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AA Construction Group is one of the fast growing companies in the UK construction industry aiming high to offer quality service and extra ordinary work in the field of construction, where deadlines for the projects are met. A&A Construction Group comprises of highly skilled workers and the business has been around for more than 25 years now, starting as of small scale and growing in to a multi million organizations. (Alexander, J. (2004))

The study report is prepared in order to understand the business environment of one of the leading construction business A&A Construction Group and all the services and operations that are carried out by it. The study will also focus on the appropriate business performance measures to the business along by means of an evaluation of the UK's business environment on A&A Construction Group. (Alexander, J. (2004))

The A&A Construction Group posses a very firm structure lead by chairmen, the business in addition has got two other main department which are the building and the insurance, both these departments are looked after by the managing director, one of the department is related by means of the insurance and claim both internal and external while the other department deals by means of the companies accounts and other sub operating departments. The structure is illustrated in the diagram below:

the business's business environment:

A&A Construction Group comprises of a solid business environment highly focused on the business goals and keeping an eye on the current market trends. The business in addition is also keeping a close eye on the current recession and has planned various strategies in order to enable itself to operate swiftly devoid of any hurdles or barriers. A&A Construction Group has also created a highly professional management structure to drive the business forward and provide a high-quality service by means of the help of a team of experienced individuals who work closely by means of clients to exceed expectations on each and every project. (Amstrong, J.S. and Overton, T.S. (2007))

Solid financial foundations ensure that A&A Construction Group has continued to expand even in adverse economic climates. The business has been in the construction industry for a quarter of a century. Over that time the business has grown as of a one-man band to a solid business by means of more than 50 employees. At the same time its financial foundations have strengthened year on year, resulting in a multi-million pound organisation by means of an ongoing programme of reinvestment. The aim of the business is to work closely by means of clients to exceed expectations on each and every project. (Austen, A.D. and Neale, R.H. (2004))

The Services that are currently offered by A&A Construction Group are:

Novel Build and General Construction

As of House Extensions to lavishness Homes

Commercial Offices to building Blocks

Residential as well as Commercial developments

A&A Maintenance

Reflex plus Planned Maintenance

Building Refurbishment

Internal and External Repairs

Internal and External Redecoration

House as well as Flat Conversion

Single Developments to absolute Estates

Apart as of the above mentioned services the business also offers twenty four hours call out service, and can take on projects on short notices for emergency maintainance.

Key factors in the business's business and the current strategy:

A&A Construction Group has always believed that the highest possible standards are crucial not simply to satisfy government legislation but because it is fundamental to operating a well-run and productive business. The key element is their belief that what they claim about their quality should be evident in all their day-to-day activities that health and safety is an integral part of their culture. (Berent, P.H. (2006))

This approach means that when it comes to developing good practice, they are often one step ahead. In addition to all the important risk assessments and method statements, the business continuously train all its staff in health and safety issues, identify potential risks and provide every opportunity to its workforce to fully discuss any issues. (S.A. and Porter, L.J. (2006))

One of the key elements is their Induction Talk at the start of every project to identify the different tasks and risks ahead. A 'toolbox' talk every week provides an important opportunity for staff to discuss how the project is progressing and communicate any health and safety issues. In addition, a comprehensive weekly talk covers specific topics i.e. working in confined spaces.

A&A Construction Group is fully conversant by means of CDM 2007 and accredited under the Contractors Health and Safety Assessment Scheme (CHAS) and an IOSH Graduate Member.

The Current Strategy:

A&A Construction Group is fully aware of the modern market threats like recession and its consequences in the cases of poor planning and no contingency plans, as well as poor use of human resource. That is why they are working using a qualitative strategy when they go for to bid for a project rather than going for a quantitative work. (Brewer, J. and Hunter, A. (1989))

This approach helps the business to meet the deadlines on time keeping the projects cost under control and producing quality work that meets the requirement criteria of both the clients and the government. One of their other strategies is to work had to attract high-quality staff throughout our organisation and provide on-going training to continuously develop skills and to work closely by means of clients to exceed expectations on each and every project. (Blouin, D.C. and Riopelle, A.J. (2004))

Business plan and strategy for increasing the level of it business:

In the areas of architecture along by means of civil engineering, construction is a process that consists of the building or assembling of infrastructure. Distant as of being a single movement, large scale construction is an achievement of multitasking. Usually the job is directed by the project manager and administered by the construction manager, design engineer, structure engineer or project architect. (Alexander, J. (2004))

For the thriving execution of a project, efficient planning is important. Those concerned by means of the design and carrying out of the infrastructure in question have to consider the environmental influence of the job, the thriving scheduling, budgeting, and site security, accessibility of materials, logistics, and difficulty to the public caused by construction stoppages, preparing tender documents, and so on. (Alexander, J. (2004))

Modern Construction Methods:

Classically MMC involves the manufacture of house parts offsite in a particularly designed factory. The two major products of MMC are:

• Panels - counting ready-made walls, floors as well as roofs. These are transferred to the site and accumulated rapidly, frequently during a day. Some panels have cabling and plumbing by now inside them, making construction even earlier.

