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Facing the competition for talent employee has escalated rapidly, business organizations are forced to formulate new recruitment strategies to find talents for open positions. Among existing recruiting channel, social networking website is a relative new recruitment method. In this paper we explored the benefits and influence of social networking website on improving employee recruiting efficacy. If social networking website could accelerate the speed of recruiting or bring organization new opportunity to expend their talent bank, once business organizations incorporate it into existing recruiting method, it will help organization against talent employee competition. Furthermore, it will contribute to organizations to achieve their operational goals.

1) To explore the relationship between social media network and employee productivity--susan

2) To examine the benefits of social networking in improving business organization's recruitment efficacy---flora

3) To evaluate the advantages of social networking in organizational interactions--fakhruddin

4) To assess usage of social networking services in promoting skill management and educational value in organization---arad

2.0 literature review/Background   8--9, 2pages per person


2.2 the benefits of social networking

With the development of organizations, challenges including using of technology, staff gaps, inadequate candidate pool and low effective recruiting strategies are placed in front of business organizations (Gakovik and Yardley 2007). What's more, every company will unavoidable affected by an aging workforce. Some countries' ministry of manpower has predicted the labor shortage will continue to increase until 2025. Therefore, developing sufficient and appropriate recruiting plans and strategies are crucial for organizations, in that way, organizations are able to attract adequate candidates, adapting competitive working environment.

Facing the competition for talent employee has escalated rapidly, business organizations are forced to formulate new recruitment strategies to find talents for open positions (Harder 2008). Hoffman (2008) also beliefs organizations could succeed in dealing with development challenges via using efficient recruitment approach, and continually strive to develop the recruiting process by expanding their recruitment strategies and tactics (Chhabra and Aparna 2008).

Technology brings business organizations opportunities to find potential employee (Sachitanand and Bhattacharya 2008). As we known, there are several recruiting strategy alternatives, such as social networking website, e-HR, outsourcing HR service. Many literatures have already forecasted social net working could enhance recruiting efficiency. With the implement of social networking in companies, the chance to find potential talent worker lift, moreover the candidate pool increased (Gittlen 2008). According to Hoffman 2008, available candidate pool in social networking, such as Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, Second life, provides better and adequate quality candidates for business organizations. It had been verified by Rutledge (2008), he says "Cross the world, hundreds of millions of people use social networking websites in a single month. They are students, job seekers, HR people, even CEO " . Rutledge (2008) believes that the business organization adopt an innovative way of interacting is a dominant benefit when using social networking.

With the implement of social networking site, the network between current or future job seekers and employers can been built. There is a well known method "Knowledge mapping" supporting pervious statement. Knowledge mapping, according to the research, represents who knows whom, who knows what, who knows how, and who knows why (Liebowitz 2007). What we can seen from Figure 1 is, HR person can see candidate's personal social network easily though social networking site, and could reach numerous crowed through others channels.

Figure 1: Knowledge Mapping (Liebowitz 2007).

According to Burkholder and Preston (2004), when replenish new blood to a company, there are four objectives must be satisfied. The four objectives are (a) hiring the best possible candidate for the position, (b) establish a candidate pool pipeline, (c) continuously improve the existing recruiting process, and (d) limit the cost-to-hire. They strongly believe social networking site as a new strategy for recruiting can achieve those four requirement. To be more specific, firstly, HR or staffing professionals could type the key words of the type of their desired employee. Secondly, once organizations become a member in certain social networking site, they could have access to qualified employees in social networking's candidate pools. Third one, considering social networking websites is one of the most frequently visited sits (Rutledge 2008), and the numerous users are in an active status, organizations should formulate a blueprint to embracing social networking into their recruitment system, allow that system improve recruiting efficiency. The last one, compared with traditional recruiting methods, such as running advertisements on newspaper, magazine, radio, the capital spending on social networking is inexpensive, while it will help to reduce the time spent on finding appropriate worker (Zeidner 2009).

