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But at this environment, PangBangTong proposed own view, which is a hope of a corporate restructuring. He sent the journalist calculate a bill: his company belongs to a medium-sized enterprise, workshop area 3000 square meters, at 6 pounds per square metre, the rent is one of 18 million pounds of rent, The exhibition fees are also rent a 20 million pounds, plus the salaries of the workers, the fees and other vehicles, annual cost topped million.

But if the enterprise restructuring, such as two of the workshop area is 6000 square meters, reorganization 4000 square meters can meet the requirements of production, so the rest of the 2000 square meters can save 12 million pounds, rent exhibition in a similar method is calculated, also can save a bunch of expenses.

The detailed planning, organization, stratified implemented step by step.

For most of the furniture enterprise, the ERP(Enterprise Resource Planning) project investment is not a small fee. Implement ERP is a human, material and financial resources of big investment projects, is a very complicated system engineering, which is a long-term and arduous work, it is broad, and also involved. To implement ERP, informatization, ought to start from the real project, the benefit analysis, the detailed planning, organization, make good careful rigorous, feasible solutions, implementation plan and implementation are gradually. Don't wait, not blindly more negative wind project disorderly. Led by an enterprise must be established, the senior management, project team directly. Special Strengthening coordination and cooperation of each department, encounter resistance, strive to take effective measures to promote rationalization construction. More importantly, set priorities and difficulty recognizing, strong, both companies and overall consideration, the key to the success of link from the start, phases and orderly. Also, the project team to organize seminars and communication, it can not only concentrated coordination between departments, also can arouse the enthusiasm of each department, ERP to win the confidence of the people, stimulate departments in ERP implementation and application of the achievements of enthusiasm.

Three set of relevant standards, norms and system.

The computer is just a tool, but not just a pure ERP software tools, software technology and high singlehandedness. Enterprise fully well the preparation and informatization projects of long-term planning, quick, departments and cooperate with advanced management discussion and exchange, the technology, the enterprises to formulate relevant standards, norms and system, to ensure the smooth implementation of the ERP project.

In the need to develop standards, from the Angle of data processing, the first is the data coding to standardization. This is the key foundation of ERP application effect. All of the code for ERP operation rules and application process is very important and necessary, only will coding standards and norms, the formation of enterprise information and future of the existing new regulations strictly according to the data, and strictly according to the procedures for examination and approval for coding, ensure the uniqueness of encoding data integration, can provide security for the enterprise. Therefore, the first question, coded in enterprise, encoding rules to consider each business department, also want to consider the future development of the enterprise, to different needs in the investigation and authentication, based on the analysis of the feasibility of the integration, operation and convenience.

Secondly, establish and perfect the relevant system, such as the enterprise, and ensure the CIO¼ˆChief Information Officer¼‰, CIO has fully responsible for the administrative power and information technology and other departments, and the coordination of the enterprise's informatization has become a working system, ensure project execution. In addition, will gradually establish and consummate the ERP operational standards and evaluation system, and to formulate relevant computer software and hardware system and purchasing system, training system and safeguard system using, and formulate the corresponding penalties to ensure the implementation of the system. At the same time, the enterprise informatization and the enterprise to ISO 9000 series of international standard authentication, make enterprise combining basic management from extensive to meticulous, improve the level of management and quality, finally effectively enhance competitiveness.

Task 3 Carry out a SWOT analysis on behalf of the company. Consider the current situation in terms of the strengths and weaknesses of PBF, together with the major threats to the business and the opportunities that exist to develop their current product lines or exploit new business opportunities (in particular the possibility of growing their market share in the commercial marketplace). You should summarise the conclusions arising out of the SWOT analysis in no more than 400 words to ensure that you focus upon the key issues.

The Material Control Management of Furniture Manufacturing.

