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A contemporary issue of careless on human resource department shown that an unfair situation and actually this might not the truth for every company but it still remain the neglecting incur on it. So, human resource department should be transparent to convince the others as human resource is also a need for a company even though they are doing some of the simple task in a company but it still help out the entire company indirectly in terms of reach the company target and achieving the company's goal. Beside, how important of a job description for an employee and do highlight the limitation of the job description of the chosen company to ensure that the suggested improvement are consist and relevant to the position being given.

1.0 Human Resource

Human resource is a department with the purpose of playing an act to control over the entire company with the company policy and also the labor laws. Human resource is a department that is more pay attention on the entire company planning which included every department, so, human resource department actually is doing all the implied job in a company. As common view, human resource department is used to be the recruitment purpose but actually it is a multitask department, even though it is a multitask department but many still believe that top managers will be more concern and care on the other departments rather than Human Resource such as marketing, finance, production and engineering.

Since human resource department is doing the entire implied job for a company but it still have certain reason that caused the careless by a top manager on it department. A top manager is the one who know the most for the company and also the most familiar with all the progression within the departments in the company. So, why still a top manager in company remains neglecting the human resource department even thought a top manager knows how important and useful they are.

1.1 Human Resource Vs Other Departments

1.1.1 Non Revenue Generating

Human resource department will show that it is not productivity (non revenue generating) in the comparison with other departments such as marketing, finance, production and engineering because the entire departments as mentioned are all generating revenue and bringing profit to the company everyday even every moment. On a top manager view, profit is equivalent to the work efficiency itself and it will show that a manager is really doing something for the company in terms of gaining profit. All the working tasks of human resource are more on implied mode. So, majority of people will not be aware of the 'physically' contribution by human resource department on a company. On top of the manager's view, no physically contribution is the main factor why a manager will neglecting or careless on human resource department because other than human resource department, marketing, finance, production and engineering department are keep generating the physically revenue which means they are bringing profit for a company that can be seen, this is the main reason why a top manager will more pay attention on those department rather than human resource department.

1.1.2 Act as a Support Department

Human resource department will not being pay attention on it is because majority of the people will think that human resource department is just only a support department for company which means that human resource department is doing with the purpose of giving support to all the other departments for example, recruitment for the other departments, support the other departments with documentation, stationary, contract and so on. Human resource department used to control over the entire company with the resource. So, many will think that they are just only use to be the controller in terms of saving cost for the company. In the other word, the perception on human resource department by others will state that they are just a busy body department and don't have the ability to perform in terms of bringing any benefits to company as well.

1.1.3 Expert only in Paper Work and Policies

As we know, all the documentation, company policies and contract are also prepared by human resource department since it act as the controller of all the departments. For example if marketing department is doing recruitment, human resources department will take the task to help for the advertisement until the interview session for the marketing recruitment as well, that is what they so call expert in paper work because human resource have to do for the advertising, interviewing and even applicants screening as well, all these are some 'easy' job that seen by the other departments. Human resource also playing the role to control over the whole company with the company policies which means they have to ensure that every staff are following the company rules with their working performance, attitude, attire and so on, ensuring there is no any offending with the policies.

1.1.4 No Contribution for the Company Image

Since human resource is doing all the implied task and those 'hardworking' are not be seen by the others. So, human resource is considered the most less contribution on profitability and also the image of the company since all the work task and achievement by human resource got no direct relationship with the reputation of a company because nobody will know how good is a company's human resource department but in the other hand, it will creating the awareness if a company's marketing are having a good sales and good performance. So, it will help to popular a company and build up the reputation but human resource will not be able to do so because all the achievement will just remain internal since the reputation from the common view will be profit, the company reputation will higher with the higher profit gaining. So, this is why human resource is zero contribution to a company image.

1.1.5 Viewed As a Necessary Evil

A top manager care little on the human resources department, it will make many people think that why don't direct close the whole department in terms of saving cost and use the budget to make another investment for benefit the company, but since human resource is in charge of the entire company policies and act as the bridge between company resources and department. So, it is consider as a necessary evil in a company because normally human resource department will stand on the company side to attend for every department, human resource is helping the company to do all the correction especially on staff, and it not be able to call off for human resource department. So, human resource is only benefits to the company and not other department as from the common view.

