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Introduction- V drink is the famous energy drink in New Zealand. It is the popular brand in the New Zealand. This brand produced by Frucor beverages ltd in august 1997. In 2003 it came in all supermarkets in New Zealand. And this became popular after 2003. It had a market share over 60% in New Zealand and 53% as compare to Australia. The v drink comes in 6 different flavours in 250ml cans 350 ml glass bottles. Now it has also released 500mlplastic bottles. Following some flavour of v sugar free, black v, berry v, lemon v, big v, blue v, orange v, purple plasma v, and it also comes in v energy shots. red bull and v energy drink is worth 151 million dollars the growing rate is 47% per year.

Demographics factors and its influence on market strategy- demography factors includes such as gender, income, age, family life cycle, population. V drink targeted it strategy to the 20-34 age brackets. They targeted generation x and generation y.

Population- the population of New Zealand its 40% increased after 2000 year with the increase in the population the demand also increases and the choice also increase by the different people. With the increase in the demand the production also increases .they also change market strategy with the increase in population the new companies started after 2000. In New Zealand now the population is near about 4500000. The population increased in last 5 years.

Age- Mostly the v drink focuses their market strategy under the age 18- 30. This age is young age. Their target was to increase the consumption of v drinks. The percentage of teenager and youth has increased in 2012 as compared to previous 5 to 10 years. Mostly the sorts person like to drink v drink it increases the speed and endurance of the person.

Gender- Gender includes the male, female and elder people. As we know there is lot of difference between the choice, taste and colour. As we know the men’s consumes more energy than the women and the elderly people needs more energy. The market strategy is to fulfil the demand of both gender and increases the sales. The market strategy is to provide the sugar free v drinks to the elder people. They have to provide the different level to ingredient like sugar, caffeine etc.

Geographical area- geographical means the areas. In New Zealand there are many cities like Auckland, Hamilton and wellington. The market strategy is to target the entire populated city. The most populated city in 2012 is Auckland. The market strategy is to increase the popularity of v drinks by increasing promotion. To increase the promotion the effective advertisement required. They are also giving sample in the cities to increase the production.

Economic factors and its influence on market strategies- Economic factors includes the inflation, exchange rate, cost of living, gross domestic product.

Inflation means increase the price of the drinks. There is a lot change in price of New Zealand as compare to last 10 years because the increase in the price of raw material is also increasing. If there is increase in the price of energy drink than the consumer will less buy it. So the market strategy is to make the small cans of low price so the customer can buy it.

GDP:- GDP means gross domestic product. Its adjusted measure that reflects the value of all goods and services produced in a given year,expressed in base year prices.

Social culture- social culture includes the multiculture , ethnic group, trend and how they play the demand of the product. If the product launch in different country like china, japan than the marketing strategy will also change. Like they have to change the language and establish the new company and the advertisement should also be their in their on language so that the every individual can come to know about the product.

Trend- Now a days trend is sell their product the product more and more. The market statergy focus their target to every people like different ethinic group. In the new zealand the ethinic groups are maori, chinese, kiwi, europian. New zealand is the mixed culture country. Market strategy play with the demand of the product if the demand is high the price is also high and the production is low. In the same way they use their stratergy.

Technology and its influence on marketing strategy- now the tecnology is growing very fast. Ther are many new inventions takes place in every day. For the development of the product the technology plays a very important role. To promote the product first thing is required that the consumer come to know about the product. This only can happen with advertisement. There are many types of advertisement first is internet , television , radio , magazines etc. Internet plays the very success role in the promotion through internet the person can easily check the site of the product. And it is the also cheapest way of advertisement. The market strategy is to promote the product on the big sites like facebook etc.

Machines-Machine made the easy work now the one machine can do the work of many people the machines also reduces the cost on the product and it also produce more production.the market strategy is to done the more work with machines because is less costly than human labour and through this the production is also more.

Transportation system.- through transportation it is easy to move product from one place to another. For example in china the labour is cheap than the other countries so if the v drink established their company their in china and through transportation we can export product.and through transportation it is easy to distribute good and services.

Attitude towards environment and fitness and health- it means the company has to show their positive relation towards the environment. Which means that eco friendly. If the environmennt is good tha we can live healthy. The companies should have to control on every type of pollution like air , water, land and soil.

Packaging-The v drink pacakaging is of light metal which is good and it can recycle the marketing strategy is to attract the people with good pacakaging the v drink comes in green colour and the logo of the drink is also good. The main thing is that the brand name of the drink is very easy and short and every person can speak easily.

All the waste should we recycle and disposable and the size of the product.the use of ecologically efficient refrigenetor and cooling agent is the significiant means to cut down on greenhouse gases.v drink is aware towards the environment. the industry should be eco friendly . v drink is good drink.

The v drink is good for health it makes the person fit. It gives the energy to the people and it removes the tiedness of the people. The v drink helps in to provide ennergy in the work.

Health and fitness- v drink is an energy drink which is sold in every countries around the world. The v drink also improves the performance with in increase in the concentration and it also increase the speed, endurance. It gives he power to the body of the person. The v drink also reduces the fat from the body. Some people drink v drink only to loose its weight. The market strategy is to that v drink should be healthy for every person. Now the company is making sugar free v drink so that the person who have diebties can also drink this v drink and can consume power with v drink. the v drink also reduces the stress from the mind. The v drink is coming in different flavours because the different peopl e like different people mostly the boys like gourana flavour and girls like orange flavour and many also improves the stamina of the person and person can do more and more work and it also improves the capacity.

Conclusion- the v energy drink is one of the most succesful energy drink in new zealand. The new zealand peoples like v drink. it is the popular brand in new zealand the. The v drink is also popular in sports person and students. Sports person get in energy after drinking v dink. The product is effective in business industry and it is ythe profit making company in this year 2012. Yes this v drink is very good brand and it can be grow in future it is growing very fast. This business is very god in the country new zealand.

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