Corporate Social Responsibility At Carlsberg Brewing Commerce Essay

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Over the years, whether an enterprise should provide public services, commitment to public responsibility is a topic of debate. Several decades, American economists Milton.Fredman the author pointed out: a corporate responsibility, and only one social responsibility, and that is to comply with professional rules, refused to deception and fraud in the premise of full use of its resources for public , free competition and increase their profits, if the use of corporate resources in the non-profit activity is not to create legal, and social issues is not a business but rather the responsibility of government and nonprofit organizations. In such a society under the influence of ideas, most companies are unwilling to take on increased "profit" a social responsibility.

After the 20th century, people and corporate social responsibility issues related to growing interest, people began to realize that if wanton destruction of natural resources, laissez-faire industrial pollution, the fruits of economic development may come to naught; awareness to the pursuit of economic growth the importance of both environmental protection and international trends, promote and promote environmental protection and resource management concepts and methods in order to move towards sustainable development of enterprises and improve the quality of life of people of the state. In recent years the 9.11 attacks, the Enron bankruptcy and the expansion of the United Nations Global Compact, Global Corporate and political leaders are seen as important issues of corporate social responsibility. Jericho Communications2002 under the New York public relations firm in 1000 on the Fortune 264 CEO a large survey conducted by the 9.11 terrorist attacks showed that 36% of the CEO in corporate social responsibility (CRS) increased awareness, 12% CEO pointed out that the configuration more resources in CSR issues, but only 9% of the CEO, said the expenditure increase in CRS. 52% of the CEO said that if the global business fulfills its social responsibility, will slow the development of terrorism. For the 800 companies in Europe and North America, CEO or senior executive of the survey, business leaders increasingly believe that corporate reputation and corporate social responsibility is to improve sales and profitability of an important tool, especially when they think the market in recent years not active in the situation, other factors affecting sales are gradually weakening the importance of, and the company's reputation in the eyes of consumers ranked the most important factor. Europe and North America, most companies are already fixed annual assessment of the company's reputation, especially the widespread concern of corporate social responsibility, including the treatment of employees, corporate governance, financial transparency, ethics and environmental value, as the most important social responsibility projects. 40% of the CEO said the company affects the reputation of immoral considerable concern, and the media coverage on the company's most deadly. Today, more and more multinational companies and SMEs are more concerned about the wide range of community and commitment to social responsibility. A London "Business in the Community" organized a study performed in June 18, 2001 announcement that the European business leaders believe that most moderately to corporate social responsibility into business operations, can improve business performance. Since the early 90s of the 20th century, many Western companies have established ethics training program to mid-90s, in the Fortune 500, 95% of the enterprises have established their own ethical norms. Thus, in the management of activities, social responsibility is an organizational and management problems cannot be avoided.

At present, enterprises have been considered to be a versatile and have multiple roles and tasks of social institutions, rather than just focus on the former general profit organization. Just as Davis (Keith Davis) called "corporate social responsibility is unavoidable." Davis and Blomstrom (1975) also considered that "Social responsibility is the obligation of decision makers, policy makers in the pursuit of self-interest must take action to protect and promote social well-being."

Carlsberg is the world's fifth-largest wine group, founded in 1847, and is headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark. Carlsberg is also the company's beer brands.

Founder J.C.Jacobsen began working his father's brewery, after November 10, 1847 set up production plants in Copenhagen suburb of their beer, and her son was named Carl Carlsberg beer. J.C.Jacobsen his son to study abroad in Denmark and wine technology, was founded in 1882, a new Carlsberg Breweries, the new and old Carlsberg Brewery in 1906 merged brewery Carlsberg. Carlsberg Breweries until 1970 merger with the Tuborg and Carlsberg named Public Company Limited.

The case against Carlsberg

Carlsberg Breweries joint venture away from the sewage channels in Tianshui City, Gansu Province, China, a water conservation is only 100 meters, Tianshui City, built a water plant on the ground in this water. Farmers use brewery waste discharged from irrigated land, the canal is filled with the smell of alcohol, but that piece of land is pollution-free vegetable production bases. For such a situation, continued for 10 years. April 2007, people finally can see the sewage treatment plant is under construction, but the business still shutdown order in the normal production, water is also usual in the stream. Carlsberg brewery joint venture in 2005 to supervise the handling of business was listed as the provincial level, and the relevant departments to make decisions discontinued treatment, but in the June 2006 deadline, the sewage treatment plant is still no trace. Local environmental protection department that Horse Brewery in confrontation with the government on environmental issues for 10 years is the main reason for low production costs against the law.

