Continuing Professional Development Plan CPDP Commerce Essay

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The professional development of individuals is extremely important because people need to keep progressing to be successful and well-qualified. Otherwise, they are doomed to failure, because people that have stopped in their professional development are doomed to failure and steady degradation. In this respect, the current module will be very helpful in regard to my professional development. At first glance, this module comes from Humanities and, therefore, it has little in common with my Master of Science program. However, I strongly believe that the narrow specialization will never be useful for me as a professional and as a successful public manager. In stark contrast, I am looking for the broad education, which can expand my eyesight and provide me with diverse knowledge and experience from different fields. What I mean is that an individual should not be focused entirely on management solely if he or she wants to be a public relations manager, as I do. Instead, the individual should have extensive knowledge in different fields, including not only management, economy, business administration, but also in humanities as well. A good public manager as well as any other well-qualified professional should extensive knowledge in different fields. Only on such a condition an individual can be really successful and work effectively. In this regard, the current module may be very helpful for me because it opens larger opportunities for me to learn more of humanities, which, by the way, I failed to study in details because my specialization and my focus on public relations management prevented me from the extensive study of humanities. On the other hand, I was always interested in humanities. Frankly speaking, I strongly believe that humanities are very helpful and, what is more, essential for managers, especially public relations management, because public relations manager have to be able to communicate effectively with different people. Therefore, the study of humanities may help consistently to develop new skills and abilities, especially communication skills, which are of the utmost important for public relations managers.

At the same time, I have great expectations related to the current module because I believe that this module will help me to grow not only at the professional but also at the personal level. What I mean is my personal development which is as important for me as professional development because I believe that education is not the mere training for the further professional life of an individual but also education is the effective tool to become better, to become a well-developed personality that is concerned not only with his or her professional career but who is capable to think and have his or her personal philosophy, values and principles.

Self-Management and Motivation Theories (500 words)

The self-management and motivation are crucial for the effective work of managers. At the same time, the exploration of one’s self is a complex process. In this regard, the use of the EQ test and the Personal Values Questionnaire can be quite effective, although I believe that the use of the EQ test and the Personal Values Questionnaire alone is not enough to obtain detailed information on an individual’s self-management and motivation and his or her internal world, inclinations and capabilities. Nevertheless, on analyzing the result of my EQ test, I should say that this test helped me consistently to understand my emotional awareness. In fact, this test has revealed the fact that I am quite a phlegmatic person. I am not overwhelmed with emotions and, frankly speaking, I always avoid strong emotions and it is quite difficult for me to feel strong emotions, which overwhelm me entirely. In terms of my professional development such results are not bad, taking into consideration the fact that the public relations manager should always be cold-blooded and keep his mind free of emotions to take reasonable, rational and correct decisions. At this point, the EQ test I have passed proves my ability to fulfil my professional duties as the public relations managers.

On the other hand, on analyzing the results of the EQ test, it occurred to my mind that I should be a bit more emotional because people may think that I am rather indifferent than involved in the business because of my phlegmatic inclinations. Nevertheless, I believe that I can cope with this problem. As the matter of fact, I can work on my emotional development and focus on my relations with other people to eliminate weaknesses I have identified in the result of the EQ test. In this regard, I would focus on the development of my communication skills, which can help me to learn how to communicate effectively that will eliminate the lack of emotions.

Furthermore, the Personal Values Questionnaire has revealed the fact that I am a success-oriented person, who has ambitions and desire to succeed. On the other hand, I am very concerned with my social environment because I need the recognition of my work, my success and my performance from the part of my colleagues, family members and other meaningful people. In such a way, my personal values combine my orientation on my professional and personal success along with the importance of my social environment. In this regard, I would focus on the development of my relations with other people because I need to be able to establish positive relationships with other people. In fact, positive relations with people are important for me not only in regard to my further professional career but also it is important for me in regard to my personal development. Frankly speaking, I cannot be happy or satisfied with my life, if I have problems in relations with people, who are really meaningful for me.