• Modules - off the rack rooms, which can be portioned jointly to make an entire house or flat but are used most regularly for bathrooms or kitchens, where all the fittings are added in the factory. As well known as 'pods', MMC can as well include inventive site-based methods for example use of concrete moulds. A variety of resources is used for MMC, the most widespread being wood, steel as well as concrete, though a lot of houses built in the UK using MMC have a block outer layer and so look similar to traditional houses. (Brewer, J. and Hunter, A. (1989))

Numerous of the benefits of using MMC for housing are as yet unverified or controversial. The issues segment later in this article covers each in more aspect. On the other hand, Government and manufacturers propose the main benefits of MMC are:

• Economic - MMC houses naturally have fewer imperfections and can be built more rapidly

• Environmental - the houses can be more power well-organized, may engage less transport of materials, and create less waste.

• Social - there possibly will be fewer accidents and less influence on local residents throughout construction.

The mainstream of homes in the UK is motionless constructed by means of traditional 'brick and block' stonework. On the other hand, inside the last few years there has been amplified use of MMC for covering, driven by a variety of factors together by means of demands for faster construction and skills deficiencies. (Dale, B.G. (2003))

There is ambiguity regarding the amount of MMC accommodation being built. A few great classified house builders have lately invested in MMC factories so manufacture will augment. It is expected by the National House Building Council that regarding 10% of new UK homes are built using lumber frames, and 5% using other MMC; correspondent to concerning 25,000 MMC homes per year. There are dissimilarities inside the UK, most particularly in Scotland, where timber frames have long been favoured, comprising about 60% of new housing. Other countries previously make superior use of MMC than the UK. (Blouin, D.C. and Riopelle, A.J. (2004))

The UK Government sees modern methods of construction (MMC) as fundamental to its capacity to deliver 200,000 extra homes by 2016 and the formation of sustainable communities.

Timber frame is the 'original' contemporary technique of construction. It's as typical and low risk as you can get if you're a developer or housing involvement interested in embracing MMC, but it embodies all the advantages:

Full variety of timber frame systems to match the dissimilar MMC categories - open panel, congested panel, volumetric, hybrid systems and SIPs

All calculated and shaped by means of factory accuracy

An incorporated process, providing competence savings at every stage - intend, offsite manufacturing and on-site creation

Embraces the 'Egan agenda', counting the strength of partnering and supply chain addition

So far going through the business strategies and the structure along by means of the services that are provided by A&A Construction Group everything seems to be ok however, looking at their business plan in comparison to their capabilities on can clearly see a couple of flaws that can be removed by proper and aggressive business planning. The approach of qualitative though is good and shows the consciousness or awareness of the business and It can be understood that the business has got this approach to avoid losses and increasing cost of projects that may not be finished on time due to work load, resulting in elevated project cost making it difficult for the business to save some handsome margin on the projects they bided for. I would recommend them an aggressive attitude towards the modern market trends where the business will have to concentrate both on quality and quantity work, to achieve this they may hire more employees which definitely will enable them to handle more projects or bigger projects by means of any worries or pressures of failing to deliver on time. This will also enable the country's struggling situation as this approach will create job opportunities. The use of proper human resource strategy will enable the business to avoid risks of bankruptcy and credit crunch too. As the more qualified and relevant staff they hire the more they will be in better situation to thrive for projects that may improve their standards even better leaving a better imprison on clients and concerned bodies. (Blouin, D.C. and Riopelle, A.J. (2004))

Financial implications of the suggested strategy:

The implication for the suggested strategies will not only enable A&A Construction Group to perform in further advanced manner than their current level which might be satisfactory as far as the business is concerned but can be made better. (Campbell, B. (2002)) The costs of the suggested strategies is not going to effect the A&A Construction Group highly as they are already focusing on their staff training on regular basis all they will be required to do is to check by means of the government requirement and the plan of making more houses till2016 using novel methods by the government shall be kept in mind by the A&A Construction Group.