Cultural Diversity In Managing People In An Organisation Commerce Essay

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People in organisation is a complete knowledge of employees relationship, personal growth and career success. According to our view of people in organisation, it completely extracts the human relation, attitude, motivation, interpersonal skills, positive energy, team building, conflict resolution, problems facing both men and women in an organisation and planning changes in life. The main important role to run an organisation with greater quality, standard with descent employees behaviour and to improve more growth of an organisation. Human relations has both verbal and physical. Motivating people in an organisational settings to develop a teamwork and it accomplish individual as well as organizational goals effectively.


We believe that determining teams in an organisation will bring rapid growth and success at all sides and it finally combines to give huge growth. So working at some situation will lead us to work closely and together to achieve goals with a fields of multicultural communication and social psychology. The content should always include a combination of awareness and information that people used to develop greater effectiveness. It is more important to analyse all the problems and needs of an employee, before get the work done.

The work place diversity and culture, that includes how culture teach us the values, behaviours and perceptions. Multicultural work place with employees should also be trained to his work process and the code of conduct training is focused on both the workplace and behaviour. By that quality and standard was decently improved to high. I feel I concern that all supervisor and manager to have a friendly relations with workers below them, as result of that all problems and happiness will be shared each other. Alternatively that has many advantages as well as disadvantages. Discrimination is the systematically criminating other culture or religion which led them to degrade and problems among other groups. So discrimination is banned in an organisation. Then we should also prevent the conflicts, gossiping and backbiting will happen as soon after the employee forms a group. Valuing the diversity will also valued different things in different way. And our Courses includes brief about lectures, group exercises, discussions, videotapes and other visual aids and suggested reading materials.


We will discuss about our reflections on team organization and interaction during the first and second assignment. First We explain our assignment views of the personal team development during the preparation and presentation for first assignment. We will outline the team roles during the preparation period for the first assignment and as well as during the actual performance of the presentation related to the assignment. We will examine the team transformation and the changes of a team member was introduced. And the impact of the team member on the roles and process of the adaptation during the second assignment.

Obviously, those thoughts came on our very first day after that we all added in group Skype and we just met last weekend for discussions. Knowing ours online status helps and it establishing the close communication during the day and scheduling online meetings for the preparation of assignment. On our online meetings it seems as a everyone is trying to present their own concept of ideas for the group presentation and regarding assignment and not to criticize of others ideas in order to keep good relations with the other's group. Then we started preparing presentation and so we agreed together on a meeting in the Skype with physical presence.

We merged all of the group members idea and experience together. we do also tried using closed questions to initiate critical view towards the proposed ideas and starting with asking others to clearly strengths and weaknesses of each idea. These discussions allowed the group choice to be idea and that will derived as a product of the critical discussions on other ideas. Its outcome was just confirmed ours impression and each group needs the organizations structure with clearly assigned as team roles. It will attempt to evaluate and summarize how I believe in changes influenced to do team work and interpersonal collaboration and our personal development in future.


Student Name: Karthik balan Subramanian

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According to whole lectures and tutorials conducted for people in organisation. I found that People in Organisation has very important information for Human Resource management of any organisation as because it relates the relationship between one person to another. The internal topics are Human relations, Motivation, Challenges and Plan for Success are good to achieve success not only in work as well as in life. My opinion is Human relation topic that covers all type of interactions including conflict at work place, cooperative efforts and group relationship. Human relationship particularly emphasise human behaviour, prevention strategies, resolution of behaviour problems and also self development.

I sought that an organization has three main important factors like people, process and technology. A person needs an attitude and interpersonal effectiveness to set a goal for career success. The human skills are highly developed vastly to work among with their clients, consumers and other workers who are vary greatly in age, work background, communication style, personal values, multicultural background, gender and work ethics. So if they lack in cooperation within team members then the production growth will falls down. An employee has to maintain neutral and friendly relationship among other workers. That will make the work floor more happier to work and finish the task with fixed target feeling tire less. A worker’s behaviour is also an important in work place because it classifies his/her family influence, personal characteristics, job influence, work group influence, supervisory management influence and organisational culture. Particularly in one to one person relationship that to communicating without verbal words like good eye contact, facial expressions, gestures and personal space gives a good sign of approach to clients and colleagues.

In my experience that I noticed among my colleagues, that they have good contact, respect and interactions among everyone in the company. Which makes our work place and bay kept enjoyable to work. I wish to work in such work floor as I sought my colleagues are very well mannered and values others. Our managers and supervisors also had very friendly relations and helped to improve more and solve problems more easily. So working among with different culture people makes us share our feelings, thoughts and experiences. This shows interpersonal skills and human relations are very important to achieve success in their career. In my opinion, I concern that managers and supervisors having a good relations with their employer and employee to satisfy the workers to clear the problems that interrupts to work in tasks to achieve good production run and make workplace enjoyable. Awarding a good excelling team in an organisation will lead other teams to thrive and challenging to hit the next target with competition which also given fast production for company. Sometimes conflict between will also bring rude behaviour between them which damages the workplace relationships.