In addition, I would lie to place emphasis on the fact that self-management and motivation are very important but they cannot be fully measured on the ground of the EQ test and the Personal Values Questionnaire. In fact, I believe it is also necessary to take into consideration needs of people and their ambitions. In this regard, I would refer to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, which helps to understand the level of needs development in individuals and, thus, it helps to understand the overall level of development of an individual. In such a way, it is possible to expand the scope of the analysis of the self-management of an individual and his or her motivation because people with different needs naturally have different motivations. Hence, some motivators can help some individuals, whereas people with different needs will not be inspired by the same motivators. At this point, it is worth mentioning the fact that people should get the motivation that meets their needs.

Diversity and Cross-Cultural Awareness (500 words)

In actuality, I live in the multicultural environment, which affects my life consistently. At this point, I would point out that the modern world slips toward multiculturalism and willing or not we are living in the multicultural world. At the same time, the multicultural environment in which we live raise certain challenges and problems we have to cope with. At this point, I would like to refer to my personal experience. To put it more precisely, when I have just arrived to the UK, I have found myself in the totally different culture I was used to. In fact, I am from Saudi Arabia and moving to the UK, where I wanted to study, has proved to be a great challenge for me. In this regard, the difference between my cultural background and the local culture was striking. However, what was even more challenging to me was the multicultural environment in which I have to live and study. When I was in Saudi Arabia I attempted to prepare myself to the life in the British society and, therefore, I attempted to study the British culture and traditions. However, when I arrived to the UK, I have found out that I live in the culturally diverse community because there were students and people from different countries of the world and of different ethnic and racial origin. They have different cultural norms and traditions and I need to adapt to the life in such a culturally diverse community. To put it more precisely, I should avoid be offensive in regard to representatives of other cultures but, as I had little, if any information about cultural traditions of all those people around me, it was difficult to me to meet their cultural traditions and norms. At the same time, the life and culture in the UK were totally different from the life and culture in Saudi Arabia and some traditions, such as Christmas celebration, were a bit unusual for me and contracted to my religious norms and beliefs. As a result, I need to get accustomed to some norms and traditions, which were unusual for me and to be careful in my actions and words to avoid offending other people.

Nevertheless, in the course of time, I have accustomed to the multicultural environment. The main thing that I have understood since my arrival to the UK is that people are different and we have to respect this difference, whether we like it or not. In fact, it would be more precise to say that we can understand or not cultural norms and traditions of others than like it or not. At the same time, the cultural difference and diversity is an integral part of the life of the modern society. We have to learn to live in the multicultural society that means that we have to respect the difference. On the other hand, knowing the difference helps me a lot in my communication with representatives of other cultures. I attempt to observe norms and traditions that are accepted in the local community and avoid culturally sensitive issues, which may provoke conflicts with people I am communicating with. In such a way, my communication style has changed since my arrival to the UK because I more careful and more concerned on what I am saying and doing because I respect representatives of other cultures.

Creative Team Working (400 words)

At the same time, team work is another aspect of the work of contemporary managers. In this regard, the ability of a public relations manager to work in a team is particularly important. In this regard, I should say that I have had recently the experience of working in a team and, frankly speaking, the team work has proved to be quite challengeable for me. To put it more precisely, I have my personal ambitions and I have leadership inclinations, which always interfered in my team work. I had to perform my functions in the team as an average team member but I did want to take the lead in the team that provoked conflicts between me and some of team members a few times. Nevertheless, in the course of the team work I get accustomed to my position and functions in the team and I felt my responsibility for the set of functions I performed in the team as a part of the team work. I understood that I have to focus on my functions entirely. Otherwise, I could not succeed and, what was even more important, I would undermine our team work. I grew conscious of the fact that each team member should be responsible to reach team goals and to complete our project successfully. In such a way, the team work proved to be a very useful experience for me. At the beginning I even thought that I was not made for team work at all but, eventually, I have coped with my weakness and I have managed to work effectively. The main point I have learned from our team work was the importance of the close cooperation between team members, their interaction and focus on specific functions attributed to each team member.

Verbal Communication Skills (750 words)

Communication plays an important part in the life of people. We cannot live without communication but often people have difficulties with communication. As a result, they often have problems in social relations because of the poor communication. In stark contrast, the effective communication is an essential condition of the development of positive relationships between people. At this point, I would like to place emphasis on the fact that the effective communication particularly important for public relations managers because they have to communicate with a large number of people and establish positive relationships with them to reach positive outcomes in their work.

