is built upon.

Its Tactical policies employed realized the critical success factors in security services; customer service; passenger movement and service; cargo movement; facilities maintenance; quality management and facilities; low cost at a prescribed customer service level and revenue collection.

The Board and executive have developed principles' that drives the organization in its thrust to offer improves solutions for the travelling public and the smooth and safe operations of managing the environment.

The primary mandate of the Authority is to develop and manage its airport estates, focused on customer satisfaction while providing safe, secure and efficient aviation services. The Airports Authority of Trinidad and Tobago aspiration is to be the best airport estate operator/developer in the Caribbean, providing the highest quality service to their clients, being innovative and keeping up to date with modern technology, also helping every employee reach his/her full potential and providing a fair return to their stakeholders.

With their quality statements, it is integral to have an effective Performance Management System to ensure that they effectively meet these statement and goals. They are in the service industry and their employees are the ones that will support them to achieve their strategic goals under strategic management guidance and strategic planning.

1.1.1 Scope of the Study

The researcher's scope will cover AATT Piarco Administration operations which compromise of Human Resource, Finance, Marketing, Property Management, Engineering, Corporate Communications, Audit, Legal, Information Technology and Administration. The total number of employees in these departments is 56. The researcher will be able to access this population of AATT because she is located at the Airport Authority Administration Building and the employees are readily available and willing to participate in the study.

1.1.2 Purpose/Rationale of Study

People are an organisations greatest asset but, people need purpose, direction, goals and clear expectations. Unless these are known, employees are apt to go off with good intentions in the wrong direction. A Performance Management system links and aligns individuals, teams and organisational objectives. It also provides a means to recognise and reward good performance and to manage underperformance. Different frameworks work for different people, there is no 'one best way' but it is important to consider issues from diverse perspectives, question and critique finding and support what you think with evidence and examples.

The researcher being an employee of the organisation who has firsthand experience of AATT's approach to performance management has observed that they are severely underutilizing this system, from causal observation the researcher identified that there is discontent with the current performance practices at AATT. The researcher saw the need to investigate how performance Management is integral to the development and the future of this organisation and its impact on their employees.

1.2 Aims and Objectives

The researcher will undertake a critical analysis of Performance Management at Airports Authority of Trinidad and Tobago with the objectives to:

Critically examine the different approaches and methodologies relating to Performance Management at AATT.

To compare and contrast the company's current performance management practices against their existing policies and best practices on performance management.

To determine whether Performance Management impacts on the motivation of employees.

To make recommendations where necessary to enhance Performance Management at AATT.

Performance Management allows employees to become aware of what is expected of them and how their contributions help in the attainment of the organisations strategic objectives. The researcher's primary aim is to undertake an analysis of the approaches to performance management and its impact on the organisation and its employees.

1.3 Summary

The researcher has identified from casual observation and experience that the organisation is not fully utilising the performance management process and the researcher will critically analyse the Performance management process and implementation at AATT and in the following chapter the researcher will discuses the different frameworks, theories, and approaches to performance management.

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