Material control management is the main factor of the furniture manufacturing enterprise for controlling the production cost. Enhancing and perfecting the material management, can make the material supply met closely the need of the production, increase production efficiency,can decline cost better,strengthen the market competition ability of the product,and decrease material backlog, make use of the funds availably.As a supervisor assistant in material control apartment of Zhongshan Four Seas Furniture enterprise,during a month of period' practical investigate,aiming at the point of the material management of the furniture manufacturing: plan,quato,pursuance,control,throug studying and analysing the pattern of the material control mangament in Zhongshan Four Seas Furniture enterprise,concluding the organizing structure and foundation of manufacturing furniture enterprise on the basic of perfection,systematicly analysis each step of the material control mangament and the concrete operation of each link,put forward the improvement to the shortage and the perfect method.

Practicing in the Furniture enterprise, I found the material of the business enterprise management work,definite exsit below shortages. First,is short of tight material plan;second,the use toward material lack of control efficiently;third,assistance material settle the sum work not perfect;four, the material can not catch the supply on time;five,is the usage of various material can not supervise and control;six,is the Stagnant of material,side Cape of material,the waste of material can not handle on time;seven,is the Exceed of material manage with punishment not sound.Furniture enterprise's material control management organizes and construction are acturally normal and complete by comparing with other furniture manufacturing enterprise, but at concrete and in operation still appear such big problem,can managine that at furniture today of the profession fierce competition,the furniture manufacturing enterprise want to decline the aspects of cost for "making high point" of winning circumvention,material control management still need to urgently further perfect and improve.This text aims at the shortage appeared in Furniture enterprise's material management,establishing in furniture enterprise material management model of the important point, analysed the reason why appear and advance the ameliorative method.Wish at the same time to perfect furniture manufacturing enterprise's control management system, making the furniture manufacturing enterprise's material management proceed more availably.

Task 4 Draw up an organisational chart for the company that reflects the major conclusions arising out of the SWOT analysis. The chart should indicate the site(s) at which staff are to be located and the product lines upon which production staff are to be involved. You should make your own assumptions about the numbers of staff and associated levels of supervision for each product line. For the purposes of the chart you do not need to indicate each individual member of production staff, simply show the total number of production staff associated with each product line. You should also include a short commentary of no more than 200 words explaining your reasons for the structure of the organisation chart.

* Site A (including Head Office) - 40 production staff and 20 office staff

* Site A - Wardrobes, chests of drawers and blanket boxes

* Site B - 35 production staff and 10 office staff

* Site B - Wooden bed frames and bedside cabinets

* Site C - 15 production staff and 5 office staff Each of the manufacturing sites specialises in making specific products, with the breakdown as follows

* Site C - Desks, tables and stools

I think¼š

A.Office number is overmuch, can reduce cost, increase efficiency, reduce some!

B.Production personnel 30 people can meet production needs. Office staff eight people.

C.Since the main product is specially and specific products. So have 10-12 production personnel is enough. Office staff can keep 5 people.

Task 5 Using PowerPoint, or a similar tool, put together a maximum of fifteen slides that could be used as the basis of a presentation to the management and supervisory staff of the company. The objective of the presentation is to gain their commitment and support for the changes you are proposing, so you should ensure that it focuses upon the benefits they can expect to gain through their implementation, together with the wider benefits for PBF. Please note that it will not be necessary to deliver this presentation as part of this assignment.

Task 6 Identify four reasons why there might be resistance from the staff to the changes that have been recommended as a result of the findings of the SWOT analysis. As part of this, you should bear in mind the previous conflict between management and the trade union, as well as the problems that have been experienced in terms of the morale of the workforce. For each reason identified, give a brief description of a method that could be used to counter this type of resistance.

* Site A (including Head Office) - 40 production staff and 20 office staff

* Site A - Wardrobes, chests of drawers and blanket boxes

* Site B - 35 production staff and 10 office staff

* Site B - Wooden bed frames and bedside cabinets

* Site C - 15 production staff and 5 office staff Each of the manufacturing sites specialises in making specific products, with the breakdown as follows

* Site C - Desks, tables and stools

"The U.S. financial crisis originated in America's subprime crisis, step by step, and the evolution and expansion for a global financial crisis, the financial crisis hit American housing market, which is where the subprime crisis and American housing downturn in the gloom of the real estate industry is. Furniture, so for the downstream industry on the production and export furniture will be very big, influence." Furniture of a joint stock limited company President said.

