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Every motivation is an individual motivation so it can't be given by some other persons. Motivation is divided in two parts. Motivation is the behaviour of the person. It has two factors. 1. Internal factor, 2. External factors

Like an example if you have a horse and you ride your horse in Shallow River so you can't force it to drink the water if it is thirsty it will definitely drink the water. This is internal desire if its owner forced it to drink the water then it is converted in to desires. Motives are veterans of person's need, so they are the personal and internal. External means when the person is forced by some others, it is called external factors. In internal factors, it comes from your inner confidence from your own self that is called internal factors. People have different types of needs like psychological needs, social needs, security needs, esteem needs, and self actualisation needs, when they enter in organisation. If the person will not get these needs properly, then he will become dissatisfied. It must be make sure that if the person will not get proper place or control with internal and external factors, then he will not achieve his goal. So we can say that motivation to goal shows right direction of behaviour. So motivation is not advisable now in this generation, but it is mandatory for you. Motivation is not only useful to the company staffs, employers, but also plays an important role in general people's ambition.


The staffs are main key for company. Without staff company can't see the bright future and it will be failed to achieve its goal. The failure and the success for your business is depend on your staffs, so staff person are must more accurate, time punctuality, self competitive and co-operative. But if your employees are not get success and company will not see its bright future, it does not matter if your company produce big product or a small product whether your company is too much famous in the market; still your company has to follow the way of marketing. So we can say in this generation the motivation required for new and big technology and production.

[1] Example: The Aspid, a super market for a super car.

For the market of the Aspid, they required supercar that can reach the speed of 60 mph in 2-8 seconds. The west midiands has proved to be the best European location for its latest venture and they got success to achieve its goal, because it's their motivation of goal-setting in its mind. They have motivation of the making speed car then they get succeed in making speedy car. Aspid Company is produced by IFR Automotive the Spanish research and Development Company. Their products are electronic and light weight technologies. But at that time Rodriguez elected very small team with 10-15 specialists from the local area and this is not enough for them, because they want to apply with proper skills to create these new technologies. But it is important also have the right motivation and he has confidence that with its new technology the worker can't stop themselves. They succeed in creation of their product but they can't get success without the motivation to their staffs so company's managers have to motivate their staff for their career and company's bright future.


Motivation theories are described the behaviour of the person and different person written different theories in motivation. Two of them described as under.

[1] American devid Clarence McClelland (1917-98) credited his doctorate in psychology at Yale in 1947 and make a position of professor at Wesleyan university. Then they had started two things teaching and lecturing, including a spell at Harvard from 1056. Then he studied particularly about the achievement motivation need.

Devid McClelland is critics three of motivation need which are as under:

Achievement motivation(n-ach)

Authority/power motivation(n-paw)

Affiliation motivation (n-affil)




These needs are found to varying degree in all workers and managers and give ideas about the manager or person's behaviour and both of terms being motivated and with it management can motivate others.

(1) Needs for achievement:

McClelland wants to say that for getting achievement and for complete the goal or aim. He or she needs strong feedback for completion of the goal and getting achievement.

(2) Needs for authority and power:

Manager needs strong leadership to pursue his ideas for motivation to his staff and need towards increasing personal status and reputation.

(3) Needs of affiliation:

Here McClelland described about the relation factor. Manage should have friendly relationship with his staff.

McClelland suggested other characteristic and attitudes of achievement.

(1) Achievement's role is bigger than material or financial rewards.

(2) Achieving goal give you pride, respect, praise, reputation and promotion

(3) Financial rewards is measurement of success not an end in itself.

(4) Security is not first priority factor.

(5) Feedback is compulsory due to measurement of success.


Maslow established a basic model and person's basic needs their physiological requirements and safety too. Maslow's hierarchy of needs is shown as following diagram.

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(1) Physiological needs:-

Physiological needs means which are necessary for day to day life like air, water, food, sleep, work, bath, nourishment. Maslow says that if such needs are not satisfied then other forced to them to be satisfy them and then after these needs are convert into higher needs like safety needs, social needs and esteem needs.

(2) Safety needs:-

When physiological needs are completed then safety and security needs play a role like living in safe area, life insurance, car insurance, job security, reserves. According to Maslow if persons feel not happy their selves with safety needs or he or she is harm way then can't get more attention on higher needs.

(3) Social needs:-

When the person to get the basic level physiological and safety needs then higher level needs also an important for the person and these needs are converted in to the higher needs. Social needs like need for friends, needs for belonging, need to give and receive love like etc...

(4) Esteem needs:-

When the person gets first three needs then these needs arises. Esteem needs may be classified as internal or external needs. Some esteem needs whish are self respect, achievement, goal purpose, time punctuality, recognisation reputation. Then after Maslow refined his model include a level between esteem needs and self actualisation needs.

(5) Self actualisation needs:-

Needs of the persons never and ones complete another grow in their mind to achieve and complete it. Self actualisation needs like truth, justice, wisdom and meaning.


Motivation is advice for the worker but some time managers are the problem. They can't give proper inspiration. Most of companies have it all wrong. They do not have to motivate their staff or employees. They have to de-motivate their right new in this generation. When new employees are come in the company at that time they are quite enthusiastic on their new job but 85% of the companies research in about that, after six months employees are not work properly for the company their needs are stop somehow they are work only for the security not more then it. They research shoe how individual manager's behaviour and style are contributing to the problem in this generation. People are work with their key goals.1. Equity, 2.Achievement, 3. Relation needs. Manager faces difficulty in motivation now in this generation because he failed to create control on these three things and his work gets more overloads and so he can't give personal attention to his staff and he can't give proper motivation to them. Nowadays manager has faces some difficulties because businesses also expanding more and more and because of the increasing the size of the business the responsibilities are become high for them, their expenses also create more and so even sometime they have to face the critical situation of crisis. They have to reserve their capital also so in this generation some time company failed to give some good rewards and bonuses to their staff. If the size of the business arises then the loophole also arises in the business so sometime workers, employees, staffs can't get promotion and achievement with material and financial reward. Now in this generation people only basic needs they wants also their higher needs. The size of staff also increasing in the company so company some tin=me can mot give them their higher needs properly.


In the one of the most elaborate studies on employee motivation, involving 31000 men and 13000 women, the Minneapolis gas company sought to determinate are the desire of the employees have and what types of desire they want from their job. This study was carried out during 20 years ago from 1945 to 1965 and was quite revealing company gives various rating for various factors between men and women, but, both group need security as the highest rated factor but company failed to give them highest rated factor to both and they become satisfied. The three factors with which they become dis-satisfied which are advancement, type of work and company proud to work for and so therefore company and company's manager face difficulty in motivation. Surprisingly their internal and external factors are very low so they got complexity in their company. They are failed to give not good salary, bad working condition, not good benefits to both groups. So after all, and contrary to common belief, money is not the prime motivator.


Motivation is do or die situation for the manager right now because it is the key between manager and employees. He has to think bright career not only for the staff but also for the employees and the company so far motivation plays an important pole in this generation. It's true to evaluate that it's complex but it's compulsory for manager to do. Modern theories also help to increase and learn the motivation so managers when keep their attention on theories and they work with their following ideas so the motivation can be succeed. External factors of motivation are demanded higher by the staff and the manager not in the right position to complete their whole needs and he faces also some other factors from outside so managers can not complete their all desires and managers failed to give his all concentrations on the motivation and other seminars. So his staffs will happy, company will happy, and managers and motivation is the key between them.