As we stated earlier, social networking enable organizations to search potential candidate before they came to you. Furthermore, social networking provide HR and staffing professionals opportunities to look through candidate working experience and social networks, before they decide send job offer letter to existing candidate (Sampath 2007). According to Sanders and Riemsdijk (2008), in the foreseeable future, internet recruitment will continue to be popular, due to demographics changes, acute recruiting strategies. However, nowadays, even for globe group or multinational organizations, using social networking as a recruitment method is in a nascent stage. At the same time, study shows comparing to get average candidates, recruiters have access to target outstanding candidates who have specific skill or extensive working experience in social networks by using keywords or limitations (Cross and Parker 2004). Take United States social networking website --LinkedInâ„¢ for example, more than 19 millions of professional profiles, including CEO profiles are available in their database. Correspondingly, there are many professionals using Facebook or Twitter to seek jobs or to communication with potential employers.



3.0 Issue/ Promblem/ Challenges 8 pages, 2pages per person


3.2 Recruiting Challenges

Cost and efficiency

It is a challenge that how organizations develop innovative method or strategy that reduces the recruiting cost while increase efficiency. The traditional advertising cost and hidden costs have been involved in. Especially when the wrong choice happened, it will have negative influence on business organization. New employees training investment, low productivity or moral due to job unsuitable personality, and high turnover rate, etc are all belong to hidden cost. Speaking to the advertising cost, average traditional cost for running advertisement on newspaper is $3,295, however, because of the paperless process through web advertising, it average cost at $377, almost save 90% capital. Furthermore, considerable social networking database will support hiring criteria search, promptly retrieving matching applicants resume information (Zeidner 2009). To be more specific, robust database improve the results quality, lowering cost-per-hire and time-to-fill statistics (Gittlen 2008).

Social networking provides a faster and cheaper recruiting strategies for business organizations. Moreover, there is no space limitation issue comparing to print advertisement, organization could post informative job wanted advertisement in social media websites, making connecting with a mass of candidate (Carr and Kariyawasam 2008). Additionally, social networking could improve and accelerate the speed of recruitment and selection process.

Cross and Parker (2004) prove previous statement, their study shows comparing to print advertisement social networking accelerate the speed of recruiting process in three aspects, there are

Posting of jobs

Social networking website speed up job post, by eliminate the time lag between the information submission and printing. Since social networking enable business organizations post their job vacancy immediately, moreover, advertisement on social networking site can be seen 24 hours a day, and could stay in headline position depend on demand.

Application response

Social networking site provide organizations ability to interact with users, including job seeker, mass customers, future stakeholders and so on. That means HR or staffing professional could receive application real-time response, selecting qualified candidate to expand their talent bank.

Processing of resumes

Faster processing of resumes allows any applicant that posts a resume electronically to be immediately screened and the business organization can have immediate information on the talent worker.

Global competition for talent

Worldwide competition for talent is another challenge for organizations, it caused by aging manpower, a diluted workforce pool of younger generations and the required technological staff gap between demand and supply in labor market (Gittlen 2008). Business organizations urgently need to enhance their ability to attract, recruiting, remain, and train talent, in order to meet this challenge (Walsh 2008). However, according to Chhabra and Aparna (2008), business organization should take advantage of social networking to reach new generations, who grow-up with internet and logging on social networking frequently in a day, expanding their recruiting channel, in order to tackle the recruit and hire issue.

Legal and ethical issues

There is no doubt, social networking site could provide some opportunity to organizations, however there also exist some potential legal and ethical issues when employers using networking websites as a hiring platform (Chris Jones, Susan Behling 2010), including:

Finding prohibited and private information

On social networking site, employer can search candidate profile, such as age, served company, and view their friend or family reunion photos. However, in US, staffing professional not allow to ask interviewee's age, religion, sexual orientation, etc. (Kochman, 2009). It means the information employer get through social networking may cause legal issue. Especially, when they rejected interviewee's application, their behavior may be considered as discrimination (Seale, 2009).

Potential future laws

The development speed of technology always surpasses the promulgation of the law (Seale, 2009). We don't know how the upcoming enacted law will regulate the use of social networking sites. Organizations using social networking as a hiring tool need to pay more attention on the new law.



4.0 Discussion      10 pages, 2-3 pages per person


4.2 the benefits of social networking in improving business organization's recruitment efficacy

Social recruitment usually is a subsidiary function of social network of, since it be bound up with each person and each company's development, social recruitment has become one of the most concern applications. According to Christopher Petropulos (2009), Traditional recruiting is being carried out by using company website, search engine, newspaper etc. However, with the increasing user in social networking site in 2006, social networking sites are being used as a hiring measure. The advantage of social networking sites is to show and verify the associated candidate's experience, intelligence and personality dispositions through web platform, enable HR screening candidates more efficiency. Simple words, social networking site has a huge user profile, which is a treasure for organizations. Secondly, with the use of social networking sites, companies can fully understand a candidate, including what kind of character he is, what kind of friends he has are in a single glance.