With the modern enterprise in the international community to play a more and more features, people demand more and more multinational companies. The international community attention on corporate social responsibility, many governments or non-governmental organizations, international organizations are actively promoting corporate social responsibility, corporate social responsibility has become an international trend. The formation of the world markets are increasingly interdependent and complementary industrial chain, corporate social responsibility is no longer a separate business act, but the global supply chain, including manufacturers, suppliers, buyers and brands shared responsibility, but also national economies the urgent need for social development. However, we found that the top-ranking the world's largest tire company Michelin, the Michelin Warrior investment in China Co., Ltd. for environmental violations, has been criticizing the former State Environmental Protection Administration began to rectification. Now Mai Lang Food (Chengdu) Co., Ltd., 3 companies due to the environmental protection department of environmental violations were repeatedly criticized, is still turning a deaf ear to China's environmental laws. Again, the severe water shortage today, Starbucks actually run off tones of water a day to laissez-faire! Obviously, individual operators are not multinational companies do not understand China's relevant laws and regulations, nor do not know that water is the source of life, quality of life of the common sense, but the arrogance of thinking with a Western-style and double standards guide employee behavior, leading to intentional omission even lack of social responsibility events. This transnational identity is disproportionate, but also their corporate image and brand of serious harm.

I think that in the new situation, corporate social responsibility has become a development model, competitive methods and management strategies to improve the competitiveness of enterprises are an important way. As a mainstay of the market, corporate social responsibility is reflected in the consumers get quality products and quality service. Compliance with laws and regulations, pay attention to human care, efforts to protect the environment, adhere to energy saving, development of circular economy, enthusiastic about public welfare, and promote social harmony, not only for China's enterprises, for multinational corporations in China is no exception, are necessary to fulfill the obligations and responsibilities effectively. The problem is, the light has requested and will is not enough, we must continue to improve the incentive mechanism, focus on strengthening corporate external constraints, to encourage the advanced, whips backward, and guide enterprises to establish modern management philosophy, social responsibility effectively, to achieve can be business goals of sustained growth and for the harmonious development of human society and the economy and make due contributions.

The case for Carlsberg

Denmark, known as the happiest country in the world, understands the power of fun in 2007, Carlsberg beer made in China "no unhappy" concept, in order to penetrate into the brand concept of urban young people's lives, Carlsberg Beer launched a "happy movement." Which in the "Happy Index", "happy balance", and a series of fun sports to "Happy Index" as the core of the "city of fun Index Survey - Happy Station" activity the most influential and innovative brands.

July 20, 2008, Carlsberg beer selected the most prosperous section of Guangzhou, the largest flow of public transport 10 people site settings "Happy Station", the test index of consumer happy. In the two-week period of time, to test the city happy index, and a reminder that keep happy mood - happy people press the "happy" smile icon, glad to see LED display adds on the number of happy a; unhappy people press the "not happy" cry face, they saw "no unhappy," the Insider tips, even if not immediately relieved, and I feel suddenly have a lot easier. This test is simple, fresh and fun, especially the waiting time can kill the movement is almost universally accepted.

Many products are linked to specific times, such as Coca-Cola tried to work with young people to establish a "cool", an emotional, Nestle coffee has been working to "happiness" as a brand synonymous with Carlsberg hopes that he can and "Happy" linked. Carlsberg beer’s offered an opportunity to provide consumers with the output of its "happy" brand culture. Carlsberg beer brands in the concept, in addition to a "no unhappy," the advocate, also contains a "share" concept. Will be happy, experience, share with other elements in society reflected in public to a new breakthrough mode of transmission of alert people to traditional advertising, so that the target population actively interact with the brand.

No stranger to the bus station, bus stop-based advertising is not unusual, but the form of cells filled with interactive bus shelters, in particular to test "happy index" station is almost none. Carlsberg beer by the Nordic naturally optimistic, happy feeling inspired to launch the country's first interactive stations - "Happy Station", to remind the general public should pay attention to mood changes and mental health, while Carlsberg beer brand of fun consumer self-image also keep in mind. "Happy Station" brand effect achieved, the integration of the use of resources played a crucial role. In addition to the station advertising, Carlsberg beer earlier launched print ads, TV commercials, interactive web platform, concerts, and a variety of themed events. Positive coverage in the mainstream media under the guidance of the spontaneous formation of the role of social attention, the various forms of communication have been a better understanding of the target population and recognition.