1.2 Change the Perception on Human Resource Department

To ensure that human resource is no longer being neglecting by every people even a top manager in a company, it should be more 'emphasizing' on the function and the useful of the human resources department for example giving a full contrast for human resource department by a speech, article in company handbook, department evaluation and so forth, these ways will help to bring up a stage for human resource department as equivalent to the other departments. Based on the reason as mentioned above, actually what human resource doing are all benefits to the company but just all the effects are given by the implied way and not aware by others. So, changing the perception on human resource department has only a few ways but the key point that use to emphasize the important of human resource department will be based on the correction on those 'wrong perception' on human resource as below,

1.2.1 Non Revenue Generating

Even thought human resource is not generating the physically profit for a company but it still profit to a company by using the other way-cost efficiency. Human resource used to control over the entire company which included recruitment, stationary, policies and so on. Human resource can cut cost in sense of giving limited stationary to certain department's staff; this is the main way to save cost for a company and also can create a perception for the staff to appreciate the company resources. Layoff or transferring the staff based on the department man power need, human resource can do any arrangement for the department staff based on the company current situation in terms of ensuring every department are working efficiency and effectiveness.

1.2.2 Act as a Support Department

Human resources department is playing a role to be a supporter for the other department but actually it still got it own benefits for the company. For example, human resource department help to do the advertising for the recruitment from the other department, if let say it is the recruitment from production line and for sure it will don't have any specialist in production line will know how to do all the advertising task which need sufficient complex process and it may affect the effectiveness of the department, by doing it itself, human resource department will take place to do for it in terms of lessens the unrelated workload of other department and actually this is also the implied way that human resource department help a company to work efficiency according to the progression in terms of gaining profit as well. So, human resource department act as a supporter to help out for the entire unrelated task from every department to ensure that the company is operating smooth and effective.

1.2.3 Expert only in Paper Work and Policies

As a controller of the entire company by using the proper company policies, actually is useful for a company to develop a group of discipline staff. If no one will cover this task and let all the staff do whatever they want or being weird attitude or behavior while working, it may drop a company reputation which is training those weird worker or lower class workers by the company. In the other hand, if the company policies are being tight for the staff, it will bring in the positive impact as well which means all the staff will obey to be an expected staff by the company with the cooperation between the human resource department and the policies development party.

1.2.4 No Contribution for the Company Image

Implied achievement is only applicable for the human resource department but it be said that no contribution to the company image. Human resource department is the one who giving the benefits to the staff as well, in return to creating a good image by the company's staff, human resource department also can using those benefits like extra annual leave, promotion or increment to be the encouragement for those staff to build a good reputation for company in sense of work harder, it also a part of helping the company reputation building but only it not be seen by others but it is not consider no contribution.

1.2.5 Viewed As a Necessary Evil

Human resource department actually is a bridge between company resources and every single department and it can't be neglect as well, it shown that it is a must to have human resource department and actually it is correct because if the company resources allocation is bad, it will appear affection to the company in sense of affecting the effectiveness of working for the department. So, human resource department is not only the bridge between the company resources and departments and it also is the bridge for a company towards it successful because the planning, forecasting and generating action by the human resource department on the company is very important especially the resources allocation to every department.

Based on the situation that will encounter the perception of others departments are much more important rather than human resources department, it shown that human resources department is equitably important with other departments. If everyone knows well in the function and useful of the human resource department, they will know that actually every department in a company are all communicated and not able to missed out anyone for the entire company operation.

2.0 Introduction

The current firm being looked into is Olympia College. Olympia College is a mid-size college with its headquarters in Kuala Lumpur. It has six branches in Malaysia - namely Kuala Lumpur, Penang, Johor, Ipoh, Kuantan and Petaling Jaya. It offers courses like business, IT, hotel management, accounting and English. The college has been established since 1995 and currently employs about 300 individuals in various positions.

The college has a HR department in its headquarters in KL, which is headed by a HR Executive. She is assisted by 3 HR assistants, who deal in payroll, training, and administration. It is mainly an administrative department as most of the hiring is done by centre principals. In Group HR, the directors are the ones who do the interviewing, hiring and firing.

2.1 The Importance and Usage of the Job Description

Olympia College has pretty comprehensive job descriptions for all positions in the company. The job designation used as an example in the assignment is that of a Course Consultant. First of all what is a job description? A job description is a necessity that is provided by an employer who is providing any jobs to its employees. It is a list of the job's general task, functions or responsibilities of a specific position in the company.

It often describes the specifications such as qualifications and skills required for the job, the salary range and even to whom the position reports to. Hence the job description is an important document for an employee new to the company to ensure he is clear on what he has to do and what is expected of him. The job description is used as part of the orientation for the new employee when he joins the company.

Without a job description, it would be unfair to expect the employee to perform his best as he would be unsure what he is supposed to do. Even in performance evaluations, the job description is a basis for the evaluation. It will guide the employee to achieve the needs and goals of the organization.