I recommend that people in an organisation must be given short training on interpersonal skills, human relations and Organisational rules to new hire. By this way quality of an organisation can be improved and maintain. Likely the rules were aware by every employee so the proper actions can be taken if any damages and rude behaviour was conducted on work floor. Here then, Employers and workers must have very good relationship where the employer can full fill all the needs to a employee before getting their job done.


Student Name:Kalyana perumal Manoj Kumar

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The first week lecture is about Effective Human relation and its Nature, purpose and Importance of human relation in this session I understand human relation is an action-oriented approach to build human cooperation towards organizational goals. How important value and ethics in work place. In this concept I understood critically analysed ethical decision making and how culture teaches values, behaviours and perceptions in organisations. In Self â€" Concept, Esteem and Attitudes in this concept I understand the impact on our life and the organisational context and to develop a ways increase our self esteem and the impact of attitudes on our own organisational success. Emotional Balance and Intelligence. In this concept I understand the five components of emotional intelligence are Self-awareness, Emotional control, Motivating oneself, Flexibility, Social skills are clearly understood in day today life.

In Self disclosure tells to increase our accuracy in communication. Reduction of our stress, Increased our self-awareness and stronger relationships. The important concept is Johari window our willingness or unwillingness to engage is a self-disclosure and listen to feedback has a lot to do with understanding ourselves. The communicational styles tells to Critically assess our own communication style and its impact in various situations. It is used create a patterns of behaviour that others and to achieve greater self-awareness and to develop more effective interpersonal relations. The motivation and self-disclosure is used to motivate ourselves and how to manage in work place. The Conflict resolution tells about us something as simple one person makes a claim and another rejects it and its incompatibility of views and approach conflict are negative and positive way. A range of conflict management skills should be integral to the skill set of any professional manager. The workforce diversity tells about three main concept primary personal characteristics, secondary personal characteristics and organizational-related characteristics. In Primary personal characteristics such as nationality and physical ability. Secondary personal characteristics such as values and beliefs. Organization-related characteristics such as position in hierarchy.

The Stress Management that I understand stress factors in your life and the impact in the workplace and to apply and implement effective stress management strategies. The career development is used to standards that are compatible with your values and needs. It involves making decisions about an occupation and engaging in activities to attain career goals and the Organizational culture tells about its impact of organisational structures on individuals.


Student Name:Rishi Manikkoth

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People in an organization is a subject which deals with the most valuable resource found in an organization and adds up to the wealth of a business. Priority is given to the people as they make or break a company. I am sure that mutual commitment towards each other would help develop a company in the long run. Communication skills play a major role in the growth of a company and helps people get to know each other and interact better. Cooperation and mutual understanding help in overall betterment of an organization. Human relations deals with the interaction among groups of people, mainly the workforce.  Business setting involves permeating thoughts and feelings of others in order to create a sound atmosphere. Attitude is an important factor along with motivation and ethics. Code of conduct explains the ethics and way of thinking which directly affects the organizational behavior. Personally I feel that ethical behaviour reflects the superficiality or the intimacy between candidates of the workplace. Also a healthy balance should be kept between work and life. This is best described with an example of people who have healthy work-life balance have a stress free life whereas for the opposite case life becomes turmoil. This explains the importance of inter personal relations inside an organization. Motivation, attitude and perspective are other factors which drive a workplace and reinforces the activities taking place on a day to day basis. I feel that motivation is one of the major forces behind a business because it finally results in a positive feedback. Motivation can create a lot of positive energy in an enterprise. This is directly proportional to the understanding between candidates, in turn helping and achieving the turnover at the right time. Attitude refers to the evaluation of people and their behaviour is a product of the response to the stimulus received from another person. Perspective may change depending from which angle it is viewed. Self perspective means a personal psyche through which different things are seen different ways. This is a conventional concept involving emotions and thoughts. Due to this, people in an organization have great regard for psychological well being and esteem level is reached thus achieving the organization's goals.


Student Name: Ronak gowtham

Student ID:12765959

The subject people in organization teaches us how people differ from each other. We all differ from each other on the basis of intelligence, physical strength, manual dexterity, knowledge skill, motivation and there are several other attributes. Learning this subject people in organization helps me in knowing how people work and behave in an organization. As everyone works for the same goal they need to help each other and motivate each other so as to get their work done. People should not have ego in them while they all work under a same roof which may affect each other in some or the other way. The whole organization is been dependent on each others work. Helping each other in a organization will make people feel comfortable and the value of the organization will increase, the goals will be achieved easily. Each and every individual is better in one or the other way which should be shared with one among inside the organization. These all small aspects motivates us to learn something more and have a positive thinking. As we think positive we come out with great ideas which may be useful to the organization.Motivation, attitude and perspective are other factors which drive a workplace and reinforces the activities taking place on a day to day basis. I feel that motivation is one of the major forces behind a business because it finally results in a positive feedback. Motivation can create a lot of positive energy in an enterprise. This is directly proportional to the understanding between candidates, in turn helping and achieving the turnover at the right time.