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Creative Company was founded in Singapore in 1981. In digital entertainment products it is the leader of worldwide. The vision of Creative is that multimedia would revolutionize the way people interact with their PCs.

Launching the multimedia revolution and Sound Blaster sound cards made the company famous. Creative is now driving digital entertainment with premium wireless speakers, cutting-edge audio solutions, portable media devices and high performance earphone products. The company's innovative applications, hardware, proprietary technology and services enable consumers to experience high-quality digital entertainment - anywhere and anytime.

Creative has a huge user base of 400 million, and strong brand name to expand into the exciting lifestyle Personal Digital Entertainment market since the company launching the successful Sound Blaster sound cards and setting the de-facto standard for PC. Creative has been able to leverage on its leading-edge audio technology.

Now, Creative is well recognized as a global leader for product innovation in the audio and PDE segments, offering consumers a complete, high quality digital entertainment experience through Creative's hardware.

Product of the company

MP3 Players , Entertainment Tablets, Portable Entertainment Devices

Sound Blaster, Speakers, Headphones & Headsets, Cameras and Software

There I will focus introducing its headphone & headsets. Creative's headphone & headsets is exceptionally quiet with unmatched natural performance. In the world's it has good technology to noise-canceling headphones equipped. With good technology, the noise-cancellation feature lets you enjoy your music without unnecessary distractions and together, gets you set for more thrilling tunes. Use good product of headphones will change the way you listen music, movies and games. You can hear every detail, less disturbance, good performance audio drivers and easy to take and storage. It also has Fair price.

Now, I am part of a project team lead by an experienced manager with more than ten years in the company. The team is tasked with making a decision on moving one of its products to either Malaysia or china. So we need do some decision making.

Definition of decision making concepts.

Decision-making is an important part of modern management. It includes individual decision making and group decision making.

Decision making is choosing and determining among options and alternatives based on the preferences and values of the individual.

The existence of choices and options is an important factor in decision making. Considering the choices and identifying them, the more important actions to do are choosing the best.

Decision making is the process of reducing any hesitation or uncertainty about the available options in order to attain a practical and sensible choice. Gathering information before making the best choice is the Part of making decisions.

Decision making is a consultative affair done by a group or individual decision making to drive better functioning of any organization. Decision making plays very importance in an organization to functioning. Since intellectual minds are involved in the process of decision making, it requires solid scientific knowledge coupled with skills and experience in addition to mental maturity.

Decision can keep the organization growing. To achieve the goals, company may face lot of obstacles in operational, administrative, operational domains and marketing wings. It will discover many problems. When one problem is solved maybe another arises and so on, that decision making is necessary.

Perception and Individual decision making

Individual decision is through the self-determination. Individual decision making has certain pros and cons. An individual makes prompt decisions and take immediate action and fast solution to a problem. While a group is dominated by many people, making decision-making very time consuming. An individual while making any decision uses his own intuition, views, experience, bias, perception. It is bounded. The most probable approach in individual decision making is through intuition.


A perceived discrepancy between the current state of affairs and a desired state


Choices made from among alternatives developed from data

Perception linkage

All elements of problem identification and decision making process are influenced by perception

Group decision making

The functionality of a group has been known to be effective in many aspects such as problem solving, decision making and conflict situations,. The group thinks about individual ideas and needs of the members, making it a collaborative approach in dealing with just about any kind of situation. When it comes to decisions, a group decision making style works best for many organizations where members are grouped into teams. In a group, members are brainstorm and share ideas, discuss the considerations, and then implement on an agreed decision. A group decision usually is more effective.

Factors influencing decision making in this case

There are many factors influencing decision making on moving the products to either Malaysia or China.

When we are involved in making decisions some factors can affect the process we follow and the decision we make.

Business Environment

The environment of the company can influencing decision making. The equipment good or not and have to production enough products when the market need. Ensure enough equipment and technology to production high quality products. The employees must have security. All of these will influence decision making to move to a new market.

Risk influence decision making

Perceptions of risk are a part of the decision-making. Risk perception can be understood as the adequacy of any risk assessment is reliant on the adequacy of the accessible risk information.