He told reporters, since this year, especially in the second half, the furniture industry entered recession than ever, with sales

Period dropped 30%. His company is part of the export, every year there are many orders, the second half of this year, even if there is little orders, so in a now stop export, sales of key to domestic.

But a furniture enterprise changshu is faced with the same problems, but he's loss is more serious. According to the enterprise, the relevant principals from their products exported to Europe, 80 percent of the total sales this year reduced by half. In July and August, and gradually reduce order to begin in November has no orders, so now production factory workers from the original work overtime everyday work days rest days till now.

A.Office number is overmuch, can reduce cost, increase efficiency, reduce some!

B.Production personnel 30 people can meet production needs. Office staff eight people.

C.Since the main product is specially and specific products. So have 10-12 production personnel is enough. Office staff can keep 5 people.

Task 7 - Marks Produce a list of ten ways in which a decision support system could enable the management of the company to run the day-to-day operations of the company more effectively and to undertaken planning and resource allocation tasks more efficiently.

Talent structure analysis concerning the success or failure of the human resource planning and implementation strategies of manpower policy. Will human resource accounting, human resource can periodically inventory. According to the enterprise human resources management and application, mature at different levels can be conducted on talent structure analysis. Include:

1 employee number analysis and post officials said, enterprise development needs according to analysis.

2 employee quality analysis, such as employee education, gender, age, professional, work experience and titles.

3 analyses, such as job positions matching promotion plan, structure, career expectations.

3 ability structure analysis, such as titles, skills, and ability structure, functional level, etc.

4 personnel changes, such as turnover rate analysis, transfer, etc.

5 the human capital level, such as pay satisfaction.

Anyhow, the personnel structure analysis should be combined with a specific purpose, the application should design specification can be further contact.

Human resource structure analysis eyesight hide-and-seek: [] in small font: [large print] [off] [hr] to human resource planning first structure analysis. So-called human resource structure analysis of enterprise is existing human resources survey and audit, only for the enterprise existing human resources fully understanding and effective use of human resources, the plan. Human resource structure analysis mainly include the following aspects:

(a) human resources quantity analysis

Human resources plan for human resources quantity analysis, the key lies in search of existing human resources and enterprise institution of the number of matching, also is the volume of existing human resources with check whether accord with an organization within the business in certain standards of human resources. In human resources allocation standard methods, often have the following kinds:

1, action time study. Action research on a time to how much time, need to operate this time include normal operation, fatigue, delay, working environment, hard, and other factors. A standard time, according to the turnover of manpower, accounting standards.

2, the business review. Business review is to measure the workload and calculation method of human standards, this method includes two kinds:

(1) the best judgment method. This method is by using various departments and personnel, planning department personnel of experience, analysis of the nature of the work required of working time, in the human standards.

(2) experience. This method is based on complete a task or production, the plan of personnel records, cost analysis to study the work load of each department, using statistical average, such determination standards required to complete a task of human standards.

3, work sampling. Random sampling and work work, is a statistical inference method. It is based on statistical principle, with the random sampling method to determine a department in a certain period, practical tasks prescribed percentage accounted for the time to come, the percentage of human general efficiency of determination. This method is applied to measure the action time can work.

4, correlation and regression analysis. Correlation and regression analysis method is to use statistics to the principle of correlation and regression analysis, used for measuring and calculating of the work unit load and the relationship between human quantity.

A human standards of material, can be calculated the number of existing is reasonable. Such as unreasonable, should be adjusted to eliminate the phenomenon of uneven idle busy.

(2) analysis of the category. Personnel

Through the analysis of the enterprise personnel category, but a real business center. It includes the following two aspects:

1, working function analysis. An organization of personnel work ability in many functions can be classified into four types: business personnel, technical personnel and production personnel and management personnel. The four groups of quantity and configuration represents the enterprise internal labor market structure. With the analysis of the structure of human, can affect the function of the study of the structure, these factors may include the following aspects: enterprise in which products or the market, enterprises using what skills and working methods, the supply of labor market situation, etc.