Recent year survey and research released exact figures. According to Christopher Petropulos (2009), from 2006 to 2008, the percentage of business organizations utilizing social networking as a recruiting tool increased 6%, from 12% in 2006 to 18% in 2008. At same period, the percentage of business organizations never utilizing social networking as a recruiting tool decreased 23%, from 79% in 2006. The decline depicts more and more companies are aware that social networking could improve efficacy in recruiting practices.

Deloitte LLP(2009) organization 2009 survey shows 23% company utilizes social networking for recruiting purposes, refer to following figure.

Figure the multiple use of social networking website

More recently, Jobvite (2010) organization's survey disclose the results : in totally 600 HR respondents, 73.3% of companies hiring new employees through social networks, refer to figure ,nearly 60% of the surveyed companies reported that they successful recruit new staffs through social networks (such as: LinkedIn, Facebook) .

Figure company using social network to support recruitment

HR and staffing professionals could type specific skills as a search condition in social networking site, then system will automatically find the matching candidates. All those formulate a more efficiency and effective innovative hiring process (Fegley 2007). With the prevalent of Social networking utilizing in recruiting, organization found it could reduce the time spending on hiring. According to Christopher Petropulos (2009), social networking website enable half of organizations spend 0-2 hours a week, instead of 10 hours in before.

Case study depicts many organizations search for the passive applicant on social networking platform. Passive applicants are the highest quality of potential staff, whose specialize on certain area, or senior management talent, they usually don't post their profile on traditional job engine. However, with the use of social networking, they could built connect with those passive applicants. To be more specific, among those organizations incorporate social networking, 69% could recruit passive applicants, 40% could recruit a specific job level workforce, 38% could target specific skills of applicants. Most of senior directors firmly believe after social networking sites integrate with existing recruiting methods, the recruitment process can be improved. In addition, the platform of social networking could also be used to verify potential or existing candidate qualification. With the growth of utilizing social networking, 29% respondents say they will view candidate information on social networking sites, based on the information almost half of them will cancel certain candidate's application . (Christopher Petropulos 2009)

In order to avoiding legal and ethical issue, organizations need to pay more attention when they screen employment candidates using social networking. They could formulate appropriate policies or procedures, regulating the rule of utilizing social networking site. By following those policies, business organizations could view candidates profile in a nondiscriminatory and consistent way (Jackson, 2010). Additionally, business organizations could hire HR expert or third party to carry out background verification (Kochman, 2009).

As we known, the emergence of social networking will significant improve enterprise operation mode. In the near future, HR will find social networking sites are a better and more intelligent recruitment channels. After understanding some of the built-in tools, human resources experts may use different social networking channels to help them achieve their goals as demand. Following shows the feature of popular social networking website.

Facebook is a best brand tool, as well as a tool for recruiting low-end talent for large enterprises. Take United Health Group for example, their Facebook page more like a high-tech platform for career development. On Facebook platform, they providing high technology forums, online chat services and used to hold virtual job fairs.

LinkedIn has always been known as a important channel that could have access to reliable high-quality job seekers - especially those passive job seekers. It is not only has a sound matching function to link job vacancy to job seekers, but also provides a good talent search channels.

Twitter is suitable for pasting organization's employment advertisements.



5.0 Conclusion/Implication/ Recommendation      2 pages

5.2 the benefits of social networking in improving business organization's recruitment efficacy

Research illustrate social networking website as their recruiting tool could improve business organization efficacy in several aspect, such as post、response speed. Social networking sites' advantage is to show and verify the associated candidate's experience, intelligence and personality dispositions through web platform, enable HR screening candidates more efficiency. Simple words, social networking site has a huge user profile, which is a treasure for organizations. Secondly, with the use of social networking sites, companies can fully understand a candidate, including what kind of character he is, what kind of friends he has are in a single glance. Facing the competition for talent employee has escalated rapidly, business organizations may consider integrate social networking sites with existing recruiting method.