It is about distinguish what negative events will happen and integrating that knowledge into your decision making. The best time to begin risk management is during the planning phase for a new business, product and project.

Organizational Cultural

Organizational issues can Influence on the decision making. Organizations have formalized policies and procedures which have been developed to resolve common problems and to guide managers when making decisions. Organizational hierarchy means the management structure of the organization. Lots of organizations have different levels of management which carry with them different degrees of authority. The nature of the decisions impacts from degree of authority. Organizational politics refers to behavior displayed by groups and individuals which is designed to influence others.

Cultural influence decision making

Cultural influence decision making can influence their judgments and decisions. People with different cultural backgrounds have different norms, expectations and values.

Decision maker influence decision making

An individual's perception can influence how they make decisions and solve problems. Decision maker will be heavily influenced by their personal characteristics. Personal characteristics will affect an individual's perception. That includes decision maker Personal expectations, Personal values, Background and experience and Personal interests.

Time influence decision making

The length of time to make decisions will affect decision. Time is one of decision-making factors. Processing the same thing during the difference time, decision making will change.

Evaluation of influences on decision making

The purpose of assessment is to provide decision makers a kind of feedback to know their effectiveness, make their decisions as fully informed as possible. When decision-making into the stage of the evaluation and selection of the final plan, we need to do is to determine the final management plan. We should choose the better decision after comprehensive evaluation.


Before enter to international market, Creative need to be familiar with the market environment. Need to know what the trends among consumers are and what is demanded. First, Creative need ensure quality of the products should be strictly control, company need to strengthen management. Tools and techniques need improved, it is a key role Also need improve the quality of staff make company, product and brand do well.

Compared with China and Malaysia, the products move where can get less cost. Where have more customers. We need evaluation any factor before make the decision then choose the better decision making.


New products move to a new international market it will exist risk. Because there will have many competitors in the market. We cannot promise everything. If Success it is good for enterprise development. When it failure, the company need to bear the consequences and responsibility. So we should pay attention to using appropriate scientific methods when choosing alternatives. Make decisions need think about these.

Desertion maker

Our desertion is the project team lead. He lots of experience because he has worked ten years in the company. He enhanced the level of knowledge and psychological qualities. He has collected comprehensive information and obtained comprehensive knowledge. Make the decision for move products to Malaysia or china . he will do the best choose.


Company need consider that the cultural in the two areas whether influence headphone enter the market. Need to think about the products move to Malaysia or china whether attract customers. The customers in the two areas whether need headphone. Need to know what customers will like and then change for customers.

Other considerations affecting the decision


Want to be successful, business needs to be familiar with the market environment and this is why research is necessary in order to necessary information. Business organizations need to know what is happening in the business world, what are the consumers and want and need. Company need do Market Research then do decision making.


Competition is one of the factors that will influences decision making processes within businesses. Company need pay attention to the business operations of their opponent because the market nowadays is highly competitive.

Economic Environment

Economic environment is very important because it is related the buying capacity of customers and what products the people in general would afford. People do decisions, business people bear in mind that they must comply with some standard. Cannot offer a high prices on their products when financial recession.

Social Responsibility

Influences business decision making the Social responsibility towards customers is also a factor that. Business must be acting for the common good and in the interest of the general public.

Cost and Benefit

Successful business decision making is required that business bodies create benefit and cost analysis. It thinks expenses for the business from the process of production and revenue that would be generated when the production is put on sale. So, business people are able to determine whether some products would be a good business opportunity.

6. Conclusion

Decision-making means to decide to take some actions, the goal of the action is to make the decision makers or managers are facing event contentment state. Then we can get the profit to realize the decision and actions are right for a company. Through the analysis and evaluation of influence, we need to do the final decision making. The decision needs to get the profit and realize the decision and actions are right for a company. Through think about Environment, Risk, cultural and various factors evaluation. We decide move the products to china. Our decision of company is a feasibility program. The market in china is good for headphone sales. China has a bigger marker than Malaysia. China develops faster and faster, it also has good international relations with Singapore. China's market is a lot of foreign company's main business growth and profit source. Sony moving into the market is a good example. With China's mobile phone penetration is more and more wide, headphones are also increasing demand. So we entry the headphone into China is the best choice.