2, the nature of the work. According to the nature of the work, the enterprise to internal staff can be divided into two types: direct and indirect personnel. These two kinds of personnel with the enterprise property configuration, also varies. A recent study found that some of the indirect personnel often irrational expansion, the increase in the number of people and organizations and business growth, this phenomenon is called "Parkinson's law".

(3) staff's quality

Personnel quality analysis is analyzed the existing staff of education and training. Generally speaking, the education and training level by level can display knowledge and ability to work and any enterprise all hope can improve the quality of staff, with expectations of personnel can make greater contribution to the organization. But in fact, personnel training and education level by level, to meet the needs for the work should be. Therefore, in order to achieve the goal, ShiCai applicable quality and enterprise must match the current work. Management personnel in improving quality, also should actively improve working efficiency, with the staff to create jobs, working personnel development personnel, and work through development, promoting the enterprise.

By analysis of education quality and training of personnel capability just on behalf of a company and organization of personnel, the ability to find insufficiency, and another part of the personnel of spare capacity, namely, the quality and the ability to work and don't match demand. The solution has the following kinds:

(1) change of position. Reduce a position, the position of the working content and responsibility, and other positions by the personnel to undertake.

(2) change and strengthen serving personnel. By training or assist the way, to strengthen their ability to work.

(3) change their position. If the above two methods are still unable to reach the expected, the current personnel capable of this job, so shall mobilize.

Above three solutions to choose whether what advisable, prior to consider the following factors:

(1) strengthen the training is improved. If can strengthen the training of employees to improve ability is insufficient, no need to take measures to change the personnel.

This position; (2) as possible the time length. If an employee at the position of retirement or wheel adjustable expires or organization structure, can be adjusted by the temporary.

(3) is an emergency situation, the immediate improvement. If this post is more important. Enough to affect the implementation of organizational objectives, must adopt measures, Otherwise, should as far as possible need not organization measures to solve.

(4) affect organizational morale. Some employees will transfer, whether can affect other employees, security, and employees lose is detrimental to the organization.

(5) without proper replacement. If the short-term cannot from internal or external found the ideal replacement staff, should take measures to avoid the loss is bigger.

(6) the position and other correlation degree of position. If the position and the upper and lower than other position, parallel to the high frequency related transactions, should not take too suddenly measures to avoid the influence of work efficiency and other positions.

(4) age structure analysis

Analysis of the age structure, the employee may according to the age in general, all staff of statistical distribution of age, from which the average age of the whole company. Understand that the age structure.

(1) organizations are young or ageing.

(2) organization staff absorbing new knowledge and new technology.

(3) organization staff fitness load.

Appropriate. Top representative at over the age of 50 employees, Many times, located in 35-50 years of age staff, While most representative at the bottom of a 20-35 years old of young staff.

(5) position structure analysis

According to the principle of management of amplitude, competent position with the competent position of proper proportion. Analysis of human structure with the competent position, can display supervisor position in the amplitude of the management organization, as well as with layers of many departments. If an organization in charge, too, that the following positions may have been the result of the:

(1) the organization structure unreasonable, control, and the department of narrow range with too much.

(2) show working procedures and multifarious, increase the number of communication and coordination, wasting a lot of time, and lead to misunderstanding or distortion.

(3) due to its デ oww, build on shift to mediate V sensibilities ticket?  nightmare average wage convex, Br / >

(4) bureaucracy, stars gobbledygook.

(4) job or job nature and the size of the age of matching requirements may.

(5) above, all four reaction will influence within the organization of work efficiency and effectiveness.