Similarly, the job description is the basis for terminating an employee. When employee underperforms, the company will encourage him to improve by suggesting different ways and means. However, if after repeated opportunities to improve given, and the employee still doesn't, improve then he may be asked to leave. The termination will be based on the job description.

2.2 Job Description of the Course Consultant

Since we are working as Course Consultants we will now show the descriptions stated in our job description.

Job Title: Course Consultant

Section: Sales & Marketing

Reports To: Sales & Marketing Coordinator/Marketing Manager

Team: Sales & Marketing Staff

Employment Classification: Marketing

Primary Job Function

-Carry out planned external and internal Marketing activities

-Ensure effective follow-through in Marketing programmes to attract prospective students with the right entry qualification

Primary Responsibilities:

-Participate in all Marketing activities both internal and external ensure that they are effectively conducted.

-Ensure coordination and execution of Road Show activities:- work as a team to ensure minimum of 1000 coupons are obtained for creation and update to the database.

-Device marketing methods that REACH OUT to the MASSES and monitor progress against current marketing strategy organized by Management.

-Adhere strictly to Policies, Procedures, and Internal Instructions and Directives.

-Ensure that all information provided to the Public, prospects and students who enroll is accurate and correct.

-Provide advisory services to all parties on benefits of programmes organized.

-Continually update KISS on a regular basis with relevant data gathered from marketing exercises.

-Print out the Consultant's Day Follow-Up Records report from KISS for Team Leaders review.

-Ensure student activities are carried out to enhance image and our brand positioning.

-Ensure effective Customer Support Services and Complaint Management:- abide by the 24-48 hour turnaround time to solve issues

Additional Task:

-Assist in Budget and Finance Management of Sales and Marketing Office.

-Compliance and Documentation Control in Sales and Marketing Office.

-Other duties as assigned from time to time by your supervisor.

As can be seen from the job description stated above, it is quite comprehensive and detailed. It gives a clear idea of what a course consultant should do and also his relationship with different departments (refer to Appendix A). The goals that he must achieve are also stated clearly.


To improve on the job description, the following are suggested:

Description of the individual that is suitable for the position.

1) This includes describing the personality and temperament of the person. A course consultant should be outgoing, friendly and active. This is because the course consultant needs to go to roadshows, school visits, and so forth. In all these marketing activities, the course consultant will be coming into close contact with high school students and other young people. To attract these young people to join the college, the consultant must be friendly and chatty.

2) The course consultant's temperament should also be patient, talkative and helpful. This is because when prospects join the college, they will need all kinds of assistance and guidance. A patient and helpful consultant will make students happy with the service that they get.

3) The consultant should also be willing to put in long hours when necessary. During peak periods, the college will be going all out to recruit as many students as possible. This will require all consultants to put in longer hours of effort, and even work on off days like Sundays.

4) The consultant should also be the kind of person who welcomes challenges. It is a challenge to convince youngsters to join the college as competition is tough. Olympia College is competing against many big name colleges like Sunway, Taylor's and Inti which are situated in Ipoh and outside of Ipoh.

4) The consultant should also be motivated by money. Only when he is 'greedy' will he work hard to recruit as many students. That is the main Key Performance Indicator of a course consultant - to recruit as many students as possible for the college. The consultant will be happy with the commission that he will receive from his hard work.

2.4 Conclusion

No doubt, that the job description is an important document for the employees because they help rate the performance that should be attained in the job and provide compliance plus fairness to the employees upon evaluation On the other hand after looking into the job description of a course consultant they have already provided sufficient information on what is the specific workloads and tasks that they are assigned to when they are to apply for that certain job; suggestions are also given in order to improve on the descriptions to enhance better compliance.

However there are no perfect setups or fine guidelines as to a firm or a job it constantly improves from time to time whether it's of their objective or workload they are forever changing because every single day they might be different tasks to be done or completed. Therefore it is best for a job description to first have its basic descriptions and also a few extras to state that they are additional tasks that may be needed to be carried out by the specific designation.


The entire assignment is showing that the important of the human resource department and the ways to change the 'wrong perception' on it and it also help us as a student to increase our observation skills and analysis skills as well. How important of a job description and how it will helpful for an employee also being discussed in the assignment and it found that majority of the job description are also have limitation since it really hard to provide the proper information for every position in a company, in the other hand, every people may have their own preferably way to work as well. So, it hard to specific and list down the entire standard operating procedure in the job description to ensure the proper job description in being given to the employee.


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