Dale Northrup And The Percy Inn Commerce Essay

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When you want a relaxing get away in Portland Maine there only seems to be one place to go and that is the Percy Inn. A quaint 1830's urban inn that is located in the heart of Portland's Historic District is really more than just an inn. They also have many different accommodations such as vacation houses in South Maine and South Florida, apartments, and condominiums. The innkeeper, Dale Northrup, an editor for Inside Hotels and Cruise Ships for travel radio really learned how hotels worked in his travels and created this adventure land of wonder.

I believe that out of the five major reasons for starting a business the one that most applied to Dale was independence. He has done so many travels and so many reviews on hotels all over the world so he was learned what truly works in a hotel and what doesn't. With him creating his own place like this gives him the opportunity to give the guests everything he knows that they want and desire when it comes to a hotel. He can design the rooms as he sees fit and decided what all his business should accommodate to people. I also believe that the reason of challenge could have possibly fueled Dale as well. If I had seen all of these inns or hotels doing everything wrong it would only be natural to show them what they're doing wrong by creating my own place. He created what every hotel wanted to be or wished they could be. I feel like he had a point to prove with this place, and he clearly succeeded.

Out of the six entrepreneurial characteristics I believe that Dale had to have many of them to even consider this dream he had. He had to have confidence in his place to begin with and now that it is so grand he has the confidence that the critics have given him. He proudly broadcasts all the nice things said about his inn in many magazines, like out of the best in New England from Yankee magazine says "Best Bed & Breakfast in New England" and Frommer's Portable Maine Coasts says ""Nice touches abound: all rooms have weather radios, CD players, VCRs, complimentary soft drinks, and coolers with beach blankets for day trips…". He knew even before he started this project what guests like and what they don't so he had all the confidence just form that alone. To begin he had to have a vision of what he wanted this place to look like. He did such a great job keeping it in the 1830's era and not getting too modernized. All the rooms have such an elegant feel that isn't shown in many affordable hotels, so it's very refreshing to see this. Lastly he had to have plenty of energy to get this project off the ground. With vacation homes in two places, apartments, condos, and the inn he had a lot of his plate. The countless hours he had to spend to get his establishment just as he wanted must have been tremendous.

Dale's marketing niche to me has to be how many different elements are actually involved with this place. You can enjoy the beauty of Maine by the ocean and enjoy your seafood in the inn or for longer stays you could rent an apartment as well. Then if you just get tired of the Maine weather and want to migrate for the summer you can go to great vacation home either in South Maine or really get away and go the South Florida home. There is just so much that Dale put into this it's a little overwhelming to fully consider what all he has done. I also think he really set himself apart from the others with his room choices. He stuck with the whole early 1800s theme and chose to model and name the rooms after famous poets, philosophers and satirist from that time frame. Any one that is into early English Romantic poets would love to stay here, especially with is being part of the historic district there. As for if he will need to change his vision in the future, I believe that the rooms are sustainable simply because if completes his theme. Though many young people these days won't really know who these people are, they are still important to learn about to get a grasp on early poetry and writing. The vacation homes though, they may have to be changed one day simply because the economy is so terrible now that not many people can just take a whole summer off work and live there.

If Dale Northrup came to me to invest in his business there are a few questions from the business plan that I would like to ask him. For one I would ask the question of what service of product does his business provide and what needs does it fill. Simply because if I am going to invest in something I would really like to know what it is about before I jump into things. Let him explain what he wants to do and see if I can handle it. Next I would have to ask who his potential customers would be. I never knew of Maine to be a vacation spot for people so I would have to get educated in who would be coming there and what we would have to do to get them there. I would also really be interested to hear where he is getting the financial resources to fund this project. From the pictures and reading all of his extra places to go then just the inn, it seems like there will be a lot of money to invest. The inn would have to have multiple full room suites; such as phones, TVs, wet bars, refrigerators, and fax machines. Then the same would have to go for the apartments and the vacation homes all around. So I would defiantly be interested to hear who was giving him all this money.

One can only assume that Dale is currently a sole proprietor. The advantages of that would be for one the tax breaks. None of the profit he makes is taxed on their own and they are taxed only as income of the proprietor. He truly has pride in his work now as well. All his hard work paid off and he has a very popular and well rated inn. If he did decide to form a partnership or a corporation would be less responsibility and stress on his end. He already has everything running smoothly and set up how he wants, now he should be able to enjoy the fruits of his labor. He could have less liability on his shoulders if the economy laughs in his face and he has to give it all up because he will lose everything he ever created. The only recommendations that I could give him would be to possibly make it more kid friendly, many people want to go on vacation with their kids so they are limited if they want to come here. Plus the children could learn all kinds of new things here instead of anywhere else, why not spread the knowledge. Another would be to not be cat crazy. I read in "about the inn" section that pets aren't allowed because the house cat that lives there gest jealous and doesn't like them….really? After all he's accomplished he wants to put that up there for people to read? Pets are great and make people happy, so I am very glad they have a house cat to stay at the inn, but the cat shouldn't rule the place. Lastly I would recommend to not stretch himself so thin. He has a lot on his plate and it would be a shame for something bad to happen to this place because he had too much going on at one.

The Percy Inn seems like a wonderful place to visit, live, or rent for the summer. With many attractions so close by and being in the heart of the historic district this seems to be a really great place for everyone into this artistic kind of culture. One man who traveled the world and say the inside of many hotels thought up of this creation that lies in Portland, Maine. Dale Northrup has created a one of a kind wonderland that is absolutely remarkable.