Enterprise employees the ideal age distribution, triangular pyramid

Enterprise human resources annual plan

Human resources plan for the significance of simple, enterprises to formulate the significance of human resource plan there are mainly four aspects: 1. The human resources to meet the target enterprise. Planning is a tool to achieve the goal. Every company has its own development target, and to achieve these goals, no plan is impossible. Scientifically formulated a human resource plan for the importance of enterprise is self-evident. 2 make human resources management work orderly a complete human resource plan should be specific provisions on enterprise management of human resources needed to do all kinds of items. So, in a period of time can rising. Enterprise managers who can be clearly aware of when and where should do. This can be truly complete human resource management, and achieve their goals. 3 the shortage of enterprise human resources training and introduction of a warning due to human resources plan does not just to shoot the head, human resource plan after he knew clearly enterprise human resources quantity and quality. If the number of human resources, may be in recruitment and selection, If the human resources quality problem, is likely to undergo training. 4 to motivate employees to achieve better business goals and work hard to motivate employees have many kinds of methods, and human resources management is closely related to the main performance evaluation, compensation system, and professional management, career planning. What is the human resource plan some bosses said, every year we plan for human resources, but the effect. But if you are lucky enough to dip into their human resource planning, not words, is a copy of other companies ready-made text. Our company goals almost no help. Therefore, this kind of human resource plan more harm than good. Perhaps the main cause is due to the bosses don't know what is the human resource plan. The so-called human resource plan is to show the enterprise in order to achieve the strategic goals and tactical target, in order to satisfy the future period of human resources quantity and quality, according to the need of the current human resources situation, the introduction, maintain and improve decision, out of human resources prediction and employment. Human resources plan can be divided into two categories: strategic human resource planning and tactical human resource plan. Strategic human resource planning refers mainly to 3 years hr planning. In order to achieve the strategic goal of human resource plan. Human resources plan refers to the tactics of the human resource plan. In order to achieve the company's goals and tactical plans, human resources development and the enterprise is considering the economic n1icrocosnilc factors related to. This paper refers to the human resource planning tactics of human resource plan. How to develop human resources scientifically plan for human resources plan are generally classified into five steps: determine the vision, strategic planning, formulate annual plan for human resources planning, and human resources management action plan to write. 1. Determine the longing for twenty years, three decades, even five years of long-term goal, can use words to describe, but the vision is very important. No hope, no direction enterprise, other plan is invalid. 2 for strategic planning in the premise, the enterprise should firstly established strategic planning, i.e. to clearly know enterprise in three to five years to achieve goals. 3 set annual plan made strategic planning, can make the annual plan for the enterprise, namely enterprise should clearly know what a year to achieve goals. 4 for human resource planning enterprise with annual plan may, after the human resource plan to start work. Human resources plan for four steps: collect relevant information, human resource demand forecasting and prediction of human resources supply and human resource plan. Collect related information (1). Main external and internal information collection. External information mainly includes: the macro economy development trend, the prospect of the development of industry, the main rivals, dynamic and the development trend of science and technology, the Labour market, the government's policy and law, the development trend of population, social development trend, culture and custom evolution, etc. Internal information including: enterprise development plan, the enterprise vision changes, the leadership of the enterprise, the cost of human resources, production lines, sales channels, financing ability, etc. (2) human resource demand forecasting. Based on the information collected, the use of certain method, we can more accurately predict the future in a period of the quantity and quality of human resource demand. (3) predict human resource supply. Based on the information collected, the use of certain method, we can more accurately predict the future in a period of the quantity and quality of human resources. If supply greater than demand, consider human resources; part outflow If demand exceeds the supply, consider introducing part of human resources. Of course, staff training, change the plan, adjust the reward system, etc. Can also be used. (4) human resource plan. A complete human resource plan at least should include the following aspects: plan period, and plans to reach target, present situation and future situation forecast, planning matters, planners and planning time. Another must attach a plan of action. 5 write many human resource management plan of action plan that human resource managers must not have a plan of action. This is a big misunderstanding. Human resources plan of action is an important aspect of the plan. Missing this piece, human resource plan is not complete. Human resources management plan of action by the project name and project general rules. Project content mainly includes the following rules: project manager, some of the time, and implementing project participants, examination time project examination and project budget, etc. Have several projects should have several projects. Of course, make good human resource planning, the key is to implement. But whether to formulate a scientific and practical human resource plan is implemented. This is a great job less input output, smart bosses can keep the tail from wagging the dog!