In this respect, the development of communication skills contributes to the consistent improvement of the performance of public relations managers. At this point, I can refer to my personal experience. As the matter of fact, I had substantial problems with the development of my communication skills, which affected consistently my relationships with other people. I realized that I need to develop my communication skills to improve my relationships with other people. I focused on the study of verbal and non-verbal communication. I found out that the non-verbal communication is very important, whereas I did not pay much attention to the non-verbal communication. In addition, I studied rhetoric to develop my communication skills, whereas my attempts to stud psychology helped me to understand better the essence of the communication and its major characteristics. At the same time, in the course of my education, I paid a particular attention to the business communication, which proved to be crucial for the effectiveness of business development and organizational performance. As for me, I believe that business communication is particularly important for public relations managers because they have to be able to develop effective communication with customers as well as professionals working within the organization. In such a way, the effective business communication facilitates the development of positive relationships with customers and professionals working within the organization.

However, what was particularly important for me was the face-to-face communication, which is crucial for a public relations manager. To put it more precisely, the face-to-face communication contributes to the establishment close contacts between interlocutors. Basically, people can establish contacts not only in the course of the verbal communication but also the close contact can be established with the help of non-verbal communication, such as gestures and mimics, which occurs only in the course of the face-to-face communication. In this regard, I would like to refer to my personal experience, when I worked as a public relations manager in Sky Planning, I had to communicate with one of our customers, who was extremely dissatisfied with the quality of work of our personnel. He filed a complained and I met him in person to ask for excuses and to offer him some compensation. At first, the person was very aggressive and not willing to negotiate with me. When I saw him, I understood that I should calm him down or I would be unable to negotiate with him. This is why, in spite of his aggression, I stayed cool and spoke coherently and intentionally slowly. I, smiled, made mild, calm gestures, offered the client a cup of tea and I noticed that the person distracts from the negative thoughts he had, when he had just come to our company. His gestures became less aggressive. At the beginning of our conversation he used active gesticulation, but steadily his gestures became normal, he sat still and, when we drank our tea, he relaxed a little bit. Only after that, I could start the negotiation and made a reasonable offer to the customer, which he eventually accepted.

Continuing Professional Development Planning/ CPDP (700 words)

While working on my Master of Science degree, I count to improve my professional and personal life consistently. To put it more precisely, I have some experience of work in Sky Planning but I want to work in larger companies. In addition, even though I do like to live and work in the UK, I still want to return back to Saudi Arabia. Nevertheless, I still want to work in the UK to get more experience but the ultimate goal is to be a public relations manager in the largest companies in Saudi Arabia. In fact, Saudi Arabia is my motherland, where I was born and grew up. Naturally, I want to come back to my motherland and to work there because there I feel being at home, I feel comfortable. In fact, my return to Saudi Arabia is very important for me because I will return to my family, which I miss so much, and I will return to the country and people I knew perfectly and which have the same traditions, norms and values as I do. Moreover, I will not feel being a stranger in Saudi Arabia. At the same time, the economy of Saudi Arabia keeps growing and business develops progressively in this country. Therefore, I believe that I will be able to find a good and prospective job there, especially due to my education in the UK and my experience of work, which I have already acquired in this country. Thus, I count for good career opportunities in Saudi Arabia. In addition, I will have more chances to get employed as a public relations manager in a large company in Saudi Arabia than in the UK because there I will be at home and my MSc degree will be highly appreciated by local employers, whereas in the UK I am just one of many immigrants, who look for a good position in a large company.

At the same time, I want to develop my key personal traits, which are essential for me because education is not a mere training for the job for me but it is also an excellent opportunity to develop my personal traits and to become a better person. In this regard, I would focus on the development of emotional stability. I want to be able to stay cool and calm even in the most difficult situations. In addition, I want to develop extraversion because my introversion creates certain problems in my communication because I am focused on my internal world and have difficulties with the communication. Furthermore, I want to develop openness to experience because it is very important for me. In fact, experience is the key to my personal development and overall success. In addition, I want to develop agreeableness to avoid conflicts with people. In this regard, the development of conscientiousness may be also quite helpful